Chapter 2089 – Emerging From His Cultivation

The Sovereign Sect was one of the five extremes of the Imperial Region. It possessed resources and reserves that were deep and ancient, and it had countless experts.

Most importantly, the Sovereign Sect had always pursued the energy of the Heaven Dao, and it was the only terrifying power in the entire world that could utilize the energy of the Heaven Dao!

It was exactly that which made the Sovereign Sect constantly suffer ridicule from the disciples of Oracle Mountain as being a dog that stood on guard for the Heaven Dao.

However, no matter what, after this calamity and chaos had spread through the Ancient God Domain for so many years, there had been countless powers that had sided with the Sovereign Sect in order to seek protection and refuge.

The reason was very simple, it was because the entire world was affected by the disaster, except the Sovereign Sect. Coupled with the unique relationship the Sovereign Sect had with the Heaven Dao, it made numerous powers even think that they could survive this calamity by siding with the Sovereign Sect.

Of course, even more were clearly aware that the reason this calamity had occurred so quickly and intensely was because the Sovereign Sect had been fanning the flames from the shadows.

After all, how could the Sovereign Sect that had constantly considered itself an upholder of justice for the Heavens remain indifferent when an unexpected and shocking change had occurred in the Heaven Dao?

Reality was exactly so. The Sovereign Sect had seized the opportunity presented by this calamity to swallow countless powers during the recent years, and it was even to the extent that once any power were to reveal the intention to refuse siding with the Sovereign Sect, then it would immediately suffer bloody annihilation from the Sovereign Sect.

The Sovereign Sect’s cruel and brutal methods had naturally aroused displeasure in the hearts of many top-rate powers. However, no matter how displeased they were, they could only restrain themselves when facing death.

On the other hand, those powers that had attached themselves to Oracle Mountain, the Dao Institute, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, and the Divine Institute naturally didn’t have to worry about suffering annihilation at the hands of the Sovereign Sect.

However, they had no choice but to be worried. If this chaos and calamity were to continue, then the five extremes of the Imperial Region would definitely be swept into it, sooner or later.

Would a collision occur between the five extremes of the Imperial Region?

Perhaps it wouldn’t in the past, but such a collision would definitely occur sooner or later amidst this unprecedented calamity!

On the 400th year since he entered into closed door cultivation.

Chen Xi had refined and absorbed the Seal of the Devil, and he’d completely grasped the inheritances of the 3rd Era. Even though his cultivation didn’t advance, he’d still attained perfection in the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm.

Besides that, after experiencing a few hundred years of tempering and successively absorbing a few dozen Natural Spirit Treasures, the might of the Talisman Armament had arrived at an unprecedented height as well.

At this moment, even rare Natural Spirit Treasures like the Copper Coin of Treasurefall and the Overarching Heaven Net could only dim in comparison with the Talisman Armament.

The reason was that the Talisman Armament was unlike any other Natural Spirit Treasure. It possessed a practically unlimited space to improve, and it could refine and absorb the essence of other Natural Spirit Treasures. That was a simply unique and unprecedented ability.

Moreover, his cultivation in the Dao Heart had broken through once more and attained the 8th forging of the True Heart Sutra.

On the other hand, his cultivation in the Sword Dao had broken through during a spar with his Eldest Senior Brother, and it had arrived at the 7th level of the Sword Emperor Realm.

The advancement in this spar with his Eldest Senior Brother could be said to be a coincidence. Chen Xi had felt that his combat strength had undergone a complete transformation in these few hundred years of time, so he was extremely confident in his ability and wanted to challenge Wu Xuechan who’d attained the Daolord Realm a long time ago.

After all, he was able to kill the Ninth Star Region Lord of the Sovereign Sect, Lin Dong, with extreme ease while he was at the Eighth Star of the Region Lord Realm. Now, his cultivation had attained the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm while even his cultivation in the Dao Heart and Sword Dao had undergone a transformation as well. So, he naturally yearned to spar with a true Daolord in order to determine the extent of his strength.

Wu Xuechan agreed with pleasure when he heard Chen Xi’s request, and so the spar began.

However, the outcome was that Wu Xuechan had merely stretched out a single finger before Chen Xi was unable to move a muscle. Even if he utilized his entire ability, he was still unable to move an inch.

It felt like he was an ant whose destiny was in the palm of another’s hand and struggling seemed so powerless and useless.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel frustrated. At this moment, Wu Xuechan seemed to have noticed the change in Chen Xi’s mental state, and he couldn’t help but speak apologetically to console Chen Xi, yet he hadn’t expected that it shocked Chen Xi speechless instead.

“I’m sorry, Little Junior Brother. I thought you could fight a true Daolord, so I utilized 30% of my combat strength.

These words seemed to be very flat, but if one thought about it carefully, it carried an arrogant aura that instilled despair in others.

He’d suppressed Chen Xi to the point of being unable to move with just 30% of his combat strength, then how terrifying would he be if he were to utilize his full strength?

At that time, Chen Xi was instantly stunned on the spot, and he felt completely speechless. Moreover, he obtained a deeper understanding of how abnormal Wu Xuechan’s combat strength was.

Fortunately, Wu Xuechan explained that he’d been in the Daolord Realm for a very long time, and he was on the verge of attaining perfection in the Daolord Realm. So, he would usually utilize 30% of his strength to deal with ordinary Daolords as more than that would just be a waste.

This explanation allowed Chen Xi’s emotional state to ease up a little. After all, even though Wu Xuechan was a Daolord, he was a top-rate figure amongst Daolords, so it was within reason for Wu Xuechan to be capable of suppressing him with just 30% of Wu Xuechan’s combat strength.

After that, Wu Xuechan started utilizing 20% of his strength to spar with Chen Xi. Fortunately, while such strength still forced Chen Xi into an embarrassing state, he still had a certain amount of strength to struggle and counterattack.

In the end, it was such terrifying pressure that allowed Chen Xi to actually attain a breakthrough in his Sword Dao, and he attained the 7th level of the Sword Emperor Realm and defeated Wu Xuechan.

To be more precise, he defeated Wu Xuechan who was only utilizing 20% of his combat strength.

Chen Xi was naturally clearly aware that this victory didn’t mean much, but he was still very grateful to Wu Xuechan for going to such great pains and sparring with him.

According to Wu Xuechan, after Chen Xi who was at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm had broken through to the 7th level of the Sword Emperor Realm, Chen Xi possessed the ability to fight an ordinary Daolord. Moreover, even if he couldn’t defeat an ordinary Daolord, he had a very good chance of staying alive.

Of course, Chen Xi’s chances of killing a Daolord was still very tiny. After all, Daolords were too extraordinary. They’d started to comprehend the Grand Dao of Destiny, and the strength they possessed wasn’t something a Region Lord could resist.

But even then, the combat strength Chen Xi possessed now could be considered to be heaven defying!

After all, had any Ninth Star Region Lord throughout the annals of time been capable of possessing the ability to fight a Daolord like Chen Xi could?

This was the shocking transformation that Chen Xi’s strength had experienced after a few hundred years of closed door cultivation, and it seemed to be inconceivable but was actually something that happened naturally.

On the 410th year since he entered into closed door cultivation, Chen Xi finally emerged from it.

Because there wasn’t much time left before the curtains to the Battle of Dao Protectors would be drawn on Godrank Mountain!

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