Chapter 2084 – Senior Brothers and Sisters

The Imperial Region.

The myriad of stars here continued to move incessantly along their eternal pathways while emanating dazzling light that was grand and radiant.

It was mysterious and vast as it had always been. However, when Chen Xi arrived here, he’d immediately noticed that the Imperial Region was unlike before.

Beneath the mysterious and calm veil it had was an aura of slaughter, and it was filled with signs of chaos.

Chen Xi was an Eighth Star Region Lord right now, and he’d even relied on the Core of Origin World to see through the Laws and Order of the Heaven Dao that belonged to Origin Heaven, so it had allowed him to be able to have a clearer ability to sense the intentions of the heavens that were hidden throughout the Imperial Region.

Those intentions were the intent to kill!

“The Imperial Region has really fallen into chaos….” Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but sink. Since the Imperial Region had fallen into chaos, then it meant that otherworldly sects like the five extremes of the Imperial Region were unable to avoid being swept into the chaos.

“Chen Xi, now that we’ve arrived at the Imperial Region. I….” Yea Ze hesitated to speak.

“Thank you. Farewell.” Chen Xi had immediately noticed that Yea Ze was anxious to return home upon arriving at the Imperial Region.

Yea Ze was stunned. He seemed to have not expected that Chen Xi would agree so readily. A while passed before he took a deep breath, and then he bid his farewells to Chen Xi and teleported through space.

“Send my regards to your cousin brother, Yea Chen.”

“Of course.”

After he watched Yea Ze leave, Chen Xi didn’t delay anymore and started teleporting towards a certain direction.

Oracle Mountain.


A wave of spatial fluctuation arose, and then Chen Xi’s tall figure appeared.

I’m finally back…. As he gazed at the familiar lofty mountain and sensed the ancient and tranquil aura that filled the surroundings, Chen Xi’s heavy mental state had eased up greatly.

After numerous years, he’d finally returned to the familiar place where his sect resided, and it was like returning to an otherworld paradise that was isolated from the world, and he didn’t have to feel worried from the flames of war and chaos that were raging through the outside world.

However, Chen Xi was very clearly aware that it was only temporary. If the chaos that affected the entire Ancient God Domain couldn’t be stopped, then this tranquility would definitely be destroyed one day.

At this moment, a very faint fluctuation of space suddenly arose behind him. Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly and was just about to act, but he restrained himself right after that.


A fair and slender hand patted Chen Xi on the shoulder while a clear and melodious voice teased. “How dare you trespass into my Oracle Mountain?”

This familiar voice caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but surge with a wisp of excitement and warmth which he hadn’t felt for a long time, and a wisp of a heartfelt smile had even appeared on his face.

Chen Xi turned around swiftly, and he saw a pretty young man standing in front of him.

He had red lips, white teeth, and a picturesque appearance. It was obvious that it was a woman in disguise as a man, but she revealed a form of natural beauty and style.

At this moment, her hands were behind her back while her starry eyes glistened, and there was a smile hanging on the corners of her mouth that caused a little of her teeth to be exposed. She possessed a form of otherworldly and lively beauty, and she seemed extraordinarily pretty and charming.

This beautiful young man who was actually a girl in disguise was naturally the Little Junior Sister of Oracle Mountain — Li Yang!

After so many years, when he saw his Senior Sister appear before him while revealing such a familiar expression and dressing, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be dazed on the spot.

Actually, it couldn’t be helped. Chen Xi had arrived at Oracle Mountain in the Imperial Region many years ago, but they actually didn’t have the chance to reunite because Li Yang had been in closed door cultivation.

How could Chen Xi restrain the emotions in the depths of his heart when he recalled the scenes of the past?

At the same time that Chen Xi was stunned, Li Yang was sizing him up. She observed him very carefully and had done it from top to bottom, and it was from the changes in his dressing to changes in his bearing. It was like she intended to get to know Chen Xi once more.

Or perhaps, she was trying to find that stubborn and quiet young man she was familiar with?

“Senior Sister….” Chen Xi suddenly spoke, and just these words carried too many emotions. Even if it were someone who was familiar with Chen Xi, that person would probably feel surprised by this scene.

After all, Even Qin Xiuyi, Fan Yunlan, and the others weren’t able to make Chen Xi hesitant to speak and at a loss for what to say like he was right now. He seemed quite awkward and inexperienced.

This indirectly displayed that his Senior Sister Li Yang definitely occupied an extremely important position in his heart, but it wasn’t entirely feelings of admiration. There was affection and longing as well. It was rather complicated.

After all, he’d experienced the fickleness of human nature and various calamities during his youth. At that time, Li Yang was like a ray of light that descended from the heavens, and she brought exceptional hope and warmth to his heavy and dangerous life.

When she heard these words and gazed at Chen Xi’s stiff and stunned expression, Li Yang’s brows raised as she said, “Little Junior Brother, you’ve changed.”

Chen Xi opened his eyes wide and seemed to be puzzled as he said, “What about me has changed?”

Li Yang had her hands behind her back as she strode around Chen Xi, and she gazed at him with her eyes that were clear like the moon. She finally sighed faintly after quite some time passed. “You’ve changed. Your cultivation has actually changed to the point of becoming much higher than my own. That makes me very unhappy.”

Chen Xi was instantly astounded. He’d thought that his experiences throughout these years had made him possess some sort of aura that his Senior Sister disliked. This made him rather anxious and fearful. But who would have expected that it was actually because of this?

Li Yang couldn’t restrain herself from laughing anymore when she saw the expression on Chen Xi’s face, and her laughter was clear, melodious, and exceptionally pleasing to the ear. Moreover, her smile was gorgeous and dazzling like delicate flowers that had bloomed after the rain.

At this moment, Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckle. He’d realized that she was joking, and it was clearly because she wanted to tease him.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion because of this. Senior Sister really hasn’t changed. She’s still so sly and intelligent.

“Come, Eldest Senior Brother and the others have been worried about you for a very long time, and they almost killed their way into the Primal Chaos Origin to save you.” Li Yang grabbed Chen Xi’s hand casually, and then she turned around and walked towards the mountain path in the distance.

Chen Xi was able to clearly feel like he was holding soft and tender warm jade, and it possessed an unusual warmth that was exceptionally comfortable.

This made Chen Xi slightly uncomfortable, but he quickly shook his head in his heart. Because his Senior Brother had held his hand like this on more than one occasion in the past.

The mountain was verdant while its path was winding, and it was covered in ancient trees, jagged old rocks, glowing divine herbs, and drifting mist.

Chen Xi and Li Yang walked side by side while holding each other’s hands, and they walked up the mountain step by step. Moreover, their expressions, movements, and even mental state had become naturally comfortable and calm.

Both of them remained silent, and they seemed to really enjoy this rare moment of peace and harmony after so many years of time had passed.

A heroic and rough voice suddenly resounded when they were about to ascend the peak of the mountain. “Hahaha! No wonder Little Junior Sister suddenly vanished just now. So Little Junior Brother is back!”

Chen Xi was instantly jolted awake from that natural and tranquil state, and then he casually jerked his hand away from Li Yang’s grasp.

As expected, when he raised his head to look over, he saw a mighty figure that seemed like an iron tower standing in the distance while gazing at him with a smile on his face.

That figure had dark skin, a broad forehead, and stubble that seemed like iron needles. As he stood there casually, he seemed to emanate an oppressive imposing aura of being able to hold back an army. It was exactly the third disciple in Fuxi’s line, Tie Yunhai.

“Third Senior Brother, you’re always so ignorant of the situation and speak your mind without any care.” Li Yang glared at Tie Yunhai who stood in the distance. She wanted to grab Chen Xi’s hand again, but she thought for a moment before she gave up resentfully in the end.

“Oh, Little Junior Brother has returned from afar. What a joyous occasion that calls for drinking to our heart’s content!” Meanwhile, a man who seemed like an old scholar appeared by Tie Yunhai’s side. He held a scroll in one hand while he had a wine jar in the other, and he nodded as he spoke those words before he raised his head, took a large mouthful of the wine, and laughed merrily.

Obviously, he was the fourth disciple of Fuxi’s line, the Old Scholar.

“Third Senior Brother, Fourth Senior Brother.” Chen Xi hurriedly bowed to them.

However, he hadn’t even been able to say anything when a wave of clamorous voices resounded once more.

“Little Junior Brother is back?”

“Hurry up! Let me see him! How long as it been? It’s actually the first time I’m meeting Little Junior Brother. I truly feel bad about it.”

“I’m the same. But I don’t feel bad about it. I’m very angry instead. That kid clearly returned many years ago, so why didn’t he come to meet us?”

“Oh, he’s our Little Junior Brother? He’s even more handsome than Eldest Senior Brother. I think that only Fifth Senior Brother, Li Fuyao, can compete in appearance with Little Junior Brother.”

Clamorous voices resounded incessantly, and then numerous figures appeared here while accompanying those voices. There were men and woman of all ages, and their gazes had swept over and locked onto Chen Xi as soon as they arrived. Moreover, their gazes were filled with curiosity and happiness.

Chen Xi instantly thought to himself. These are definitely my senior brothers and senior sisters, right?

He swept his gaze through them, and he even saw a familiar face, his Fifth Senior Brother, Li Fuyao!

“Little Junior Brother, come! Allow me to introduce them to you. This is Sixth Senior Brother Cang Tu, he stepped into the path towards the Dao by utilizing the natural striations possessed by all things. He has collected numerous rare divine plants and rocks. You can fell free to ask him for some if you’re interested in those things.” Li Yang pointed at an ordinary looking middle aged man who possessed a honest and king bearing.

“This is Seventh Senior Sister Gu Liangqin. She stepped into the path towards the Dao by utilizing the tune of the heavens and the earth. She possessed many unparalleled divine artifacts that are in the form of musical instruments like the zither and drum. All of them are extremely formidable divine artifacts. However, she’s a simple and elegant person who’s pure of heart, so she never kills. Those treasures are truly wasted in her hands.” As she spoke, Li Yang pointed towards a delicate, dignified, and kind woman who wore plain clothes and had shoulder-length jet black hair.

Once she finished introducing their seventh senior sister, Li Yang pointed at a grey clothed young man who seemed indolent and slovenly. “This is Eighth Senior Brother Qing Hui. While his name sounds nice, he’s a very indolent person that can sleep over thousands of years.”

“This is Ninth Senior Sister Xuan Qing….”

“This is Tenth Senior Brother Mu Xinyu….”

“This is Eleventh Senior Brother Lin Yuan….”

“This is Twelfth Senior Brother Yu Ming….”

Chen Xi hurriedly bowed to the person as soon as Li Yang introduced them. In the past, he’d merely heard of their name but hadn’t met them in person, and these introductions allowed him to obtain complete knowledge of the appearances of all the personal disciples in Fuxi’s line.

All of them, brothers and sisters, were gathered together, and the atmosphere here seemed bustling beyond compare.

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