Chapter 210 – Seizing

Chapter 210 – Seizing

After experiencing a slaughter that was without the slightest suspense, the swarm of demon beasts in the sky had already become scattered about in all directions and in a disarray, and they seemed like a piece of tattered cloth that was filled with holes, unbearably horrible to look at.

Moreover, no more demon beasts surged out from the surrounding tempest as well, and it seemed as if the demon beasts within the entire Five Element Ruins had been almost completely wiped out in this slaughter, and they were already of no threat to the cultivators present.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A wave of the ‘swooshes’ sounded out in the sky, and then Chen Xi saw groups of cultivators surrounding over towards him from all direction. Amongst them, the groups in the foremost included Qing Xiuyi, Huangfu Chongming, Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger… All of them moved like a bolt of lightning and had dragged open a large distance between themselves and the cultivators behind them. The cultivations of these numerous cultivators that had fallen behind were extraordinary as well, they were made up of both men and women with handsome, beautiful, and talented appearances, and it could be determined from the formidable aura they emitted that they at least possessed a cultivation at the Golden Core Realm.

This group of people flashed over from all directions with cold and grim expressions, and more or less all of them carried a trace of burning greed within their eyes. It was just as Ling Bai had said, they were coming over will ill intent!

They saw that I’m unable to subdue the Netherworld Register, so they want to take advantage of my situation? With just an instant, Chen Xi had seen through the thoughts of these people, and his expression instantly went icy cold. His hands grabbed tightly onto the Netherworld Register as he abruptly exerted all the strength in his entire body as he gritted his teeth and exploded out with all his might.

Om! Om!

The Netherworld Register abruptly stopped in midair and didn’t continue fluttering about, but it still struggled intensely to free itself from Chen Xi’s hands, and it was simply like a stubborn and unyielding wild horse. Chen Xi had exerted his entire strength and was only capable of guaranteeing it wouldn’t fly away, yet he wasn’t capable of diverting any more strength to deal with anything else.

In other words, Chen Xi’s entire strength was restrained by the Netherworld Register, and if the other cultivators were to jointly attack him, he was bound to be in a situation of imminent danger, and he would even be without the slightest strength to resist!

Under this urgent instant that he was in imminent danger, an unprecedented feeling of danger arose within Chen Xi’s heart. What should I do? Could it be that I really have to let the Netherworld Register go? But, even if I let go, it wouldn’t be able to flee and would surely be seized by the others. But if I don’t let go, I will fall into a hopeless situation…

“Bastard! If you can hear me, then obediently cooperate with me. Otherwise, even if you escape from me, you won’t be able to escape the evil clutches of the others! Moreover, I know that you want to increase your strength. So long as you join forces with me to get through this crisis, then I can help you achieve all of this!” Chen Xi seemed calm and composed on the surface, yet he was gnashing his teeth in his heart, and he urgently sent a thought into the Netherworld Register. This was purely him trying anything in a desperate situation while fuming with rage, and it seemed to be childish and absurd. He himself didn’t believe it would work, and he was only holding the attitude of giving it a try.

“Chen Ke, even you can see that you’re surrounded from all sides like a cornered rat. Quickly! Obediently hand over the thing in your hand and I guarantee you won’t die!” Right at this moment, a voice abruptly exploded out by Chen Xi’s ears, and he saw Huangfu Chongming was the first to flash over towards him.

Huangfu Chongming’s speed was swift indeed. The Nine Python Dragon Transformation he cultivated gushed out a vast airflow around him, and this airflow transformed into nine jade eyed pythons. Every single python was thick like a bucket and 300m in length, they were either roaring at the sky, staring with a cold and savage gaze, emitting strange laughter, grievously sighing… All of them seemed alive as they shattered through the sky, causing Huangfu Chongming’s speed to be like a violent bolt of lightning and far exceed the others.

“Idiot, what’re you still standing there for? You want me to make a move myself? Hand it over!” When Huangfu Chongming saw Chen Xi remaining indifferent from over 150m away, he was instantly infuriated and raised his hand to grab fiercely towards the space before him. Nine large pythons roared as they flashed out, wriggling in the sky as they opened their bloody mouths to bite at Chen Xi.

Attacking without the slightest hesitation or delay, Huangfu Chongming’s mind was so ruthless and resolute that it was indeed worthy of his status as Young Prince.

“Hmph! You want to capture him? Have you asked my Whitecrane Sect’s permission?” Right when Huangfu Chongming attacked, a beautiful figure flew over, the figure was like smoke and mist, with fluttering sleeves, and she was like a fairy walking over the waves of the sea as she instantly arrived at the other side of Chen Xi. It was precisely the Whitecrane Sect’s reincarnated Heavenly Immortal, Qing Xiuyi.


At the instant she appeared, her white hand lightly pressed onto the space before her, and a collapsing force erupted out. After that, Chen Xi saw that before the nine large pythons had arrived near him, they were crushed into pieces and annihilated into nothingness by the collapsing force that had suddenly appeared in space. Huangfu Chongming’s full force strike was easily crushed just like this!

This woman is too terrifying! Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and he had a deeper feeling towards how unfathomable Qing Xiuyi’s strength was.

“Qing Xiuyi, could it be that you want to offend my Wise King’s Estate?” Huangfu Chongming’s face sank as he took a step forward, and a strand of heavy and deep imposing aura of a king that ruled the world gushed out from him. When facing an opponent like Qing Xiuyi, he didn’t dare hold back as well.

“Offend your Wise King’s Estate? You think too highly of yourself. There are 13 Young Princes in the Wise King’s Estate, and you’re only one of the most ordinary amongst them. Even if Huangfu Changtian was here, he wouldn’t dare speak to me like this.” Qing Xiuyi’s voice was clinking like a clear fountain within a dark forest, and it carried the charm to cause one’s heart to calm. When coupled with her misty and lofty bearing, she seemed like an otherworldly celestial maiden that one could only be looked at from afar, yet not dare be disrespectful to.

Huangfu Chongming’s expression instantly became exceedingly ominous. Huangfu Changtian was his elder brother that had attained the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm over 10 years ago, and he was a figure that roared proudly at the heights of the sky while looking down onto the world. Even in the entire Imperial Family of the Darchu Dynasty, he was a top expert that was taken by everyone to be the next inheritor of the Wise King’s Estate, and it was even to the extent that he’d obtained the current Emperor Chu’s guidance in martial techniques. His glory was without match, and he was like the sun that hung in the sky.

When faced with this older brother of his, Huangfu Chongming could only bow his head and swear allegiance, yet Qing Xiuyi had actually compared him with Huangfu Changtian. Obviously, she utterly didn’t take Huangfu Chongming seriously, so of course he would be infuriated.

While Qing Xiuyi spoke, the others had rushed over as well.

Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, and Tantai Hong stood behind Huangfu Chongming. Pei Chong and Xue Chen stood behind Qing Xiuyi. The others were also in groups of 2 to 5 and stood at different corners of Chen Xi’s surroundings as they cast covetous gazes at him, yet were faintly in confrontation against each other, causing the scene to instantly become silent and heavy.

No one dared to make the first move and no one was willing to withdraw themselves, and this had instead won a chance for Chen Xi to catch his breath.


Right at this moment, the tempest barrier that surged ceaselessly in the surroundings of the Five Element Ruins seemed to have lost its source of energy, and it shattered and collapsed with a bang.

Boundless scorching sunlight poured down, whereas, under the illumination of the sunlight, the Five Element Ruins were actually like a mirage, suffused with a string of dazzling ripples before vanishing in the sky in the blink of an eye!

At this moment, the Five Element Tempest and Five Element Ruins had actually completely vanished under the gazes of everyone present, and it was simply as if it had evaporated into thin air.

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