Chapter 2093 – Status Quo

The scenes in the surroundings flashed before their eyes as they teleported through space.

Wu Xuechan’s brows were knit together tightly all along the way, and he remained silent as if he were in deep thought about something.

Chen Xi was unable to calm down as well. Presently, he was clearly aware that the entire Ancient God Domain had fallen into chaos during the years he was in closed door cultivation.

Calamities that were both natural and man-made covered the world in a storm of blood and chaos, and the horrifying scene of living beings suffering in misery could be seen throughout the Ancient God Domain.

This chaos had arisen because of the unexpected change in the Heaven Dao, and it had been going on for over 400 years. Moreover, it was growing worse and worse, and it showed no signs of stopping.

At this point in time, it was almost impossible to find a single paradise throughout the entire Imperial Region.

All the top-rate powers throughout the Imperial Region were either destroyed or had sided with the five extremes of the Imperial Region. As for other ordinary sects and clans, they’d been reduced to strands of straw that had fallen into the vortex of this chaos. They floated along with its waves while having no control over their fate, and the casualties they suffered would only increase as time went by.

All of this caused the existing status quo within the Imperial Region to be completely destroyed, and a completely new differentiation between powers was born.

The five extremes of the Imperial Region had become the leaders that the other powers of the entire Imperial Region depended on, and those powers started to enter into confrontation according to the relationships between the five extremes of the Imperial Region.

In other words, the five extremes of the Imperial Region were unable to avoid getting involved in this calamity that swept throughout the world, and they had no choice but to act against it.

Amongst the five extremes of the Imperial Region, the Sovereign Sect had the most numbers because it relied on the energy of the Heaven Dao to stay safe amidst this chaos and calamity. So, it naturally became the sect that most top-rate sects sided with.

Similarly, those powers that refused to side with the Sovereign Sect were bound to suffer a bloody end. Such examples had occurred on numerous occasions throughout the years since the calamity began.

As for Oracle Mountain, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, the Dao Institute, and the Divine Institute, even though they were protecting many powers that sought their protection, they were clearly inferior to the Sovereign Sect.

This was the new status quo that was formed within the Imperial Region. As for the other areas throughout the Ancient God Domain… all of them were covered in the flames of war and unrest. They were in complete chaos, and it was utterly impossible to form a new status quo there.

Chen Xi had obtained information about all of this, but he hadn’t expected that the flames of war were on the verge of blazing onto Oracle Mountain.

According to the conversation between Wu Xuechan and Xu Tuo, the Divine Institute had fully submitted to the Sovereign Sect. So, it was obvious what sort of tremors the joint forces of these two colossi would cause to the situation throughout the entire Imperial Region!

Moreover, if nothing unexpected happened, then Oracle Mountain would have joined forces with Nuwa’s Dao Palace as well in order to deal with the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute that had joint forces.

Besides that, it was common knowledge that the Dao Institute had always been the only power amongst the five extremes of the Imperial Region that always maintained a neutral attitude. Yet now, the Dao Institute had become the sect amongst the five extremes of the Imperial Region which was in the most danger!

Because according to Xu Tuo, the Sovereign Sect was already aiming its blades at the Dao Institute, and it could even completely wear away the Will Brand that Liu Shenji left behind in the Dao Institute within 100 years of time!

At that time, it was obvious what sort of consequences the Dao Institute would face once they lost the protection of Lie Shenji’s Will Brand.

Once the Dao Institute was annihilated, then the Sovereign Sect would definitely bring the forces of the Divine Institute along as it turned its blade towards Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace!

If all of that were to occur, then the entire world would belong to the Sovereign Sect, and the consequences of that were simply unimaginable.

However, Chen Xi was surprised and bewildered because Liu Shenji was extremely formidable. Even if it were only a mere strand of his will in the form of a Will Brand, it would be sufficient to deter all enemies. So, Chen Xi wondered how it could have suffered such a blow.

Chen Xi was clearly aware now that the Master of Oracle Mountain Fuxi, the Dean of the Dao Institute Liu Shenji, the Master of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, the Dean of the Divine Institute Ji Xingtang, and the Sovereign Sect’s Master had left the Ancient God Domain a very long time ago, and they’d headed to the mysterious Dao Terra Firma in the three dimensions.

Presently, besides Fuxi, all those other great figures had merely left a strand of their will behind in the Ancient God Domain.

Even though it was merely a strand of will, even a Daolord wouldn’t dare to act rashly before them!

Yet now, Liu Shenji’s will that resided in the Dao Institute had suffered suppression, and it was probably the Sovereign Sect’s Master and the Divine Institute’s Dean, Ji Xingtang, who possessed such ability.

All of this seemed to be complicated, but Chen Xi was very clearly aware that the entire situation in the Ancient God Domain was extremely disadvantageous to Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace.

Because this chaotic calamity was created by an unexpected change in the Heaven Dao, and the Sovereign Sect was a dog of the Heaven Dao. So, it could be said that the Sovereign Sect which was capable of utilizing the energy of the Heaven Dao had occupied an extraordinarily huge advantage since this calamity began.

Under such circumstances, it was rather difficult for Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace to remain whole, let alone turn the situation around and crush the Sovereign Sect.

Just the word chaotic can’t even start to describe this calamity! Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh after a long time passed.

He was very clearly aware that he was utterly powerless before this overwhelming calamity with the strength he possessed right now.

If he wanted to change all of this, then he had to become stronger to the point he could go against the Heaven Dao!

“Little Junior Brother.” Wu Xuechan who’d been constantly contemplating in silence had suddenly raised his head to look at Chen Xi. “Do you think our encounter with that old geezer, Xu Tuo, was a coincidence?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then his eyes couldn’t help but narrow. Right, we just teleported over there from the sect, yet Xu Tuo’s group arrived right after us. That’s clearly not something a coincidence can explain.

“It was definitely not a coincidence.” Ming who hadn’t spoken all along the way seemed to have realized something right now, and she surprisingly said, “When Chen Xi left the Primal Chaos Origin to return to the Ancient God Domain all those years ago, he suffered the pursuit of Xu Tuo’s group on his way back. Now, that old fellow appeared again when we’re heading to the Primal Chaos Origin. It’s really impossible to explain this as a coincidence.”

“Oh?” Wu Xuechan seemed to have thought of something.

“Wait! It was probably the Chen Clan’s Chen Lingkong who leaked the news of my departure that day.” Chen Xi shook his head.

“Even if someone leaked the news, the Sovereign Sect was still able to appear at a precise spot that you would pass and wait for your arrival. Do you think Chen Lingkong was able to leak that to them?” Ming analyzed swiftly.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown when he heard this. “Now that you’ve pointed it out, it really is quite unusual.”

“It’s probably because of you.” A cold glow suddenly flashed within Wu Xuechan’s tranquil and indifferent eyes. “Little Junior Brother, are you carrying anything unusual? Or perhaps something that belongs to the Sovereign Sect?”

Chen Xi thought carefully for a moment before his expression suddenly changed a little.


Three bright gold copper coins floated up in front of him. Surprisingly, it was the Natural Spirit Treasure, the Copper Coin of Treasurefall that belonged to the Sovereign Sect’s Master!


Wu Xuechan flicked his sleeve and took the three copper coins in his palm. He sized them up carefully for a long time before a clear rain of light silently appeared from his palm and surged into the copper coins.

In an instant, clear howls resounded incessantly as the three copper coins emanated a dazzling gold rain of light and a terrifying aura.

There wasn’t anything unusual about them.

Wu Xuechan frowned while gradually increasing the strength he exerted with his palm. The clear howls from the three copper coins grew even stronger while the golden radiance it emanated surged explosively towards the surroundings. It was even to the extent that it showed faint signs of melting.


Right at this instant, a strand of an obscure and strange aura suddenly surged out from within the copper coins. The might they emanated caused Chen Xi and Ming’s figures to stiffen and feel as if they’d fallen into an icy pit. Moreover, a strand of irresistible horror arose in their hearts.

It was absolutely not the aura of the Copper Coin of Treasurefall!


Wu Xuechan flipped his palm and covered the strange and obscure aura. After that, he suddenly clenched his fist, causing a deafening bang to resound from his palm, and the terrifying force of it shook Wu Xuechan to the point his figure couldn’t help but shake.

“It really is the aura of the Sovereign Sect’s Master. No wonder that old geezer Xu Tuo has always been able to arrive in time.” Wu Xuechan observed the Copper Coin of Treasurefall for a long time again, and he finally heaved a sigh of relief when he didn’t notice anything unusual.

When these words entered into Chen Xi’s ears, it caused his face to become slightly unsightly. Because he’d been constantly carrying it since he left the three dimensions. How could he have imagined that the Sovereign Sect’s Master had actually tampered with it without him noticing?

When he thought about how it was very likely that the Sovereign Sect’s Master was clearly aware of his whereabouts throughout these years, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel a wave of fear.

He suddenly grabbed the three copper coins, and then tossed them forcefully. They vanished within the boundless starry sky.

“Tossing them away is for the best.” Wu Xuechan nodded with a smile on his face.

In a boundless world that was dark and gloomy.

The boundless world was covered in grey. Besides that, there was nothing else here, and it possessed a deathly silent aura that was practically suffocating.

After Wu Xuechan eliminated the strand of obscure aura that came from within the Copper Coin of Treasurefall, a light exclaim of surprise had resounded within this grey world.

After that, a strand of black light descended from the sky, and then it transformed into an extremely mighty figure. Strands of seemingly material Order of the Heaven Dao flowed indistinctly around him in the form of chains, and it concealed his appearance from the eyes of others.

But as he stood there casually, he seemed like he could rival the heavens, and he possessed a supremely dignified aura!

“You’ve only noticed now? It’s a bit too late….” He muttered before he strode towards the depths of the grey world. Just a single stride of his was surrounded by a myriad of Grand Daos while space was unable to obstruct him at all. He was like an overlord who walked amidst the Grand Dao.

A short while later, this mighty figure suddenly stopped moving.

There was a figure seated cross-legged far away in the grey and hazy world. That figure was thin, short, and extremely ordinary. However, when looked at from afar, it was like looking up at mountain that couldn’t be scaled, and the sight of him caused others to feel extremely tiny and reverent.

“Master of the Sovereign Sect, have you come because you’ve thought of a way to kill me?” This extremely ordinary figure opened his eyes slowly. At this instant, the world was completely bright and dazzling while the grand and melodious tune of the Dao resounded throughout the surroundings.

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