Chapter 2101 – Secret Passageway

This place was a restricted area on Godrank Mountain, and it was the area on it that was closest to the Order of the Heaven Dao.

Yet now, the 7th Dao Servant had merely relied on his aura to forcefully split the sky open, so it was obvious how astonishing such a scene was.

His black robe fluttered while dazzling divine radiance covered his ordinary and indifferent face, and it caused others to be unable to look at the 7th Dao Servant.

A short while later, he finally withdrew his aura and returned to that tranquil state from before. On the other hand, a door had surged into appearance from the rift in the sky.

The door was like a mountain established in space while numerous violent Divine Chaos of Order had coiled around it, causing an invisible pressure to fill it while all sorts of phenomena appeared.

This was one of the secret passageways that led to the Spring of Sin.

The 7th Dao Servant glanced at Chen Xi and the others who were Ninth Star Region Lords from various different clans with an indifferent and calm gaze, but it caused all their bodies to stiffen as if the deepest secrets in their hearts had been exposed. So, the expressions of many had changed on the spot.

Fortunately, this gaze merely lasted for an instant before it was withdrawn. The 7th Dao Servant pointed at the ancient and grand black fort behind him and said, “This is the campsite. All of you can make a trip back here every 3 months after you enter the Spring of Sin to report your accomplishments in battle and cleanse the sin throughout your body.

As he spoke, he pointed at the door in midair and said, “The position of this door will be branded in the participants command token that all of you carry, and you can utilize it every 3 months to return safely to the campsite.”

He paused for a moment before he spoke in a slightly indistinct voice. “Of course, if all of you die there, then no one will collect your corpses and bury you.”

The expressions on the faces of Chen Xi and the others hadn’t changed at all when they heard this because they were aware of it a long time ago.

The so-called campsite was the place where the Divine Dao Protector Clans rested and reorganized. The 7th Dao Servant would reside there, and he would wait for them to return every 3 months until the battle came to an end.

Their accomplishments in battle were naturally the amount of Dao Defiants they killed. The greater their accomplishments, the greater the rewards they would receive. It wasn’t just an individual reward, and it was extremely beneficial to the clans they represented as well.

Of course, these accomplishments in battle and their rewards didn’t include the fortuitous encounter that would allow them to advance into the Daolord Realm.

That so-called fortuitous encounter was something all the participants had to search for themselves in the Spring of Sin. It could only be chanced upon by luck, so it couldn’t be used as a reward at all.

The only thing that drew Chen Xi’s attention was the cleansing of sin that the 7th Dao Servant spoke about.

According to his father, Chen Lingjun, the Spring of Sin represented the evil and filthy side of the Order of the Heaven Dao. Those who aren’t Dao Defiants would be affected by the Order of the Heaven Dao there once they entered the Spring of Sin, and it would cause them to suffer corruption from its evil and filthy energy.

If this energy wasn’t cleansed in time, then it might even affect the mind, causing one to lose one’s original will and be completely reduced into a Dao Defiant that’s eternally enslaved by the evil and filthy side of the Heaven Dao!

Most importantly, the more Dao Defiants one killed, the more negative effects one would suffer. So, no matter how formidable a participant was, they had to return to the campsite to rest every 3 months. Firstly to report their accomplishments in battle and secondly to cleanse the sin they suffered from.

“Now, all of you can take action.” The 7th Dao Servant spoke casually before he walked into the black fort and vanished from their sight.

Only Chen Xi and the other 15 cultivators remained in this blood red world.

Once they saw the 7th Dao Servant leave, some participants had started to put their heads together and discuss some things, and they’d unconsciously formed into groups of 3 to 5. Only Chen Xi remained on the spot.

He was clearly aware that the Spring of Sin was extremely dangerous because entering it was equivalent to entering the base camp of the Dao Defiants.

According to the experiences passed down from the previous Battle of Dao Protectors, joining forces and forming groups was undoubtedly a comparatively safer method, whereas, acting alone was definitely the most dangerous.

Based on the current situation, it was clear that the participating experts of the battle weren’t really willing to form an alliance with Chen Xi, and it was probably because they were clearly aware of how he was enemies with the five great high level clans.

However, Chen Xi didn’t mind all of this because he hadn’t intended to join forces with them. After all, that would put him in an even more dangerous position.

Because Chen Xi was very clearly aware that since the Sovereign Sect could instigate the five high level clans to target him, then it could similarly instigate the other clans to target him as well.

For example, Cangyun Ye who provoked him earlier was a very good example of that.

In other words, even though acting alone in the Spring of Sin would be dangerous to Chen Xi, it was much safer than allying himself with these participants whom he didn’t know.

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate and intended to set out while those participants were discussing their alliances. However, a voice suddenly called out to him from behind. “Wait.”

Chen Xi turned around and saw Suoying Fu walking over hastily.

Suoying Fu spoke swiftly. “What do you think about working together with us? I think it would be safer for you if you were to ally yourself with us.”

As soon as these words were spoken, it instantly drew the attention of many, and they looked over with surprise as if they hadn’t expected that Suoying Fu would actually invite Chen Xi into her group.

Especially those few cultivators who were allied to Suoying Fu, their expressions had changed and carried slight displeasure.

Chen Xi didn’t even give this any thought before he said frankly, “Thank you but I like to act alone.”

Suoying Fu glanced intentionally at Cangyun Ye and said, “The strength of a single person is limited in the end. Perhaps you need a companion to watch your back.”

These words clearly seemed to point towards something.

Chen Xi smiled and said, “There’s no place for any shadows behind me. Those who’ve tried to approach me from behind have mostly become corpses.”

Suoying Fu frowned and took a deep glance at Chen Xi, and then she didn’t persist further. “Then allow me to wish you good luck. Be careful on your way.”

Chen Xi suddenly said, “I think that you should be cautious of him instead. You’ve clearly offended him by intending to form an alliance with me.”

Even though he didn’t say who it was, Suoying Fu had still discerned that Chen Xi meant Cangyun Ye, and her sexy lips couldn’t help but curl into a cold smile. “I’m not afraid of him.”

Chen Xi nodded, and then he didn’t speak another word as he shot into the door in the sky and vanished.

Once he left, Cangyun Ye suddenly swept his gaze towards the door in the sky, and his eyes were filled with gloomy killing intent.

“I presume both of you witnessed my provocation towards him. He has a steady bearing and didn’t fall for it. Looks like he’s a formidable figure as well. However, since he has been targeted by Young Master Suiren Kuanglan, then he’s our common enemy. I hope that the two of you won’t hold back anyone when the time comes.” Cangyun Ye’s voice had suddenly become calm as he glanced indifferently at the two figures by his side and spoke with a calm and indifferent expression.

If Chen Xi were here, he would definitely recognize them as Tai Rui and Feiling Xue who he’d paid attention to earlier!

They didn’t provide any response to Cangyun Ye’s words. One of them had his arms crossed while he looked up into the distant sky while the other’s eyes were looking down towards the tip of her feet.

This made Cangyun Ye frown, but he didn’t say anything about it. He was very clearly aware of how terrifying they were. At the very least, he didn’t dare rashly offend them.

The Battle of Dao Protectors had a total of 13 campsites, and they were respectively protected by the 13 Dao Servants, and the Blood Campsite Chen Xi arrived at was only one of them.

At the same time when Chen Xi entered the mysterious door, a few more participants had arrived at different campsite, the Ice Campsite, which was covered in snow.

Two of them seemed extremely striking, and it was a pair of man and woman.

The man had fluttering crimson hair, eyes that were like fiery abysses, and the tattoo of a ‘山’ character branded at the center of his forehead. As he stood there proudly, he emanated a violent and raging aura that could simply incinerate and destroy the world. Moreover, the space around him warped while a black hole had even been burnt open.

The woman had a petite and delicate figure. She wore a green dress with wide sleeves while her dense, soft, and smooth jet black hair had been braided behind her and hung down to her waist.

Her face was pure, young, and innocent like the young princess of a kingdom of immortals, and it was extremely dreamlike and ethereal.

The participants in the surroundings didn’t dare approach them at all. All of them stood from afar while the gazes they shot at them carried intense fear.

Because those two people were Suiren Kuanglan and Tang Xiao’xiao from the high level Suiren and Tang Clans!

“Xiao’xiao, I heard that Chen Xi is your Ancestral Uncle Tang Xian’s junior brother. I wonder if you’ll be able to do as you must when you meet that kid.” Suiren Kuanglan was extremely arrogant. He was arrogant beyond compare, and it was to the point he didn’t take the seniors of the Suiren Clan seriously. However, his expression when facing Tang Xiao’xiao was quite strange, and his attitude could be considered to be gentle.

“You intend to interfere in my business?” Tang Xiao’xiao smiled sweetly. Her pure and young face was covered in an innocent expression while her pitch black eyes were completely clear, and it seemed like she was acting like a spoiled child.

Suiren Kuanglan’s brows jerked imperceptibly, and then he roared with laughter. “I just wanted to tell you that I’ll help you do it if you can’t bear to! Isn’t he just a disciple of Oracle Mountain? I’ll compete with you on being the first to step foot into the Daolord Realm once I crush that ant!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a pillar of flames suddenly surged from within him, and then it transformed into a flaming totem before his entire body charged swiftly into the door in the sky.

“He doesn’t even dare to interfere in my business yet intends to compete with me? How boring.” Tang Xiao’xiao frowned, and then she started hopping off into the distance with her hands behind her back. Her green dress swayed along with the wind, and it made it seem like a green lotus was carrying her around in the wind.

However, as she moved forward, her figure gradually vanished, and it wasn’t long before she’d vanished completely.

The other participants heaved sighs of relief in their hearts when Suiren Kuanglan and Tang Xiao’xiao left, and the pressure they were enduring in their hearts had vanished. However, their expressions had become rather complicated.

“I really wonder how that fellow, Chen Xi, offended the five high level clans to the point that it actually made figures like Suiren Ting and Tang Xiao’xiao target him for elimination.”

“It isn’t just them. Shi Chuge, Beiming Canghai, and Xia Ruoyuan will take action to eliminate him as well.”

“Is a Savior… really that detested?”

“I’m afraid it isn’t that simple. I heard that this year’s Battle of Dao Protectors isn’t like the past, and even the Sovereign Sect has made the unprecedented move to interfere. It has dispatched two of its disciples to participate in the battle.”

“No matter what, we have to be much more careful this time.”

The sounds of discussion gradually vanished as those participants acted successively, and they entered the mysterious door which led to the Spring of Sin.

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