Chapter 2088 – Time Flashes By

Wu Xuechan thought for a moment and said, “Even I am unable to answer that question. Perhaps you’ll be able to find out the reason when you possess the strength to enter the Dao Terra Firma.”

Chen Xi shrugged helplessly and said, “Looks like that’s my only choice.”

Wu Xuechan pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Little Junior Brother, I heard from Little Junior Sister that you entered the Origin World on your way back from the Primal Chaos Origin?”

Chen Xi nodded because it wasn’t anything worth hiding.

Wu Xuechan’s eyes lit up, and his voice carried a trace of anticipation as he said, “Then did you discover anything unique there?”

What I discovered? Chen Xi was slightly stunned, but he still spoke patiently. “Eldest Senior Brother, if we’re talking about things I discovered there, then I feel that the entire Origin World is rather unique.”

As he spoke, he described everything he’d seen and heard in the Origin World without holding back in the slightest because it was utterly unnecessary to conceal anything from his Eldest Senior Brother.

Wu Xuechan had a slightly curious expression on his face upon hearing all of this, and he pondered silently for a long time before he said, “As expected, the Origin Heaven still hasn’t recovered from its slumber until now.”

Chen Xi said with surprise, “Eldest Senior Brother, you know of the Origin Heaven as well?”

As soon as he spoke these words, Chen Xi realized how unnecessary this question was. Since his Eldest Senior Brother was able to speak these words, then Wu Xuechan had been clearly aware of the Origin World’s existence for a long time.

Wu Xuechan smiled and didn’t say anything further about this topic. He merely instructed Chen Xi. “Little Junior Brother, since King Gu Yuan gave the Core of Origin World to you, then you must take good care of it. Perhaps….”

He hadn’t finished speaking, so Chen Xi finished it for him. “Perhaps it can be utilized as a trump card against Godsbane Heaven one day?”

Wu Xuechan was clearly stunned while a rare wisp of a complicated expression appeared in his eyes. There was surprise there, but it was mostly a gratified expression. Moreover, there was even a faint trace of worry.

A short while later, he said, “Little Junior Brother, don’t mention this to anyone until sufficient preparations have been made.”

Chen Xi had originally spoken these words to find out what Wu Xuechan’s reaction would be, and Wu Xuechan’s answer was exactly what he wanted to hear.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and said, “Don’t worry, Eldest Senior Brother.”

Wu Xuechan smiled and nodded before he stood up. He said, “Little Junior Brother, set your mind at rest and cultivate here. Farewell.”

Chen Xi hurriedly stood up and sent Wu Xuechan off.

“The Grand Lord really is a gentleman. He’s generous, broad-minded, and extraordinary indeed.” Zhen Liuqing couldn’t help but sigh with emotion when Chen Xi returned after sending Wu Xuechan off.

She’d been staying in Oracle Mountain in the last few years after she’d awakened, and it was all thanks to the utmost care Wu Xuechan gave her that she didn’t feel alienated. On the contrary, she grew even more fond of this place that seemed like a paradise isolated from the outside world.

“Yes, even though I’ve gained quite a great reputation for myself, I’m very clearly aware that it would probably be very difficult for me to attain my current accomplishments without Eldest Senior Brother looking after me.” Chen Xi couldn’t help but recall some of the things that had happened in the past.

“Then you have to repay him well in the future.” Zhen Liuqing spoke seriously.

Chen Xi instantly chuckled and said, “I would be treating him like a stranger if I speak of repaying him. However, I really look forward to the day that I’ll be able to help Eldest Senior Brother and even….”

“Even what?” Zhen Liuqing was curious.

“Even be able to look after him like he has looked after me.” Chen Xi took a deep breath and said seriously, “Of course, it includes everyone else within Oracle Mountain.”

“You’ll definitely be able to succeed.” Zhen Liuqing’s clear eyes glistened as she spoke in a gentle tone. She was especially fond of Chen Xi’s loyal character, but it sometimes upset her as well.

As for the reason, it was obvious from all the women who were entangled with Chen Xi….

From that day onward, Chen Xi entered into closed door cultivation, and it seemed like the unrest and chaos in the outside world were completely unrelated to him.

There were over 400 years left until the Battle of Dao Protectors began, and it was clearly quite sufficient for Chen Xi to charge into the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm.

After all, he wouldn’t experience any barriers in the Region Lord realm because he possessed numerous Era Brands.

In other words, Chen Xi merely had to comprehend, refine, and absorb those Era Brands in order, and it would be sufficient for him to easily advance into the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm in a short period of time.

However, Chen Xi didn’t dare slack off at all.

The Battle of Dao Protectors was an unequalled battle that occurred on Godrank Mountain, and every single participant was one of the strongest Innate Gods from the Primal Chaos Origin! Moreover, every single one of them wasn’t weaker than the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm!

Innate Gods were born with innate reserves that far surpassed ordinary cultivators and coupled with the fact that all the participants would be the best experts in the various Divine Dao Protector Clans at the Primal Chaos Origin, it was obvious how brutal the competition during the Battle of Dao Protectors would be.

Most importantly, this grand event would be occurring on Godrank Mountain!

Godrank Mountain was the closest to the Heaven Dao, and it was rumored that the extremely mysterious Godrank Chart resided on it.

Since time immemorial, those who’d been able to step foot onto it and lay eyes on its true appearance were at least Daolords!

Moreover, the Godrank Mountain was an extremely dangerous place for Chen Xi. It was closest to Godsbane Heaven, and it was even a restricted area which was protected by all the Divine Dao Protector Clans.

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi who possessed the River Diagram and Core of Origin World would clearly have to endure even more uncertain pressure.

It was even to the extent that once his secrets were exposed, then it would probably be utterly impossible for him to return alive from Godrank Mountain!

That was what Chen Xi was afraid of the most.

However, no matter how fearful he was, he had to go for the sake of breaking through into the Daolord Realm and completing his agreement with the Chen Clan’s Ancestor, Chen Taichong.

Moreover, as far as Chen Xi was concerned, if his trip to Godrank Mountain was smooth, then perhaps it would allow him to discern even more secrets about the Godrank Mountain!

That was also one of the reasons Chen Xi was willingly participating in the Battle of Dao Protectors.

10 years later.

Chen Xi refined and absorbed the Seal of the Soul, and he fully grasped the inheritances from the Soul Civilization. Moreover, his strength rose along with this and broke through into the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm!

During these 10 years of time, calamities had occurred successively throughout the Ancient God Domain, and the unrest within it was growing. Both man-made and natural calamities filled the Ancient God Domain while the scenes of living beings in misery numerous extremely ancient sects and clans being obliterated could be seen everywhere.

However, Chen Xi was completely unaware of all of this.

After he advanced into the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm, he continued to temper his cultivation while he diverted his attention to cultivating the Dao Heart and comprehending the Sword Dao.

It was also right after his advancement that Chen Xi had a moment of sudden enlightenment, and he realized that it was almost impossible to advance into the Daolord Realm by relying solely on external forces!

In other words, regardless of whether it was those Era Brands he hadn’t refined and absorbed yet, or any other precious treasures of the heavens and the earth, all of them could only provide an auxiliary effect and were unable to provide any material assistance to break through into the Daolord Realm.

All of this allowed Chen Xi to realize that if he wanted to advance into the Daolord Realm as soon as possible, then he clearly had to grab ahold of the supreme fortuitous encounter presented by the Battle of Dao Protectors.

Daolords were existences who stood proudly at the peak of the Ancient God Domain, and they were extremely rare existences throughout the world.

Even in the Imperial Region, the sects and clans who possessed a senior at the Daolord Realm within their clans or sects could step into the ranks of top-rate powers, and this clearly showed how extraordinary Daolords were.

Even if it was one of the five extremes of the Imperial Region like Oracle Mountain, it only possessed a small handful of Daolord Realm experts.

Rare things were the most precious, and it was the same for people. It was probably impossible to find even a single person capable of attaining such a supreme and extraordinary height from amidst a billion living beings!

Now that the Heaven Dao had undergone a shocking change, and it had thrown the world into disorder and chaos while disasters erupted successively. So, it seemed like a vast calamity was about to spread through the entire Ancient God Domain, and the amount of time Chen Xi had to cultivate in peace was growing shorter.

To put it a little more cruelly, if it wasn’t for Oracle Mountain’s protection, then it would be entirely impossible for Chen Xi to cultivate peacefully right now without paying any attention to the storms that were brewing and raging throughout the outside world.

Chen Xi was very clearly aware of it, so even if he’d advanced into the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm and possessed the qualifications to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors, he hadn’t slacked off in the slightest.

Presently, he’d just advanced into the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm, so it was very difficult for him to improve his cultivation in a short period of time. However, it didn’t represent that his combat strength couldn’t be improved.

For example, he could improve the Talisman Armament’s quality, temper his Dao Heart, comprehend the Sword Dao…. All of these aspects could ceaselessly improve his combat strength.

On the 100th year since he entered into closed door cultivation.

Chen Xi’s cultivation in the Dao Heart had broken through from the 6th forging of the True Heart Sutra to the 7th forging, and that figure who sat cross-legged within his Dao Heart had transformed into a young man who looked exactly like Chen Xi.

That figure represented the energy of his Dao Heart, and it provided immeasurable benefits to Chen Xi’s ability to endure a drawn out battle.

At the same time, Wu Xuechan had sent news that the chaos in the Ancient God Domain had spread throughout every single area of it, and countless lives were being lost to both natural and man-made disasters every single day.

Something worthy of mentioning was that this chaos was impossible to stop from spreading to the top-rate powers and Eternal Clans of the Imperial Region in the end. So, the entire Imperial Region was in complete chaos, and it caused a storm of blood to arise!

On the 200th year since he entered into closed door cultivation.

Chen Xi’s cultivation in the Sword Dao broke through into the 6th level of the Sword Emperor Realm, and his combat strength underwent another transformation.

The Ancient God Domain was still covered in incessant battle while disasters occurred successively. So, numerous ancient sects and top-rate powers had no choice but to choose sides in order to seek refuge and survive.

As members of the five extremes of the Imperial Region, Oracle Mountain, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, the Dao Institute, the Sovereign Sect, and the Divine Institute became the best choices for those powers to rely on.

For a time, the entire Imperial Region was changing. The original status quo of it had been destroyed, and it caused numerous powers to be divided into various camps. This gradually started forming an entirely new status quo and order in the world.

Amongst all of these powers, the Sovereign Sect who considered itself to uphold justice on behalf of the Heavens had undoubtedly benefited the most from this chaos and calamity!

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