Chapter 2110 – The Godkill Thorn

Chapter 2110 – The Godkill Thorn


Right at the instant Chen Xi noticed danger approaching, he felt a sharp blade stab through his ribs from behind and stab forcefully towards the region within his body.

The blade carried extremely terrifying and violent energy of incineration that completely destroyed his flesh, blood, bones, and meridians. It couldn’t be stopped at all.

This attack wasn’t just terrifying, it could simply be considered as inconceivable!

Presently, Chen Xi had attained perfection in the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm, so even if he encounter a sudden attack, his body would instinctively circulate formidable energy to defend against the attack. Even if an expert at the same realm of cultivation tried to assassinate him, it was still extremely likely to be unable to break through Chen XI’s body’s line of defense.

On the other hand, if it were an expert that was slightly weaker than Chen Xi, that expert would have been blasted flying by the divine might within Chen Xi’s body before even being able to approach Chen Xi. So, it was utterly impossible to try and assassinate him.

This was the strength of a Region Lord. Even if they didn’t refine the body, the techniques, vital blood, and divine energy within them was comparable to the energy of a region, so how could they possibly be assassinated with ease?

Yet now, this blade had practically encountered no resistance and broke through Chen Xi’s line of defense with ease. It stabbed forcefully into his body and was piercing towards the region within his body at an unstoppable rate.

If the region within his body were to be destroyed, then it would be equivalent to the destruction of Chen Xi’s foundation in the Grand Dao. So, no to mention maintaining his cultivation, even staying alive would be difficult!

The most dangerous part about the current situation was that along with this sudden attack from behind, Cangyun Ye, Tai Rui, and Feiling Xue’s joint attacks were pressing down onto him!

Attacks from both the front and the back. It had formed the most perfect situation to hunt and kill a target!

It was perfect to the point it had no flaws as all, and it was obvious that it had been planned meticulously beforehand. If it was any other Ninth Star Region Lord who was in such a situation, then that person would probably perish on the spot when facing such a pincer attack.

However, Chen Xi was no ordinary Ninth Star Region Lord. At the instant he suffered that sudden attack from behind, his combat instinct that had been tempered through countless bloody battles was completely activated, and he push his backbone backward like a dragon swinging its tale at the instant he noticed the sudden attack which came from behind him.


He’d actually taken the initiative to give his back to the enemy, and he shot backward explosively while violet gold divine radiance surged from his backbone. It was like the wall of a natural chasm that was interweaved with the Laws, and he moved swiftly and forcefully while emanating a imposing aura of blasting through the world.

At practically the exact same instant, a clear howl resounded from the Talisman Armament as its blade spun, and it formed a completely round, translucent, dazzling, and blazing barrier of the sword.

The assassin behind him seemed to have never imagined that Chen Xi would actually act in this way, and the assassin’s movements couldn’t help but reveal a trace of stiffness. At practically the exact same moment, the assassin’s figure shook as if a myriad of divine mountains had collided with the assassins body, causing the assassin to be unable to help but exclaim with pain and shock while the assassins body was blasted backward uncontrollably.


At the very same time, Cangyun Ye, Tai Rui, and Feiling Xue’s attacks smashed down, and they collided with the barrier of the sword which Chen Xi created.

For a time, divine radiance swept towards the surroundings while space was thrown into disorder, and the forest in an area of 50km had been instantly crushed into powder and transformed into an expanse of scorched earth and ruins.

The commotion here was truly too great to the point it had even alarmed the Order of the Heaven Dao which covered the sky, causing lightning and gales to rage chaotically.

Fortunately, it was the Spring of Sin. If it had occurred in the outside world, then merely this collision would be sufficient to create a terrifying calamity that destroyed an entire expanse of the starry sky!

Divine radiance flowed while mist seethed throughout the surroundings. The Laws and Order of the Heaven Dao within Mist Forest were extremely unique, and it caused even Ninth Star Region Lords to suffer huge restraints to the scope of their senses.

After a short period of silence, Cangyun Ye’s gloomy voice suddenly resounded from within the mist. “Is that kid dead?”

A wave of coughing resounded from the other side. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? Why aren’t I able to lock onto him with my consciousness anymore?” Cangyun Ye was slightly surprised and bewildered.

“Perhaps he’s dead.” Feiling Xue spoke with a gentle and graceful tone.


A wave of violent winds whistled through here, and it instantly dispersed the chaotic flows of energy, the mist, and the dazzling light that filled the heavens and the earth here. So, the scene here became clear.

The first to be revealed was the figures of Cangyun Ye, Tai Rui, and Feiling Xue. They were clearly extremely vigilant, and they were ready for the battle that might erupt at any moment.

At the other side, Suoying Fu who had been defeated by Cangyun Ye earlier was still lying on the ground, whereas, her companions had spread apart and were standing at different positions while seeming to be extremely vigilant just like Cangyun Ye’s group.

However, their vigilance was actually not towards Cangyun Ye’s group, and this made it seem quite strange.

“If he’s dead, then where’s his corpse?” Cangyun Ye swept his gloomy gaze through the surroundings, and his face instantly sank when he couldn’t find any trace of Chen Xi’s body throughout the devastated area in the surroundings.

“How would I know?” Surprisingly, it was actually Suoying Fu who answered Cangyun Ye!

She coughed violently as she crawled up from the ground while her delicate face was pale, and she seemed to be enduring extremely intense pain.

“You don’t know? You and the Cursed Divine Artifact in your possessed, the Godkill Thorn, were the key to our entire operation. Now, that damnable little bastard is gone yet you are actually saying that you don’t know?” Cangyun Ye walked forward with a gloomy expression, and he stared fixedly at her with his jade pupils. “Did you… hold back?”

“Are you doubting me?” A wisp of anger flashed through Suoying Fu’s eyes.

“Alright, stop fighting. He’s probably not dead, and this means that our operation hasn’t been completed. I don’t want to see any internal strife occurring until it’s done.” Feiling Xue spoke in a gentle tone and said, “All of you should be clearly aware of how severe the consequences would be if the members of the Suiren Clan find out.”

When the Suiren Clan was mention, both Cangyun Ye and Suoying Fu’s eyes narrowed, and they fell silent.

“Our plan was perfect and without the slightest flaw. Our joint forces of 7 Ninth Star Region Lords is sufficient to kill any existence in the same realm of cultivation, but Chen Xi was able to escape in the end. Then it represents that his combat strength is much more formidable than we expected.” Tai Rui who’d been silent until now spoke in a deep voice.

“Hmph! Perhaps someone didn’t use her full strength.” Cangyun Ye glanced gloomily at Suoying Fu. “We were arranged to be placed within the 7th camp before the operation had even begun, and we even obtained the Godkill Thorn which was provided by the Sovereign Sect!”

When he spoke up to here, Cangyun Ye’s expression changed abruptly, and he said, “Where’s the Godkill Thorn?”

These words stunned Suoying Fu, and then she cried out involuntarily. “Shit! It’s still stuck within his body!”

“Dammit!” Cangyun Ye couldn’t stop himself from cursing, and the expressions of the others seemed slightly gloomy as well.

“That treasure is extremely important and can’t be lost. The important matter at hand is to locate that kid as soon as possible, kill him, and reclaim the Godkill Thorn.” Feiling Xue’s voice was still gentle and graceful, but it was filled with killing intent.

“Yes, I’m very sure that even if it was unable to kill him, he has already been heavily injured by the Godkill Thorn. The Cursed Energy isn’t something that he can deal with at all. This means that his injuries will only grow worse until it takes his life!” Suoying Fu recovered her calm and spoke swiftly.

“Then let’s act immediately. I don’t want to see that little bastard being captured by the Dao Defiants.” Cangyun Ye spoke with an extremely cold tone.

As they discussed all of this, they hadn’t noticed at all that a figure was watching all of it with indifference from 10km away.

His green clothes were dyed red with blood while his countenance was pale to the extreme, and blood gurgled out from a horrifying tear on his back.

The most horrifying part was that a pitch black, narrow, and long blade that seemed like an awl was actually stuck within that terrifying wound.

Most of the blade was clearly within his body, and only a small portion of it was exposed outside his body. Moreover, strands of faint black mist were effusing out from the blade and ceaselessly corroding the flesh and blood around the wound.

This figure naturally belonged to Chen Xi. However, he seemed to not notice the injury and pain he suffered at all, and he just gazed indifferently towards the distance.

Only now was he aware that he’d fallen into his enemy’s schemes since he stepped foot into that dark gold treasured vessel that transported them to the 7th campsite.

Obviously, Suoying Fu was the key to the entire plan!

Chen Xi stood silently on the spot for a moment, and then he turned around and left in the end. His figure vanished amidst the heavy mist like an injured wolf, and he used all his tenacity, calm, and silence to control his rage and await the moment he took revenge once his injuries were healed!

“How interesting! They actually brought the Godkill Thorn! That’s one of the seven Cursed Divine Artifacts that were passed down from within the Chaos.” Not long after Cangyun Ye and the others left, a blood red and slender figure appeared at this spacious and empty area which was covered in desolation.

His hands were behind his back as he strode step by step through the battlefield, and he seemed to be sensing the aura of battle that was left behind here.

“What a pity! You have such a precious treasure in your possession, yet you utilized it against a companion who’s on your side. Haha! Is this why the Divine Dao Protector Clans are unable to become strong?” A wisp of an enchanting and elegant smile hung on the corners of Chi Qingying’s mouth. He looked up into the sky, and then he shook his head, turned around, and left.

“There are only 2 more days left. I’ll have no choice but to do it myself if all of you are still alive then. Oh, I should be able to teleport safely to the Slaughter Highlands if I pluck off your heads, right?”

Intense bone piercing pain which felt like a myriad of ants nibbling on his heart was ceaselessly striking Chen Xi’s heart and mind that had been tortured to the extreme. His seething energy, spirit, and essence circulated to the limit in order to prevent his injuries from getting worse, but it was impossible for him to stop those strands of Cursed Energy that effused out from within the Godkill Thorn.

Chen Xi had no intention of pulling it out for now. Because once he did, then the injuries within his body would definitely lose balance and erupt at once, and the consequences of that were something that even Chen Xi wasn’t able to bear.

At this moment, Chen Xi was hiding beneath the roots of an ancient tree, and his entire body was covered and concealed by the Daoseal Mark’s energy. On the other hand, boundless divine energy was circulating endlessly within his body as he tried to overcome and expel the Cursed Energy within his body….

Chen Xi was in a very bad state as his injuries were too severe. Suoying Fu’s surprise attack had almost taken his life.

However, when compared to the injuries his body suffered, there was an indescribable feeling of dejection in Chen Xi’s heart, and it was the feeling of being deceived.

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