Chapter 2080 – Reaping Lives


Space fluctuated as Chen Xi pressed forward towards them.

Yea Ze’s entire body felt cold while he couldn’t help but close his eyes, and he howled with sorrow in his heart. “I’m going to die! I’m going to die! I’m really going to die now….”

Being disregarded like that caused one of those red robed Grand Priests of the Sovereign Sect to be unable to restrain himself anymore, and he suddenly shouted in an icy cold voice. “Bastard! Stop….”


He hadn’t finished speaking when a strand of sword qi had appeared out of thin air, and it seemed like a wisp of ethereal light that had drowned out all other light within the entire world.

A bloody hole directly appeared on that Grand Priest’s neck, and then his eyeballs bulged out from their sockets while the vitality within his entire body was obliterated. He perished on the spot!

An Imperial Monarch like this had actually been killed in an instant!

Even if Chen Xi had accomplished this on numerous occasions all along the way here, when they saw Chen Xi remain firm and ferocious even when in such a situation and kill a red robed Grand Priest in such a cold and decisive manner, it still caused those cultivators to gasp and feel astounded.

Isn’t this fellow a little too decisive? He didn’t even say anything….

Those Grand Priests of the Sovereign Sect were shocked. They instinctively circulated their cultivations and withdrew their respective treasures.

Chen Xi had attacked too quickly, and it had caught them off guard just now. So, they were unable to stop all of that from happening, and this made them extremely furious and shocked.

Another Grand Priest roared furiously. “How dare you! You actually still refuse to realize your mistakes when it has come to this….”


Another strand of sword qi flashed like an illusory shadow that was simply otherworldly.

After that, the neck of that Grand Priest was slashed before he could even finish speaking, and his head flew into the air while blood sprayed throughout the surroundings.

It was too terrifying!

Every single attack reaped a life, and none were shown mercy!

All of this caused the eyes of the remaining Grand Priests to almost split apart from rage while killing intent surged within them. They didn’t waste their breaths again and immediately attacked.


All sorts of supreme techniques shot into the sky and seethed with multicolored and blazing divine radiance that illuminated the world.

The attacks of Imperial Monarchs could instantly incinerate mountains, boil oceans, destroy the stars, and crush the moon. They possessed boundless might, and it was even a group of Imperial Monarchs attacking right now!

The scene here was clearly 10 times more terrifying, and if this occurred in the outside world, then it would definitely cause a calamity.

Most importantly, there weren’t just Imperial Monarchs amongst those red robed Grand Priests, and there were even Region Lords amongst them!

Now that all of them had attacked at once by executing all sorts of supreme technique through various weapons and treasures, the might created by it instantly covered the heavens and the earth here, and it seemed like the world was about to be obliterated!


“Retreat! Quickly!”

The cultivators who were following Chen Xi from behind were instantly terrified by this astounding scene to the point their souls almost left their bodies, and they hurriedly dodged towards the side in extreme panic.

After all, it was a joint attack by over 30 red robed Grand Priests of the Sovereign Sect. Once they were struck by the aftershock of the battle, they would definitely perish on the spot!

However, their worries were clearly very unnecessary. Because right at the instant that they’d dodged, a wave of a powerful, clear, and melodious howl of the sword resounded abruptly, and it was deafening as it resounded through the heavens and the earth.

Moreover, this howl of sword was accompanied by a wave of muffled sounds that resounded rapidly like a drum.

After that, all those cultivators noticed to their shock that Chen Xi was flashing through the group of Grand Priests, and his sword danced about while emanating a myriad of strands of sword qi.

At that instant, it seemed like a storm of sword qi had covered the world!

They could clearly see numerous supreme techniques being destroyed while divine artifacts were being slashed apart one by one, and then Grand Priest after Grand Priest weren’t able to dodge in time and their bodies were riddled with holes from the storm of sword qi!

The rain of sword qi was so ferocious and terrifying, and it simply seemed all-powerful!

String after string of blood erupted like fireworks. The scarlet red spray was a gorgeous yet horrifying sight, and it was like numerous blood red fireworks erupting in midair.

It was an extremely horrifying scene!

After all, it was over 30 red robed Grand Priests who were all at the Imperial Monarch Realm, and there was even no lack of Region Lords amongst them.

Yet now, they seemed so weak and powerless beneath the rain of sword qi that Chen Xi created, and they’d been torn apart like paper without the slightest ability to resist!

A rain of blood poured down while shrill cries rose and fell, and corpses crashed down incessantly.

At this moment, that area seemed like it had transformed into an extremely bloody purgatory while Chen Xi who held the Talisman Armament was like a merciless and cruel asura, and he was slaughtering all those who lived before reaping their souls!

The bodies of those cultivators stiffened while indescribable coldness surged from their hearts and covered their entire bodies, causing them to be unable to help but shudder while their pupils dilated.

It was unimaginable to them!

They’d witnessed Chen Xi killing all along the way, but when they saw him still able to kill with such easy and in such a direct manner when facing those red robed Grand Priests, they were unable to find a word that could describe the shock in their hearts right now.

Who exactly is he?

Exactly how formidable is his combat strength?

At this moment, Chen Xi’s image in their eyes had become mysterious, dignified, cold, and horrifying.

In merely a short moment, the howls of the sword had suddenly stopped and there wasn’t a single red robed Grand Priest left!

The ground was drenched with blood and covered in piles of severed limbs, bones, and divine artifacts that were damaged and dim.

Only Chen Xi stood all alone there with his sword in hand while his green clothes and long hair fluttered. Moreover, he was still holding onto Yea Ze’s clothes with his other hand.

He was completely untainted by blood, yet his enemies had been annihilated!

Only deathly silence remained in the surroundings. All the cultivators in the distance were stunned speechless, and it was like they were still unable to believe everything they’d witnessed.

On the other hand, Yea Ze was horrified to the point his countenance was ghastly pale, and his mind was blank. As he smelled the dense and pungent smell of blood in the surroundings, he suddenly had a strong feeling to vomit, and it caused his expression to grow even more unsightly.

He really had been terrified. Chen Xi killed in a way that was too fierce and domineering. As he watched a group of enemies being mercilessly chopped apart like weeds, the strong visual impact he experienced caused Yea Ze to find it difficult to control his emotions.

Who could have imagined this?

Who could have imagined that this fellow would actually be so ferocious and annihilate so many red robed Grand Priests?

No, it wasn’t an annihilation, it was a slaughter!

A one-sided slaughter! An absolute slaughter!


Right amidst this deathly silent atmosphere, an expanse of jet black lightning clouds suddenly surged over from far away in the horizon.

The lightning clouds surged and flickered with a terrifying aura of destruction. It instantly covered the heavens and the earth, and it caused the entire world to be filled with an oppressive pressure.

In an instant, the expressions of all the cultivators in the distance had changed.

Chen Xi raised his head while his black pupils focused on the lightning cloud in the distance, and his handsome face that was calm and indifferent face still remained tranquil as before.


Lightning surged and rumbled through the heavens and the earth, and the sound it emanated grew even more shocking. It was simply like the heavens were furious and shook the world.

A strand of lightning that was dazzling like the scorching sun had appeared far away in the horizon. If one looked carefully, one would be able to notice a mighty figure walking over slowly from afar.

His entire body was bathed in arcs of lightning as he strode through space. A single step of his was definitely accompanied by a myriad of arcs of lightning that even space couldn’t obstruct, and everything seemed to bow in submission. It made him seem so dignified and divine.

He had a handsome appearance and a refined bearing. Even though he wore a red robe, every single move he made carried an extraordinary and otherworldly aura.

“Lin Dong!” The figures of all the other cultivators shook while horror surged into their hearts. The words Lin Dong represented a cold and ruthless demon.

He was an overlord at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm who had managed the Grand Heaven Mine for countless years!

Until this very day, not a single captured cultivator had ever been able to escape the Grand Heaven Mine that was under his control!

Now, when they saw Lin Dong suddenly make an appearance while being covered in lightning, all the cultivators even had a strong impulse to turn around and flee!

This was Lin Dong’s power and influence, and it was the imposing presence of a Ninth Star Region Lord!

Will that fellow be able to survive when facing Lin Dong?

No one knew the answer to this question.

At this moment, Yea Ze’s heart was filled with despair while despair and helplessness filled his eyes as well. Because Lin Dong’s arrival represented their death!

While it seemed to take some time, it had actually occurred in an instant, and Lin Dong had already arrived here when terror arose in their hearts.

“Looks like I blamed them unjustly. They weren’t too indolent, and it was because a ruthless variable appeared within the mine.” A shocking cold glow arose in Lin Dong’s eyes as he swept his gaze through the surroundings, and he instantly determined that his subordinates had died miserably here.

A wisp of coldness couldn’t help but surge onto his refined, warm, and handsome face, and his gaze was like a sharp blade as it locked onto Chen Xi.

In an instant, boundless killing intent surged explosively from Lin Dong’s body. It caused the heavens and the earth to wail while the surroundings were thrown into disorder!

“Bastard! Speak your name….” Lin Dong spoke indifferently like a supreme emperor issuing a decree.

However, he hadn’t even finished speaking when Chen Xi who was standing there motionlessly had suddenly slashed with his sword.


The sword qi was simple, faint, and filled with a primitive and natural aura. It seemed to be extremely simple and without any strength at all.

However, the heavens and the earth seemed to have fallen into a frozen state when it was executed, and only a strand of a clear and melodious howl of the sword reverberated.

Hmm? Lin Dong’s pupils constricted.

He raised his fair palm with the intention of grabbing this strand of sword qi.

“Eh!” However, his pupils constricted again after merely an instant passed. He seemed to have noticed some sort of danger, and then a dazzling and exquisite bronze shield appeared in his palm.

“Wait!” When the wisp of sword qi was about to strike him, Lin Dong’s expression had changed a little once more, and it was like he’d noticed that something was off.

He didn’t hesitate to evade towards the side.

However, at the very same time, a howl suddenly resounded from that strand of sword qi, and then it sped up abruptly and flashed by.


An extremely dazzling glow of the sword suddenly erupted, and even Lin Dong’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow while indescribable horror arose in his heart.

He felt that something was slightly off, but he was unable to put a finger on it.

This sort of tiny change caused Lin Dong to feel an unprecedented feeling of discomfort, and it was like an uncertain ripple had arisen in a situation that he possessed absolute control over.

What’s going on?

Could I have underestimated my opponent?

At this instant, all sorts of thoughts flashed through Lin Dong’s mind.


After that, he felt a strand of warmth that was bloody and hot spray onto his face. He swiftly lowered his head, and only then did he notice a headless body crashing to the ground….

Lin Dong’s expression instantly changed!

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