Chapter 2111 – Time Brand

Chen Xi had a slightly good impression of Suoying Fu, but it wasn’t because of her alluring and slightly wild beauty.

That good impression had merely been formed because Suoying Fu had once told Chen Xi some information in a rather sincere manner.

At the same time, she’d even invited him into her group before they left through the secret passageway and into the Spring of Sin.

Of course, that slightly good impression he had wasn’t strong at all. Because Chen Xi had realized how dangerous the situation he would be in before he even came here to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors. He was very well aware that the Dao Defiants weren’t his only enemies, and the participants from the Divine Dao Protector Clans were threats as well.

So, while he had a slightly good impression of Suoying Fu, he was still vigilant and had his guard up against her.

However, he’d never expected that this entire scheme would have been set up so meticulously and perfectly.

Chen Xi was very sure that Suoying Fu had really been injured during the battle with Cangyun Ye. So, it was a very real trap.

However, all of that wasn’t anything great in Chen Xi’s opinion. Because the true cause of the heavy injury he suffered wasn’t because Suoying Fu’s ability was extraordinary, and it was because of the Godkill Thorn in her possession instead!

It was a Cursed Divine Artifact that completely disregarded all defenses and divine might. It had broken through Chen Xi’s line of defense with ease and caused a severe blow to him.

If they didn’t possess the help of this Cursed Divine Artifact, then Chen Xi was fully confident in his ability to turn that dangerous situation around, and he wouldn’t have fallen into such a state.

Of course, it had already occurred, so it was too late for everything. The only thing Chen Xi couldn’t figure out was how they knew that he would be passing by!

The battle between Suoying Fu and Cangyun Ye was the bait. But if Chen Xi didn’t pass by there, then that bait would be completely meaningless.

But it just so happened that it was as if they’d expected Chen Xi’s arrival, and their battle didn’t seem fake at all and was a true battle that caused injuries and drew blood.

That was quite unusual. Chen Xi was very confident in his ability of concealment, and he was sure that he hadn’t been followed.

But such an unusual incident had still occurred. Obviously, there was definitely a secret hiding behind all of it.

When he realized this, Chen Xi noticed that if he were unable to solve this mystery, then it would be impossible for him to avoid the detection of his enemies no mater where he went!

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to forcefully endure the intense pain from his injuries and start to search his entire body.

His consciousness was like a closely woven net that rippled through his body, and he fused the energy of the Daoseal Mark within it to search every single inch of his body.

In the end, Chen Xi still came back empty handed.

He couldn’t help but frown because of this, and he realized that this problem was even more serious than he’d imagined. Since there were no brands left by his enemies throughout his entire body, then how did they notice his whereabouts?

Chen Xi’s consciousness inadvertently swept through the Talisman Armament in his hand, and it caused a vague thought to suddenly flash through his mind — Since it isn’t on my body, then could it be on one of my possessions?

Chen Xi practically didn’t hesitate to lock his consciousness onto the command token which recorded his battle merits and the location of the campsite!

Regardless of whether it was the Talisman Armament or Dao Calamity Sword, both of them were his own, and it was impossible for his enemies to do anything to them. Only this command token which was inscribed with an ancient ‘陈’ character had been given to him by Chen Taichong.

According to Chen Xi’s knowledge, this command token itself was a form of proof to enter the Battle of Dao Protectors, and it was personally distributed by the 13 Dao Servants on Godrank Mountain. It wasn’t just Chen Xi who possessed it, all the other participants of the battle possessed a similar command token.

The 13 Dao Servants…. Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and he started to carefully inspect this command token and even utilized the energy of the Daoseal Mark.

A short moment later, a wisp of shocking light flashed within Chen Xi’s eyes. Sure enough, it had been tampered with!

A mysterious brand that was fine and almost impossible to detect had been fused into the internal structure of the command token. It was completely still, and it was even impossible to detect a trace of its existence without the miraculous ability of the Daoseal Mark.

In an instant, Chen Xi had the impulse to destroy this mysterious brand, but he restrained himself in the end.

He couldn’t destroy it because his enemies would notice its destruction at the first possible moment, and it would undoubtedly be like telling them that he’d noticed the conspiracy linked to this command token.

If it was only the other participants who found out about this, then Chen Xi didn’t mind at all. But he was most fearful of the 13 Dao Servants!

It was the 13 Dao Servants who’d distributed these command tokens, and he didn’t have to think about it to realize that it had definitely been left there by one of them. Obviously, the Dao Servant who did it was helping his enemies to annihilate him!

Presently, the 13 Dao Servants resided outside the Spring of Sin, and they were the strongest extraordinary figures on Godrank Mountain. Under such circumstances, Chen Xi naturally didn’t dare to let them know about all of this. Because if they were to get angry from embarrassment, then they didn’t even have to make a move themselves to get rid of him. They just had to leave him in the Spring of Sin, and it would be sufficient to condemn him to death.

Looks like even Chen Taichong was mistaken. The 13 Dao Servants aren’t fair and just. They’ve probably joined forces with the Sovereign Sect as well…. Chen Xi's heart felt quite heavy. Because the attitude that the 13 Dao Servants revealed allowed him to realize how dangerous his current situation was.

But at the same time, this conspiracy had caused a strand of ferocity to arise in Chen Xi’s heart. Then let’s see who has the last laugh!

After that, Chen Xi covered the command token with a strand of the Daoseal Mark’s energy, and then his figure flashed from the bottom of the ancient tree and vanished within the forest.

“Huh?” An exclaim of surprise resounded less than 50km away from Chen Xi.

In an instant, Cangyun Ye who led the group had stopped moving, and the others simultaneously shot their gazes over towards one of their companions who stood in the middle of their group.

It was a grey clothed man who had a slightly frail figure. His expression was changing indeterminately right now, and he seemed to be trying hard to sense something. A short while later, he said with surprise, “This isn’t good. I’m unable to sense that fellow’s aura anymore. There are only two possibilities that could cause this. He has either perished or has noticed the Time Brand.”


The pupils of Cangyun Ye and the others constricted.

“He isn’t dead. I can sense that the Godkill Thorn is still with him.” Right at this moment, Suoying Fu spoke while divine light flickered within her eyes.

Cangyun Ye pursued an answer. “Then can you sense his exact location?”

“I can only sense a rough area.”

“That’s enough!” Cangyun Ye’s eyes lit up, and then he waved his hand and said, “You’ll lead the way from now on. We’ll pursued that kid at full speed!”

All of them immediately flashed forward and instantly vanished on the spot.

The injury on his back was still bleeding, and it would definitely affect his physical strength if this continued for long. But the most serious problem was his flowing blood made it impossible for him to conceal his tracks.

He was very clearly aware that even if they didn’t rely on the mysterious brand on the command token, they just had to follow the trail of blood he left behind to catch up to him as soon as possible.

Chen Xi moved incessantly through the forest. At this moment, while his countenance was pale, his expression was calm and indifferent to the extreme. He seemed to have forgotten that the Cursed Energy from the Godkill Thorn was still corroding his injury without end, and it caused his terribly injury to grow even worse.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Suddenly, numerous rays of foul light seemed like grey bolts of lightning as they shot explosively towards him from ahead. It seemed like they’d been planning this for a long time, and they assaulted Chen Xi with all their might.

Dammit! Chen Xi’s face sank. His injuries were very serious right now, and he hadn’t expected that he would actually encounter an assault from these Predators on his way. It was truly like adding fuel to the flame.


Chen Xi withdrew the Dao Calamity Sword, and he utilized his combat strength which was only at less than 40% of its original level to kill those six Predators in just a few breaths of time, and their bodies were absorbed by the Dao Calamity Sword.

However, right when Chen Xi was about to put the Dao Calamity Sword away, he suddenly noticed that the scarlet red and brilliant body of the sword was silently emanating a strand of obscure aura, and it was absorbing strands of black Cursed Energy.

Could the Dao Calamity Sword be able to counter that Cursed Energy? Chen Xi thought in his heart, and then he moved the Dao Calamity Sword lightly towards the part of the Godkill Thorn which was still sticking out of his back.


As soon as they came into contact, it was like a collision between two completely different forces, and it caused violent and terrifying rumbling to resound. Chen Xi’s injury was torn open, and he couldn’t help but let out a muffled groan from the pain he experienced. Moreover, his figure staggered back and almost fell to the ground.

The worst part was that this wasn’t the end to it all. The Dao Calamity Sword was like a shark that had smelled blood, and a clear howl of joy and excitement resounded from it while a blood red glow flowed throughout it. It fought incessantly with the black Cursed Energy that the Godkill Thorn emanated.

Chen Xi was able to clearly sense how his injuries were getting worse incessantly. Strands of destructive energy were raging like a storm from the Godkill Thorn and charging into his body, and they were destroying the severely damaged meridians and apertures within his body.


Chen Xi couldn’t help but cough up a mouthful of blood. Never had he imagined that such an unexpected event would actually occur, but it was already too late for him to stop now. Because the Dao Calamity Sword was locked in battle with the Godkill Thorn, and it was actually impossible for him to control it.

This made the expression on Chen Xi’s face instantly become unsightly to the extreme. He was in both pain and anger.

If an enemy were to appear here right now, then the consequences would definitely be death!

Fortunately, this unexpected event had come to an end in next to no time. It was even to the extent that the intense heart stabbing pain he felt before had actually vanished as well.

Chen Xi lowered his head and looked at the Dao Calamity Sword, and he saw that a strand of surging blood red divine radiance was blazing on the scarlet red body of the Dao Calamity Sword.

Moreover, within the divine radiance was a pitch black and narrow treasure which was shaped like an awl. Surprisingly, it was the Godkill Thorn. But at this moment, it was covered by dense blood red radiance, and it was being devoured bit by bit!

Chen Xi was stunned for a moment, and then he couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to it and scanned his own injuries. He noticed that the Cursed Energy within his injury had been completely cleaned away, and only that horrifying and bleeding tear on his back still remained.

Besides that, he wasn’t able to sense any destructive energy within his body anymore, and the extremely severe injuries he suffered were being gradually repaired by his divine energy.

This caused Chen Xi’s spirits to be refreshed. Because so long as the Godkill Thorn’s corrosive effect was removed, then he could heal any injury he suffered!

Most importantly, his combat strength wouldn’t be affected anymore!

Right at this moment, a wave of fine and almost unnoticeable whistles suddenly resounded through the air in the distance.

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