Chapter 2096 – The Desire To Fight

The Nine Spirit World.

Cloudglow Pavilion. It was where the ancestor of the Chen Clan, Chen Taichong, cultivated at.

After he welcomed Chen Xi’s group, Chen Taichong didn’t alarm anyone from the Chen Clan and had directly brought them here.

Once Chen Xi and the others had taken their seats, Chen Taichong withdrew a ball of light that seemed like a crystal ball and tossed it into the air.


Strands of gentle sky blue light effused out from within the ball of light, and then an image was formed from it.

It was the image of a pitch black and boundless ocean, and an endless sky. There was only a tall figure standing upright on the ocean.

He had dark, smooth, and soft blue colored long hair, a wide forehead, a face that seemed as if it was carved by a blade, and a pair of pupils that could reflect the cosmos and were piercingly cold and terrifying.

He seemed to be tiny and inconspicuous as he stood on the boundless ocean. However, when one looked at this image, it felt like the ocean and sky in the image were mere decorations while his figure had become the most dazzling wisp of light.

“This is Beiming Canghai from the high level Beiming Clan, and he made a name for himself a few tens of thousands of years ago. He possesses the Ancestral Divine Artifact, Oceanblue Pearl. It’s capable of providing him with an unending supply of divine energy. So, if you’re unable to fully crush him in battle, then it’s utterly impossible to defeat him. He’s one of the strongest experts who are participating in the Battle of Dao Protectors.” Chen Taichong explained.

“This descendant of the Beiming Clan can’t be underestimated indeed. That kid is filled with an unyielding strength and faintly shows signs of breaking through the barrier and ascending into the realm of Daolords. He really can be considered as an extraordinary figure amongst Ninth Star Region Lords.” Wu Xuechan casually assessed.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel surprised because Wu Xuechan was able to discern so much from just an image, and this clearly showed how shocking Wu Xuechan’s discerning ability was.

“Beiming Canghai? The ocean? It’s a pretty grand and powerful name.” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he sized the figure up, but he didn’t provide much of a reaction towards it. However, he’d still acted cautiously and firmly remembered the figure’s appearance.

“He seems very dangerous.” Ming suddenly sent a voice transmission to Chen Xi.

“It seems to be so.” Chen Xi shrugged. He seemed to be rather calm, but how could he not realize that this number one expert in the Region Lord Realm of the high level Beiming Clan was no ordinary figure?


The ball of light revolved, and the image changed abruptly. A lofty mountain that towered into the sky appeared, and an icy cold moon hung coldly above the mountain.

A petite and delicate figure stood at the side of a cliff at the peak of the mountain, and she was looking up into the sky.

She wore a dream-like green dress while her jet black hair was tied into a ponytail that hung down behind her until her waist. This caused a clear, young, tranquil, pure, and gorgeous face to be fully revealed.

Especially her eyes. They were pitch black, bright, and clean like a puddle of water. However, they reflected all things in the world and the various forms of human life.

She was a young woman who others couldn’t help but become very fond of upon laying eyes on her. She was so petite, delicate, and pure.

However, her left hand was holding an enormous curved saber that could instill horror in the hearts of others.

The curved saber was even two times longer than her height, completely covered in a layer of ice blue and shimmering divine radiance, and it was like a crescent that had been plucked out of the sky. It was mysterious, dazzling, and suffused with an icy cold and terrifying sharp glow.

A pure, petite, and delicate young woman in a dreamlike green dress, standing proudly on the peak of a mountain while the bright and clear full moon hung above her, and she held an enormous icy cold curved saber in her hand!

It was an extremely shocking scene, and Wu Xuechan actually couldn’t help but chuckle when he witnessed this scene. “The Icewheel of Doom? It’s actually that little girl?”

Chen Xi was stunned. “Eldest Senior Brother, you recognize her?”

Wu Xuechan’s smile carried deep meaning as he said, “That little girl is called Tang Xiao’xiao, and she’s a descendant of the high level Tang Clan. At the same time, she’s a direct line descendant of the same line as your Senior Brother Tang Xian. If it’s according to seniority, then she’s even your Senior Brother Tang Xian’s grandniece.”

When he spoke up to here, Wu Xuechan couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. “That little girl is really extraordinary. She’s extremely audacious and willful. All those years ago, she disregarded her clan’s disapproval, secretly left the Primal Chaos Origin, and headed to Oracle Mountain with the intention of cultivating in Oracle Mountain with your Senior Brother Tang Xian. However, your Senior Brother Tang Xian personally sent her away and back to the Tang Clan. I never expected that she would actually possess such strength now. It’s truly quite surprising.”

Chen Xi finally came to an understanding when he heard all of this. So Tang Xiao’xiao is actually Senior Brother Tang Xian’s grandniece. If we base it upon seniority, then isn’t she my junior?

At this moment, Chen Taichong’s heart wasn’t really calm as well. He was naturally clearly aware of how Tang Xiao’xiao had caused an extraordinary commotion all those years ago for the sake of escaping the Tang Clan, and she’d successively defeated 19 Region Lords of the Tang Clan.

After all, Tang Xiao’xiao was merely at the peak of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm at that time, and she wasn’t even a Region Lord yet!

How heaven defying was such combat strength?

It was precisely that incident which allowed all the other clans in the Primal Chaos Origin to know Tang Xiao’xiao’s name, and they realized that seemingly pure, petite, and delicate young woman actually possessed an extremely terrifying combat strength hidden away within her.

Chen Taichong hadn’t imagined that the reason Tang Xiao’xiao insisted on leaving the Tang Clan was actually for the sake of heading to Oracle Mountain to cultivate with Tang Xian….

Isn’t that slightly like rebelling against her clan?

It was common knowledge that Tang Xian’s actions of disregarding the Tang Clan’s disapproval and joining Oracle Mountain to seek the Dao had infuriated numerous great figures within the Tang Clan, and a portion of them had finally changed their attitude when Tang Xian gained a high position within Oracle Mountain in the recent years.

However, it didn’t represent that they’d fully forgiven Tang Xian’s actions.

However, Tang Xiao’xiao had actually followed in his footsteps, so it was easy to imagine how infuriated the Tang Clan would have been.

Thus, it was very understandable why Chen Taichong had only found out about the truth of this matter now. Perhaps the Tang Clan felt that Tang Xiao’xiao’s actions could be considered as a scandal that others couldn’t be allowed to obtain knowledge of.


The ball of light revolved again in midair, and then another image appeared.

It was the image of a man who was cold like a snowy mountain. He had silver hair that extended all the way down to his ears and a handsome appearance that simply caused most women to dim in comparison.

He was standing on a battlefield. Jet black clouds that flickered with lightning densely filled the sky above while corpses and blood covered the ground. A flag with a blood red totem on it was rustling in the wind, and it caused the silver haired man to seem unyielding and imposing.

“Who is he?” Chen Xi’s eyes had narrowed slightly.

“He’s a descendant of the high level Xia Clan, Xia Ruoyuan. Throughout the boundless years of the past, he is the only peerless figure in the Xia Clan who has been able to inherit the mantle of the Xia Clan’s ancestor, the Unyielding King of War.” Chen Taichong sighed lightly with emotion. This was the resources and reserves possessed by high level clans, and only high level clans could foster such figures.

For example, even though his Chen Clan’s Chen Daoyuan could be considered as outstanding and dazzling, he seemed to be quite inferior when compared to figures like Xia Ruoyuan, Tang Xiao’xiao, and Beiming Canghai.

However, Chen Taichong felt fortunate because a heaven defying genius like Chen Xi would be participating in the Battle of Dao Protectors on behalf of his Chen Clan. Perhaps he’ll be able to compete with Xia Ruoyuan and the others.

“The Xia Clan upholds ancient customs, and it emphasizes on achievements in battle the most. All its descendants are courageous and skillful in battle, and they are unyielding and murderous in battle. If Xia Ruoyuan is able to advance into the Daolord Realm, then perhaps he may very well be able to surpass his ancestor, the Unyielding King of War.” Wu Xuechan assessed.

At this moment, Chen Xi blood had finally started to boil upon hearing this, and he hadn’t had such a feeling for a very long time. Because it had been very difficult for him to find a single existence at the same realm of cultivation who could be considered as an opponent.

Now, regardless of whether it was Beiming Canghai, Tang Xiao’xiao, or Xia Ruoyuan, all of them were rare experts in the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm.

Their appearance allowed Chen Xi to finally feel a desire to fight that he hadn’t felt for a very long time.

After that, the ball of light flickered again, and it respectively revealed the figures of Suiren Kuanglan and Shi Chuge from the high level Suiren Clan and Shi Clan.

Wu Xuechan had merely spoken a few words in his assessment of Suiren Kuanglan — Arrogant yet not rash, courageous but not reckless!

Moreover, Wu Xuechan told Chen Xi that while Suiren Ting who he’d killed in the three dimensions was from the Sovereign Sect, Suiren Ting was actually from the Suiren Clan.

This made Chen Xi suddenly recall Daolord Xu Tuo who had brought Leng Xinghun and that other woman along with him. Would they be relying on the Suiren Clan to allow both Leng Xinghun and that woman to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors?

On the other hand, Wu Xuechan revealed a rare moment of deep thought when faced with providing an assessment of Shi Chuge, and then he just used two words — limitless potential.

But right after that, Wu Xuechan shook his head and sighed. “He was born for the sake of the Dao, so he’s infatuated in the Dao. Such a character is the most terrifying yet the most pitiable as well.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask upon hearing such an assessment from Wu Xuechan. “Why?”

Wu Xuechan spoke indifferently. “A single mistake on his path towards the Dao will lead to him dying because of the Dao. As it’s said, there’s a moment of enlightenment at the instant between life and death. He seeks a path that overcomes death to seek life. Even though his ancestor, Heavenly Emperor Shi looked down proudly upon the world and made all fear to bear the brunt of his might all those years ago, he’d still died because of the Dao. How can such a path not be pitiable?”

Only now did Chen Xi understand everything, and he couldn’t help but feel shocked. He was clearly aware that the more unprecedented and dangerous a path towards the Dao was, the more terrifying its might would be. Shi Chuge hadn’t taken a single wrong step on his path towards the Dao until now, and this clearly showed how shocking his natural talent was.

Such an opponent was the most dangerous and difficult to deal with!

At this point, the participants from the five great high level clans was obvious, and it was Shi Chuge, Suiren Kuanglan, Beiming Canghai, Tang Xiao’xiao, and Xia Ruoyuan.

The five of them represented the best Innate Gods and strongest Ninth Star Region Lords in the Primal Chaos Origin, and all of them would be participating in the Battle of Dao Protectors. Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel a trace of pressure because off this, and he had no choice but to take the Battle of Dao Protectors seriously.

Right at this moment, Chen Taichong raised his hand to stop the ball of light from changing the image displayed in midair, and then he hesitated to speak as if he was indecisive about something.

Such unusual actions instantly caught the attention of Chen Xi and the others.

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