Chapter 2113 – Like A Ghost That Refuses To Leave

The Ancestral Undying Bloodsoul Body!

A wisp of bright light flashed through Chi Qingying’s gem-like pupils when he heard these words.

“Even if I don’t gain such merit, it wouldn’t be long before I’m able to sever the chains of karma that bind me and step foot into the Daolord Realm, grasp the Grand Dao of Destiny, and establish an Ancestral Undying Bloodsoul Body!” Chi Qingying had his hands behind his back as he spoke in an extremely flat tone. But his words carried an arrogant aura of determination.

“Let’s go. Don’t let those prey escape.” Chi Qingying strode forward while his blood red cap fluttered with the wind, and it created a slight scarlet red glow within the mist.

“My Lord, where are you going? Aren’t you going to deal with that Savior? It would really be a pity to just let this opportunity slip by.” The Cerberus was stunned. Only now did he notice that Chi Qingying wasn’t moving towards the direction that the Savior had left towards.

These words made Chi Qingying stop on the spot, and then his pale and handsome face had a wisp of impatience on it as he said, “Shut your mouth!”

Chi Qingying was immediately stunned after he spoke these words. Only now had he noticed that there was a trace of restlessness in his heart.

The Cerberus was terrified to the point his entire body stiffened, and then his enormous body laid prone on the ground in fear and uneasiness. He didn’t understand why Chi Qingying had suddenly flared up.

“That kid is extremely dangerous. Even though he’s injured, my intuition tells me that I’ll definitely suffer an unexpected situation if I go after him.” Chi Qingying took a deep breath while his bearing became refined and noble once more. He said calmly, “My Bloodsoul Clan’s inheritances contain the natural talent of prediction. The feeling that Savior gives me is… very unusual.”

The Cerberus felt horrified in his heart. He was very well aware of the natural talent possessed by the high rank Bloodsoul Clan. According to legend, the ancestor of the Bloodsoul Clan could even predict the future and deduce the threads of karma and destiny!

Yet now, Chi Qingying had actually predicted a trace of unusual danger from a heavily injured Savior. This surprised the Cerberus to the extreme.

If it’s true, then doesn’t this prove that Savior from the Divine Dao Protector Clans is an extraordinary figure?

“Come, let’s reap some heads and immediately travel to Slaughter Highlands. Only that place has sufficient blood of the gods to allow me to comprehend the profundities of Destiny!” His calm and indifferent voice resounded as Chi Qingying’s figure flickered and vanished in the depths of the think mist.

The Cerberus hurriedly chased after him.

Chen Xi’s figure flickered through the mist covered forest that was filled with too many unknown dangers. However, everything within the forest was clearly revealed before him under the detection of the Daoseal Mark’s energy, and nothing could obstruct or escape Chen Xi’s detection.

He was constantly locked onto Cangyun Ye’s group from away.

At this moment, Chen Xi seemed like a shadow that drifted indeterminately as he followed them in silence, and he didn’t make a single sound.

The concealment provided by the Daoseal Mark caused even the Predators on the way to be unable to notice his presence at all, and he safely brushed past them.

Since the Godkill Thorn had been devoured by the Dao Calamity Sword, the Cursed Energy within Chen Xi’s body had been completely eliminated.

Even though the injury on his back still seemed extremely horrifying, it wouldn’t take long to be completely healed.

As for the severe damage to the meridians, apertures, flesh, bones, blood, and tendons that he suffered internally, it needed some time to be slowly healed. After all, those injuries were too severe and had almost damaged the region within his body, so even though he wasn’t in danger anymore, it still wasn’t something that could be healed in a short period of time.

If it weren’t for that, it would have been absolutely impossible for his attack against Cangyun Ye’s group to merely reap two lives.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel a trace of regret when he thought of this. That opportunity from before was very good. If he was at his prime, then he would be entirely confident in his ability to annihilate even more of his enemies. However, he was restrained by the injuries he suffered, and he had no choice but to carefully maintain his strength. He didn’t dare fight with his full strength at all.

After all, Cangyun Ye’s group wasn’t the only enemies he had within Mist Forest, and there were the Predators and Dao Defiants who resided in the Spring of Sin as well.

All sorts of information related to the Battle of Dao Protectors flashed in Chen Xi’s mind while he flew.

His father, Chen Lingjun, had told him before he participated in the Battle of Dao Protectors that it was divided into three battlefronts.

The 1st battlefront was at the outermost area of the Spring of Sin. This battlefront covered the vastest area, and there were numerous unpredictable dangers throughout. Once one was teleported into the Spring of Sin, no one could determine exactly which area of the 1st Battlefront one would appear at.

For example, Chen Xi had never heard Chen Lingjun mention this forest covered in mist. Obviously, Chen Lingjun hadn’t been teleported here when he arrived at the Spring of Sin all those years ago.

However, regardless of which area in the 1st battlefront that one resided at, all the participants would head successively to Slaughter Highlands in the end!

Slaughter Highlands was situated at the core of the 1st battlefront, and it was known as the first central battlefield. Regardless of whether it was the participants from the Divine Dao Protector Clans or the Dao Defiants who were participating in the battle, all of them would head to Slaughter Highlands to engage in a bloody battle that was of the biggest scale throughout the Battle of Dao Protectors.

Since time immemorial, the Battle of Dao Protectors which occurred every 10,000 years had been carried out for countless times, and the battles that had occurred on Slaughter Highlands were simply innumerable.

According to rumor, it was a terrifying area formed from the blood of the gods, buried the corpses of the gods, and burned with the flames of countless souls. It was covered in a rain of blood and the stench of death all year round, and the heavens and the earth there were filled with the furious howls of the gods in battle and the wails of the Grand Dao that was being obliterated.

Those who didn’t possess a firm will to fight would definitely be unable to endure the bloody pressure of that place.

Conversely, those with stronger wills to fight and combat ability would be able to obtain precious and unprecedented fortuitous encounters on Slaughter Highlands. Because Slaughter Highlands was filled with the divine artifacts left behind by the gods of the past and the critical factor to attain a breakthrough and advance in their respective cultivations.

Most importantly, one’s ability to enter the Slaughter Highlands and engage in battle there was a definite confirmation of one’s combat strength, and it was a rare and supreme honor!

So long as one was able to survive the battles on Slaughter Highlands, then even if one wasn’t able to enter the 2nd battlefront of the Battle of Dao Protectors, one would still become a top-rate figure and obtain countless praise and rewards upon returning to one’s clan.

Chen Xi didn’t attach any importance to that so-called glory or treasures. He only cared about a single thing, and it was the critical factor to advance into the Daolord Realm.

He had a very good chance to find such a critical factor on Slaughter Highlands!

So, Chen Xi had decided that he would start traveling to Slaughter Highlands once he was done with Cangyun Ye’s group.

Hmm? Chen Xi suddenly frowned as his figure suddenly stopped moving, and then he soundless hid himself high above an ancient tree.

Cangyun Ye’s group was standing around 10km away from Chen Xi, and there was surprise and bewilderment on their faces.

“Prepare yourselves for battle. I’m confident that we’ve been constantly followed all along the way!” Tai Rui spoke in a low voice.

This was the main reason that their group had stopped moving. It wasn’t just Tai Rui, a wisp of worry seemed to have coiled itself around their hearts as well because they too felt that they were being followed.

“That damnable little bastard is simply like a ghost who refuses to leave! Could it be that he thinks we’ll be unable to do anything to him if he hides in the shadows?” Cangyun Ye’s face sank while he cursed without end.

That surprise attack from Chen Xi just now hadn’t just killed two of their companions. Most importantly, it had struck a heavy blow to their morale. Because when they thought about how their joint forces of 7 Ninth Star Region Lords wasn’t able to do anything to Chen Xi and hadn’t even been able to locate Chen Xi’s shadow, their hearts couldn’t help but feel heavy.

All of them weren’t ordinary figures, and their combat experience was abundant to the extreme. So how could they not understand what Chen Xi’s ability to accomplish this represented?

If they weren’t clearly aware that Chen Xi was severely injured, Cangyun Ye and the others would definitely not dare to even think about pursuing and killing Chen Xi now!

Perhaps it could be said that the reason Cangyun Ye and the others hadn’t decided to give up was because they were holding onto the thought that Chen Xi wouldn’t be able to persist for long.

Yet now, the development of the situation had exceeded their expectations. Chen Xi was like a ghost which followed them from the shadows and refused to leave, and he seemed as if he would never let them go. This caused Cangyun Ye and the others to be unable to help but arouse a strand of rage in their hearts.

They’d originally intended to look for a remote and safe place to discuss their strategy before setting out once more, but never had they imagined that Chen Xi would actually refuse to even give them a chance to catch their breaths!

Suoying Fu was the first to be unable to restrain herself, and she shouted in a grim voice. “Chen Xi, show yourself if you have the balls. Why hide like a coward?”

Her voice surged through the surroundings and swept towards the distance.

The others prepared themselves for battle and accumulated strength as they waited.

However, there was actually no reply after a long period of deathly silence.

“Chen Xi! You damnable Savior! It doesn’t matter if you refuse to show yourself. I’ll definitely unite all the other clans to annihilate your Chen Clan once the Battle of Dao Protectors comes to an end!” Suoying Fu’s charming and alluring face was covered in a livid expression as she shouted incessantly. She’d had enough of the feeling of being followed and being constantly anxious and worried. It was like a sharp blade was floating above her head and she didn’t know when it would drop down from above. That was simply torture to her.

“Is there any way to lock onto his tracks?” Cangyun Ye looked at Feiling Xue.

“No. My Feiling Clan’s natural talent, the Heart of Clarity, can discern the true tracks behind the unreal, but it’s unable to see through Chen Xi at all. This represents that he should be in possession of an extremely formidable concealment technique. At the very least, it surpasses the ‘Heart of Clarity’!” Feiling Xue spoke swiftly. Even if she was unwilling to admit it, she had no choice but to admit this fact.


The hearts of the others sank. They were very clearly aware of the inconceivable ability possessed by the Feiling Clan’s natural talent, the Heart of Clarity. Yet now, even this secret technique hadn’t been able to capture Chen Xi’s tracks, so how could they not be shocked?

“Is there really no other way to force him to show himself?” Cangyun Ye’s expression was extremely gloomy.

The others fell silent, causing the atmosphere here to become extremely deathly silent, and it seemed as if even the air here had frozen.

It was amidst such deathly silence that a low and elegant voice sounded out slowly from deep within the mist. “Friends who have lost their way, hand your lowly and filthy heads to me and I’ll take you to that Savior, alright?”

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