Chapter 211 – The Rise and Fall of the World, Sigh!

Chapter 211 – The Rise and Fall of the World, Sigh!

The Five Element Ruins seemed as if it had evaporated into thin air and vanished from sight. What emerged before the eyes of everyone in its wake was the scorching and burning sunlight, the piercingly cold blades of strong wind, and the boundless sea of sand that continued on everywhere the eye could reach.

But no one paid attention to all this at this moment, as they only needed to know that this place was still the Oceanic Desert. Their gazes stared fixedly at Chen Xi and were on guard against the others at all times, and the atmosphere at the scene was still heavy to the point of being oppressive.

“Everyone. Please withdraw yourselves. This person had seized a Six-Winged Blood Dragonbat Inner Core of my Whitecrane Sect. An eye for an eye, I, Qing Xiuyi, am determined to acquire the Magic Treasure in his hand. Anyone who interferes is making an enemy of my Whitecrane Sect.” Right within this heavy atmosphere, Qing Xiuyi spoke out indifferently, and the arrogance within her words wasn’t concealed in the slightest.

The expressions of the others went slightly grim, yet Huangfu Chongming grunted coldly. “Qing Xiuyi, isn’t your Whitecrane Sect a bit too overbearing? Before such an opportunity, everyone who witnessed it deserves a share. No matter how formidable your Whitecrane Sect is, all of us will absolutely not allow you to acquire all the benefits by yourself. What does everyone say about this?”

“Young Prince Huangfu is correct. It’s true that the Whitecrane Sect is well renowned in the central plains, but my eastern sea’s Dragonshark Isle isn’t afraid of it as well. Qing Xiuyi, I’ve heard since long ago that you’re a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal with unfathomable strength, perhaps I’ll have to ask for some pointers from you today.” Right when Huangfu Chongming had just finished speaking, a tall and thin blue clothed man walked over, and it seemed like a tide was formed beneath his feet, causing wave after wave to surge and ‘push’ him over. This person held a smile on his face and possessed an unrestrained bearing, causing him to seem exceedingly extraordinary.

“Hmph! It’s indeed so. I, Man Hong, have taken a fancy to that kid’s body refinement technique. Don’t even hope of stopping me today!” After that, another rough and heavy voice sounded out. This man possessed thick brows and fierce eyes, he was extremely burly and bared his upper body, each of his ears had a bone earring hanging on it, and he carried a broadsword that was like a door on his shoulder. He stood amongst the crowd like a small hill, emitting a ferocious and violent aura without the slightest scruple, causing him to seem exceedingly overbearing.

“The Eastern Sea’s Dragonshark Isle’s Golden Core Realm core disciple, Liu Fengchi!”

“Northern Barbaric Lands’ Skycave Mountain’s Golden Core Realm core disciple, Man Hong!”

These two people had always been hiding within the crowd earlier, and at the instant they stood out at this moment, they were instantly recognized by the other people, causing all of them to be unable to refrain from revealing shocked expressions.

Chen Xi felt fear in his heart as he watched this as well. Originally, he thought that Qing Xiuyi’s group and Huangfu Chongming’s group were already the top two powers present, yet he never imagined that another two formidable figures had appeared at this moment, causing his heart to instantly feel much heavier.

Instantly, the situation underwent a gradual change.

The scene evolved into four factions led by Huangfu Chongming, Qing Xiuyi, Liu Fengchi, Man Hong, and some other cultivators of unknown origin that were scattered all around. When faced with the groups of the four experts, these cultivators without reputation could only temporarily choose to watch coldly from the sidelines.

Even though Qing Xiuyi’s group only possessed three people, but because of Qing Xiuyi holding down the fort, they vaguely seemed to have become the strongest force.

Four sides were in confrontation, whereas, Chen Xi was surrounded and trapped in the center.

Chen Xi kept silent and silently utilized his entire strength to suppress the Netherworld Register. The confrontation of these four powers had won a strand of precious time for him, and he wanted to seize this opportunity to properly make a plan.

“Alright, I admit that all three of your groups have the qualifications to participate in this matter.” Liu Fengchi and Man Hong’s appearance had caused Qing Xiuyi to seem to have changed her intentions, and she swept the surroundings with her gaze as she said slowly, “But the other people should leave first. There isn’t any room for all of you to interfere here, and it’s so as to avoid harming your own lives. What do all of you think?”

“I agree.” Huangfu Chongming nodded.

“It couldn’t be any better. In this way, can put an end to some people trying to take advantage of the situation and steal from us.” Liu Fengchi agreed as well.

“I don’t have any objections.” Man Hong laughed loudly.

When they saw these four groups of people joining forces in the blink of an eye, the crowd was instantly in a state of unrest, and many people revealed slight fear. Especially those people that belonged to some powers and sects, their expressions had become indeterminate, as the saying goes, a monk may run away, yet the monk couldn’t bring the temple along. Offending these four groups of people that represented colossi would only bring a calamity of complete annihilation to the powers they belonged to.

A cultivator moved backward and cupped his fists to everyone. “I have an urgent matter to attend to, so I won’t involve myself in this matter. Farewell!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he didn’t spare a second look back as he left.

With this person as an example, there were instantly many people that left successively. These people were all disciples from the sects of the central plains, eastern sea, or northern barbaric lands. They understood how formidable the powers these four people represented were, and they didn’t want to bring a disaster to the powers they belonged to for the sake of seizing treasures.

In the time of a few breaths, the number of people in the surroundings had reduced sharply, and only less than a third of the people remained. When they saw this, the remaining people knew that nothing much could be done, and they’d completely lost the chance to take advantage of the situation to steal from these four groups later. Thus, they didn’t persist any longer and scattered in all directions, and not a single one remained.

As for if these people were unwilling to leave and had concealed themselves in the distance while intending to wait for an opportune moment to act was something that couldn’t be known.

“Alright. Now that only us four groups remain, if we start a violent battle for the sake of fighting for the treasures, then it would possibly give this person an opportunity to seize and flee. I think that all of you aren’t willing to see that scene happen. So, I suggest all of us join forces to kill him together before deciding on the problem of the ownership of the treasures in his possession. How about it?” Qing Xiuyi glanced deeply at Chen Xi before speaking as if she took the matter lightly.

This little girl has such a sinister heart!

When Chen Xi saw this scene, his heart instantly fell to the bottom, as this move of Qing Xiuyi’s had practically completely blocked all of the methods of retreat he could think of.

He knew that even if he had a thousand strategies and a myriad of crafty schemes at this moment, he had utterly no room to utilize them under the suppression of absolute strength.

“Hmm?” Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s heart jerked abruptly, and his body tensed up involuntarily as a strand of imperceptible fluctuation was like a bolt of lightning as it flashed within his mind.

It was the Netherworld Register in his hand!

At this moment, this Magic Treasure that seemed to possess intelligence seemed to have noticed the desire of the surrounding people towards it, and it stopped struggling and quieted down.

Chen Xi’s spirits were refreshed, and he forcefully restrained the wild joy in his heart. So long as I don’t have to divert my attention to suppress the Netherworld Register, then my chance of escaping would increase greatly, and it wouldn’t come to the extent of not having the slightest room to fight back.

But, what was that fluctuation that flashed within my mind?

“Chen Xi, I can’t take it any longer!” Right at this moment, Ling Bai abruptly leaped out from the Buddha’s Pagoda, and he swept the surroundings with an enraged expression as he said coldly, “All of these people look at you like an ant that’s at their mercy. Could it be that you aren’t enraged?”

Chen Xi’s heart constricted as he never imagined that Ling Bai would actually foolishly leap out. Ling Bai possessed the Nirvana Sword Dao, Ling Bai was always worried about being noticed by others and bringing boundless calamities onto Chen Xi. However, at this moment, Ling Bai had instead appeared publicly by himself and exposed himself. Could it be that this little fellow has gone mad?

But when he heard Ling Bai’s words, Chen Xi instantly went silent. He recalled the attitude Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, and Huangfu Chongming treated him with all along the way.

Those expressions of disregard, gazes of disdain, and commanding actions, can I really laugh it off and not care about it? I don’t need to obtain the acknowledgment of others, but should I just swallow the humiliation I suffer and ignore my dignity that was trampled on for my entire life, only daring to be angry yet not say dare say a word? Dare to think yet dare not take action?

A cage can’t trap my heart, shackles can’t confine my body. My Dao is freedom, the freedom to soar in the nine heavens… How could I dare forget it?

How could I dare forget it?

Chen Xi’s eyes became brighter and brighter as his entire mind and soul seemed to have broken through its shackles and leaped out of its cage. At this moment, he wasn’t afraid of everything any longer, and he yearned for battle!

“No matter how weak an ant is, it has already transcended above all living beings by possessing the resolution to shake a large tree. No matter how lowly an ant is, it’s already looking down at the world by possessing the heart of an eagle. Young one, you’ve already won my respect, so let me lend you a hand. Hahaha! After dreaming for a myriad of years, who can talk about the times with me, who can talk about the rise and fall of the world with me? Sigh! Sigh! Sigh! Everything has been delivered into samsara…” A bleak and hoarse voice abruptly exploded out in Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness, and the words spoken by the voice revealed boundless heroism and sadness.


Right at the instant this voice resounded out, the Netherworld Register that was like a book seemed to have had a page opened, and a vast and exceedingly heavy peculiar energy gushed into Chen Xi’s body with a bang.

At this moment, no one noticed that an unbelievable change was occurring within Chen Xi’s body.

“Senior Sister, I was speaking about this little thing. He possesses a body like a Magic Treasure and controls a formidable Sword Insight, and he’s extremely peculiar. If it wasn’t for his help on that day, that Six-Winged Blood Dragonbat’s Inner Core would have been seized by me since a long time ago!” As soon as Pei Chong saw Ling Bai, he instantly spoke swiftly to Qing Xiuyi.

“Could this be another Immortal Artifact’s Spirit?” Qing Xiuyi’s eyes were suffused with a strange brilliance as she spoke with slight surprise.

An Immortal Artifact’s Spirit?

The others were shocked in their hearts when they heard this, and their gazes that revealed burning greed descended onto the 10cm tall Ling Bai in unison.

A book shaped Magic Treasure that seems like it was made of jade yet, isn’t, and contains extreme intelligence and a 10cm little person that possesses the body of a Magic Treasure and controls a Sword Insight. These two treasures are possibly Immortal Artifacts, and coupled with the miraculous body refinement technique he cultivates, exactly how many rare treasures are in the possession of this fellow at the Golden Core Realm?

“Chen Xi? Could it be that youth that acquired the top rank in the Hidden Dragon Rankings and subdued the Buddha’s Pagoda?” Tantai Hong was shocked in his heart as he noticed the name Ling Bai used to address Chen Xi, and he almost didn’t believe his ears as he exclaimed in shock.

“What? The Buddha’s Pagoda that no one in your southern territory was able to subdue is in the possession of this kid as well? Doesn’t that mean that there might be three Immortal Artifacts in this kid’s possession?”

“I remember now. When I arrived at the southern territory, I heard people saying that a youth had subdued the Buddha’s Pagoda that stood loftily in Dragon Lake City for countless years, yet I never imagined it was this kid!”

“Three Immortal Artifacts? If those old freaks that live in seclusion were to find out, they probably wouldn’t hesitate in the slightest to seize it from him, right?”

When they heard Tantai Hong, the four groups that were present instantly went into an uproar. The gazes they shot at Chen Xi seemed as if they were staring at a plump sheep that caused one to drool without end and emitted fatal temptation that no one was able to refuse!


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