Chapter 2112 – Revenge

The whistle through the air was extremely faint but couldn’t escape the detection of Chen Xi’s Daoseal Mark, and the image of a group of figures had practically instantly appeared within Chen Xi’s mind.

Shockingly, it was Suoying Fu who was in the lead of that group while Cangyun Ye, Tai Rui, Feiling Xue, and the others were following behind her.

At this moment, all of them were less than 6km away from Chen Xi!

A wisp of piercingly cold killing intent flashed in the depths of Chen Xi’s deep abyss-like eyes, and then he suddenly vanished on the spot.

It was like he’d evaporated into thin air and hadn’t left even a shred of his aura behind.

In merely a few breaths of time, Suoying Fu’s group had arrived at the spot where Chen Xi was just moments ago.

“Be careful! I’m able clearly sense that the aura of the Godkill Thorn had been here just a while ago. Yet now….” Suoying Fu’s beautiful face was covered in a trace of surprise and bewilderment. “I’m actually unable to sense it anymore!”

Cangyun Ye’s gaze turned cold. “What do you mean? Are you telling me that the Godkill Thorn has vanished into thin air?”

“I’m not lying!” Suoying Fu frowned as she spoke with displeasure.

Tai Rui scanned the surroundings before he said in a low voice, “A battle occurred here before we arrived. It seems like those Predators attacked that kid. But the strange thing is the corpses of the Predators weren’t left behind at the scene.”

The eyes of the others narrowed when they heard this.

They were very sure that Chen Xi had suffered a heavy injury upon being struck by the Godkill Thorn, and his entire body was being corroded by the Cursed Energy within it. Under such circumstances, that fellow had still been able to persist until now and even fight Predators. This had completely exceeded their expectations.

Where is he?

Where has he fled after suffering such heavy injuries?

Why has the aura of the Godkill Thorn vanished without a trace?

All of them acutely noticed that the situation had become quite unpredictable, and a wisp of worry couldn’t help but flash through their hearts.

“Even though I really look down on him, I have to say that he’s a Savior who’s quite difficult to deal with. If it weren’t for that, the five high level clans wouldn’t have come to an agreement to jointly target that kid.” Cangyun Ye took a deep breath while his gloomy eyes flickered indeterminately. “However, no matter how formidable he is, he has suffered a heavy injury and won’t be able to persist for long. We just have to seize this opportunity, find him before he recovers, and we’ll definitely be able to eliminate him!”

When he spoke up to this point, a wisp of dense killing intent appeared on his face as he shouted in a low voice. “Don’t forget that we’re 7 Ninth Star Region Lords! It would truly not make sense if we’re unable to harm a little bastard who’s heavily injured!”

The others couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of a ruthless expression. Right, we have an entire 7 Ninth Star Region Lords in our group. How could we be unable to deal with Chen Xi who’s already heavily injured?

The anxiousness and bewilderment in their hearts were completely wiped away, and their will to fight had been renewed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

However, right at this moment, the space in their surroundings rumbled and collapsed into pieces like fragile glass. At practically the exact same time, a myriad of fierce and peerless violet gold sword qi shot over from all directions.

In an instant, this expanse of the heavens and the earth had been turned violet gold while dazzling and blazing strands of sword qi surged like a raging storm, and they carried monstrously sharp glows and emanated a shocking aura that could practically obliterate the world.

All of this was too sudden, and it caused the expressions of Cangyun Ye and the others to change. They instinctively circulated their complete cultivations and shouted as they moved to resist this attack.


For a time, rumbling resounded through the surroundings from the collisions that occurred.

Cangyun Ye and the others were Ninth Star Region Lords, and they possessed abundant experience in combat, otherwise, it would be impossible for them to be sent to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors.

So, even though this sudden and violet attack had exceeded their expectations, the abundant experience they’d accumulated through years of combat had still allowed them to be able to react at the first possible moment.

However, they hadn’t even heaved a sigh of relief when they suddenly noticed that the assault against them was actually extremely terrifying. Every single strand of sword qi seemed to have converged the might of the heavens and the earth, and they carried supreme Divine Dao Laws. Moreover, the might they carried had immediately caused many of them to tremble and stagger back, and they’d almost been unable to resist it!

Their expressions couldn’t help but change, and they shouted as they executed all their ability and didn’t dare to be careless in the slightest.


Obviously, they’d underestimated how terrifying this sword qi was. One of the Ninth Star Region Lords who’d been blasted back didn’t even have the chance to stabilize his body when his head was slashed off, causing scarlet red blood to paint the air around him.

He hadn’t even had the chance to let out a shrill cry before he perished on the spot.

“Lian Zhe!” Suoying Fu shouted with rage and shock.

That expert who just lost his life was called Lian Zhe, and he was the number one expert in the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm of the low level Lian Clan. Moreover, he was one of her most reliable companions during the Battle of Dao Protectors. However, he’d actually been beheaded in an instant and perished on the spot. So, how could Suoying Fu not feel furious!?

“Damnable Bastard! I’ll kill you!!!” Suoying Fu’s hair fluttered while her alluring and charming face was covered in killing intent and rage. Moreover, she sounded like she was declaring war, and it surged through the heavens and the earth.

It wasn’t just her. Cangyun Ye and the others were shocked to the point their hearts trembled when they saw Lian Zhe being caught off guard and killed on the spot, and their expressions changed indeterminately.

Their attacks grew even stronger but the violet gold sword qi that shot over from all directions simply seemed unending. The sharp and murderous sword qi rumbled as they smashed down from all directions like a tornado, and they blasted through everything with all-powerful might.

Such circumstances actually made it impossible for Cangyun Ye and the others to break free from this predicament, and they could only passively resist it without end!


Suddenly, another muffled explosion resounded. Suoying Fu saw an expanse of scarlet red blood spray towards her face, and it shocked her to the point of flashing away swiftly. Only now did she notice that another companion of hers had been blasted flying, and a horrifying bloody hole had been created on his throat!

Qiu Lin!

He was the number one expert at the Region Lord Realm within the low level Qiu Clan, and he was said to be a dazzling figure of the Qiu Clan who had the greatest chance to advance into the Daolord Realm throughout the entire Qiu Clan. Yet now, he’d perished on just the 3rd day after the Battle of Dao Protectors had begun.

If news of this nightmare were to be sent back to the Qiu Clan, then it would definitely cause his clan to suffer a heavy blow that his clan couldn’t endure.

“Dammit! Damnable Bastard! Get the fuck out here! Do you think you’re really great by launching surprise attacks from the shadows?” Suoying Fu was utterly infuriated. Her jet black hair fluttered while her eyes almost split apart from rage. Moreover, her face was livid and covered in boundless killing intent and fury.

The battle was still going on. No one answered her, and only the violet gold sword qi that covered the sky as they swept down grew even denser and violent.

The sword qi was like a storm that covered the world, and it crushed everything before it!

Those strands of sword qi seemed as if they shouldn’t belong in this world. They were like the Laws of the Grand Dao or the blade of Order, and they possessed an extremely terrifying penetrative and destructive force.

Under such circumstances, Suoying Fu’s sharp cry and furious howls were quickly drowned out by the extremely intense sounds of collision, and the surroundings had been thrown into chaos.

If one looked carefully, it wasn’t difficult to notice that Cangyun Ye and the others had converged tightly together as the battle continued in order to defend against the sword qi that practically blotted out the surroundings, and they faintly showed signs of being locked in a stalemate with the violet gold sword qi.

However, such a situation was quickly overturned.

It was like the rumbling storm of violet gold sword qi which covered the sky had suddenly vanished in an instant, and that sudden disappearance of the sword qi caused Cangyun Ye and the others to be almost unable to react to it while they showed signs of being surprised and bewildered as well.

The dust and dirt dispersed while space still flowed in disorder through the surroundings, and the plants in an area of 50km had been transformed into ashes. Moreover, the ground had been split apart to reveal countless enormous rifts throughout the area. The ground here was covered in a horrifying scene of devastation.

All of this seemed to be describing how terrifying that attack from before was.

However, the attacks had instantly vanished. But from the beginning until the end, they hadn’t locked onto or even noticed where their enemy was. This made Cangyun Ye and the others reveal extremely unsightly expressions.

Such a surprise attack had taken them by surprise and caused them to lose two of their allies, but they hadn’t even been able to determine who their enemy was. This was undoubtedly an extremely heavy blow to Cangyun Ye’s group.

“There’s no doubt that it was definitely that bastard, Chen Xi!” Cangyun Ye gnashed his teeth while his void sounded as if it was being squeezed out from his chest, and it carried extreme hatred.

“But hadn’t he suffered a heavy injury. Why was he still able to produce such heaven defying strength? After all, we had 7 experts on our side!” Suoying Fu’s expression was gloomy, unsightly, and livid.

7! 7 Ninth Star Region Lords! Such a force could be considered as horrifying throughout the world, yet not only had they been unable to escape this sudden assault, the enemy had even killed two of their companions. They were simply unable to accept this.

“Looks like his combat strength was much more formidable than we expected.” Tai Rui who was always steady and composed sighed while his brows had knit together tightly. This battle had allowed him to faintly sense an uneasy feeling.

“He’s taking revenge on us. He’s definitely not very far away, and he might even be watching us from the shadows right now.” Feiling Xue’s voice was gentle and graceful but her expression was cold as ice. Moreover, her weak and delicate figure seemed like a blade that carried an oppressive and murderous aura.

Just these words alone caused the hearts of the others to tremble. He’s taking revenge on us? He’s taking revenge on us for the surprise attack with the Godkill Thorn?

The atmosphere here couldn’t help but become slightly deathly silent.

“It’s inadvisable to stay here for long. Let’s leave this place first before we discuss what we should do next.” In the end, it was Tai Rui who broke the silence here.

The others were clearly aware of how complicated and dangerous the situation was, so they immediately left hastily under Cangyun Ye’s lead.

However, a trace of uneasiness still lingered around their hearts, and they wondered if Chen Xi was still following them silently from the shadows!


Not long after Cangyun Ye’s group left, a blood red figure had silently appeared at the battlefield from before, and then a three headed Cerberus appeared by the blood red figure’s side.

“My Lord, that fellow turned out to be the 9th Savior of this Era. If we’re able to capture him, then the Founding Ancestor of Chaos of us, Divine Children, will definitely be able to awaken from the Founding Ancestor’s deep sleep!” The Cerberus spoke in a low voice that carried excitement which couldn’t be concealed. “That’s an extraordinarily great merit. Perhaps My Lord will be able to rely on this merit to step foot into the Daolord Realm in one go and construct a true Ancestral Undying Bloodsoul Body!”

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