Chapter 2105 – Enemies In The Mist

The Bloodsoul Clan could be considered to be a top-rate clan in the Spring of Sin, and its status was roughly equivalent to that of a high level clan in the Primal Chaos Origin.

This handsome man from the Bloodsoul Clan was called Chi Qingying, and he possessed a combat strength at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm that was on the verge of perfection.

At the same time, Chi Qingying was one of the extraordinary figures who had been dispatched to annihilate the allied forces from the Divine Dao Protector Clans, and he was one of the peak Saints of the Divine Children.

A peak Saint represented one who had stepped foot into the Ninth Star Region Lord Region yet was only a trace away from stepping foot into the Daolord Realm.

As soon as he appeared here, Chi Qingying’s blood red pupils had descended onto the corpses in the surroundings of the campsite, and his pale and seemingly translucent face was covered in indifference.

He seemed to be completely indifferent towards all of it but seemed to be thinking about something as well.

A short while later, the blood red glow from the ancient altar had vanished, and no more figures appeared here.

Meanwhile, a few thousand Dao Defiants had gathered behind Chi Qingying. However, their strengths varied. The weakest were merely at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm while the strongest were at the Region Lord Realm.

A few thousand experts were an extremely enormous force! They formed a dense expanse while their respective auras seethed and effused out, causing the world to be thrown into disorder.

However, no one dared to make any noise while they resided by Chi Qingying’s side, and their silence made him seem even more extraordinary.

“Our forces were just killed not too long ago. It seems like the enemies have entered our territory.” Chi Qingying rubbed his fair and sharp chin while his refined expression carried the pride and indifference of someone of high status.

“Kang Yun.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

An enormous three headed Cerberus passed through the others and stepped forward before answering in a low voice. The aura throughout his entire body was condensed while he revealed a capable and vigilant bearing.

“You lead the troop from the Cerberus Clan and search for the tracks the assailant left behind.”

“Yes.” Kang Yun accepted his orders, and then he immediately led all the experts from the Cerberus Clan to transform into torrents of black light as they shot towards the entirety of Mist Forest.

The Cerberus Clan didn’t possess formidable combat strengths, but they possessed an unparalleled innate ability to track others.

“The other clans will split up and follow closely behind the Cerberus Clan. Kill without mercy once you notice the assailant.” Chi Qingying gave another order, and then the thousands of Dao Defiants rumbled as they set out and dispersed into the surroundings.

In next to no time, only Chi Qingying and two old men who stood by his side remained here.

One of the old men wore a white robe while the other wore a black robe, but both their appearances were actually exactly alike. They had bronze skin, thick brows, huge knuckles, and were suffused with a bloody aura of tyranny.

They were descendants of the Bronze Demon Clan, and they were skilled in carrying out sacrifices, inscriptions, crafting talismans, seal scriptures, and various other secret techniques.

Chi Qingying strode over to the ancient altar and sat down cross-legged, and then he held his chin up with both hands while his handsome and pale face was covered in a refined and composed expression.

“So, how long would it take for this altar to be utilized again?” Chi Qingying swept his gaze towards the two old men.

“10 days.” The black robed old man arrived by the side of the altar, and he sized it up carefully for a moment before he spoke.

“10 days? That’s too long.” Chi Qingying frowned, and then he withdrew a white handkerchief to wipe his palms and pondered deeply before he said, “5 days. I’ll be using this altar to teleport to Slaughter Highlands 5 days from now.”

“5 days? Impossible!” The black robed old man frowned and shook his head. He was very clearly aware that the energy of the altar belonged to the Order of the Heaven Dao. If the Battle of Dao Protectors hadn’t begun right now, then it was very difficult for him to utilize the altar with the ability he possessed, let alone activate it again within 10 days of time.

“Oh?” Chi Qingying raised his head slowly as his pupils that were like blood red gems had shot towards the old man, and then an invisible and terrifying pressure stretched out. It was like the space here had transformed into an ocean of blood, and it showed signs of being on the verge of destruction.

The expression of the black robed old man changed while blood sprayed from both his mouth and nose, and his figure was on the verge of collapse.

The white robed old man at the other side hurriedly said, “My Lord, calm your rage. 5 days are sufficient!”

Chi Qingying withdrew his gaze while a charming grin appeared on the corners of his mouth, and he seemed extremely refined and noble as he said, “Alright, I’ll wait for the good news from you.”

The white robed old man instantly heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, and then he hesitated before he said, “My Lord, there’s a condition that needs to be fulfilled in order to activate the altar in 5 day of time.”

“Speak.” Chi Qingying replied casually.

The white robed old man hurriedly said, “The altar’s ability to teleport can be activated if you are able to bring us the head of that heretic who entered Mist Forest so that we can offer him as a sacrifice to the altar.”

“That’s very simple. I agree. However, are you sure you only need the head of a single heretic?” Chi Qingying asked indifferently.

“Is there more than one heretic in the forest?” The white robed old man was stunned.

“Yes, there are around 7 at least.” Chi Qingying spoke casually. “Alright, the two of you can get to work. I’ve left a Bloodseal on the two of you. I guarantee that no mishaps will befall the two of you while you’re here. On the other hand, I… will go pluck off a few heads.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed while the blood red cape behind him fluttered, and he vanished within the depths of the forest in the blink of an eye.

The white robed old man and black robed old man exchanged glances, and then they didn’t say another word as they started to get to work.

At an area that was covered in layer upon layer of mist, the tip of Chen Xi’s foot was on a vine which was coiled around a large ancient tree, and his slender finger was being flicked about incessantly. Every single flick caused a strand of otherworldly sword qi to silently tear through layer upon layer of space and vanish.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

The muffled sounds of blood being drawn resounded incessantly from far away in the forest, and this represented that numerous Dao Defiants had been caught off guard and killed.

After that, a wave of ferocious roars resounded ceaselessly from all directions, and they were even accompanied by miserable and shrill cries.

Obviously, the Dao Defiants had noticed Chen Xi, and they’d started to converge over. However, they were mercilessly slaughtered by strands of sword qi whenever they arrived 10km away from Chen Xi.

Those strands of sword qi seemed as if they had eyes or like they were waiting there since the beginning, and every single attack would definitely reap a life.

In merely a short moment, over 20 corpses had fallen to the ground in an area around 10km with Chen Xi at its center.

At this moment, even though Chen Xi remained hidden on the spot without moving at all, he was like a king of the dark that was mercilessly slaughtering the lives of his enemies who dared to approach.

The command token in his possession was slightly warm while numerous specks of light which seemed like stardust were ceaselessly appearing within the Chaotic Markings which represented his Battle merits.

They were roughly divided into 3 colors.

Green specks of light represented the death of a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm Dao Defiant.

Red specks of light represented the death of an Imperial Monarch Realm Dao Defiant.

Gold specks of light represented Region Lord Realm Dao Defiants.

Presently, Chen Xi’s command token had 19 specks of green light, 6 specks of red light, and 4 specks of gold light on it.

These specks of light were further divided into varying levels based on the darkness of the color they revealed. The darker they were, the stronger the cultivation of the killed Dao Defiant was, and vice versa.

Chen Xi merely glanced at all of this before he paid no further attention to it. Even if all of these merits in battle could be exchanged for rewards once he returned to the outside world.

The cause for Chen Xi’s current vigilance was that he noticed a strand of dark and evil aura would appear in his body with every Dao Defiant he killed. Even though it didn’t affect his combat strength, Chen Xi was very clearly aware that it represented that he’d started to be corrupted by the evil aura within the Order of the Heaven Dao.

When this aura accumulated to a certain level, then he would have to return to the campsite to cleanse it, otherwise, it would cause unpredictable troubles for him in the future.

That wasn’t the worse part because Chen Xi was clearly aware of this before he’d even participated in the Battle of Dao protectors. The main reason for vigilance was actually because this evil and dark aura had appeared in a manner that was too sudden. He hadn’t even noticed exactly how it had entered his body!

Looks like I’ve started to be affected by the Order of the Heaven Dao here without realizing it…. Chen Xi pondered for a long time before he made a rough inference.

Even though he thought in that manner, his actions didn’t slow down or stop at all, and strand after strand of sword qi charged forward and definitely reaped a life.

However, to Chen Xi’s surprise, the enemies that appeared here actually seemed as if they were impossible to annihilate. There weren’t just Cerberus and Sin Adjudicators, there were even Devil Spiders, Souleaters, Bloodsuckers, Sin Executioners, and various other formidable clans in the Spring of Sin.

Obviously, the altar in the campsite from before was a teleportation formation, and it could ceaselessly teleport the descendants of the Dao Defiants within the Spring of Sin.

This made Chen Xi frown. He roughly determined that the enemy would definitely not just possess cannon fodder like the enemies he faced right now. Perhaps their actual experts hadn’t made an appearance yet, but such experts would show themselves, sooner or later.

The Dao Defiants throughout Mist Forest who were trying to encircle Chen Xi grew more and more horrified because their enemy seemed too terrifying, and every single attack from their enemy would definitely reap away the life of one of their companions. Even until this very moment, they were merely able to determine that the enemy was in that area, yet they were utterly incapable of locking onto the enemy’s position or approach the enemy!

This proved without a doubt that they were facing an extremely formidable enemy who possessed an unimaginable ability to conceal his track.

In their minds, even the strongest Ninth Star Region Lord would only be able to sense enemies within an area of around 6km within Mist Forest.

However, the senses of their current enemy clearly exceeded that boundary because those strands of sword qi were shooting over from far away within the mist. No matter how carefully they tried to dodge it, every single strand of sword qi would still cause the death of one of their companions.

Such a dangerous and shocking situation caused those Dao Defiant to arouse a wisp of terror in their hearts. It made their movements start to become even more cautious, and there were even some who’d started to send out signals for assistance or directly turn around and flee.

After around 8 more Dao Defiants were killed yet no enemy had approached him yet, a trace of danger faintly arose in Chen Xi’s heart. He immediately didn’t hesitate to turn around and leave his hiding spot, and then he chose a direction and flashed over.

There were too numerous enemies while he was unaware of their current state, so he refused to disregard everything and continue killing for the sake of earning more merits in battle.

Chen Xi was like a wisp of mist that moved through the forest, and he dashed for around 10 minutes before he suddenly saw a motionless Sin Executioner at the bottom of a tree in front of him.

This made Chen Xi’s eyes instantly narrow because this fellow hadn’t been killed by him. In other words, there were other participants from the Divine Dao Protector Clans within Mist Forest!

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