Chapter 2083 – War

A vast galaxy was far away in the distance. It was shaped like a Japanese banana leaf, and it was studded with a myriad of stars.

According to the path Yea Ze had provided him, this galaxy was called Darkwind, and it was the only path towards the Modor Region.

If he wanted to arrive at the Imperial Region in the shortest time possible, then he had to enter Modor Region. Obviously, he had to pass through Darkwind Galaxy to enter Modor Region.

In the past, Darkwind Galaxy was extremely bustling and prosperous, and countless living beings gathered here. Yet now, it had transformed into a battlefield!

A war was raging through the entire Darkwind Galaxy!


Countless divine treasures whistled and collided like meteors and shooting stars.

All sorts of supreme techniques were released and seemed like exploding suns as they erupted incessantly throughout Darkwind Galaxy.

Moreover, cultivators formed a dense black cloud as they shouted and charged into their enemy’s ranks, causing a storm of blood to descend.

It was absolutely an extraordinarily vast war!

It was bloody, and it was cruel!

Both sides to the war were gods that possessed the might to destroy the heavens and the earth!

They simply seemed like two armies that were fighting incessantly, and it was a collision of blood and death.

They’d transformed the entire galaxy into their battlefield, and they used their monstrous divine might to create a storm of blood that covered the sky!


The space there collapsed, the stars exploded into pieces, and violent gusts of air raged throughout the surroundings, causing the world there to dim down.


Corpses fell from the sky while accompanied by blood that streamed down and incessantly shrill cries. At this moment, all living things were like ants and their lives weren’t in their hands anymore.


It was like the entire galaxy had transformed into a battlefield of the asura. It was suffused with blood while baleful mist surged throughout it, and it was horrifying beyond compare.

This was a war! A war between the gods!

A vast galaxy had been made a battlefield, and the scenes that were created throughout it seemed like the bloody scenes of purgatory. At this moment, life seemed worthless!

Chen Xi had experienced countless battles in the past and witnessed innumerable bloody events, but it was still the first time he’d witnessed such a vast war.

Within a single galaxy was a myriad of stars which cultivators could cultivate on, and there were innumerable sects and countless living beings residing on every single one of those stars.

Yet now, such a galaxy had been reduced to a battlefield. Under such circumstances, countless innocent lives would be swept into the battle and be reduced to souls that were taken by the war!

In the past, a war of such scale would absolutely not occur in the Ancient God Domain. Because once it did occur, it would bring annihilation to countless living beings, and no one could bear the responsibility for such a crime that aroused public indignation and wrath.

Yet now, it was happening right before his eyes!

The Ancient God Domain has really started to fall into chaos…. Chen Xi muttered in his heart while he felt unspeakably sorrowful and furious. He simply felt suffocated as if something were stuck in his chest.

Chen Xi wasn’t one who felt compassion and pity for the fate of all living beings. But when he witnessed such merciless scenes and thought of how countless living beings would perish amidst feelings of despair and panic, he felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart.

Exactly whose fault is this?

Why has war occurred at such a large scale?

“See? This is war. Unrest had started to appear in the Ancient God Domain since a few years ago, and it isn’t as calm as it was in the past. Moreover… there’s probably no one capable of stopping all of this. Perhaps, it won’t be long before the entire world will be enveloped by the flames of war and destruction that brings misery and suffering to all!” Yea Ze sighed endlessly with emotion.

He hadn’t noticed at all that Chen Xi’s expression had become indifferent. Moreover, Chen Xi’s pupils that seemed like black abysses were surging with a wisp of shockingly cold light.


A sword howl resounded.

Yea Ze’s entire body shook while he swiftly raised his head. He saw that Chen Xi had suddenly soared into the sky while Chen Xi’s entire body emanated strands of extremely blazing and dazzling violet gold divine radiance.

His long hair fluttered as he held the pitch black and simple Talisman Armament in his hand, and his entire body was enshrouded by violet gold energy. Moreover, his tall figure was enveloped by a divine and mighty aura.

“You….” Yea Ze was just about to speak when he saw a thick and extraordinary strand of sword qi surge from Chen Xi’s sword!


The sword qi emanated boundlessly grand and dazzling light, and it wasn’t really fast. However, it possessed a vast and powerful aura that made all living beings feel awe in their hearts.

The might of this strike was simply like a ray of light that could charge through the darkness. It shot past the stars, crushed the space in its path, and carried monstrous might as it slashed down towards Darkwind Galaxy that resided in the distance.


The heavens and the earth rumbled explosively while this terrifying strand of sword qi shot towards the distance, and it alarmed the cultivators throughout the starry sky!

In an instant, the countless cultivators who were in intense battle throughout Darkwind Galaxy felt horrified, and they stopped what they were doing and swiftly raised their heads.

After that, they saw a boundless strand of sword qi that lied across the starry sky as it slashed down from above!

Its might was capable of tearing all of them apart with ease!

Regardless of which side they were from, all of them practically instinctively flew towards the distance in a hurry, and they were astounded to the point their souls almost left their bodies.


“Dammit! Could it be a Daolord?”

“How terrifying!”

Sharp cries that were filled with terror resounded incessantly from Darkwind Galaxy. One could clearly notice that the extremely intense and vast war had actually been horrified by the might of this sword qi, and it caused all of those cultivators who were bathed in blood as they fought to flee incessantly.

How shocking was this sword qi?

Countless cultivators had gathered in this boundless galaxy and were engaged in war, but they’d actually been horrified by the might contained within this strand of sword qi!

They had no choice but to stop the war while the cultivators themselves fled hastily.

That strand of sword qi descended slowly towards the center of Darkwind Galaxy, and it slashed open an extremely straight path through space!

The surroundings were deathly silent at this moment.

All the participants in this war were stunned while horror arose in their hearts. Because if that strand of sword qi were to descend onto them, then the consequences would simply be unimaginable!

Chen Xi’s figure that was suffused by violet gold divine radiance strode over amidst this deathly silent atmosphere.

He walked through that completely straight path that he’d slashed open with a calm and indifferent expression while divine radiance suffused his entire body, causing him to seem mighty and terrifying.

When they saw his figure, all the cultivators throughout Darkwind Galaxy felt even more terrified. It was like they’d witnessed the arrival of a supreme overlord, and they felt reverent to the extreme.

Who is he?

Why has he interfered in this war?

No one knew the answer nor did any one of them dare to question him. It was even to the extent they didn’t dare to arouse even a trace of displeasure!

Right amidst this deathly silent atmosphere, Chen Xi’s figure had stopped at a certain spot, and then he raised his hand and grabbed, causing a treasured vessel that was over 40m long to be dragged to him.

Chen Xi gazed at it and saw that a few hundred people were squeezed up within the narrow and tiny space within it.

There were men and woman of all ages within the treasured vessel, and their cultivations were extremely weak. It was even to the extent that some were children that hadn’t even started to cultivate.

However, all of their faces had the same expression on it. It was an expression of terror, frustration, helplessness, and the desire to live!

Chen Xi didn’t have to guess to realize that it was definitely a treasured vessel that was being utilized to escape, and all these people squeezed within it were trying to avoid this war. Unfortunately, they were still unable to avoid being swept into it.

It was a war that they weren’t even related to, but it had destroyed the place they lived in and their hopes. They were just innocents!

“Uncle, can you spare us?” A young child suddenly spoke softly while his little face was covered in a hopeful expression.

“Shut up! Do you want to die!?” A middle aged man was in panic. He hurriedly covered the child’s mouth as if he was very afraid Chen Xi would be infuriated and annihilate them.

“I’ll send all of you on your way.” Chen Xi felt even more suffocated when he witnessed this. He didn’t hesitate to flick his sleeve, and then a shapeless forge carried the treasured vessel through space and teleported it extremely far away, causing it to vanish in an instant.

“Did you execute that attack just now merely to save them?” Yea Ze stared blankly at Chen Xi as he spoke these words.

It wasn’t just him. All the other cultivators felt that it was absurd. This is a war, so how can there be no deaths?

“Why not?” Chen Xi frowned.

Yea Ze laughed bitterly and said, “Do you know how many living beings like them have suffered from the war and chaos? Billions! How many can you save on your own?”

“Since I’ve encountered them, then I have to save them. Every single one is another life saved!” Chen Xi spoke calmly.

“Do you know that while you are able to save them now, they’ll be unable to avoid being constantly affected by the war and chaos once you’ve left!?” Yea Ze summoned up to courage to continue. “To put it frankly, everything you did was meaningless. Unless you can put an end to the war and chaos throughout the Ancient God Domain.”

The meaning behind his words were very obvious. Just Chen Xi’s strength alone was unable to stop all of this. So, there was no need to continue doing meaningless things.

“Oh, is that so?” Chen Xi neither agreed nor disagreed. His gaze was piercingly cold as he glanced at the countless cultivators in the surroundings. In the end, his lips parted as he spoke two words lightly. “Fuck off!”

It was just two words, yet it was like a thunderclap that surged through and covered the entire Darkwind Galaxy!

The bodies of all the cultivators who were participating in the war shivered as if they were suffering extraordinary pressure, and then they hastily fled towards all directions.

That strike Chen Xi executed had completely crushed their wills to fight, and they were terrified and uneasy to the extreme. Under such circumstances, how could they possibly not flee as soon as they could.

Yea Ze swiftly added. “To say something you might not like hearing, I guarantee that those fellows will start fighting again once we leave, and even if they don’t, others would do it instead.”

Chen Xi remained silent for a short while before he suddenly said, “Do you believe that this war and chaos will come to an end, sooner or later?”

Yea Ze was stunned, and he felt slightly bewildered.

“I do.” Chen Xi answered his own question in a calm voice, but it carried a wisp of resolution.

As soon as he finished speaking, he brought Yea Ze along as he continued teleporting forward.

During the subsequent leg of their journey, Chen Xi had encountered numerous large scale wars throughout his path, and it was even to the extent that a war had been vast to the point of throwing an entire universe into chaos.

All of these bloody scenes proved that the Ancient God Domain was really in chaos, and a storm had descended upon it.

All along the way, Chen Xi’s mental state grew heavier and heavier while he became more and more reticent and quiet. No one knew what exactly he was thinking about.

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