Chapter 2109 – An Old Enemy!


A ray of foul grey light shot through the mist and tore through space as it charged fiercely at Chen Xi with unbelievable speed.

Chen Xi didn’t even turn around. He spun the blood red blade of his sword, and it created an expanse of gorgeous surging light. One could clearly notice that the foul ray of light which the Dao Defiants called ‘Predators’ had suddenly stiffened, and then it seemed like snow that was placed in water and was absorbed by that expanse of surging light from Chen Xi’s sword.

In the end, a happy cry resounded from the Dao Calamity Sword.

All of it was completed so casually and with such ease. But just a day ago, Chen Xi was still feeling surprised and bewildered by the embryo-like life forms within the ‘Bizarre Nest’.

All of this was thanks to the Dao Calamity Sword that innately countered these strange beings.

If it weren’t for that, then even Chen Xi would probably have to exert a good amount of effort to kill that Predator from before.

Chen Xi continued flashing forward.

It was now the third day since he entered this forest while the number of Dao Defiants that he encountered on the way grew fewer and fewer. However, the number of Predators he encountered grew larger and larger instead.

After a period of investigation, Chen Xi finally confirmed that the most dangerous part of this forest were the embryo-like life forms that were being nurtured by the ‘Bizarre Nests’.

Besides that, there weren’t any other living beings that inhabited this forest.

Perhaps those Predators were like cunning, sinister, vicious, and ferocious existences that even Region Lords had difficulty dealing with. However, they weren’t a threat at all to Chen Xi who possessed the Dao Calamity Sword.

Once he determined this, Chen Xi didn’t intend to stay within this forest any longer. Most importantly, the critical factor of advancement which he urgently needed wasn’t present within this forest.

Hmm? Chen Xi’s figure which was moving forward incessantly had stopped, and then a wisp of surprise flashed through his deep eyes.

An intense battle was being carried out at the border of the 10km area which his consciousness could cover.

The battle shook the heavens and the earth, and it caused the world to dim in comparison.

The unique restraint of the Order of the Heaven Dao within the Spring of Sin caused the fluctuations of this battle to be suppressed in a very small area, and Chen Xi would have probably been unable to notice it if his consciousness wasn’t sufficiently strong.

Chen Xi thought for a moment before he continued forward. However, his aura grew even more restrained, and it was like he’d transformed into a part of the void.

As he got closer, the scene before his eyes cleared up, and a spacious area appeared before him. The ground there was covered in the ashes of burnt ancient trees while a battle was being carried out on that empty expanse of ground.

Both sides to the battle were participants from the Divine Dao Protector Clans. Moreover, Chen Xi recognized them. One party to the battle was the group of four led by Suoying Fu.

The other party to the battle was Cangyun Ye, Tai Rui, and Feiling Xue’s group of three.

Obviously, it was a three on four battle. However, the side with greater numbers, the group led by Suoying Fu, was being suppressed!

It was even to the extent that one of the gold clothed men had suffered a heavy injury and was in imminent danger.

Similarly, Suoying Fu and the others weren’t in much better conditions. They were completely suppressed in battle by Cangyun Ye and the others, and they seemed to be in an extremely embarrassing state.

“Cangyun Ye, you actually dared to launch a surprise attack against the four of us who are on the same side as you during the Battle of Dao Protectors just for the sake of seizing battle merits? Are you aware of the consequences of such actions!?” Suoying Fu’s sweet and alluring face was covered in a gloomy and icy cold expression, and her almond shaped eyes carried boundless rage and hatred.

“Haha! Stop being naïve! Don’t act like you are unaware of the past rules of the Battle of Dao Protectors. Seizing battle merits is something that frequently occurs, and it has become an unspoken rule since a very long time ago. So what even if news of this were to be sent back to the Divine Dao Protector Clans?” Cangyun Ye laughed gloomily and said, “Not to mention that all of you’ll be dying today, so no one in the world will be aware of what happened today.”

“Why us?” Suoying Fu bit her teeth as she spoke in a low voice.

“Because….” When he spoke up to here, a wisp of ruthlessness suddenly arose within his jade green pupils, and then a dark green shadow flew out from his palm, and divine markings flowed on its surface while it emanated the terrifying energy of Divine Dao Laws.

The Darknight Wheel!

It was an innate technique of the Cangyun Clan, and it contained 16 Divine Dao Laws. When utilized by Cangyun Ye who was at the peak of the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm, it possessed the terrifying might to destroy his enemies and swallow the night.


The Darknight Wheel exploded apart. It threw space into disorder while everything within an area of 300m was completely blasted into powder and transformed into a void.

A shrill cry resounded from Suoying Fu as her figure was blasted flying, and she coughed up mouthfuls of blood successively after she fell to the ground over 300m away.

“Because you shouldn’t have gotten too close to that damnable Savior, Chen Xi!” Cangyun Ye closed in on her while his voice was cold like a bone piercingly cold gale, and it revealed boundless killing intent.

Meanwhile, Suoying Fu’s three other companions were in imminent danger as well. They’d been fully suppressed by Tai Rui and Feiling Xue, and they were on the verge of being unable to hold on any longer. So, it was impossible for them to lend Suoying Fu a hand now.

“So that’s the reason….” Suoying Fu’s charming and alluring face was already ghastly pale, but her face carried a form of resolute ruthlessness. “Looks like you’re worried that Chen Xi would ally himself with us. You really are a coward.”

“Would I dare to kill you if I was a coward?” Cangyun Ye grinned while his gaze burned with desire as it scanned Suoying Fu’s well-proportioned and graceful figure, and then he said in a ghastly tone, “Of course, I don’t mind properly enjoying your body before you die.”

“Don’t you dare!” Suoying Fu coughed up more mouthfuls of blood while she gritted her teeth and tried to get up. However, she slumped to the ground in the end.

“What do I not dare to do? I heard that the women of your Suoying Clan possess innate charm, and your blood flows with feistiness that burns like lava. It would be great if I’m able to tame you.” Cangyun Ye roared with savage and greedy laughter, and his jade green pupils seethed with flames of desire.

He walked over towards Suoying Fu.

Right when he was only a few meters away from her, a wisp of sword qi suddenly appeared, and it was like a dazzling ray of light that tore the darkness apart.

Cangyun Ye’s expression changed as his figure retreated explosively, and he relied on his extremely abundant combat experience to avoid this sudden attack.

After that, he saw a tall figure appear in front of Suoying Fu. He had a handsome face, eyes that were deep like an abyss, green clothes that fluttered with the wind, and an extraordinary aura. It was exactly Chen Xi.

“Chen Xi!” Cangyun Ye’s eyes narrowed, and then he laughed gloomily. “I’ve been looking for you. I never expected that you would take the initiative to show yourself. You've really given me a pleasant surprise.”

Meanwhile, the two parties that were fighting in the distance had actually stopped and looked over as well.

Especially Suoying Fu’s companions, they’d seized this opportunity to hurriedly charge over and support her up.

The strange thing was that Tai Rui and Feiling Xue actually didn’t stop this at all, and they just moved at an unhurried pace towards Cangyun Ye before they locked their consciousnesses onto Chen Xi.

Chen Xi had paid attention to them in the past but had never expected that they would actually form an alliance with Cangyun Ye.

“Since you want to kill me, then why implicate others?” Chen Xi spoke in a calm and indifferent voice, yet it carried a wisp of killing intent. While it wasn’t dense, it still locked firmly onto Cangyun Ye’s group of three.

“It’s very simple. Regardless of whether it was intentional or not, those who intended to work together with you shall be eliminated on this battlefield!” Cangyun Ye’s expression grew even gloomier while his jade green pupils even carried a wisp of indescribable excitement. It was like he was a hunter that had finally found the prey he was waiting for.

“Did the Sovereign Sect ask all of you to do this?” Chen Xi’s expression grew even calmer.

“The Sovereign Sect?” Cangyun Ye was clearly stunned, and then he shook his head. “No, you’re a Savior, a heretic. You are vile spawn just like these Dao Defiants. So, as members of the Divine Dao Protector Clans, how could we possibly stand by idly?”

Just these words alone caused Chen Xi to start smiling. “Looks like the level you are at is too low, and you’re unqualified to make the Sovereign Sect personally give the order to you. If I’m not wrong, all of you are doing this to curry favor with the five high level clans, right?”

Cangyun Ye’s face immediately sank. He was just about to say something when Chen Xi glanced at Tai Rui and Feiling Xue, and then he continued. “Are the two of you doing it for the same reason?”

Tai Rui nodded. His figure was robust while he had a firm and steady expression. He was a peak Ninth Star Region Lord from a mid level clan as well.

Feiling Xue seemed extremely weak and delicate when compared to him, and she was like a small white flower that was born in the wild.

However, her gaze towards Chen Xi seemed extremely calm right now and there was no emotion within it at all. She said in a low voice. “I have no choice but to do this. I hope Young Master Chen Xi will be able to understand.”

“Understand the reason all of you want to kill me?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but laugh while his eyes were filled with indifference. He knew that conflict would arise between him and some participants from the Divine Dao Protector Clans, but he hadn’t imagined that it would occur so swiftly. After all, it was only the 3rd day of the battle right now.

But since the enemy had come knocking on his door, then Chen Xi didn’t intend to allow them to continue being latent troubles for him.

Strands of seemingly material killing intent effused out from Chen Xi’s body, and it was like the calm before the storm as a suffocating pressure suffused the surroundings.

“Attack!” Cangyun Ye’s jade green pupils flashed with a strange glow as grim and long howl resounded from his lips. They’d actually taken the initiative to attack.

A Darknight Wheel condensed and seethed in his palm before it swiftly crushed space apart and carried a terrifying aura of destruction as it smashed down towards Chen Xi.

At practically the exact same moment, Tai Rui and Feiling Xue’s figures flashed, and they launched attacks against him from both sides.

Tai Rui held a thick saber that was over a meter long. Its blade was covered in gorgeous crimson red lightning, and it instantly transformed him into a lightning wargod.

At the other side, a clear howl resounded from Feiling Xue as a myriad of strands of snow white, crystalline, and translucent cold flames arose, and they transformed into a mysterious cold flame diagram that covered the heavens and the earth.

In an instant, 3 peak Ninth Star Region Lords from the Divine Dao Protector Clans had launched attacks against Chen Xi!

At the same time, Chen Xi acted as well. He’d already put the Dao Calamity Sword away, and his hands were completely empty while he charged towards Cangyun Ye like an otherworldly breeze.

In his opinion, there was no need for him to utilize his sword to kill these fellows.

However, right at the instant when he was about to attack, he sensed someone approach him from behind while someone called out to him. “Chen Xi….”

It was an unfamiliar voice that seemed to carry some sort of rhythm as it resounded. It caused one’s heart to calm down to the point it made one arouse the impulse to let go of all emotions.

However, this voice made Chen Xi’s heart jerk, and then an extremely strong feeling of uneasiness and danger surged within him.

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