Chapter 2097 – Decision

Chen Taichong was an ancestor of the Chen Clan, and he was even an extraordinary expert who’d attained the Daolord Realm a very long time ago. So, since it was even capable of making him become so hesitant, it was obvious that it wasn’t an ordinary matter.

Wu Xuechan glanced at Chen Taichong and said, “Fellow Daoist, is there something you find difficult to speak about?”

Chen Taichong sighed with emotion, and then he took a deep breath and spoke in the end. “To tell you the truth, according to the information I obtained, all the participating experts from the five high level clans have taken Young Brother Chen Xi to be a target who they must eliminate during the Battle of Dao Protectors.”

Wu Xuechan’s brows raised.

Meanwhile, Ming who’d remained silent until now frowned and said, “What?”

It wasn’t that Chen Taichong hadn’t been clear enough, and it was because this piece of information was truly too shocking. After all, it was five experts who stood at the peak of the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm!

Every single one of them could be considered as a favored child of the heavens amongst all innate gods. Now, they’d actually simultaneously targeted Chen Xi. This wasn’t merely just targeting Chen Xi; this was the intent to annihilate him without giving him a chance!

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, but he remained silent.

Chen Taichong had been keeping this secret in his heart for a long time, and it was like a lump stuck in his throat. Now that he’d finally spoken about it, he seemed to have nothing left to conceal and spoke frankly. “I know that this is very unfair to Young Brother Chen Xi, but I’m powerless to change the situation.”

When he spoke up to here, his expression couldn’t help but become slightly bleak as he said, “If Young Brother Chen Xi isn’t willing to participate, then it isn’t too late to turn back right now. I’ll ask Daoyuan to replace him. I presume the other clans won’t be against it.”

Wu Xuechan pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Fellow Daoist, do you know who gave the order for this?”

Chen Taichong’s brows knit together tightly while gloominess appeared on his face. He said, “That’s exactly what puzzles me. Even if they’re clearly aware of Young Brother Chen Xi’s identity, they shouldn’t have formed such a unanimous opinion towards him.”

“Could it have been the Sovereign Sect?” Chen Xi spoke abruptly.

“The Sovereign Sect doesn’t possess such ability.” Wu Xuechan pondered and said, “But it’s utterly impossible for it to be not related to the Sovereign Sect.”

“What do you mean?” Chen Taichong spoke with surprise.

“All of this is because Little Junior Brother’s identity is too unique. He’s a Savior of this era who possesses the River Diagram, and he’s a heaven defying variable in the eyes of the Heaven Dao.” Wu Xuechan didn’t conceal it and spoke about his deductions. “I presume you’re clearly aware what such an identity represents to all the Divine Dao Protector Clans.”

Chen Taichong’s pupils constricted a little while a bright light flowed from them. A long time passed before he sighed and said, “Actually, I understood a long time ago. However, I never expected that such an unexpected effect would arise because of this.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask. “Why exactly has all of this happened?”

Because Chen Xi hadn’t understood their conversation.

“The Divine Dao Protector Clans protect Godrank Mountain and the Order and Laws of the Heaven Dao. So, a Savior is a heretic to the Divine Dao Protector Clans. A Savior’s existence is a potential danger that might harm the Order of the Heaven Dao and go against it.” Chen Taichong took a deep breath and spoke slowly. “You are a unique existence like that. If it was in the past, then while your identity would be quite inappropriate, it wouldn’t cause a huge commotion. After all, there were too many variables and heretics that existed throughout the world.

“But it’s different now. The Heaven Dao is undergoing an unexpected change and the signs of an unprecedented calamity have appeared. Coupled with the Sovereign Sect’s efforts of adding fuel to the flame from the shadows, it wouldn’t be strange for those five high level clans to target you for elimination.”

After he heard these words, Chen Xi finally came to a complete understanding. So, it was actually my identity as a Savior that caused all of this!

Actually, Chen Xi could understand it well after he gave it a little thought. Because the Divine Dao Protector Clans were naturally protecting the dignity and Order of Godsbane Heaven.

Yet he possessed the River Diagram, the energy of Samsara, and the Core of Origin World. So, he was definitely an unstable variable and heretic in the eyes of Godsbane Heaven.

Since he still intended to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors while under such circumstances, then it was impossible for them to not target him.

Just its name alone displayed that the greatest reason the Battle of Dao Protectors was being held was to protect the Order of the Heaven Dao which belonged to Godsbane Heaven!

Yet Chen Xi was participating in such a battle, so he would definitely seem very conspicuous.

Of course, the five high level clans wouldn’t have made such a unanimous decision if the Sovereign Sect hadn’t added fuel to the flame from the shadows.

After all, no matter how special Chen Xi’s identity was, he was merely a Savior, and he wasn’t the only Savior who had appeared in the world throughout the annals of time.

For example, wasn’t the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, a Savior as well? Wasn’t the Master of the Manku Period, Xuan, a Savior as well?

“Chen Xi, have you decided?” asked Chen Taichong.

“I refuse to shrink back from something I’ve agreed to do.” Chen Xi spoke casually. He was prepared for this a very long time ago. It wasn’t merely for the sake of charging into the Daolord Realm, and it was also for the sake of smoothly taking his parents from the Chen Clan and investigating the true secrets of Godsbane Heaven.

“Are you… sure?” Chen Taichong seemed to be slightly excited yet couldn’t bear to allow it as well.

“I am.” Chen Xi smiled while his black pupils were filled with a firm expression.

“Good!” Chen Taichong slapped his thigh and let out a long sigh of relief. “I can finally rest at ease."

“I presume Fellow Daoist endured a great amount of pressure from allowing Chen Xi to represent the Chen Clan in the Battle of Dao Protectors. Aren’t you afraid that the Chen Clan would become the common enemy of all the Divine Dao Protector Clans?” Wu Xuechan seemed to be lost in thought as he spoke these words.

Chen Taichong laughed lightheartedly and waved his hand. “I’m already mentally prepared for the consequences. Now that a calamity is at hand and the Heaven Dao is undergoing an unpredictable change, my Chen Clan would have no other chance if we don’t take a risk now.”

He paused for a moment before he continued. “As for the consequences…. Heh, it wouldn’t be too late to face them after the Battle of Dao Protectors comes to an end.”

Wu Xuechan actually started laughing when he heard this, and he nodded. “Right, the sudden change in the Heaven Dao is unprecedented, and no one can say exactly how this calamity will come to an end.”

Chen Taichong’s eyes couldn’t help but light up when he heard Wu Xuechan approve of his decision, and then he roared with laughter. “Taking a step forward might cause my Chen Clan to suffer an unpredictable calamity that might bring danger to the entire clan; but in the same way, it might bring unprecedented fortune to the clan and allow the entire clan to rise into the sky! How could I be willing to give up without giving it a try?”

Even though he spoke like this, Chen Xi was still able to discern that Chen Taichong had definitely endured a huge amount of pressure when he made such a decision.

Because this decision was simply like a gamble!

It was a gamble with the entire Chen Clan as the chips, and he was betting on an uncertain piece of fortune where the severity of the consequences for failure was obvious.

However, Chen Taichong had dared to make such a decision, and it was obvious how much pressure he’d endured because of this. After all, his actions were simply no different than ‘going against the heavens’!

After that, Chen Taichong awakened the ball of light again, and it started to reveal even more experts who were participating in the battle.

However, when compared to the experts of the five high level clans, the remaining experts were all Ninth Star Region Lords from mid level and low level clans.

There were 16 experts amongst them who represented the mid level clans, and Chen Xi was one of them.

The most experts came from the low level clans which were the weakest part of the Divine Dao Protector Clans. They had a total of 78 experts participating in the battle, and all of them were Ninth Star Region Lords as well.

Of course, even if they were all Ninth Star Region Lords, and even if both the mid level and low level clans had much higher numbers which were more than 10 times higher than the five high level clans. Anyone with a functioning brain could understand that the Ninth Star Region Lord experts from the mid level and low level clans weren’t on the same level as those from the high level clans.

But even then, Chen Xi had still committed all their names to memory and made sufficient preparations. He refused to underestimate anyone because uncertain danger resided behind every single name that was unknown to him.

Even though the chances of it were tiny, no one dared to say that no heaven defying monster would appear from amongst the low level or mid level clans.

Not to mention that even if they were from low level and mid level clans, they were still innate gods! They were richly endowed by nature and they were much stronger than the ordinary Ninth Star Region Lords of the Ancient God Domain!

Strictly speaking, they were only weak in comparison to the Ninth Star Region Lords of the five high level clans!

The Battle of Dao Protectors was scheduled to begin 7 years from now.

At that time, Chen Taichong would bring Chen Xi to Godrank Mountain to participate in the unparalleled battle.

As for how the Battle of Dao Protectors would be held, what sort of environment and dangers would he face, or how he should seize that supreme fortuitous encounter he sought from amidst the cruel and brutal competition were things that Chen Taichong didn’t speak about. Chen Taichong had merely told Chen Xi to ask his father Chen Lingjun in order to gain the answers he sought.

After all, Chen Lingjun had been a renowned figure who participated in the Battle of Dao Protectors all those years ago before he’d reincarnated himself!

After they concluded their conversation, Chen Taichong accompanied Chen Xi to pay his parents a visit.

As for Wu Xuechan and Ming, they stayed within Cloudglow Pavilion. They were naturally not qualified to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors, and they couldn’t bear to disturb Chen Xi’s opportunity to meet his parents. So, they had no choice but to stay in Cloudglow Pavilion.

After he sent Chen Xi to meet Chen Lingjun and Zuoqiu Xue, Chen Taichong hadn’t returned to Cloudglow Pavilion, and he arrived at the restricted area of the Chen Clan instead.

“Chen Xi has agreed, and this decision even obtained the Grand Lord’s approval. In other words, we have no way out from now onward.” Chen Taichong walked into a secret realm, and he stood upright amidst the boundless world as he spoke in a low voice.

“Big Brother, our Chen Clan will be doomed if it fails. Are you really going to insist on doing this?” A voice that was heavy like thunder rumbled through the world.

At the same time, other voices resounded alongside it. They either expressed their agreement, worries, and so on and so forth.

“There’s no need to say anything. Our Chen Clan had a very good chance to advance into the ranks of high level clans when Lingjun was still a part of our clan! However, we compromised in the end. Not only did we lose Lingjun, it even caused our Chen Clan to be unable to recover from that setback and fall into decline until now. I don’t want the same thing to happen again!” At this moment, Chen Taichong seemed arrogant and possessed a monstrous imposing aura. He’d fully revealed his decisiveness and unyieldingness as a Daolord.

For a time, the heavens and the earth here were deathly silent, and there were no voices that opposed the decision.

Chen Taichong turned around and walked away when he witnessed this scene.

He seemed to have thought of something on his way out, and a wisp of piercingly cold killing intent flashed in his eyes. “Once the Battle of Dao Protectors comes to an end and if Chen Xi is able to return alive, then all of you have to do just one thing at the first possible moment. Cripple that traitor, Chen Lingkong, who colluded with the Sovereign Sect in secret and refuses to mend his ways until now!”

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