Chapter 2099 – The 13 Dao Servants

After a moment of silence, Chen Taichong brought Chen Xi along as he flashed directly towards Godrank Mountain which stood in the distance.

The closer they got to it, the clearer they could feel how terrifying the Order of the Heaven Dao that covered Godrank Mountain was. It was like a veil of the Order of the Heaven Dao had enveloped the entire mountain, and it was filled with supreme majesty.

Even if a Daolord like Chen Taichong was leading the way, Chen Xi still felt a form of extraordinary pressure that caused the vital energy within his entire body to become slightly sluggish.

Later on, this pressure grew even more terrifying. It seemed capable of seeping into the depths of the soul and was practically suffocating.

Chen Xi had no choice but to circulate his cultivation in order to resolve this terrifying deterring force, and a wisp of fear arose in his eyes when he looked at Godrank Mountain again.

It wasn’t long before they arrived at the foot of Godrank Mountain. It was dazzling and suffused by mist while strands of the Order of the Heaven Dao flowed about. It was utterly impossible to see it clearly.

Chen Taichong passed a command token to Chen Xi before he pointed at the mist in front of them and said, “You just have to activate this command token in order to pass through the mist with a golden ray of the Grand Dao. After that, there’ll be Dao Servants who’ll summon you. You just have to obey the instructions of the Dao Servants when the time comes.”

Chen Xi glanced at the command token in his hand. It was a dark green command token that was inscribed with an ancient ‘陈’ character which represented the Chen Clan, and it was inscribed with vigorous and forceful strokes.

Chen Taichong instructed. “Chen Xi, you must be careful. Don’t act rashly in your pursuit of success.”

Chen Xi nodded as he sent a strand of divine energy into the command token.


A strand of fluctuation suddenly rippled out from the dazzling mist in the distance, and then a completely straight ray of light passed through from the depths of the mist and arrived below Chen Xi’s feet.

“Senior, farewell.” Chen Xi took a deep breath, cupped his hands to Chen Taichong, and then stepped foot onto the ray of light and vanished within the depths of the mist in an instant.

“The fate of the Chen Clan depends on this. Little Fellow, you must return alive….” Chen Taichong stood there and stared forward for a long time before he turned around and left in the end.

Besides the participating experts, no one else was allowed to take a single step on Godrank Mountain during the Battle of Dao Protectors.

A spacious expanse of level ground appeared at the end of the mist, and the sky above was boundlessly distant.

The space 300m above was covered in numerous mysterious, terrifying, and dazzling Divine Chains of Order. It was like a net that was interweaved together and covered the sky while emanating a supreme and dignified aura that caused others to practically kneel down in worship.

Merely the aura it emanated caused Chen Xi to feel extreme danger as if a sword was pressed against his throat, and a chill ran down his spine.

He was absolutely sure that if he were to fly up into the sky or try to teleport through space, then it would simply be no different than courting death.

At this moment, a dark gold treasured vessel was stopped at the side. It was around 30m long, cone shaped, and inscribed with a dense layer of strange markings.

A black robed figure was standing before the treasured vessel with his hands behind his back. It was a middle aged man with fair skin and an indifferent expression on his face.


The black robed middle aged man suddenly turned his figure when Chen Xi’s figure appeared here, and his gaze shot through space like a bolt of cold lightning and locked onto Chen Xi.

At that instant, Chen Xi could only see an expanse of strong light in his field of vision. It was boundlessly powerful and made him feel tiny, and it caused the blood within his entire body to feel as if it had frozen.

The River Diagram started circulating soundlessly, and it sent a strand of obscure and strange fluctuation through Chen Xi’s body, causing this scene to instantly vanish.

When Chen Xi’s field of vision recovered, he saw the black robed middle aged man had withdrawn his gaze, and his deep eyes were extremely ordinary.

However, Chen Xi was clearly aware that the scene he witnessed and the impact he suffered in his heart had come from that black robed middle aged man.

If he wasn’t wrong, then the middle aged man was one of the Dao Servants on Godrank Mountain!

According to rumor, since Godrank Mountain had been born from within the Chaos, there had been 13 Natural Spirits that protected it. They’d sworn on their destiny that they would protect Godrank Mountain for eternity.

These 13 Natural Spirits were called the 13 Dao Servants. Every single one of them possesses extraordinary might and was both mysterious and formidable.

Even if it were those great figures at the Primal Chaos Origin, they still wouldn’t dare act disrespectfully to these 13 Dao Servants.

Because the 13 Dao Servants were existences from the same generation as the ancestors of many clans in the Primal Chaos Origin.

Obviously, the black robed middle aged man was one of the 13 Dao Servants.

“Get on the vessel.” The middle aged man just spat out a few words lightly upon noticing Chen Xi’s arrival, and then there was no further movement from him. It was like very few things in the entire world could arouse his attention.

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to directly enter the dark gold treasured vessel upon hearing this.

The treasured vessel had a world of its own within it. It was a rather large space, and Chen Xi noticed over 10 people sitting in there when he arrived.

Chen Xi glanced at them, and just their aura alone displayed that they were Ninth Star Region Lords who were participating in the Battle of Dao Protectors like Chen Xi.

However, there weren’t any experts from the five great clans amongst them. Obviously, they were probably from mid level and low level clans.

Numerous gazes descended upon Chen Xi as soon as his figure appeared within the vessel. Some observed him, some were investigative, some were provocative, some tried to make a show of strength, and one even had a strand of killing intent within them.

Chen Xi frowned a little and directly shot his gaze over. He saw a thin man with jade green pupils, a gloomy expression, and extremely pale skin was sitting in the shadows at the corner of the vessel.

He had a very ordinary appearance, and the most striking part of his appearance was his jade green pupils. They were like the eyes of a winged serpent, and it was actually vertical.

He seemed to be slightly surprised when he saw Chen Xi look over, and then a wisp of a cold arc arose on the corners of his mouth as he made a beheading motion towards Chen Xi with his hand.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. The man’s aura wasn’t able to escape the detection of Chen Xi’s enormous consciousness, and it was instantly discerned by Chen Xi.

He was at the peak of the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm, and his aura was gloomy, cold, and obscure. But he was much stronger than an ordinary peak Ninth Star Region Lord, and it was because of the natural endowment he received as an innate god. No wonder he dares to act so arrogantly.

However, Chen Xi didn’t know who this fellow was, nor was Chen Xi able to guess why this fellow hadn’t concealed his killing intent upon meeting him.

The man suddenly felt as if he’d been completely stripped bare when Chen Xi stared at him, and it caused a chill to run down his spin. He immediately shouted in a cold and grim voice. “How audacious! What are you looking at!?”

Chen Xi chuckled to himself. He hadn’t expected that this fellow would actually be unable to retain his composure. Or perhaps, this fellow was too arrogant and didn’t take Chen Xi seriously at all.

But regardless of whichever it was, it seemed very stupid in Chen Xi’s opinion. Chen Xi shook his head and directly found a spot to sit down cross-legged at. From the beginning until the end, he couldn’t even be bothered to spare another glance at that man from before.

However, Chen Xi had given the man the death sentence in his heart. Now that the Battle of Dao Protectors was about to begin, Chen Xi was very clearly aware about how dangerous and bad the current situation was for him. So, he would naturally not act mercifully like he would in the past.

In other words, since the very beginning, he’d decided that anyone who displayed hostile intentions towards him would be placed on a list of targets who he would annihilate!

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