Chapter 2081 – Secrets

That headless corpse… is actually mine?

When Lin Dong realized this, he felt his mind drone as if it were on the verge of exploding. Extremely intense pain surged like a tide through it, and it tortured him to the point his consciousness collapsed inch by inch.

He roared furiously. “Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!”

His voice carried extreme rage, hatred, frustration, and unwillingness.

Lin Dong was truly unable to imagine how his head had been chopped off when the battle had just begun, and his opponent had merely executed a single strand of sword qi!

After all, he was a Ninth Star Region Lord! He was only a step away from the Daolord Realm! However, he was actually unable to resist even a single strike from his opponent?

How could this be possible?

Could he be a true Daolord?


Lin Dong had carefully investigated his opponent’s aura before he set out earlier. Even though he couldn’t see through Chen Xi, he was absolutely sure that Chen Xi wasn’t a Daolord!

But since he isn’t a Daolord, then how could his combat strength be so terrifying?

Amongst all the Ninth Star Region Lords of the entire Ancient God Domain, is there even anyone that’s strong to the point I can’t even resist a single attack?

Lin Dong couldn’t figure it out, and his fear and frustration caused him to be unable to accept such a reality.

This incident was too inconceivable. Lin Dong had cultivated for countless years until now, and it was the first time he’d encountered such a strange and astounding incident.

Moreover, it was very obvious that this was bound to be the last thing which Lin Dong experienced.


After that furious roar resounded from him, the last trace of consciousness within his mind had collapsed, and then his vision turned blank while he perished!

A rain of blood descended while the headless corpse crashed to the ground, and Chen Xi caught Lin Dong’s head in his hand.

The terror and frustration Lin Dong felt before his death were frozen on his face. His pupils were dilated while face was warped, and it seemed extremely horrifying.

Lin Dong was dead!

He’d perished from a single strike of Chen Xi’s sword!

Earlier, he’d soared over through the sky while covered in a myriad of bolts of dazzling and blazing lightning, and he seemed divine and dignified like the ruler of the world.

The divine might and bearing of absolute control he revealed had caused all the cultivators in the surroundings to feel terrified, and they even wished for nothing more than to flee just now.

Yet now, he’d been instantly beheaded by a single strike from Chen Xi, and he hadn’t even noticed how he’d been killed….

All of this seemed to be so inconceivable and astounding!

The atmosphere here was deathly silent, and the air was still enshrouded in a dense aura of blood. It seemed like the surroundings were displaying that everything from before had really occurred and wasn’t an illusion.

However, the cultivators in the surroundings were still unable to accept all of it in a short period of time, and they had blank expressions while they felt dazed from the shock they experienced.

They’d unconsciously thought that Chen Xi had practically no hope of leaving the Grand Heaven Mine because all the examples of the past proved that all attempts at escaping would be crushed mercilessly, and there was no exception to it.

But out of their desire to watch a show and satisfy their curiosity, or perhaps it could be because of a trace of hope in the depths of their hearts, these cultivators intended to have a look. They wanted to see who exactly that fellow who intended to escape the Grand Heaven Mine this time was, the ability that fellow possessed, and how long he would be able to persist before death arrived!

So, they’d converged here from all directions and followed behind Chen Xi.

However, as they moved forward continuously, they noticed that Chen Xi was much more formidable than the fellows of the past, and he was even more domineering and overbearing!

He was practically moving forward openly and charging through his enemies with all-powerful might. He’d never evaded or hesitated even once.

He was like a released arrow that was sharp, fierce, and shot through everything in its path!

Those cultivators had been constantly shocked by the scenes they witnessed all along the way, and it had gradually started to change their thoughts towards Chen Xi. It was even to the extent that many had started to arouse a trace of hope, and they weren’t so pessimistic towards Chen Xi’s efforts anymore….

However, all of these changes in their thoughts had stopped when those 30 plus red robed Grand Priests of the Sovereign Sect had shown themselves.

Because that was over 30 existences at the Imperial Monarch Realm or above! So, how could Chen Xi resist all of them by himself?

However, the outcome exceeded their expectations. Those 30 plus red robed Grand Priests were actually like pieces of paper that were mercilessly torn apart by Chen Xi and slaughtered! Not a single one of them survived!

All of this caused those cultivators to feel extremely shocked, and they even couldn’t avoid starting to indulge in fantasies that Chen Xi might be able to escape from the Grand Heaven Mine.

However, reality had doused a bucket of cold water on them because Lin Dong had made an appearance! This cold and merciless Ninth Star Region Lord was like a nightmare that had instilled too much fear and bad memories in the hearts of those cultivators.

Lin Dong’s arrival caused them to feel utterly terrified and filled with despair. They instinctively thought that no matter how formidable Chen Xi’s combat strength was, he would definitely be crushed mercilessly by Lin Dong!

But the outcome was….

The intense battle they expected hadn’t occurred, nor had the expected scene of Chen Xi being crushed by Lin Dong. It was even to the extent that they weren’t even able to witness it clearly before Lin Dong had been beheaded!

It was too swift!

A single sword in a single instant, and a Ninth Star Region Lord who possessed monstrous might had been beheaded. Such a scene was simply shocking to the extreme.

Even at this very moment, those cultivators weren’t able to recover from the extraordinary impact this scene inflicted on them.

“Lin Dong… is really dead!” Someone finally muttered after a long time and broke the silence here.

“He’s dead. That demon is finally dead! How many years has it been since we’ve been unable to escape from the shadow of that demon? Who would have imagined that he would die just like that?” Some were excited and were practically on the verge of weeping from the extreme joy they experienced.

“A single swing of his sword took to life of a Ninth Star Region Lord! Exactly how terrifying is that Senior?” Some exclaimed with admiration, and their eyes were filled with reverence.

“Now that Lin Dong is dead, we’re free as well! HAHAHAHA!!!”

Many others roared with laughter as they vented the resentment and dejection they’d accumulated for so long within their hearts. All of them had been captured and brought here by the Sovereign Sect to act as laborers, and their lives were simply worse than death. Now, they’d finally seen a trace of a chance to escape, so how could they not feel excited?

“Hmm? Where’s that Senior?” Suddenly, a voice drew the attention of the others, and only now did they notice that the Senior’s figure had already vanished.

“He leaves right away once the deed is done, and he doesn’t reveal his name to take credit for it.” A cultivator sighed with emotion. “Unfortunately, we were unable to find out that Senior’s name. It truly is a pity.”

“Don’t just stand there. Quickly seize this opportunity to escape. Such a huge commotion would definitely alarm the Sovereign Sect, and we can dream of leaving if they send reinforcements!”

These words were like words of enlightenment that cleared their minds, and then they immediately couldn’t be bothered to sigh with emotion and swarmed towards the distance.

However, they would probably never be able to forget that strike Chen Xi executed to kill Lin Dong….

That strike could be described as unparalleled!

At the core of the Grand Heaven Mine, that ancient and grand palace was still standing towering there, but its owner had left this world.

Chen Xi stood before a bookshelf in the palace, and he saw the scrolls of skin that filled the shelves.


He opened them one after the other to reveal the rows of words written in blood, and all the records on them were related to the changes in the Heaven Dao throughout the Grand Heaven Mine.

Chen Xi was finally sure that the Grand Heaven Mine really was the closest place to the Origin World, and the Godsbane Heaven really had been constantly watching the Origin World!

Moreover, it was very obvious that the Sovereign Sect’s Master was probably aware of the Origin World’s existence, otherwise, he would have definitely not dispatched a Ninth Star Region Lord like Lin Dong to reside here merely for the sake of recording and observing the Heaven Dao.

Yea Ze was at a corner of the palace, and he had a ghastly pale countenance as he squatted on the ground. Moreover, he seemed to be filled with horror and had a blank expression on his face.

That fellow killed Lin Dong!

That fellow killed Lin Dong!

Yea Ze was ceaselessly repeating these words in his heart, and it was like he could only reduce the impact and shock he suffered by acting in this way.

Or perhaps, Yea Ze had never expected that Chen Xi would actually succeed at killing his way through an army and beheading the enemy commander.

All of this was like a bloody and inconceivable dream, and it caused Yea Ze to be unable to return to his senses until now.

“Hmm?” Meanwhile, Chen Xi suddenly frowned and made a sound.

This caused Yea Ze to be unable to avoid shuddering, and then he said unconsciously, “What is it?”

“It’s nothing.” Chen Xi answered casually without even turning to look at Yea Ze. He was looking through a skin scroll, and it surprisingly recorded that an astounding change had occurred to the energy of the Heaven Dao throughout the Grand Heaven Mine three years ago. It was like the Heaven Dao had been infuriated by something and released its terrifying might.

It was also at that very same time when the Divine Sovereign Priest, Daolord Xu Tuo, arrived here, and he ordered Lin Dong to seal off all news about this before leaving in a hurry.

If Chen Xi wasn’t wrong, then the time he’d been pursued by Xu Tuo and accidentally entered the Origin World was just around that time.

In other words, his and Ming’s entrance into the Origin World had caused the Heaven Dao above Grand Heaven Mine to act unusually!

Looks like Daolord Xu Tuo was clearly aware of it as well, and it’s even to the extent that Godsbane Heaven noticed me and Ming entering the Origin World…. Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. He didn’t know what sort of effect all of this would have on him. However, he knew that it would absolutely not be good.

After that, Chen Xi noticed that a row of scarlet red and dazzling words were written at the bottom of the scroll — ‘The world will soon fall into chaos!’

Chen Xi’s heart constricted for no rhyme or reason upon reading those words, and he recalled the information he obtained from Yea Ze regarding the chaos that had swept through the Ancient God Domain….

Could all of this be related to me entering the Origin World? When he realized this, even Chen Xi felt that it was slightly absurd. The chaos in the Ancient God Domain is related to me?

How could this not be absurd to him!?

Chen Xi instinctively rejected this inference, but a shadow that couldn’t be eliminated still resided in his heart.

“When… are we leaving?” At this moment, Yea Ze spoke abruptly and interrupted Chen Xi’s deep thought.

“Right now.” Chen Xi took a deep breath and flicked his sleeve, causing an expanse of divine flames to surge into appearance and incinerate all the scrolls of skin that filled the bookshelves.

I must leave this place at once!

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