Chapter 2108 – Plucking Off A Head

After contemplating for a long time, Chen Xi replaced the Talisman Armament with the Dao Calamity Sword instead.


In the depths of the mist, a black shadow was soundlessly flashing over towards Chen Xi.

It was a descendant of the Bloodsucker Clan. It possessed extremely striking dark green lips, a pair of sharp blood red fangs that emerged like curved hooks from both corners of its lips, and it had fine black scales that covered its entire robust and tall figure.

So long as it entered into battle, the scales throughout the Bloodsucker’s body would transform into countless bloody holes that were capable of creating a terrifying devouring force, and they could instantly absorb the Blood Essence within the Bloodsucker’s enemy.

This was a unique natural talent possessed by the Bloodsucker Clan, and it was called Bloodreap.

This Bloodsucker possessed extraordinary strength. His aura was completely restrained, and he was clearly skilled in a formidable secret technique of concealment.

As he moved through the mist, his figure seemed to have fused into one with the grey mist, and it caused an ordinary consciousness to be utterly unable to detect his presence.

However, this fellow was unable to escape the detection by Chen Xi who possessed the Daoseal Mark.

In next to no time, this Bloodsucker had arrived beneath the ancient tree which Chen Xi was hiding on, and his amber eyes scanned the surroundings before he revealed a wisp of bewilderment.

Just moments ago, he’d clearly sensed a trace of a low sword howl resound from here, but all of it seemed to have vanished without a trace now.

It was even to the extent that there wasn’t even any odor left here.

He shook his head and turned around with the intention to leave. But right at this moment, a strand of blood red and sharp light appeared abruptly!


A bloody hole appeared at the center of this Bloodsucker’s forehead, and then he crashed to the ground.

He merely saw a tall figure appear before his death, and that figure held an ancient sword that flowed with a blood red glow.

That sword… seemed as if it was made from the blood of the gods, and it was brilliant red in color.

After that, the vitality within him had been completely drained.

Right when Chen Xi was about to pull out his sword, he acutely noticed that obscure strands of Divine Dao Laws were being ceaselessly absorbed by the Dao Calamity Sword.

In just a few breaths of time, the Bloodsucker's corpse clearly seemed to be shriveled, dim, and completely devoid of any energy.


A gust of wind blew by, and then the Bloodsucker’s corpse instantly transformed into ash that was blown away with the wind.

Meanwhile, the Dao Calamity Sword grew even redder, and it carried a gorgeous color while its blade surged with delight and yearning.

This scene allowed Chen Xi to confirm that the energy of the Dao Calamity Sword wasn’t just lethal to the embryo-like life forms, and it was actually terrifyingly lethal towards the Dao Defiants who resided within the Spring of Sin as well.

It was even to the extent that it could absorb the Divine Dao Laws that were contained within their corpses!

For example, there was an extremely weak pearl of blood within the Dao Calamity Sword right now, and an extremely pure Divine Dao Law was stored within that pearl of blood.

The Divine Dao Laws of the Bloodsucker from before was originally filled with extremely thick energy of evil and sin. However, once it was absorbed by the Dao Calamity sword, the evil aura seemed like a tonic that was completely refined and absorbed by the Dao Calamity Sword, and only this pearl of blood that contained pure Divine Dao Laws remained.

Chen Xi had tried to retrieve the pearl of blood, but the Dao Calamity Sword suddenly emanated a strong fluctuation of refusal and resistance. Chen Xi was instantly stunned by it, and then he gave up on doing that.

He was able to clearly sense that the pearl of blood which contained pure Divine Dao Laws was useless to the Dao Calamity Sword, but since it refused, then he didn’t continue and stopped.

However, he was extremely surprised in his heart. Because the Dao Calamity Sword’s reaction had become even more filled with life, and it seemed like it possessed intelligence of its own now.

This was something that had never happened in the past.

Chen Xi didn’t stay here for a moment longer, and his figure flashed and vanished within Mist Forest.

Staying too long at a single place while within the extremely dangerous and mysterious Spring of Sin would increase one’s chance of encountering an attack or suffering calamity.

A day later, Chen Xi had been moving through the forest all along the way, and he’d successively killed 7 Cerberus, 9 Sin Adjudicators, 13 Sin Executioners, and 4 Bloodsuckers. So, the corresponding amount of merit appeared on his command token.

His only regret was that there weren’t any Fifth Star Region Lords amongst the enemies he killed, so his battle merit could only be considered to be ordinary.

At the same time, Chen Xi had successively encountered over 30 dark red ancient trees all along the way, and most of the ‘Bizarre Nests’ within them had already vanished while the remaining few were still nurturing numerous life forms.

Chen Xi didn’t hold back at all. He utilized the Dao Calamity Sword to completely extract and absorb those life forms, and as it absorbed more and more of these life forms, that pearl of blood which contained pure Divine Dao Laws underwent a transformation.

It had grown to the size of an infant’s fist, was completely translucent and crystalline, and was suffused within a gorgeous glow that seemed dream-like. Moreover, it was filled with strands of pure Divine Dao Laws.

Chen Xi stopped moving when night arrived, and he hid on the crown of an ancient tree before starting to look through the current state within his body.

Actually, with his current cultivation in the Dao Heart and the support provided by the Divine Dao Parasol Tree, he wouldn’t feel tired at all even if he fought continuously for a month.

But Chen Xi hadn’t stopped here to rest and reorganize himself. He’d stopped here to check on the strands of Darksin Energy that tainted his body.

The entire Spring of Sin was covered in the energy from the evil side of the Heaven Dao. It was fused into everything within the world, and even time and space. So, he couldn’t avoid being tainted by it as he moved about here.

However, it was far from sufficient to threaten a participant like Chen Xi who represented the Divine Dao Protector Clans, the true threat to them was the Dao Defiants which they killed in battle.

Every single kill they accomplished would cause another strand of Darksin Energy to appear within them, and it was utterly impossible to eliminate. Even with the ability Chen Xi possessed right now, he was still helpless against it.

Darksin Energy was an extremely unique force that was like Karma, and it was from the Heaven Dao in the Spring of Sin. Unless one was an existence who’d stepped foot into the Daolord Realm and had started to comprehend the Grand Dao of Destiny or left this expanse of the heavens and the earth, otherwise, it would be impossible to resolve the effect caused by this energy.

Presently, there were a few dozen strands of Darksin Energy within Chen Xi’s body. They were shapeless and immaterial but really did exist.

Of course, in Chen Xi’s opinion, this little bit of Darksin Energy could be completely ignored. However, they would form a lethal threat to him once they accumulated to a certain extent.

The Daolord Realm…. Where is that supreme fortuitous encounter hidden? Is it in battle? Or is it at a specific place? Chen Xi fell into deep thought. Presently, he’d attained perfection in the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm, and he would definitely be able to take that step if he could grab onto a critical factor to advance.

But the crux of the matter was locating the fortuitous encounter!

The Battle of Dao Protectors was being held at the home of the Dao Defiants, and it was a dangerous place which was covered by the evil side of the Heaven Dao.

The main reason that all of them, participants from the Divine Dao Protector Clans, had come here was to find that critical factor to advance into the Daolord Realm.

Obviously, it was impossible for that search to be easy.

At the very least, Chen Xi didn’t have a single clue.

Fortunately, it was only the first day since the Battle of Dao Protectors had begun, and it provided Chen Xi with sufficient time to investigate and search.

Of course, the precondition was… he didn’t die.

The night sky was black as ink, and the atmosphere within Mist Forest grew even stranger. The mist was completely impossible to disperse, and it fully concealed the world here.

Huff! Huff!

A man was gasping rapidly for breath in an area within the forest. His name was Li Huan, and he was from the low level Li Clan of the Divine Dao Protector Clans. Moreover, he was the strongest Ninth Star Region Lord in his clan.

His only goal when he participated in the Battle of Dao Protectors was to advance into the Daolord Realm!

So long as he advanced into the Daolord Realm, then his Li Clan would obtain a chance to rise up in the ranks of the Dao Protector Clans. He might be able to seize a world as the territory of his clan, and then they wouldn’t have to live on the same plane as other low level clans.

However, Li Huan was in a very bad state right now. His clothes were tainted by blood while his countenance was pale and unsightly. Moreover, a huge hole had been torn open on his armor while his entire body was covered in countless bloody scars.

He was gasping for breath as he recalled those three shadows from before which were like three grey colored bolts of lightning, and he couldn’t help but feel a wave of terror.

It was too terrifying!

Those bastards had come out of nowhere, and they were ferocious, strange, and possessed extremely tenacious lifeforces, and their pincer attack had almost taken Li Huan’s life!

Even if Li Huan had succeeded in killing them, he’d suffered severe injuries, and he was in a critical situation.

At this moment, Li Huan suddenly felt slightly regretful. He regretted acting alone, and he felt that he should have joined forces with others.

Right at this moment, a strand of an indescribably bone piercing feeling of danger arose in his heart, and it caused Li Huan’s figure to stiffen while his breathing almost stopped.

It was killing intent!

It was an extremely ghastly and dense strand of killing intent that locked firmly onto him, and the extremely terrifying pressure it carried caused Li Huan to even sense that he was on the verge of death.

He didn’t hesitate to suddenly let out a long howl and retreat explosively.

However, he hadn’t even been able to let out that howl nor had his body been able to move backward when his entire figure stiffened on the spot. It was like he was a puppet that had been restrained, and he wasn’t able to move in the slightest.

After that, a slender and blood red figure appeared within Li Huan’s field of vision. The figure had pupils which were like blood red gems, a pale and handsome appearance, a refined and noble bearing, and a cape that was scarlet red like blood.

The descendant of the high level Bloodsoul Clan, Chi Qingying!

Li Huan watched him walk over, step by step, while the terror on his face grew stronger. He struggled with all his might yet was actually unable to move at all, and it was even to the extent that he couldn’t even make a sound.

This caused him to reveal extreme unwillingness and despair in his eyes.

“Friend, there’s no need to be anxious. I’m merely borrowing your head for something.” A low and indifferent voice resounded. Chi Qingying seemed like a cultured and polite noble, and a wisp of an enchanting and elegant smile hung on the corners of his mouth.

After that, he stretched out his slender and fair hand to lightly pluck off Li Huan’s head. His movements were still elegant and pleasing to the eye, and it was so casual like he was plucking off a leaf.

“Rest well. The Predators will take you to your eternal rest.” Chi Qingying turned around and vanished within the thick mist in the surrounding while his scarlet red cape seemed like burning flames which could still be faintly noticed in the distance.


A fountain of blood sprayed out from Li Huan’s headless corpse, and then it crashed to the ground.

Only a little while had passed when three strands of foul grey light flashed over and shot into Li Huan’s corpse.

In the blink of an eye, Li Huan’s corpse and blood had completely vanished as if they’d evaporated. There wasn’t a single trace of him left, and it was like nothing had occurred here just now.

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