Chapter 2091 – Chance Encounter

Chen Xi turned his head to look over, and he saw a beautiful figure appear in the distance.

The person in a white dress possessed natural grace and was extraordinary. Her skin seemed supple while her shoulders looked as if they’d been carved by a blade. Her jet black and smooth hair hung down to her waists, her starry eyes were brilliant, her cherry lips were glistening red, her forehead was clear and jade white, and her appearance was peerlessly gorgeous.

Laying eyes on her was like laying eyes on a celestial maiden who had emerged from a painting, and she was so dreamlike and illusory. Moreover, her drop dead gorgeous beauty simply seemed like it shouldn’t belong in this world.

This woman was truly too gorgeous. She was gorgeous to the point she made the world dim in comparison and astounded the ages. It even seemed like the world had stopped moving at this moment.

Chen Xi’s eyes instantly opened wide, and he seemed to be unable to believe his eyes.

Even Wu Xuechan who was about to enter the teleportation formation couldn’t help but be slightly stunned upon witnessing this scene, and then he glanced at Chen Xi while seeming to be lost in thought and a slight expression of curiosity appeared on his face.

“Senior Sister?” A long time passed before Chen Xi finally recovered from his shock and spoke with surprise.

“Mmm.” The woman raised her fair and exquisite chin and answered proudly. After that, she glared fiercely at Chen Xi and said, “What are you looking at? Don’t act like you’ve never seen me! I’ll dig out your eyes if you continue staring at me!”

Chen Xi’s face froze, and then he had a slightly embarrassed expression on his face. He had really been shocked just now. How could he have expected that his Senior Sister Li Yang who loved to dress up like a man would actually return to dressing like a woman?

Especially when Li Yang wore such a pure white dress and allowed her beautiful hair to hang down loosely. Her beauty could simply be described as a perfect work of art by the god of creation! She was truly beautiful to the point of being flawless, and it caused others to be unable to help but feel ashamed of their own appearances when facing her.

Most importantly, it was the first time Chen Xi had seen her dressed in such a way, so it really was too surprising and breathtaking for him.

Li Yang seemed to feel slightly complacent when she saw Chen Xi act in this way. However, her beautiful brows instantly knit together when she noticed Ming who stood by Chen Xi’s side, and then she strode over to Ming.

When Li Yang arrived here, Ming merely took a glance at her before she withdrew her gaze because Ming wasn’t fond of coming into contact with people she didn’t know.

But even then, she couldn’t help but feel a wisp of surprise when she saw Li Yang’s peerlessly gorgeous, graceful, and extraordinary appearance. She seemed to have never expected that Oracle Mountain actually had such a beautiful, lively, and intelligent female disciple.

On the other hand, Ming only came to an understanding upon hearing Chen Xi address the woman as ‘Senior Sister’. So she’s that fellow’s senior sister. No wonder she’s so beautiful.

After that, Ming stopped thinking about it. After all, she had a lone and aloof bearing, so there were very few things in this world that could attract her attention.

Especially when it was another woman. Her ability to resist such beauty was clearly much stronger than Chen Xi.

However, to her surprise, this ‘Senior Sister’ of Chen Xi’s had actually walked over to her and was sizing her up in a scrutinizing manner.

This caused Ming to arouse slight aversion in her heart, and her ink black brows couldn’t help but knit together a little while her pitch black and pure eyes carried a trace of coldness.

Chen Xi was instantly alarmed when he witnessed this scene. He didn’t know why his Senior Sister had come here, he still felt worried for no reason when he saw Li Yang actually go up to Ming.

Wu Xuechan seemed to have deduced something, and a faint smile had appeared on the corners of his mouth. He crossed his arms before his chest and watched all of this with a playful expression as if it was very interesting to him.

“I’m Li Yang, Chen Xi’s senior sister.” Right amidst this slightly deathly silent atmosphere that carried traces of tenseness, Li Yang suddenly grinned. Her starry eyes were clear and charming as she revealed her pure white teeth. She’d actually taken the initiative to introduce herself.

Ming clearly seemed to be surprised, but she still spat out a single word from between her lips. “Ming.”

It was extremely succinct, and she didn’t waste her breath at all.

“Ming?” A wisp of an illusory glow appeared within Li Yang’s clear eyes, and they seemed dazzling like the stars. “I’ll remember that. You better remember my name as well.” Her voice was clear, lively, and pleasing to the ear.

As soon as she finished speaking, she’d turned around to gaze at Chen Xi who was stunned there, and she said angrily, “Little Junior Brother, what’re you still standing there for. Go on and leave!”

“Err.” Chen Xi suddenly returned to his senses, and then he flashed into the teleportation formation as if he was fleeing. He couldn’t put his finger on the reason why he was so nervous, and it was even to the extent that he felt guilty for no reason….

“Farewell, Little Junior Sister.” Wu Xuechan smiled and bid his farewells to her before he entered the teleportation formation as well.

Right when Ming was about to enter after them, a clear and pleasant voice suddenly resounded by her ear. “Remember this. If you intend to get together with Little Junior brother again, then you have to ask for my permission first.”

Ming’s figure stiffened imperceptibly, and then she sped up and entered the teleportation formation. She didn’t have to turn around to know that it was Li Yang who spoke those words.

However, she was quite puzzled. Why would Chen Xi’s Senior Sister say that to me?

“Eldest Senior Brother, Little Junior Brother, Ming. Take care of yourselves.” Li Yang grinned as she stood outside the teleportation formation, and she waved her fair hand as she bid them farewell.


A wave of mysterious and obscure fluctuation suddenly rumbled from within the teleportation formation, and then their figures vanished.

However, a voice transmission had shot into Li Yang’s ears right before the teleportation formation was fully activated. “Senior Sister, don’t overthink things and misunderstand.”

In an instant, the smile on Li Yang’s face froze, and then her peerlessly beautiful face was covered in a wisp of anger and embarrassment.

“That damnable stinking little kid! He actually dares to eavesdrop on what I said! Just you wait when we meet next! Hmph! Hmph!” Li Yang waved her fists fiercely after quite some time passed, and she muttered while gnashing her teeth. After that, she placed her hands behind her back and turned around and left while seeming to be slightly angry.

“Oh, I have to get changed. I can’t let anyone see me dressed like this, otherwise, I would definitely be embarrassed to death….

“Oh, wait. Eldest Senior Brother saw me this time…. I’m finished! I’m finished! He’ll definitely misunderstand this time! Dammit! It’s all Little Junior Brother’s fault! He can just leave like that! Why did he have to bring a woman along and cause me to make a fool of myself? And even Eldest Senior Brother knows of it….

Li Yang whose mind was preoccupied in these thoughts hadn’t noticed that many gazes had noticed all of this all along the way, and it caused countless jaws to hit the floor.

After all, had anyone within Oracle Mountain seem Li Yang dressed as a woman?


Just like when they travelled from Oracle Mountain to the Primal Chaos Origin the last time, Chen Xi’s group had been teleported to that vast starry sky in practically a few breaths of time.

“Come. According to my knowledge, less than 30 years remain until the Battle of Dao Protectors begins. We have to reach the Chen Clan in advance.” Wu Xuechan glanced at the surroundings before he led Chen Xi and Ming along as he travelled at full speed. But right at this moment, his eyes suddenly narrowed slightly as he gazed towards the starry sky at the side.


At practically the exact same moment, a wave of rumbling arose there, and then a spatial tunnel cracked open before a few people walked out from within it.

The figure in the lead was hunched and had a face covered densely in wrinkles, and it made him seem extremely old. Surprisingly, it was actually the Divine Sovereign Priest of the Sovereign Sect, Xu Tuo!

Chen Xi and Ming’s gazes had immediately turned icy cold and indifferent upon catching sight of him, and they recalled their painful experience of being pursued by this old bastard.

But in next to no time, Chen Xi’s attention was drawn over by the man by Xu Tuo’s side.

There was a man and a woman by Xu Tuo’s side. The woman wore a multicolored dress, had snow white skin, a sweet smile, and beautiful eyes while her figure swayed gracefully. Moreover, every single move she made was extremely charming. However, Chen Xi didn’t recognize her.

Chen Xi was surprised by the man instead! He wore black clothes, had a handsome and cold appearance, and his entire body was covered in an icy cold and murderous aura. It was actually Leng Xinghun!

All those years ago during the Dao Discussion held by the five extremes of the Imperial Region, Leng Xinghun had been reputed to possess the best chance at seizing first. However, he’d suffered defeat at Chen Xi’s hands in the end.

But Chen Xi was surprised and bewildered because he clearly remembered that he’d personally put an end to Leng Xinghun’s life at the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. What’s this fellow doing here now?

Could he have survived?


Chen Xi remembered that he’d utilized the energy of Terminus when he killed Leng Xinghun! It hadn’t just crushed Leng Xinghun’s soul, it had even fully destroyed Leng Xinghun’s corpse. So, it was absolutely impossible for Leng Xinghun to have come back to life!

But what’s he doing here?

When Chen Xi looked carefully, his heart shook once more because Leng Xinghun actually possessed the might of a Ninth Star Region Lord!

Moreover, Leng Xinghun’s aura actually showed faint sights of attaining perfection!

What’s going on?

It was entirely from the assistance of the Era Brands and energy of the Origin World that my speed of advancement was so quick. But what about him?

He was clearly killed a long time ago. But not only has he come back to life now, even his cultivation has broken through to the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm. Isn’t this a little too inconceivable?

In an instant, numerous thoughts arose in Chen Xi’s heart, and his eyes couldn’t help but narrow.

All of this took some time to describe, yet it actually occurred in an instant. After Daolord Xu Tuo appeared here with Leng Xinghun and that woman in a multicolored dress, all of them had shot their gazes over to Chen Xi’s group.

“I never expected that I would actually encounter the Grand Lord here. What a coincidence.” Xu Tuo smiled spuriously, and his muddy eyes swept inadvertently towards Wu Xuechan before it descended onto Chen Xi.

In an instant, a wisp of a bright light surged from within his eyes, and they flickered as he said, “That little fellow as well. We meet again!”

“Xu Tuo, I heard that my Little Junior Brother was almost killed by you while he returned from the Primal Chaos Origin?” Wu Xuechan moved imperceptibly to stand in front of Chen Xi and Ming while he spoke indifferently, and his tranquil and indifferent eyes surged with a wisp of piercing coldness.

“Alas, I’m getting old and forgetful. I’m really unable to remember some things clearly.” Xu Tuo sighed with a hoarse and low voice that caused one’s heart to feel cold.

“Oh? Then do you want me to help jog your memory?” Wu Xuechan’s expression grew even more indifferent while universes and nebulae flashed in a cycle of creation and destruction within his eyes. It was an extremely terrifying sight. Moreover, his snow white hair started fluttering without the help of any wind while a terrifying aura that almost crushed this expanse of the starry sky silently effused out from within him.

“Grand Lord, calm yourself.” Xu Tuo waved his hand and spoke slowly. “If we fight now, then how could we have the time to take these juniors to the Primal Chaos Origin and participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors?”

As soon as these words spoke, the hearts of Chen Xi and the others were filled with shock. The Sovereign Sect is participating in the Battle of Dao Protectors as well?

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