Chapter 2092 – Dao Reconstruction

Daolord Xu Tuo was extremely composed, and it was completely unlike his usual display.

In the past, the death of his junior brother, Daolord Mo Lin, at the hands of Wu Xuechan had made him wish for nothing more than to kill Wu Xuechan on more than one occasion.

But at this moment, he seemed as if he’d forgotten this enmity. He seemed completely composed and it was as if he had the entire situation under control. It was rather unusual.

However, when he heard that Xu Tuo actually intended to take Leng Xinghun and the other woman along to the Primal Chaos Origin to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors, Chen Xi finally understood why Xu Tuo seemed so calm and composed.

Yes, it was for the sake of participating in the Battle of Dao Protectors!

It was even to the extent that Xu Tuo was sure that Wu Xuechan wouldn’t dare attack at this moment. Because once they fought, then it wasn’t something that could be concluded in a short period of time, and it would definitely affect their journey to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors.

However, it was common knowledge that only descendants of the Divine Dao Protector Clans could participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors. Even Chen Xi had only been able to participate by relying on the complicated relationship he had with the Chen Clan and utilizing the Chen Clan’s name to participate.

So what about the Sovereign Sect?

On what basis are they able to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors?

Chen Xi didn’t know the answer to it. However, this fact caused his heart to sink. Because the Sovereign Sect had seized the opportunity presented by the chaos and calamity that swept through the world to cause a storm of blood throughout the Ancient God Domain, and it was even interfering in the Battle of Dao Protectors now. So, it was rather thought provoking.

Perhaps, some sort of scheme was hidden behind all of this!

“Even though the Battle of Dao Protectors is important, there’s nothing to feel regretful about if I’m able to kill you right now.” Wu Xuechan’s imposing aura grew even stronger while rings of clear colored light coiled around him. He seemed like a brilliant sun that illuminated the entire universe while all things became still.

In an instant, Xu Tuo’s originally composed expression had changed a little. His thinning grey hair fluttered while a myriad of lightning clouds appeared within his muddy eyes and flowed with lightning.

The atmosphere became oppressive and tense while the stars in an area of 50,000km in the surroundings seemed to be unable to endure such terrifying pressure, and they were soundlessly crushed into powder that dispersed into nothingness.

Space started to ripple violently while the shadow of numerous black holes appeared and overlapped. The terrifying aura they emanated was simply on the verge of swallowing this expanse of the starry sky.

Chen Xi and Ming stood behind Wu Xuechan, so they weren’t able to sense the collision between these two extremely terrifying energies. However, when they saw the scenes of ‘destruction’ that appeared in the surroundings, they couldn’t help but feel a wave of horror arise in their hearts.

This was the aura possessed by two Daolords. Just a casual movement from it was capable of incinerating the starry sky and throwing space into disorder!

If an ordinary cultivator were to be swept into such a confrontation, then that cultivator would probably be instantly obliterated!

“Grand Lord, the Ancient God Domain is in chaos right now, and numerous sects aren’t even able to look after themselves. This flame has even blazed up to Oracle Mountain’s front door, so are you really sure you want to fight me right now?” Xue Tuo’s face remained expressionless while his shriveled lips formed an indifferent and murderous arc.

“Why not?” Wu Xuechan spoke indifferently.


As they spoke, this expanse of space seemed like a soft piece of cloth, and it started to twist about and warp intensely, and it even revealed all sorts of strange and unusual scenes.

Everything was being overturned and destroyed, and it was extremely astounding.

Their groups stood amidst these tempestuous waves that surged through the starry sky and were in confrontation from afar while the destruction of everything around them seemed to be unrelated to them.

But everyone knew that this situation was extremely dangerous!

Once these two Daolords really did enter into battle, then it would definitely obliterate the surroundings, and it would be a terrifying scene where everything here would be crushed before them!

“Haha! Looks like you’re still not aware that the Divine Institute has fully sided with my Sovereign Sect. The Dean of the Divine Institute will join forces with my Sovereign Sect’s Master in the next few days. If anything were to happen to Grand Lord now, then just Di Shun and Wen Daozhen would probably be unable to keep Oracle Mountain safe by themselves.” Xu Tuo grinned as he told them about a shocking secret.

Tempestuous waves arose in Chen Xi’s heart. Never had he imagined that this chaos and calamity that swept through the world would have actually arrived before Oracle Mountain’s door during the years that he was in closed door cultivation. Moreover, it was even to the extent that it wouldn’t be long before Oracle Mountain suffered the attack of the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute’s joint forces!

How could this have happened?

Why didn’t Eldest Senior Brother tell me all of this?

Chen Xi’s heart was filled with extremely complicated emotions.

Meanwhile, he suddenly felt something soft take hold of his hand, and then a strand of warmth came from his palm. When he turned his head to look, he saw Ming staring at him while her pitch black and pure eyes were filled with the intent to console him.

Chen Xi was stunned by this, and then his chaotic emotions calmed down greatly.

After a short moment of silence, a wisp of a thought provoking smile suddenly appeared on the corners of Wu Xuechan’s mouth. “The ability of the Sovereign Sect’s Master really is formidable. He was actually able to make that old geezer, the Dean of the Divine Institute, Ji Xingtang, to bow before him. He truly is extraordinary.”

Xu Tuo frowned as he faintly sensed that there was something off about Wu Xuechan’s reaction.

Sure enough, Wu Xuechan smiled and said in the next moment, “Allow me to tell you something in return. The Master of Nuwa’s Dao Palace has moved the entire World of Five Colors into my Oracle Mountain as a guest. So, if something unexpected were to happen, then I really can’t say who the final victor will be.”

These words allowed Chen Xi’s originally tense heart to instantly ease up greatly. Only now did he realize Oracle Mountain had prepared for this.

Obviously, as one of the five extremes of the Imperial Region and a sect that was renowned through the world for its abilities of deduction, how could Oracle Mountain remain indifferent when facing such a vast calamity?

The reason Chen Xi’s mind had fallen into chaos earlier was probably because he cared too much about Oracle Mountain.

The wisp of a smile on the corners of Xu Tuo’s mouth had clearly stiffened when he heard this, and then he sighed with emotion after quite some time passed. “Your Oracle Mountain is truly extraordinary. Unfortunately, the Heaven Dao will never stand on your side.”

When he spoke up to here, he suddenly slapped himself on the forehead and sighed. “I really am getting old. How could I have forgotten this.”

His actions and words were very incomprehensible, and it caused Wu Xuechan to be unable to help but frown and was unable to determine exactly what Xu Tuo was up to.

“Xu Tuo, you’ve delayed for long enough. Don’t blame me for sending you to see your junior brother Mo Lin if you continue trying to play tricks.” Wu Xuechan spoke indifferently while a myriad of killing intent transformed into strands that formed into a seemingly material Divine Talisman, and it covered his body.

Xu Tuo’s pupils constricted when he heard the words’ Mo Lin’. It seemed like it had stabbed at an irreparable scar of his, and his aged face couldn’t help but become gloomy.

He laughed coldly and said, “Wu Xuechan, to tell you the truth, that strand of Liu Shenji’s Will Brand will only be able to persist for 100 years at most. The Dao Institute will definitely be annihilated without its protection, and then it would be time for your Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace’s turn!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xu Tuo turned around, and then he teleported towards the distance with Leng Xinghun and the woman.

He actually intended to leave!

“If you want to attack me, then come at me right now.” Xu Tuo’s aged and hoarse voice resounded from afar.

Wu Xuechan revealed a rare moment of silence for the first time. Starlight flickered and surged within his eyes as he stared at the direction Xu Tuo had left towards, and he actually didn’t move at all for a long time.

Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but constrict when he witnessed this. It was the first time he’d seen his Eldest Senior Brother act in such a way.

“Hahaha! A wise man knows when to act! Grand Lord, I’m leaving!” Xu Tuo’s hoarse voice traversed numerous universes and appeared here once more, and he seemed extremely arrogant and complacent.

“That old bastard! If the Sovereign Sect’s Master hadn’t locked onto this place with a strand of his aura, how could that old bastard have possibly left safely like that!” Wu Xuechan suddenly laughed with ridicule, and then his expression became calm and composed.

The aura of the Sovereign Sect’s Master!

Chen Xi was shocked. Doesn’t that mean that if Eldest Senior Brother and that old bastard Xu Tuo fought, then it was very likely that the Sovereign Sect’s Master would launch a surprise attack?

It isn’t advisable to stay here for long. Let’s leave.” Wu Xuechan flicked his sleeve before Chen Xi could recover from his shock, and he brought Chen Xi and Ming along to traverse universe after universe.

“Eldest Senior Brother, what exactly happened just now?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask this question while they travelled.

“It was nothing. It was just that old geezer Xu Tuo trying to put on airs in front of me.” Wu Xuechan spoke casually. “As for that strand of the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s aura, it was hidden within Leng Xinghun. That’s quite strange.”

Obviously, even Wu Xuechan was slightly puzzled.

“Eldest Senior Brother, that fellow, Leng Xinghun, really is strange. I killed him in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos a long time ago, and I’m sure it was impossible for him to survive. But he has actually appeared before us now, and his strength had even attained the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm. Do you think all of this is related to the Sovereign Sect’s Master?” Chen Xi spoke swiftly.

“It’s impossible for the dead to be revived. However, sometimes, only a strand of Blood Essence and soul is required to allow a person to recover….” Wu Xuechan pondered deeply for a long time before his pupils suddenly constricted. He seemed to have realized something and said, “I understand now! This is the Sovereign Sect’s Dao Reconstruction technique!”

In an instant, his expression actually became solemn, and then he formed a strand of consciousness with a wave of his hand before it transformed into a ray of light that tore swiftly through space.

After that, Wu Xuechan seemed to have calmed down a little, and he said to Chen Xi, “Little Junior Brother, then fellow, Leng Xinghun, isn’t the Leng Xinghun of the past anymore. His soul was reconstructed by the Sovereign Sect’s Master via a secret technique while the Order of the Heaven Dao reformed his body, so his combat strength isn’t something that ordinary Ninth Star Region Lords can compare to.”

Wu Xuechan paused for a moment and spoke solemnly. “Most importantly, once one is reconstructed through this secret technique, one can utilize the energy of the Heaven Dao in battle. If he’s allowed to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors on Godrank Mountain, then he would even be able to display even stronger might!”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while he felt extremely shocked in his heart. Godrank Mountain was the closest place to the Heaven Dao while Leng Xinghun could utilize the energy of the Heaven Dao in battle, so it was obvious how great the advantage he had would be if he participated in the Battle of Dao Protectors.

“I never expected that the Sovereign Sect’s Master would actually not hesitate to consume the quintessential energy of his will for the sake of the Battle of Dao Protectors and construct such a monster.” Wu Xuechan pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Looks like we must make the best use of our time to rush to the Primal Chaos Origin. This Battle of Dao Protectors is clearly unlike the Battle of Dao Protectors that were held in the past….”

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