Chapter 2082 – Undercurrents

Chen Xi searched the palace before he left, and sure enough, he found a huge amount of treasures that could be described as an ocean of treasures.

Those treasures were piled into a mountain and practically consisted solely of extremely rare and precious divine materials. Every single one of them could definitely be sold for an astronomical price in the outside world!

After all, Lin Dong was a Ninth Star Region Lord who had managed the Grand Heaven Mine for so many years, so the treasures he’d gathered were naturally innumerable.

Moreover, it was naturally impossible for them to be ordinary when such a figure had taken a liking to them.

Of course, when compared to those treasures, Chen Xi had undoubtedly attached even more importance to the three Natural Spirit Treasures he obtained from Lin Dong’s corpse.

A copper bell.

A green vine whip.

A lightning hammer that flowed with lightning.

All of them were precious treasures amongst Natural Spirit Treasures, and they were extremely suitable to nurture and improve the Talisman Armament.

Presently, the Talisman Armament’s strength could be said to be extremely formidable, and ordinary Natural Treasures couldn’t compare to it at all. However, after he attained the Eighth Star Region Lord Realm, Chen Xi felt that the might of the Talisman Armament still had to be improved a little in order to fully bring forth the combat strength he possessed.

“Oh, this is some compensation for you.” Chen Xi noticed that Yea Ze’s countenance was pale and seemed to still have some lingering fear, and he couldn’t help but chuckle and casually toss over some treasures to Yea Ze.

“What?” Yea Ze was stunned and bewildered.

“The compensation for the distress you experienced.” Chen Xi patted him on the shoulder and said, “After all, I caused you to be in a state of anxiety all along the way, and it was due to my lack of consideration.”

The expression on Yea Ze’s face instantly changed repeatedly while he felt extremely sorrowful and resentful in his heart. This compensation is truly humiliating! When was I in a state of anxiety? Huh?

Even though he was disgruntled, Yea Ze had still taken it obediently. He didn’t dare to display his displeasure before this ruthless fellow who killed people like flies.

Yea Ze suddenly looked saw Chen Xi come over and pick him up like a little chick, and he couldn’t but exclaim. “What are you planning to do now?”

“Leave, of course.” Chen Xi spoke casually while he’d arrived at the center of the hall. There was an obscure diagram here, and it represented a teleportation formation.

“But can you put me down first…?” Yea Ze spoke anxiously because he’d had enough of being carried by Chen Xi while unable to struggle free.


However, his voice hadn’t even finished resounding through the air when Chen Xi had activated the teleportation formation, and then a wave of strange rumbling arose before the two of them vanished on the spot and were teleported away.

“Again!? Can you respect me a little!?” Yea Ze’s sorrowful howl that was filled with dissatisfaction resounded in the hall before falling silent.

Lin Dong’s headless corpse laid there on the deathly silent and cold ground, and strands of blood flowed out and dyed the ground red.


Suddenly, a strand of blood red light shot out from within him and charged into the sky. It was a shocking and mysterious scene.


In merely an instant, the entire sky started roiling violently while terrifying energy of the Heaven Dao transformed into grey divine chains that rampaged incessantly through the heavens and the earth.

The mountains started to collapse, the ground started to crack, space fell into disorder, and the world was destroyed. This terrifying and vast calamity was like a raging storm that started to rampage through the Grand Heaven Mine.

Fortunately, all those cultivators who’d been captured and brought here had fled, otherwise, they were bound to be annihilated by this terrifying calamity if they remained here.


In the end, this seemingly boundless mine that was completely enveloped by the Order and Laws of the Heaven Dao had been completely obliterated and transformed into nothingness amidst rumbling that shook the world.

No one had noticed that right before the Grand Heaven Mine had been obliterated, a cold, indifferent, and emotionless eye had flashed in the sky that was covered in all sorts of phenomena!

At practically the exact same time. The Sovereign Sect.

A voice that was filled with a supremely dignified aura resounded through the Boundless Sovereign Realm.

“The Grand Heaven Mine has been obliterated. Looks like that fellow, Chen Xi, has obtained the Core of Origin World and returned from the Origin World!

“Send the order that there’s no need to act against that kid. I want him to stay alive and participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors that’s about to be held in a few hundred years!”

A dazzling and brilliant starry sky that was mysterious and gorgeous stretched throughout his field of vision.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief upon seeing this familiar scene and sensing such a familiar aura. I’m finally back….

A few dozen years had passed in the blink of an eye since he left the Primal Chaos Origin, was pursued by Xu Tuo, entered the Origin World, passed through the Grand Heaven Mine, and returned to this familiar world, .

Such a short period was nothing to cultivators, but Chen Xi had experienced all sorts of events.

He’d been pursued by Daolord Xu Tuo to the point of almost losing his life and had obtained knowledge of numerous secrets in the Origin World. Most importantly, he finally understood that the Order and Laws of the Heaven Dao that covered the sky of the world he cultivated in was called Godsbane Heaven!

Chen Xi asked after quite some time passed. “Where are we?” At this moment, he’d let go of Yea Ze’s clothes.

“Let me have a look.” Yea Ze quickly withdrew a bronze treasure that seemed like a disk, and then he investigated carefully before he said with surprise, “Eastend Region! It’s the region that forms the eastern border of the Ancient God Domain, and it will take at least 3 years to head to the Imperial Region if we don’t rely on teleportation formations between regions.”

Chen Xi pondered deeply before he said, “How long would it take if I were to do the travelling?”

Only now did Yea Ze suddenly realize that this fellow beside him had slaughtered a Ninth Star Region Lord with a single swing of the sword, yet he’d made estimations based on his own cultivation….

“Err, it would take a few months. I think?” Yea Ze was uncertain.

“A few months? That’s a little slow. Never mind, I’ll just make the best use of my time and travel.” Chen Xi frowned, and then he immediately decided to travel at full speed and strive to return to Oracle Mountain as soon as possible.

He’d vanished for a few dozen years and an unexpected change had occurred in the Ancient God Domain now, so he didn’t even know how Oracle Mountain was doing now.

Yea Ze suddenly said, “Wait.”

Chen Xi glanced at him. “What?”

Yea Ze hesitated. “Senior, you… can you tell me about your background?”

“Are you worried that I would kidnap you?” Chen Xi immediately noticed that this fellow seemed to be afraid of him.

Yea Ze said with embarrassment on his face. “Senior, you’ve misunderstood. I merely want to firmly remember your great kindness so I can repay you properly in the future.”

Chen Xi waved his hand and said, “There’s no need to repay me. You just have to lead me to the Imperial Region.”

Chen Xi paused for a moment and said, “My name is Chen Xi, and I’m from Oracle Mountain.”

“So it was Senior Chen Xi….” Yea Ze started speaking yet suddenly cried out. “Wait! Wait did you say? Your name is Chen Xi? From Oracle Mountain? My god! You’re actually that Chen Xi?”

His voice carried extreme surprise and excitement, and it seemed like he found it very difficult to believe.

“Let’s just go.” Chen Xi glanced towards the expanse of space behind him, and then he’d grabbed Yea Ze as an expanse of violet gold divine radiance surged explosively from his entire body before he shot through space.

“Are you really that personal disciple of Oracle Mountain, Chen Xi? Impossible! I heard that you’d just returned from the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos a few years ago, and you’re just stepped into the Region Lord Realm then, right? How could you have become so formidable now and even a Ninth Star Region Lord like Lin Don was no match for you?”

“Could you have lied to me?”

“Say something….”

Yea Ze’s shocked vice resounded all long the way. He seemed to be too excited and unable to believe all of this, and it made nag on incessantly.

“Chen Xi!”

“So that Senior was actually that renowned personal disciple of Oracle Mountain!?”

“But… when did his combat strength become so heaven defying? Kong Youran, Shi Yu, Yea Chen, Yu Jiuhui, and the others who entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos with him at that time are merely around the Second Star Region Lord Realm right now, yet he… is actually capable of annihilating a Ninth Star Region Lord with a single swing of his sword! How could that be possible?”

“It’s completely unnecessary for a figure like him to utilize the identity of another to conceal his own identity. In other words, he’s definitely Chen Xi!”

“But exactly what sort of unprecedented fortune did he obtain to actually attained such a shocking cultivation in such a short period of time?”

“Chen Xi…. Chen Xi…. I never expected that the person who saved us would actually be a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain.”

Not long after Chen Xi had left with Yea Ze, numerous figures had appeared in that expanse of space that they resided in earlier.

Surprisingly, they were those cultivators who’d escaped the Grand Heaven Mine!

Moreover, it was very obvious that they’d heard the conversation between Chen Xi and Yea Ze, and that was why they’d sighed with surprise.

They left successively before long.

As these cultivators returned to the various regions within the Ancient God Domain, everything that had occurred within the Grand Heaven Mine would definitely spread through the world.

At that time, one could only imagine the shock and uproar everything Chen Xi did would create.

Half a month passed by swiftly.

Chen Xi had passed through passed through a few dozen boundlessly vast regions and numerous universes with Yea Ze as his guide.

Chen Xi had practically never rested all along the way. But even then, his physical strength was still maintained at a peak state.

All of this was because of the deep cultivation he possessed at the Eighth Star Region Lord Realm, and his cultivation was even something that an ordinary Eighth Star Region Lord couldn’t compare to.

After all, could any Eighth Star Region Lord in the world kill a renowned Ninth Star Region Lord with a single attack?

“Didn’t you say that chaos has spread through the Ancient God Domain, and the flames of war have spread throughout the world?” Chen Xi suddenly frowned on spoke. Since he’d started teleporting until now, he’d seen many battles and slaughters, but they were all small scale altercations.

“Perhaps the flames of war haven’t spread here. After all, we’re heading back from the easternmost region of the Ancient God Domain.” Yea Ze thought for a moment before he answered Chen Xi.

He’d already fully confirmed Chen Xi’s identity, and he stopped being vigilant towards Chen Xi in even the slightest. On the contrary, he’d become extremely respectful to Chen Xi.

It wasn’t just because Chen Xi had saved him from the Grand Heaven Mine, it was also because his cousin brother, Yea Chen, and Chen Xi were good friends indeed.

“Oh,” said Chen Xi before he continued forward.

But in next to no time, he stopped once more on the spot, and his gaze shot over like a bolt of lightning towards the distance. He muttered after quite some time passed. “Speak of the devil, and he shall appear. It really is a huge disaster….”

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