Chapter 2098 – The Spring of Sin

The world was covered in pure white snow. Chen Lingjun and Zuoqiu Xue sat side by side beneath a strong ancient tree while three cups of hot tea were placed on the table before them. Moreover, a faint fragrance drifted up from the tea along with thick steam.

Chen Xi sat on the other side of the table, and he was speaking tirelessly about everything he’d experienced throughout these years. Even though he spoke concisely, Chen Lingjun and Zuoqiu Xue were still listening in an extremely serious manner.

Chen Lingjun sighed with emotion when Chen Xi finished. “An unexpected change in the Heaven Dao. That’s an unprecedented calamity. Such circumstances can really be described as one where the gods are like weeds who might be uprooted at any moment.”

Zuoqiu Xue glared at him and said, “What’s wrong with you? Why’re you sighing incessantly at a time like this?”

Chen Lingjun couldn’t help but chuckle, and then he started to speak about the important matters at hand. “I’ve heard from Chen Taichong. The Battle of Dao Protectors this time is unlike the battles of the past, and the five high level clans have actually come to an agreement with the Sovereign Sect to act against you. So, they’ll definitely go all out and annihilate you on Godrank Mountain.”

Chen Lingjun didn’t get to finish speaking as Zuoqiu Xue couldn’t help but speak with worry. “If it’s really like that, then can he not participate?”

Chen Lingjun puckered his lips and remained silent, yet he’d shot his gaze towards Chen Xi.

Chen Xi smiled and said, “I’ve made my decision, so there’s no room to shrink back anymore.”

Zuoqiu Xue couldn’t help but feel worried. However, she didn’t say anything in the end. Her son was all grown up and had his own will and things he pursued, so she naturally couldn’t interfere too much. But how could he not feel worried for him when she thought about how dangerous the Battle of Dao Protectors would be.

Chen Lingjun pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Actually, the situation may not necessarily be very bad. The Battle of Dao Protectors isn’t for the Divine Dao Protector Clans to kill each other.”

Chen Xi’s expression instantly became serious. He knew that what Chen Lingjun said next would be very important to him when he participated in the Battle of Dao Protectors.

“The Battle of Dao Protectors is naturally a battle to protect the Order of the Heaven Dao. Everyone thinks that the Heaven Dao is supreme and unshakeable, yet very few are aware that some special forces are capable of causing damage and even a heavy injury to the Order of the Heaven Dao.” Chen Lingjun’s eyes flashed with a wisp of recollection as he spoke slowly. “So, the main objective of the Battle of Dao Protectors is actually to help the Order of the Heaven Dao destroy those special forces.

“The experts of the five high level clans and the Sovereign Sect will definitely have to do that as well while they participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors.”

When he heard up to this point, Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask. “Father, what exactly are those special forces?”

“It’s the Order of the Heaven Dao as well.” A wisp of faint ridicule arose on the corners of Chen Lingjun’s mouth. “However, these special forces were born from the filth and sin of the Order of the Heaven Dao.

“The world is filled with the clear and muddy. Everything is divided into Yin and Yang. So, the Order of the Heaven Dao isn’t as perfect and divine as others think.

“In other words, the Heaven Dao is a form of Law and Order, yet it is similarly divided between good and bad.

“Those special forces represent the ‘evil’ side of the Order of the Heaven Dao, and they’re born from the Spring of Sin on Godrank Mountain!

“Simply speaking, you can take the Spring of Sin to be the evil side of the Heaven Dao, and it flows with the energy of Order that’s filled with sin and filth.

“These heretics are called Dao Defiants. Of course, this is the way the Divine Dao Protector Clans address them. They call themselves Divine Children of the Heavens. Divine descendants that the heavens created? Doesn’t it sound very laughable?”

When he spoke up to here, a smile bloomed on the corners of Chen Lingjun’s mouth, yet it carried an indescribably wisp of ridicule.

Chen Xi was unable to smile because he couldn’t help but feel surprised and astounded upon hearing all of this.

According to the information Chen Lingjun had provided him, he’d been able to clearly differentiate two sides within his heart.

One was the Divine Dao Protector Clans who lived in the Primal Chaos Origin. They possessed innate resources and reserves, and they upheld the protection of the Order of the Heaven Dao as their mission.

The other side was the Dao Defiants who called themselves the Divine Children of the Heavens. They resided at the Spring of Sin and represented the most dark, evil, and filthy side of the Heaven Dao.

These two sides had been constantly in existence since the Order of the Heaven Dao came to existence. They were in confrontation with each other and were like fire and water. Countless battles had erupted between them since the ancient times until now.

At this point in time, the collision between these two sides had become a ‘Battle of Dao Protectors’ that occurred every 10,000 years.

Chen Xi was surprised because the forces of the Dao Defiants was actually on par with the Divine Dao Protector Clans, and that was astonishing.

These two hostile sides were from the same Order of the Heaven Dao. They were like the darkness and light that coexisted in this world. Is this the true appearance of Godsbane Heaven?

Chen Lingjun stopped for a moment before he continued. “To be precise, the final objective of the Battle of Dao Protectors is to eliminate those Dao Defiants. So, you might be able to change the situation you’re in if you’re able to make good use of this unique environment.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he nodded while seeming to be lost in thought.

After that, he frowned and said, “Then why can only Ninth Star Region Lords participate in this battle?”

Chen Lingjun spoke casually. “Daolords can’t go over there. Existences at such a realm of cultivation have started to comprehend destiny and possess strength on par with the heavens. Once they’re implicated in the battle, then they’ll suffer backlash from the Heaven Dao. After all, it’s Godrank Mountain, the place that’s closest to the Order of the Heaven Dao.”

He paused for a moment before he continued. “Similarly, weak cultivators aren’t capable of stepping foot onto Godrank Mountain as well because it isn’t just anyone who can deal with the energy that covers Godrank Mountain.”

Chen Xi said, “So, those Dao Defiants will dispatch experts equivalent to the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm as well?”

Chen Lingjun nodded, and then shook his head. “The Battle of Dao Protectors will be held at the area where the Spring of Sin resides, and it’s the base camp of the Dao Defiants. So, the enemies all of you must face will definitely not be few.”

Chen Xi was shocked. “If it’s really like that, then the Battle of Dao Protectors would be even more dangerous than I imagined.”

Chen Lingjun said, “It’s exactly because of this that it isn’t so easy to seize that unparalleled fortuitous encounter to step into the Daolord Realm. All those years ago when I participated in the Battle of Dao Protectors, a total of 300 plus Ninth Star Region Lords had entered the Spring of Sin, but only a little over 10 had returned alive and attained the Daolord Realm in the end.”

This allowed Chen Xi to have a deeper understanding of how brutal and dangerous the Battle of Dao Protectors was, and his heart felt quite heavy.

He wasn’t afraid, and it was merely a form of vigilance towards danger.

Meanwhile, Chen Lingjun sighed abruptly and said, “Now, you should understand that you don’t just have to take precautions against the hostility displayed by the five high level clans and the Sovereign Sect during the Battle of Dao Protectors, you even have to be cautious against the Dao Defiants at the Spring of Sin. Most importantly, you probably have to be even more careful and vigilant towards the threat posed by the Order of the Heaven Dao because of your unique identity.

Zuoqiu Xue’s expression couldn’t help but change a little when these words were spoken, and the worry in her clear eyes grew denser.

“Haha! I’m afraid even many participants from the mid level and low level clans will be hostile towards me.” Chen Xi suddenly smiled while his dark eyes which seemed like two deep abysses were completely tranquil. “However, the more it’s like that, the more anticipation fills my heart. I’m not afraid of having too many enemies; I’m only afraid my enemies aren’t strong enough. That would really be too boring….”

As he finished speaking, his voice carried an arrogant tone.

Chen Lingjun’s eyes couldn’t help but light up when he heard this, and he said, “Good! As expected of my son! Staying fearless before all danger is all you need!”

Chen Xi grinned.

Zuoqiu Xue was instantly speechless when she saw father and son act in such a way, and she suddenly regretted allowing Chen Xi to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors.

After that, Chen Lingjun described other trivial matters related to the Battle of Dao Protectors and the experiences and comprehensions he’d accumulated during his past participation in it.

It was just as Chen Taichong had said. Chen Lingjun was the best to provide information related to the Battle of Dao Protectors to Chen Xi, and Chen Xi obtained great gains from their conversation.

From this day onward, Chen Xi stayed by his parents’ side, and besides cultivating, he chatted with his parents as well. So, he passed his days in a very calm manner.

A few years passed in the blink of an eye, and then this calm life he had was destroyed by a visit from Chen Taichong because the Battle of Dao Protectors was approaching.

Chen Xi bid farewell to his parents and returned to Cloudglow Pavilion with Chen Taichong. After that, he met with Wu Xuechan and Ming before he departed to Godrank Mountain.

His trip to the Godrank Mountain to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors would take at least over 10 years and even a few dozen years. All of it depended on the situation of the battle.

Such amount of time was something both Wu Xuechan and Ming could afford to wait for. So, they stayed behind with the intention of waiting for Chen Xi’s return before they left.


Chen Taichong brought Chen Xi along as he transformed into a ray of light that soundlessly vanished from the Chen Clan and charged out of the Primal Chaos Origin.

Chen Xi once more laid eyes upon Godrank Mountain that was boundlessly tall and had been standing towering there since time immemorial.

A wave of desolate and heavy sounds of the Dao that seemed as if they were emanated from an ancient war drum swept out from Godrank Mountain. It resounded through the universe, and it caused one’s soul to surge and blood to boil.

The scene above Godrank Mountain seemed to have changed. A myriad of strands of dazzling, blazing, and resplendent clear colored Divine Chains of order had covered Godrank Mountain while they rippled incessantly like water.

When looked at from afar, it was like suddenly laying eyes on the true appearance of the Heaven Dao, and it shook the depths of one’s soul.

They really were Divine Chains of Order from the Heaven Dao, and they were a force that belonged to Godsbane Heaven. However, they weren’t that indistinct, ethereal, and indiscernible anymore.

Even though it was only a small portion of Godsbane Heaven’s strength, such a grand and brilliant scene was sufficient to shock all the living beings in the world and fill them with reverence.

This was a true form of the ‘energy of the heavens’!

It was the Law and Order that the god of creation had made to maintain the existence of the world!

Even Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but tremble when he witnessed such a scene, and he recalled the energy of the Laws and Order of the Heaven Dao of Origin World which he’d seen through the Core of Origin World.

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