Chapter 2102 – Secret Conversation

Blacktooth Campsite.

Numerous participants had set out and entered the secret passageway which led to the Spring of Sin.

Only Shi Chuge sat cross-legged on the ground as he wiped Bloodsky with gentle strokes. The ancient spear seemed as if it had been soaking in the blood of the gods, and it was suffused by a dark red glow while a spot of blood red could be seen on the tip of it, causing it to seem like a blood red eye that yearned to feast on blood.

Shi Chuge’s figure was thin yet he seemed tall, handsome, and had an extraordinary bearing. He was like an expanse of gorgeous landscape that was covered in the spirit of the world while staying aloof from the mortal world. He seemed peerless and extraordinary.

However, unlike in the past, there was a rare expression of contemplation in his eyes.

He hated such a feeling because he was used to days of cultivating, slaughtering, and wiping off the blood from his spear on his own.

Besides that, he was indifferent towards everything else.

However, he had no choice but to contemplate right now.

“What’re you thinking about?” A warm voice resounded as a tall old man had suddenly appeared before the black fort which they considered a campsite.

The old man had a clear and amiable appearance, and his entire body emanated a clean, pure, and thick aura. He was like a wisp of light that was bright and blazing. It illuminated the world yet wasn’t dazzling, and it was warm, accommodating, and vast instead.

Shi Chuge didn’t have to turn back to know that it was the 3rd Dao Servant, The Light Daolord.

“Kill or advance.” Shi Chuge spoke calmly. He’d never liked to waste his breath, nor did he ever conceal his mental state. His bearing was just like Bloodsky, he was straightforward and pressed forward with indomitable will.

However, while these words seemed to be quite incomprehensible, the 3rd Dao Servant just happened to have understood it, and he smiled warmly. “It really is a dilemma.”

Shi Chuge puckered his lips in silence. He stood up quite some time later, and then he carried Bloodsky diagonal on his back.

“You’re heading out?” The 3rd Dao Servant’s smile was still warm.

“Yes.” Shi Chuge nodded.

“Have you decided?”


“Perhaps I can give you some guidance,” said the 3rd Dao Servant with a smile on his face. If the other participants were to hear these words, their eyes would definitely turn red from envy because it was the Light Daolord who was ranked at the 3rd position amongst the 13 Dao Servants. He’d protected Godrank Mountain for countless years and possessed unimaginable wisdom and strength.

It was obvious how much of an honor it was to obtain the guidance of such an extraordinary existence.

But it just so happened that Shi Chuge didn’t even give it any thought before he refused. “There’s no need. I’ll decide on my own path.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he raised his head and gazed at the mysterious door in the sky, and then his figure swiftly transformed into a straight ray of light that vanished within the door.

“Another Heavenly Emperor Shi will be born if he’s able to survive. If that Savior encounters him, then…. Haha…. How interesting.” The 3rd Dao Servant stared at the door which Shi Chuge entered for a long time, and then he smiled and vanished within the black fort.

Ridge Campsite.

A howl resounded like an ocean sweeping into the air, and then the expressions of all the participants changed while they dodged backward.

After that, a man who possessed smooth and dark blue long hair, a wide forehead, and a face that seemed to be carved by a blade could be seen riding a violent vortex as he charged swiftly into the sky.

He seemed to be tiny, but his imposing aura was vast and mighty like an ocean, and it gave others an unshakeable feeling.

After he vanished within the secret passageway, the rumbling through the world had finally calmed down yet all the participants were still slightly horrified.

“What a fellow! Beiming Canghai!” An aged figure standing before the fort sighed with praise. He had muddy eyes and a face full of wrinkles. He was actually the Sovereign Sect’s Divine Sovereign Priest, Xu Tuo!

“The Oceanblue Pearl was a foundation stone that suppressed the Order of Evil within the Chaos all those years ago. Since he was able to obtain the Oceanblue Pearl’s acknowledgement, it’s obvious how extraordinary his natural talent is.” A grey robed old man had suddenly appeared before the fort. The sockets of his eyes sunk deep into his skull, and while his thin face seemed smooth and clear, he emanated an aura of age and experience that assaulted the face.

He was the 2nd Dao Servant who was called the Time Daolord!

“How is it going?” Xu Tuo withdrew his gaze upon noticing the 2nd Dao Servant’s arrival and spoke casually.

“That Savior has appeared in 7th brother’s campsite. You should be aware that 7th brother cares only about Godrank Mountain.” The 2nd Dao Servant spoke indifferently while the passage of time filled his deep pupils.

“Hmph! I never expected that all of you 13 servants of Godsbane Heaven would actually be divided into groups and your relationships are actually so complicated.” Daolord Xu Tuo frowned and grunted.

Meanwhile, all the participants had flashed into the passageway in succession.

The 2nd Dao Servant’s voice suddenly turned indifferent as he watched them leave. “There are many other things that you’re unaware of. So, it’s best that you act more humbly. After all, you aren’t the Sovereign Sect’s Master.”

Xu Tuo was clearly a little stunned, and then he took a deep breath and shot his muddy eyes at the 2nd Dao Servant. He nodded and said, “I went too far just now.”

The 2nd Dao Servant smiled. “Fortunately, I don’t mind these little details. It would probably not be the same if it were the Lightning Daolord.”

The Lightning Daolord was the name of the 4th Dao Servant. He killed decisively and had a very volatile temper. Xu Tuo was naturally aware of this, so his expression had clearly become slightly gloomy.

Xu Tuo finally spoke again after quite some time passed. “I just want to know how many Dao Servants are standing on our side now. You should be clearly aware that while my Sect Master is at the Dao Terra Firma, he cares about this the most.”

The 2nd Dao Servant’s expression became much more serious when the Sovereign Sect’s Master was mentioned, and he pondered deeply before he said, “There are 7 who are confirmed while 2 more aren’t interested in this, just like the 7th brother.”

Xu Tuo’s muddy eyes flashed with a wisp of cold light. “What about the last 3?”

The 2nd Dao Servant said with an indifferent expression. “Your Sect Master will have to personally ask them about their intentions.”

Just these words allowed Xu Tuo to clearly understand that those 3 Dao Servants had refused to cooperate with his Sovereign Sect!

“7 are on our side, 3 are neutral, and 3 have refused. Such a situation is quite delicate, and the Sect Master would definitely be unsatisfied if he were to find out about this.” Xu Tuo’s voice was calm but carried a trace of faint displeasure. “Does the Heavenly Wrath Daolord have no thoughts about this matter?”

The Heavenly Wrath Daolord!

He was ranked at the 1st position amongst the 13 Dao Servants, and he was the most mysterious and ancient figure on Godrank Mountain.

“He’s at Sledgehammer Campsite. Perhaps you can head over there and ask him yourself.” The 2nd Dao Servant spoke casually.

A mighty and enormous figure that was boundlessly dazzling couldn’t help but appear within Xu Tuo’s mind. His heart couldn’t help but tremble, and he gave up on his idea to pay the 1st Dao Servant a visit.

But right after that, he changed the topic and said, “Let’s put that aside for now. The most important thing right now is the current Battle of Dao Protectors. Are you sure that our current arrangements are definitely capable of giving that little bastard no chance to return?” Xu Tuo’s voice couldn’t help but carry a wisp of hatred when he spoke the words ‘little bastard’.

The 2nd Dao Servant acutely captured it, and he couldn’t help but glance at Xu Tuo before he said, “Haven’t you arranged for 2 Reconstructed to enter the Spring of Sin and target that kid?”

Xu Tuo’s face remained expressionless as he said, “I’m naturally not worried about them. I’m worried about the participants from the five high level clans.”

The 2nd Dao Servant seemed to be lost in thought as he said, “Every single Reconstructed was personally tempered by the Sovereign Sect’s Master himself, yet you’re still quite worried when two have been dispatched. Could it be that the Savior is already formidable to the point of being capable of resisting the Reconstructed?”

The corners of Xu Tuo’s mouth twitched imperceptibly, and he actually sighed and said, “He really is a variable that can’t be judged by convention. I personally pursued him many years ago, yet he was lucky enough to escape in the end.”

The 2nd Dao Servant was finally quite moved, and he nodded. “He’s extraordinary indeed.”

Xu Tuo grunted coldly and said, “He isn’t just extraordinary. He possesses the River Diagram, Samsara, and is the only person since time immemorial to leave the Door of the Last Days. Do you think he’s an ordinary Savior? Even the Master of the Manku Period and the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, don’t possess as many prohibited secrets as that kid!”

The 2nd Dao Servant seemed as if he was aware of this, and he seemed to be very calm. “Someone like him can’t continue causing trouble once he’s on Godrank Mountain.”

Just these words alone showed how much the 2nd Dao Servant looked down on Chen Xi.

This made Xu Tuo feel uncomfortable for no reason. If Chen Xi was so weak, then would I have to make a trip to Godrank Mountain myself?

Suddenly, Xu Tuo thought of something and said, “I forgot to tell you something. His father is Chen Lingjun.”

Just Chen Lingjun’s name made a gloomy expression flash on the 2nd Dao Servant’s face. Even though he quickly returned to normal, Xu Tuo had still noticed it, and he couldn’t help but laugh coldly.

He was very clearly aware that Chen Lingjun couldn’t be considered to be formidable at all when Chen Lingjun participated in the Battle of Dao Protectors all those years ago. But it just so happened that such a fellow had seized a precious treasure from Godrank Mountain, and it infuriated the Heaven Dao to the point terrifying Heavenly Wrath was sent down in response.

The theft of such a precious treasure had caused the 13 Dao Servants to feel rather embarrassed as well. Unfortunately, Chen Lingjun had reincarnated himself before they could even launch their revenge. Moreover, he’d reincarnated in the three dimensions, and it was a place that they were unable to extend their reach into.

So, this incident had become an irreparable scar in their hearts. Now that it was exposed by Xu Tuo’s words, it naturally caused the 2nd Dao Servant to feel a wave of discomfort in his heart.

After quite a while passed, the 2nd Dao Servant spoke in a low voice. “Looks like we definitely can’t allow that little fellow to leave alive.”

Xu Tuo instantly started smiling because this was exactly what he wanted to hear!

After that, he seemed to have thought of something, and he frowned as he repeated the topic from before. “You still haven’t told me if the participants from the five high level clans are reliable.”

The 2nd Dao Servant frowned and said, “Didn’t you contact them yourself. Could it be that even you are unable to confirm it?”

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