Chapter 2095 – Opponents

The Primal Chaos Origin.

Flameway World.

It was the territory of the high level Dao Protector Clan, the Suiren Clan.


A strand of crimson radiance enshrouded the sky, and then it formed into a tall and strong figure. As soon as he appeared here, the pressure he emanated covered the sky and seemed to be on the verge of crushing the space here.

He was the current Patriarch of the Suiren Clan and a supreme expert that possessed an extraordinary cultivation in the Daolord Realm, Suiren Jinghai!

His skin was glistening and suffused with strands of brilliant divine flames; his eyes were like vortexes that emanated seething flames which simply seemed to be on the verge of incinerating the sky.

At this moment, Suiren Jinghai stood upright in the sky while he gazed at the vast starry sky in the distance. That expanse of the starry sky was surging like an ocean while the stars within it were like flames. It raged like a starry sky of flames.

He stared at it for a short while before he said in a low voice, “Kuanglan, it’s time to emerge from your cultivation!”

His voice was clear, melodious, and powerful like a blade as it resounded through the surroundings.

However, the surroundings were actually deathly silent even a long time after he spoke, and no one answered him.

Suiren Jinghai frowned while a wave of flames surged within his eyes that seemed like vortexes. It was like two scorching suns were burning within his eyes, and he emanated a monstrous imposing aura.

“You said the time wasn’t right during the last Battle of Dao Protectors, and you intended to continue your closed door cultivation to seek a flawless and supreme realm of cultivation. The Battle of Dao Protectors is about to arrive again, so could it be that the time still isn’t right?” Suiren Jinghai spoke once more with a low voice.

However, he still received no answer.

Suiren Jinghai couldn’t help but grunt coldly when he faced such a situation, and he seemed to be slightly infuriated. He said after a short while passed, “The clan has decided that so long as you participate in this Battle of Dao Protectors, then you’ll be named as the number one successor of the clan!”

These words hadn’t finished resounding through the air when roaring laughter resounded from that expanse of the starry sky which seemed like an ocean of flames. It was like the first roar of a ferocious primeval beast that had been in slumber for countless years, and it rumbled through the surroundings!

After that, the sky in that area suddenly surged while numerous dazzling stars converged together to gradually form an extremely enormous figure!

That figure was truly too enormous. It covered the starry sky and had absorbed a myriad of stars into its body while the glow of fire flowed through it along with flickering lightning. It simply seemed like a stellar volcano that had awakened from its slumber!

The flames on the figure’s body seethed incessantly and became extremely brilliant and blazing. Along with this, the enormous figure that was covered in stars had started to shrink incessantly….

In the end, it transformed into an imposing man who was over 3m tall, completely covered in crimson armor, and seemed like he’d emerged from divine flames.

His crimson hair fluttered, his skin was fine and smooth, his eyes were like flaming abysses, and his forehead was branded with a tattoo formed from divine flames that was in the form of the of the ‘山’ character which represented mountain. As he stood there casually, he seemed to emanate a violent, overbearing, and raging aura that could incinerate and destroy the world.

Just a single glance of him caused others to be unable to help but think of all sorts of praise like the god of flames! The overlord of flames! The monarch of flames!

When he appeared here, that expanse of the starry sky which seemed liked an ocean of flames had transformed into ash, and it was completely empty.

He was Suiren Kuanglan!

An unprecedented figure who was born from within the source of all flames in the Chaos, and he was a legendary figure of the Suiren Clan.

Even if it was amongst the Region Lords throughout the high level clans in the Primal Chaos Origin, he was still a top-rate and dazzling figure.

A wisp of slight surprise and praise couldn’t help but arise in Suiren Jinghai’s eyes when he saw Suiren Kuanglan finally show himself. Suiren Jinghai sighed with emotion. “Kuanglan, you’ve become stronger again. I really don’t know exactly what level you’ve attained in the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm. Even I was inferior to you while at the same realm of cultivation all those years ago.”

“Hmph! Cut the crap! Merely the position as number one successor is far from being sufficient to make me emerge from my cultivation and participate in the battle.” Suiren Kuanglan grunted coldly. Even if he was facing the leader of the entire Suiren Clan, a true extraordinary figure at the Daolord Realm, he still wasn’t polite at all.

Suiren Jinghai’s eyelids twitched, but he didn’t flare up. He said, “The Battle of Dao Protectors that’s about to be held can be described as unprecedented, and it carries great implications. Your strength is sufficient to seize a supreme fortuitous encounter from it, and then attaining the Daolord Realm would be as easy as flipping your palm.”

Suiren Kuanglan’s face turned slightly cold, and he seemed to not appreciate it at all and spoke frankly. “Let’s talk about the conditions.”

Suiren Jinghai instantly smiled bitterly and muttered. “You’re still the same. Fine, take this Ancestral Scepter!”

As he spoke, he’d flipped his palm to reveal a wooden scepter which was completely pitch black, 1m long, 2 fingers wide, and seemed as if it was made from charred wood. It floated before him, and then it swiftly transformed into a ray of flaming light that flew over to Suiren Kuanglan.


Suiren Kuanglan grabbed it and exerted strength from his palm, causing the originally inconspicuous and pitch black scepter to suddenly emanate an ancient and desolate aura. After that, a myriad of flying stars danced about, revealed boundless profound scenes, and threw the surroundings into disorder.

In an instant, Suiren Kuanglan’s eyes lit up, and he said, “This is the precious treasure that was left behind by my clan’s earliest ancestor? Good!”

Suiren Jinghai smiled when he saw this. “Now, do you agree to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors?”

A wisp of an unrestrained smile appeared on the corners of Suiren Kuanglan’s mouth as he suddenly said, “Is Shi Chuge participating?”

Suiren Jinghai seemed to have expected this question, and he didn’t think before he answered. “Shi Chuge agreed to participate last year.”

Shi Chuge was a renowned figure of the Shi Clan, and he’d been selected to be the successor of the ‘Shi Clan’s Ancient Spear’ since the moment he was born. Now, he was considered the number one expert in the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm within the Shi Clan!

It was common knowledge that the Shi Clan was one of the high level clans amongst the Divine Dao Protector Clans as well. So, since Shi Chuge was able to firmly hold onto the position of number one expert in the Region Lord Realm, it was obvious how formidable he was.

So, Suiren Jinghai naturally possessed information about such a figure.

“Oh, that madman who shut himself off from the outside world and sought the Dao wholeheartedly has actually agreed?” Suiren Kuanglan’s eyes surged with the glow of flames, and it was bright like the sun. It was brilliant to the point it was impossible to look at.

“Alright, I don’t have to worry about it being too boring if I have such an opponent.”

Meanwhile, Suiren Jinghai suddenly said, “It isn’t just Shi Chuge. The Beiming Clan’s Beiming Canghai, the Xia Clan’s Xia Ruoyuan, and the Tang Clan’s Tang Xiao’xiao have decided to participate as well!”

Suiren Kuanglan was clearly visibly moved when he heard this string of names, and he suddenly roared with laughter a short while later. “Good!”

It was just a single word, but it actually carried extraordinary arrogance that looked down upon the world and shook the nine heavens!

Suiren Jinghai was rather gratified when he noticed the battle intent that had been aroused within Suiren Kuanglan, and then he said, “I have a list of some experts from the mid level clans and low level clans. Do you want to take a look?”

“Hmph! What can those washed up fellows foster? They’re just a bunch of trash! There’s no need to look at it!” Suiren Kuanglan revealed disdain as he laughed coldly and refused.

“It’s fine. However, you must promise that you’ll kill someone during the battle this time.” Suiren Jinghai’s gaze was deep as he looked calmly at Suiren Kuanglan.

“Who?” Suiren Kuanglan frowned.

“Chen Xi.” Suiren Jinghai’s expression was indifferent as he lightly spat out a name.

The Shi Clan.

The Ancient Path of Blood. It was a restricted area in the Shi Clan, and it was specially provided for the inheritor of the ‘Shi Clan’s Ancient Spear’, Shi Chuge, to cultivate at.

At this moment, Shi Chuge was meticulously wiping a blood red spear in his hand. His gaze was gentle like spring water, and it even carried a wisp of tender affection.

It was like he was wiping the son which he doted on the most.

Shi Chuge’s white clothed figure was thin and weak. However, even if he was seated there casually, he gave others the feeling that he was tall, graceful, handsome, and novel.

He was like a magnificent mountain that was covered in the spirit of the world as it remained otherworldly and untainted by the mortal world.

His jade white fingers were stable and slender, but the spear in his grasp seemed rugged, thick, and bloody.

The spear was over 1m long, thick as an infant’s arm, and completely covered in a shiny dark red color. It was like it had been tempered from an innumerable amount of blood. The tip of the spear was even covered in a gorgeous and dazzling blood red color, and it was like a bloody eye that desired the blood of the living!

It was the ‘Shi Clan’s Ancient Spear’, a bloody spear that had assisted the Shi Clan’s first ancestor in battle and had annihilated countless formidable experts with him!

This spear had another name that was much more famous — Bloodsky!

One person, one spear, and a cultivation ground.

Shi Chuge seemed to be accustomed to days of slaughtering, cultivating, and cleaning the blood on his spear by himself.

It was exactly that which he pursued in his heart.

Besides that, he was indifferent to everything else.

However, on this day, Shi Chuge had no choice but to wait here because he’d agreed to participate in the upcoming Battle of Dao Protectors!

“I hope it won’t disappoint me too much….” Shi Chuge withdrew his gaze that was fixed on Bloodsky as he muttered.

Meanwhile, a wave of footsteps resounded from afar. Shi Chuge lowered his eyes and continued wiping Bloodsky.

“Chuge, it has been decided. This is the person that the Patriarch wants you to kill during the battle.” A dignified and extraordinary violet clothed middle aged man had arrived here. He was clearly a Ninth Star Region Lord as well. However, he couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of heartfelt reverence and restraint as he faced Shi Chuge who was wiping Bloodsky with concentration.

He was carrying a scroll in his hand.

Shi Chuge didn’t even turn his head, yet the scroll seemed as if it was summoned, and it suddenly flew up into the air and unfolded itself.

There was only a single row of ancient words written on it — mid level clan, Chen Clan, Chen Xi!

The middle aged man could clearly notice Shi Chuge frown. It seemed like he was puzzled but he didn’t say anything in the end.

“Chuge, even though he’s from a mid level clan, he’s a heretic. It isn’t just our Shi Clan, the participants from the other high level clans will be targeting him as well.” The violet clothed middle aged man explained in a low voice while seeming to be deeply afraid of agitating Shi Chuge.

“I understand.” Shi Chuge spoke casually. Since the conversation began, Shi Chuge had never moved his gaze from Bloodsky.

The middle aged man was clearly stunned, and he thought to himself. Is he not curious about why he was asked to target a descendant of a mid level clan?

Even though he thought like this in his heart, the middle aged man didn’t dare stay here. He cupped his hands towards Shi Chuge and left silently.

This was how Shi Chuge was like. He was a peerless figure who was preoccupied with his own world and completely indifferent to everything else.

In the same way, he was completely indifferent towards Chen Xi’s actual identity or why the five high level clans would be jointly targeting Chen Xi.

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