Chapter 2100 – The Bramble Daolord

The man with jade green pupils was clearly stunned when he saw Chen Xi sit down without making a single sound, and then he spoke with disdain. “You dare participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors with just that bit of courage? Trash!”

Just the word ‘trash’ made piercing cold killing intent flash through Chen Xi’s eyes, and then he looked over coldly. In his opinion, even if this fellow was stronger than ordinary Ninth Star Region Lords, he wasn’t terrifying at all.

Right when a collision was about to occur between them, the entire dark gold treasured vessel suddenly shook while the black robed man’s cold grunt resounded within it.


Chen Xi felt as if sledgehammers had struck his ears. It made him feel dizzy, and it was uncomfortable to the point he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

The man with jade green pupils was in an even worse state. His entire body shuddered as a muffled groan escaped his lips, and his pupils had dilated. Obviously, he’d suffered quite a bit.

The others who were watching all of this coldly from the sidelines felt their hearts jerk, and a trace of fear suffused their faces.

“Leave right now if you intend to fight against each other!” The black robed man’s voice carried a strand of indifference, and it even carried a dignified aura that pressured the soul. As soon as these words were spoken, the dark gold treasured vessel was deathly silent to the point a falling needle could be heard.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, yet he fell silent in the end. In the information he obtained, the 13 Dao Servants on Godrank Mountain wouldn’t side with any clan from the Divine Dao Protector Clans. They were peerlessly dignified existences who protected Godrank Mountain, and everything they did was for the sake of protecting the Heaven Dao. So, Chen Xi didn’t have to worry about them acting against him from the shadows during the Battle of Dao Protectors.

The man with jade green pupils took a deep breath, and then he shot a gloomy gaze at Chen Xi while fully revealing his icy cold killing intent.

After that, he withdrew his gaze while dark green divine radiance flowed throughout his body and enveloped him, and then there was no further movement from him.

A delicate, charming, and gorgeous woman was seated cross-legged on Chen Xi’s left. She wore the attire of a warrior and had her hair tied up into a bun behind her head. Her figure was extremely sexy while her face was extraordinarily charming, but the dense aura of blood and slaughter that suffused her entire body constantly reminded others that she wasn’t someone they should offend rashly.

Meanwhile, the woman blinked her calm eyes and glanced at Chen Xi for a short while before she suddenly said, “If I’m not mistaken, you are Chen Xi from the mid level Chen Clan, right?”

It wasn’t just the woman’s gaze that was observing Chen Xi, many others in the vicinity had looked over upon hearing his name, and there were subtle changes in their gazes.

There were five high level clans and 16 mid level clans in the Primal Chaos Origin, and the Chen Clan was rather renowned amongst them. However, its ranking amongst the mid level clans was very far at the back.

If it was merely a single Ninth Star Region Lord from the Chen Clan, then it would naturally not cause such subtle changes in their gazes.

The crux of the matter was the name of this Chen Clan’s clansman, Chen Xi.

All the Ninth Star Region Lords who’d been able to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors were top-rate existences from the various clans in the Primal Chaos Origin.

So, while Chen Xi’s name wasn’t outstanding amongst them, it was absolutely special.

Because all the clans in the Primal Chaos Origin knew that Chen Xi was Chen Lingjun’s son, and he was a Savior as well!

A Savior was a heretic that was unique in the world.

But that wasn’t the important point. The important point was that the joint decision of the five high level clans hadn’t been a secret amongst the Divine Dao Protector Clans for a very long time now.

When they thought about how a fellow from a mid level clan had actually been able to make the five high level clans make such a decision together, many of them couldn’t help but arouse slightly different feelings in their hearts.

Just their reactions allowed Chen Xi to instantly understand that his identity hadn’t been a secret since the beginning, and they were probably clearly aware of everything related to him.

Chen Xi glanced at the gorgeous woman, and he shrugged with a composed expression. “Yes.”

“I’m Suoying Fu, and I’m from the mid level Suoying Clan.” The gorgeous woman seemed rather dignified and poised, and she introduced herself before she said, “I heard that numerous participants have listed you in their list of targets to hunt. You have to be careful.”

Chen Xi took a long glance at this woman called Suoying Fu, and then he said, “Thank you for the reminder.”

Suoying Fu grinned while her sexy red lips formed an extremely wild and full arc, and then a voice transmission resounded by Chen Xi’s ears.

“That fellow from before was from the mid level Cangyun Clan, and his name is Cangyun Ye. According to my knowledge, the Cangyun Clan and Suiren Clan have always had a good relationship.”

“Oh,” said Chen Xi, and then he changed the topic and spoke via voice transmission as well. “Do you know the identity of that Lord Dao Servant from before?”

Suoying Fu was clearly quite surprised when Chen Xi changed the topic and paid no further attention to Cangyun Ye, and then she smiled as she spoke via voice transmission. “That’s the 7th Dao Servant, the Bramble Daolord.”

So it was him. Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding. He was aware that the 13 Daolords had no name, and people differentiated them by way of their ranking. The 7th Dao Servant, the Bramble Daolord, was one of them. As for other information related to the 7th Dao Servant, Chen Xi knew nothing of it, and even Wu Xuechan and Chen Taichong only knew that such a person existed and nothing else.

Meanwhile, some figures had entered the dark gold treasured vessel again. All of them possessed cultivations at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm. Obviously, they were participating experts just like Chen Xi and the others.

It wasn’t long before the black robed man, the 7th Dao Servant, walked into the treasured vessel.


As soon as he arrived here, the treasured vessel was activated, and it transformed into a strand of dazzling golden light that shot high up into the sky.

Terrifying strands of the Order of the Heaven Dao densely covered the sky 300m above ground. It was like a heaven encompassing net made from divine chains, and no one would dare to teleport through it.

However, the dark gold treasured vessel had actually shot into the sky under the 7th Dao Servant’s control. Everywhere it passed, it was actually not obstructed at all, and it simply moved freely like a fish swimming through water.

This scene caused Chen Xi to be lost in thought. If he wasn’t wrong, then this dark gold treasured vessel was definitely extraordinary and might even contain a Law of the Heaven Dao.

After the 7th Dao Servant entered the treasured vessel, everyone had stopped conversing, and they sat upright on the spot while looking at the 7th Dao Servant with gazes that carried a wisp of reverence and fear.

He wore a black robe and had an ordinary appeared. But just his presence made others feel suffocated like a divine mountain was pressing down upon them from the heavens.


Suddenly, the River Diagram circulated soundlessly, and strands of obscure energy surged out from within before covering Chen Xi’s entire body. It seemed to be concealing something or setting up a defense against some sort of detection.

Chen Xi was used to such a scene, and he was thinking about something else.

Amongst the participating experts of the Battle of Dao Protectors, there were 5 high level clans, 16 mid level clans, and 78 low level clans. So they amounted to a total of 99 experts.

However, these 99 participating experts had been broken up upon entering Godrank Mountain, and they’d been divided into 13 groups. Every single group was led by a Dao Servant. Otherwise, not to mention participating in the battle, even entering Godrank Mountain would be impossible.

When the time came, the participants of all 13 groups would be guided by the 13 Dao Servants through numerous mysterious areas on Godrank Mountain to finally enter the Spring of Sin through 13 secret passageways.

At this moment, Chen Xi and the others were on the way to the Spring of Sin, but since they were riding this treasured vessel, Chen Xi was utterly unable to witness the true scenery that belonged to Godrank Mountain.

Needless to say, this was a small regret to him. However, Chen Xi quickly tossed it to the back of his mind and started thinking about how he should act during the battle.

There was a total of 16 participants on this dark gold treasured vessel. Five of them were from mid level clans in the Primal Chaos Origin, and it naturally included Chen Xi, Suoying Fu, and Cangyun Ye.

The remaining 11 were from low level clans.

Chen Xi hadn’t noticed any especially dangerous fellows from just observing their auras, and Suoying Fu, Cangyun Ye, and the others could already be considered as the best amongst this group.

However, this was merely the outcome from his observation of the auras they revealed on the surface. He could only treat it as an inference and not a fact. After all, some of these experts might have intentionally concealed their strengths with secret techniques for various reasons.

For example, there were two people amongst this 16 that Chen Xi couldn’t truly figure out. One of them was called Tai Rui. He had a robust figure, a firm appearance, and seemed steady like a mountain. The other was Feiling Xue, and she was a gentle and quiet woman who possessed a delicate bearing and seemingly pale skin.

They were from the mid level Tai Clan and Feiling Clan, respectively. Their auras seemed to be no different than the others, but their auras felt elusive to Chen Xi, so he couldn’t help but pay more attention to them.

But no matter what, the experts of the five great high level clans weren’t present in their group which was led by the 7th Dao Servant. This made Chen Xi feel slightly fortunate yet slightly regretful at the same time.

He felt fortunate because he didn’t have to meet his enemies for now, and he felt regretful because he’d missed the opportunity to ‘live in harmony’ with them. After all, the next time they met would be on the battlefield or some sort of battle!

Six hours later, the treasured vessel suddenly shook before it stopped moving.

“We’re here.” The 7th Dao Servant who’d been silent all along the way seemed as if he’d awakened from a deep slumber, and he glanced indifferently at them before he walked out of the vessel.

Chen Xi and the others followed closely behind him.

A blood red world appeared within their fields of vision. The heavens and the earth were dyed red with blood while wind whistled through the boundless surroundings, and it was suffused by a tragic and desolate aura.

The ground was covered in a thick layer of blood red sand. It was like they were formed from being soaked in dark red blood and still remained gorgeous yet horrifying after experiencing the corrosion of countless years.


As soon as Chen Xi and the others arrived here, they sensed a terrifying and blood aura of slaughter assault their faces while the sound of war resounded by their ears. It seemed like it came from time immemorial, and in their daze, they seemed to have laid eyes on the terrifying scene of mountains of corpses and oceans of blood.

For a time, the hearts of everyone including Chen Xi shook. They felt a strand of indescribable horror and coldness, and their expressions couldn’t help but change a little.

When they returned to their senses, they noticed to their surprise that an enormous black fort was suddenly standing towering amidst the blood red world. The ancient and majestic fort occupied an extremely large area, and mottled bloodstains could be seen all over it.

At this moment, the 7th Dao Servant was standing before the black fort. But his hands were behind his back right now while his eyes were looking up into the sky, and his entire body emanated an extraordinary aura that surged like a tidal wave. It was simply like a supreme god revealing his power.


An enormous bang that shook the world resounded. It was like the sound that resounded when the Chaos was first split apart, and a rift had actually been forcefully torn open in the blood red sky!

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