Chapter 209 – Rise Of Malicious Intent

Chapter 209 – Rise Of Malicious Intent

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Everywhere the Netherworld Register passed in midair, the numerous demon beasts of the five elements would be like paper as they crumbled, were obliterated, and vanished. It was like an unstoppable stream of cavalry that caused every place its hooves trampled on to turn into ash.

In this battle that was like a slaughter, the swarm of demon beasts that were like an ocean gradually started to thin down, whereas, the figure of Chen Xi and the Netherworld Register instead gradually appeared clearly in the eyes of everyone.

At this moment, there was already no one that paid attention to deaths of the Teng Brothers. Their gazes stared in unison at the Netherworld Register that Chen Xi held tightly in his hand, and their gazes burned with greed.

Magic Treasure!

A peerless Magic Treasure!

A Magic Treasure that possessed intelligence, yet hadn’t been subdued yet!

Is it… an Immortal Artifact?

Only an Immortal Artifact would possess such a terrifying might and such intelligence, right?

“Patriarch Tantai, what’s the name of this Golden Hall Realm kid? What’s his background?” At this moment, Huangfu Chongming started to reexamine Chen Xi.

Because he suddenly noticed that the little thing that was like an ant in his eyes actually possessed many secrets that others coveted, like the body refinement technique that was capable of swallowing the essence of the five elements, like the mysterious Magic Treasure he grasped tightly within his hand…

But no matter if it was the body refinement technique or the mysterious Magic Treasure, both of them weren’t something a nobody ought to possess, and a nobody wasn’t worthy of possessing it, so how did he obtain it?

As soon as Huangfu Chongming spoke, the nearby Lin Moxuan and Xiao Linger silently strained their ears. The both of them were the same and had aroused a trace of curiosity towards Chen Xi’s background due to the body refinement technique and mysterious Magic Treasure.

“He’s called Chen Ke and is from Dragon Lake City. He’d once helped my daughter in the past and as for his background, even I’m not too sure.” Tantai Hong hesitated for a moment before speaking slowly.

Chen Ke?

Huangfu Chongming, Lin Moxuan, and Xiao Linger looked at each other, and all of them had never heard of this name. This went without saying, as amongst the three of them, one was from the Wise King’s Estate and was a member of the Imperial Family that possessed a respected status; the other two were from the remarkable Earthly Heaven Sect and Nine Cauldrons Immortal Sect of the central plains. Moreover, all of them were Core Disciples at the Golden Core Realm, and in terms of status and identity, they weren’t inferior to Huangfu Chongming.

How could three outstanding talents of the younger generation have heard of a nobody from the southern territory’s Dragon Lake City? Of course, it was impossible for them to recognize him, as Chen Xi was using a fake name…

“So that’s how it is. Looks like this Chen Ke is only a lucky bastard that’s not worth mention. But it’s good like this, we don’t have to worry about offending anyone when we ask for the body refinement technique and that treasure that seems like an Immortal Artifact later. Everyone, are all of you willing to participate and make a move together?” Huangfu Chongming swept the others with his gaze and spoke unhurriedly.

The meaning within his words were in plain view. He obviously wanted to seize Chen Xi’s body refinement technique and the Netherworld Register in a brazen, arrogant, and overbearing way, yet no one felt it was improper.

The cultivation world was like this, realistic and brutal. No matter if it was the sects that praised themselves to be reputable and upright or the ruthless and cunning members of devil sects. For the sake of obtaining something that they wanted, the methods they used were exactly the same. They relied on their fists and background, either in secret or out in the open, and it was no different in essence.

“Alright, I agree.” Lin Moxuan frowned, as he seemed to feel that Huangfu Chongming spoke to directly and too bluntly, but after he pondered for a short moment, he still nodded in a reserved manner and agreed to it.

“I can agree to what you said as well. But, I wanted to know beforehand, how will Young Prince distribute the items once we’ve seized it?” Xiao Linger hesitated for a moment before finally being unable to withstand the temptation and speaking out slowly.

“It’s extremely simple. We’ll comprehend the body refinement technique together, and as for the mysterious Magic Treasure…” Huangfu Chongming thought for a moment before saying with a smile, “We’ll talk about it after we seize it. After all, there isn’t just the few of us within the Five Element Ruins, and there are many formidable figures casting covetous eyes over from other places. Once a battle occurs, the outcome is difficult to predict.”

Lin Moxuan and Xiao Linger nodded. They’d noticed the existence of the other cultivators since long ago. These cultivators were in groups of two to five, and a portion of these groups were outstanding talents in the younger generation from various places in the Darchu Dynasty just like them, and their strengths couldn’t be underestimated.

Especially extremely far in the distance, the Whitecrane Sect’s Qing Xiuyi was surprisingly there as well. This woman was a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal, and no one dared overlook her presence.

“Patriarch Tantai, what about you? Are you going to participate?” Huangfu Chongming asked.

Actually, Tantai Hong was struggling intensely in his heart as well, and his expression was indeterminate. After a long time, he said bitterly, “I can agree, but can all of you promise to not harm Chen Ke’s life? I owe him a favor that I haven’t returned, and I brought him into the Oceanic Desert, so harming him would cause me to have no peace of mind.”

A wisp of imperceptible contempt flashed within Huangfu Chongming’s eyes, yet he smiled brightly instead. “Alright, Patriarch Tantai has a sense of righteousness, and it’s admirable. So long as that kid obediently hands over the things, then all of us will naturally let him off.”

“Alright. Everyone, with all four of us joining forces, even though we aren’t afraid of others, but we must not be careless so as to avoid someone taking advantage of our carelessness. Especially that woman Qing Xiuyi, we have to be on guard against her!” Huangfu Chongming swept the sky with his gaze and looked at the swarm of demon beasts that were reducing sharply with a burning gaze. “It’s almost time. The instant the swarm of demon beasts collapsed is the instant we make our move!”

Chen Xi was immersed in the wonderful feeling of his strength increasing swiftly, but he didn’t dare be careless, as the strength of the Netherworld Register was increasing steadily as well. Once he was slightly negligent, he might lose the Netherworld Register.


After an unknown amount of time, the ninth Star Core was developed within the Lightning Shaman Marking, and it quickly attained a saturated state. This Star Core had clearly defined angles, it possessed lightning arcs flowing and warping around it like silver snakes that were faintly visible, and it emitted a piercingly cold aura of destruction.

Up to this point, all the Star Cores within the nine Shaman Marking had been developed and attained a saturated state. If someone were to see Chen Xi's back, they would notice that atop the nine palaces formed from the nine Shaman Markings was numerous Star Cores of different colors that slowly rose up. They were crimson red, golden, azure, black… They were like nine stars that had shrunk a myriad of times. They were connected to each other from afar to form a completely circular nebula pattern that seemed like the symbol of ‘Tai Chi’, and they were a riot of color that was clear and dazzling.

Perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm in body refinement!

In the short time of fewer than three hours, Chen Xi’s body refinement cultivation had actually broken through from the initial-stage to the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm in one go. If such a cultivation speed was told to someone, there would absolutely be no one that would believe it, as it was just too shocking.

But Chen Xi didn’t have the slightest shred of happiness on his face, and he instead fell into a type of bewilderment because he utterly did not possess the body refinement technique for the Golden Core Realm. If he wanted to cultivate to the Golden Core Realm, he would have to enter the Abode once again and ask Ji Yu for it. However, at this moment, his cultivation in body refinement attaining the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm in an extremely short period of time had already completely exceeded Chen Xi’s imagination, and he wasn’t able to wrap his head around it no matter how hard he tried.

Most worrying to him was that since he’d advanced with such a swift speed, would it cause his body refinement cultivation to have any flaws?

“Shit! Chen Xi, there are people flying over towards us, and they’re coming with ill intentions!” Before Chen Xi could wrap his head around all this, Ling Bai’s voice had suddenly sounded out by his ear, causing him to instantly sober up and swiftly raise his head to gaze over.

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