Chapter 2103 – Dao Wushuang

Xu Tuo’s expression became slightly gloomy, and he spoke in a hoarse and low voice after some time passed. “I have a feeling that there’ll definitely be some sort of change amongst the five of them. It seems like… they won’t act obediently according to the orders of their respective clans.”

The 2nd Dao Servant spoke some through provoking words in response to this. “The reason the young can improve incessantly on the path towards the Dao and forge a way into the future is because they’ve never been willing to listen to old geezers.”

Xu Tuo’s expression grew even gloomier as he said, “In my opinion, those who disobey will be eternally abandoned by the Heaven Dao!”

The 2nd Dao Servant pondered deeply for a moment and said, “If you’re so worried, then why didn’t you kill him before this. Why allow him to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors?”

Xu Tuo grunted coldly and said, “This decision was from the Sect Master. It isn’t something that I can question or change!”

It was the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s decision…. A wave of a dazed expression appeared in the 2nd Dao Servant’s eyes, and then he fell silent.

He grinned after quite some time passed and said abruptly, “According to my knowledge, one of those Reconstructed you brought with you to participate in the battle is Leng Xinghun, so who’s the other young woman?”

Xue Tuo fell silent for a moment before he said, “Her surname is… Dao.”


It was a taboo to utilize the word ‘Dao’ as one’s surname!

According to the 2nd Dao Servant, there was a single type of person in this world who could enjoy such a supreme surname, and that was….

When he thought up to this point, the 2nd Dao Servant stopped his thoughts and didn’t dare continue thinking down this train of thought. It was a taboo, and it was a form of disrespect towards a supreme force!

However, his gaze couldn’t help but look up into the sky while a rare wisp of a complicated expression appeared on his face. “I wonder if the Sovereign Sect’s Master was right or wrong to do that.”

Xu Tuo chuckled and said, “Just wait and see.”


North Star Camp. A blood red glow flashed before the enormous figure of a participant crashed to the ground. His eyes had bulged out while his neck was twisted in a shocking manner, and it was obvious that he’d been killed from having his neck twisted.

An expanse of exclaims resounded as all the participants in the surroundings moved aside in succession. They cleared out an area, and a man who was cold as a mountain of ice stood upright there.

He had a handsome appearance that made pretty woman dim in comparison, and his ear-length hair fluttered in the wind like a silver torrent that was flying about in the air.

As he stood there, a murderous and bloody aura filled the area in the surroundings. Moreover, terrifying scenes of a mountain of corpses, an ocean of blood, and ghastly skeletons appeared around him.

A flag with a blood red totem fluttered in his grasp, and it made him to reveal an unyielding and imposing aura.

“This is the consequence of blocking my path!” The silver haired man spoke these words lightly, yet every single one of them surged through the surroundings like a thunderclap, and it caused the expressions of the nearby participants to change.


The silver haired man stomped the group with the tip of his foot, and then he shot into the sky like a bloody awl and instantly vanished behind the door in the sky.

Even though he was gone, the bloody air here still remained.

Besides feeling shocking and furious, the hearts of the other participants couldn’t help but surge with a cold feeling while they gazed at the corpse of that participant who’d perished on the spot.

Xia Ruoyuan!

This number one Ninth Star Region Lord from the high level Xia Clan was simply an unrestrained devil who had a fickle temper!

After all, that person had just wanted to enter the Spring of Sin before Xia Ruoyuan, yet he’d flared up and killed that person. His methods were extraordinarily cruel.

However, when they thought of his origins and his terrifying and bloody methods, all the participants only dared to feel angry yet didn’t dare to voice it out. Moreover, they’d decided in their hearts that they would rather perish at the hands of the Dao Defiants than offend Xia Ruoyuan!

This small incident passed quickly, and all the participants left successively.

When all of them had vanished, a man and woman walked out silently from the nearby fort.

The man was tall, and he had a proud and icy cold expression. He was the Sovereign Sect’s Leng Xinghun.

Just as Wu Xuechan had deduced. The current Leng Xinghun wasn’t the Leng Xinghun of the past. He was a Reconstructed who the Sovereign Sect’s Master had utilized the secret technique, the Dao Reconstruction Technique, to temper and create.

A Reconstructed was a terrifying existence that could utilize the energy of the Order and Laws of the Heaven Dao in battle. Even if it was in the Sovereign Sect, only the Sovereign Sect’s Master was capable of utilizing such a secret technique to create a Reconstructed.

“That fellow’s quite ferocious, and he uses battle to gain strength. He’s a born killer.” The woman in multicolored clothes who walked by Leng Xinghun’s side had spoken lightly. She smiled sweetly and was extremely beautiful. Her multicolored and translucent clothes caused her to seem enchanting and seductive, and her pure appearance carried allure that could conquer all living things.

Leng Xinghun was indifferent and didn’t say a word.

He was very clearly aware that he was already dead, but the Sovereign Sect’s Master had preserved his memories, so he was clearly aware of what he’d encountered before he died.

Since the moment he was sent to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors, there was only a single thought in his heart, and it was to avenge his dead self!


Kill Chen Xi!

As for the others, he couldn’t be bothered to spare a glance to anyone else.

The woman’s fine and long ink black brows couldn’t help but knit together when she didn’t get the answer she expected, and she spoke slowly. “Could it be that everyone who has died in the past acts like this?”

“You….” A wisp of piercingly cold killing intent flashed through Leng Xinghun’s eyes.

“What about me?” She stared at him without revealing even a shred of fear, and a faint wisp of coldness still hung on the corners of her mouth.

“It’s best if you don’t provoke me again.” Leng Xinghun took a deep breath and restrained the seething killing intent within him as he said, “I’ll completely disregard how terrifying your surname is if you infuriate me!”

“I don’t believe you.” The woman puckered her lips and grinned, and her voice was gentle, raspy, and it was boundlessly beautiful.

“Hmph!” Leng Xinghun couldn’t be bothered to pay any further attention to her. He turned around, strode into the air, and entered the door in the sky.

“I wonder exactly what sort of method that Savior utilized to kill him at that time. It actually made him filled with such hatred.” The woman stared at Leng Xinghun as he left and seemed to be lost in thought. After that, she grinned, turned around, and cried out towards the fort behind her in a clear and melodious voice. “Old geezer who’s ranked at the 4th position. I know you don’t want to know my name, but I just so happen to be unwilling to let that happen. I’m called….”

“Stop!” The heavy shout resounded from the depths of the fort, and it was filled with a supreme majesty. The terrifying aura emanated from the fort was like a gale that forcefully swept her away and tossed her into the door in the sky.

Since he was capable of accomplish this with such ease and was ranked at the 4th position on Godrank Mountain, he was naturally the 4th Dao Servant who was called the Lightning Daolord!

“Dao… Wu… Shuang….” Even though she’d vanished, a faint strand of her voice had drifted out from within the door, and it was extremely indiscernible.

But no matter how indiscernible it was, it could still be heard extremely clearly by those with extraordinary cultivations.

In an instant, the door suddenly started shaking while an extremely terrifying roar resounded from within it and threw the world into disorder. “Dammit!”

The Spring of Sin, a restricted area on Godrank Mountain, and the place where the enemies of the Divine Dao Protector Clans, the Dao Defiants, resided. It was an extremely huge area that wasn’t inferior to the Primal Chaos Origin.

The Spring of Sin was covered by the other side of the Heaven Dao. It was evil, filthy, and like the darkness that stood in opposition to light.

Dao Defiants were the name that the Divine Dao Protector Clans had given the living beings which lived at the Spring of Sin, yet the living beings there called themselves Divine Children of the Heavens.

Born as the divine descendants of the heavens. It was an extremely prideful and glorious way to call themselves, and it clearly showed that the heretics here considered the Divine Dao Protector Clans as a different type of heretics as well.

Mist Forest.

It was one of the numerous areas within the Spring of Sin.

At this moment, Chen Xi was moving through it with a vigilant expression, and the Talisman Armament which had undergone numerous transformations was held in his grasp.

The mist was like a mist of blood that covered the heavens and the earth while this ancient and desolate forest was extremely vast and covered in a complicated landscape. Moreover, there were numerous strange plants growing here, and Chen Xi had never seen such plants in his lifetime.

Chen Xi had been teleported here upon entering the mysterious door in the sky, and he hadn’t stayed on the spot for safety’s sake.

He was very clearly aware that while the spatial fluctuation caused by his teleportation here wasn’t huge, it was too striking in the eyes of a true expert. So, his enemies would probably catch sight of him if he were to stay on the spot for too long.

The sky 3km above is filled with a strange energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao, so I can’t fly. The Laws of the Grand Dao here are unfamiliar and gloomy. They are filled with an evil and filthy energy, so it’s inadvisable to comprehend it.

The divine energy here is pure and thick, and it even has Innate Chaos Energy mixed within it. However, they have traces of an evil aura that carries threads of filthy energy. It can be refined and absorbed but I must be careful.

My senses are limited to a range of 9k, so it’s inadvisable to travel swiftly.

Chen Xi flew carefully through the boundless Mist Forest while he sensed the environment in his surroundings and prepared himself to deal with anything he encountered.

The Spring of Sin was a completely unfamiliar place, and it could even be considered as a place of evil that was covered by a different Order of the Heaven Dao.

If he didn’t familiarize himself with his surroundings as soon as possible, then he would be thrown into an extremely dangerous and disadvantageous situation in battle.

The thing that aroused Chen Xi’s vigilance the most was that according to his father, Chen Lingjun, the Dao Defiants would make sufficient preparations for battle as well once the Battle of Dao Protectors began. Moreover, they would definitely do all they could to kill any participating expert from the Divine Dao Protector Clans that they noticed!

In other words, this place was an unfamiliar battlefield, and the Dao Defiants who resided here had imperceptibly gained an advantageous position.

If all of them from the Divine Dao Protector Clans wanted to hunt even more and gather even more accomplishments in battle or obtain the supreme fortuitous encounter to advance into the Daolord Realm, then they would definitely have to enter into conflict with the Dao Defiants!

Chen Xi had prepared himself for the worst, so he wasn’t alarmed. Moreover, his years of battle, slaughter, and the baptism of blood and war he’d experienced allowed Chen Xi to temper his combat will to a state that was beyond the reach of an ordinary expert.

A short while later, he stopped near a large ancient tree that was suffused with a dark red glow, and he made sure that there was nothing unusual in the surroundings before he withdrew a command token and inspected it.

There was an ancient ‘陈’ character which represented Chen inscribed on the command token, and Chen Taichong had given it to him before he came to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors. At the same time, it was proof that he was participating in the Battle of Dao Protectors.

But at this moment, the surface of the command token had silently undergone a slight transformation upon entering the Spring of Sin….

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