Chapter 208 – Unexpected Change In The Netherworld Register.

Chapter 208 – Unexpected Change In The Netherworld Register.

“Seizing the fortune of the heavens and the earth to turn the mundane into something miraculous. Why would such an attack appear at this place?” At a corner of the Five Element Ruins, Qing Xiuyi seemed to have noticed something, and she raised her head suddenly. A strand of lightning exploded out from within her misty eyes, and it seemed to tear through the darkness and detect the entire universe as her gaze stared fixedly onto the place the strand of sunlight had appeared earlier. At this moment, her mind that was calm as a well couldn’t help but ripple.

“Hmm? What happened? Why do I have a terrified feeling?”

“What a terrifying imposing aura! Even though it’s only a strand, it causes me to feel as anxious as if I’m facing a great enemy!”

“Formidable! Could it be that a peerless expert is hidden within this Five Element Ruins?”

At the other side, the eyes of Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, Huangfu Chongming, and the others squinted and raised their heads to look towards the extreme distance in unison. But besides the swarm of demon beasts that covered the sky, they didn’t notice anything else, and it caused them to be unable to refrain from feeling anxious and doubtful in their hearts.

Actually, it wasn’t just them, the other people in the Five Element Ruins had more or less felt a strand of oppressive pressure that appeared suddenly, and it caused them be exceedingly terrified and bewildered.

Unfortunately, this sudden aura arrived quickly and disappeared swiftly. When everyone mobilized the strength of their souls with the intention of getting to the bottom of it, they noticed nothing, just like Lin Moxuan and the others.


Killing Teng Huaxu, destroying the Blood River Dao Territory, flashing through the bodies of a myriad of beasts, and penetrating the walls of the tempest… All of this was done by the might of a casual strike of the Condemn Evil Brush.

This strike seemed to want to judge the time in the heavens and the earth, and isolate the Yin and Yang in the universe. This attack had already attained the level of linking up with the Laws of the Grand Dao and turning the mundane into something miraculous. If it was Chen Xi himself, he didn’t have the slightest confidence to avoid this attack as well!


After the Condemn Evil Brush annihilated its enemy, it suddenly started vibrating intensely and seemed as if it intended to struggle free from Chen Xi’s restraint. But he grabbed ahold of it and it was fiercely suppressed by Chen Xi who was prepared since long ago, and he put it away in the Buddha’s Pagoda once it stopped struggling.

The Condemn Evil Brush was very strange, it was like a rebellious child that would be uncontrollable once it was allowed to make a move, and it had to be suppressed with great strength before it would go into a quiet state.

Chen Xi has tried many methods, yet was unable to completely refine this brush. As of now, only when he could use the Condemn Evil Brush would he carefully let it out to slaughter his enemies, and he even had to carefully take precautions against it fleeing afterwards.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

As soon as the Condemn Evil Brush vanished, the surrounding demon beasts of the five elements that were like tidewater revealed their ferocity, and then they returned to their old habits of swarming over once more. Within this siege of demon beasts, Chen Xi was like a piece of straw in the boundless ocean and would fall to the fate of being swallowed up by the sea at any moment.

However, Chen Xi felt slightly at ease as these demon beasts were obviously interested in the flesh, devilish qi, and shattered pieces of the river of blood that Teng Huaxu left behind after his death, and they rushed over to snatch and swallow it.

“Chen Xi, quickly put away Teng Huaxu’s golden core, you must not let these animals benefit from it!” Ling Bai reminded.


However, before Chen Xi could make a move, the Netherworld Register in his left hand suddenly emitted a swallowing force that swept out, and everywhere it passed, everything like the shattered piece of the river of blood, the flesh, and the blood in the surroundings were swept away cleanly by it. Even Teng Huaxu’s golden core was swallowed by the Netherworld Register, and it was so swift that Chen Xi didn’t even have room to react.


After it swallowed Teng Huaxu’s golden core, the Netherworld Register’s strength seemed to have awoken, causing it to explode out with boundless strength that shocked Chen Xi’s arm to the point it trembled, and he almost lost control of the Netherworld Register.

“Dammit! Why is it like this?” Chen Xi felt a wave of anxiousness in his heart. At this moment, he couldn’t care about anything else, and he circulated his Shaman Energy and True Essence with his entire strength before completely utilizing it to suppress the Netherworld Register. But he was instead like a mantis raising its legs to stop a car, and the effect of his actions was extremely weak. The Netherworld Register rampaged about within his grip, and it was gradually struggling free of his control. If this were to continue, then it wouldn’t be long before Chen Xi would completely lose this mysterious treasure that was reputed to be the supreme ancient book of devils.


The Netherworld Register seemed as if it was roaring with rage and making fun of Chen Xi for overestimating his ability, and then it charged abruptly to actually carry along Chen Xi’s figure to shoot out violently.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The Netherworld Register didn’t flee, but instead started a slaughter in the swarm of demon beasts. Everywhere it passed, everything was obliterated by the boundless swallowing energy it emitted, and the flesh and blood left behind by these demon beasts were directly swallowed up by it. Its spirit of sweeping through the entire world and its combat strength that swept through everything caused even Chen Xi to feel terrified.

These demon beasts of the five elements are born from the essence of the five elements and the blood and Magic Treasure fragments of the fallen fiends and gods. Obviously, this Netherworld Register is swallowing all this to increase its own strength… This won’t do! If I allow it to slowly recover its strength, then I’ll probably be unable to subdue it! Chen Xi’s hands gripped tightly onto the Netherworld Register, and he utterly didn’t dare let go as his body was brought flying and rampaging about by the Netherworld Diagram. He was like a leaf that was stuck in violent winds and could only be carried along with the wind, and be in an extremely sorry state.

What should I do?

Chen Xi unintentionally swept his gaze towards the surroundings and noticed the Netherworld Register had only swallowed the blood of those demon beasts, yet it didn’t touch the five element essence that was left behind, and it caused him to instantly have a flash of inspiration in his heart.

Alright, let’s compete. Will it be you who swallows the blood and increases in strength more swiftly, or will it be I who swallows the five element essence and increase in strength more swiftly!? Chen Xi gritted his teeth as he circulated the Shaman Energy within his body with all his might. The Fifth-Earth, Second-Wood, Seventh-Gold, Third-Fire, Ninth-Water Shaman Markings were like sharks that had opened their bloody mouths as they madly swept away all the essence of the five elements in the surroundings.

Wherever the Netherworld Register arrived, Chen Xi would arrive there as well, and the five Shaman Markings would swallow everything there, whereas, those demon beasts instead suffered a calamity. After wave after wave of them was crushed and annihilated by the Netherworld Register, not only would their blood be seized, even their five element essence would be absorbed into Chen Xi’s body. In just the time of a few breaths, an entire 1,000 plus demon beasts of various elements had died miserably.

However, these demon beasts were vicious, ferocious, and were without the slightest intelligence. They seemed as if they were born only for slaughter and utterly didn’t know what terror and fleeing were. They still gushed over one after the other, causing even Ling Bai to be unable to bear the sight.

This was an absolute slaughter!

If it was an ordinary person, the person would have probably been scared to the point of wetting himself and fleeing since long ago. Yet these demon beasts seemed single-minded and foolishly went over to give away their lives, causing them to seem both laughable and pitiable.

Just like this, the Netherworld Register gradually awoke its strength, and Chen Xi similarly gradually increased his body refinement cultivation. They seemed as if they’d formed a type of competition and neither of them were willing to be surpassed by the other.

Strictly speaking, Chen Xi was actually obtaining an exceedingly great benefit. Because the Netherworld Register still had to emit energy to slaughter the demon beasts, whereas, he instead only had to guarantee that he wasn’t thrown off by the Netherworld Register before being able to sit idly and enjoy the fruits of the Netherworld Register’s labor. He ceaselessly absorbed the five element essence in the sky and converted it into his own Shaman Energy.

Along with the passage of time, Chen Xi’s state of mind gradually returned to calm. Even though he was temporarily unable to suppress the Netherworld Register, he didn’t have to worry about it escaping his control.

He placed his mind on the Shaman Markings, and to his shock, he noticed that in this short time of not even 15 minutes, all five Shaman Markings that represented the five elements had developed a Star Core that revealed a crimson, azure, yellow, blue, and gold color that was pure, clean, and translucent like glass, and they emitted a misty glow of starlight.

Even saying he was advancing by leaps and bounds wasn’t enough to describe the speed his cultivation advanced, as it was sufficient to compare to a few years of bitter training, and it could only be described as capable of shaking the world.

Under this cultivation speed that exceeded his imagination, the five Star Cores quickly arrived at the state of perfection.

Under these circumstances, the essence of the five elements that were ceaselessly absorbed over was guided by Chen Xi to converge towards the Chaotic Lifesoil that held down the fort within the Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking, and with a slight conversion, they were transformed into the energy of Yin and Yang that gushed into his Shaman Markings.

After one eighth of an hour, a Star Core was condensed within the Great Yin Shaman Marking as well, and it was completely pitch black like a black pearl that didn’t contain the slightest impurity, clean and pure.

After that, Chen Xi started to charge towards the condensation of the Star Core within the Great Yang Shaman Marking…


A peculiar scene had appeared in the sky of the Five Element Ruins.

Within the formidable area of demon beasts that were like a boundless ocean, a figure flashed about aimlessly like a bolt of lightning, yet also similar to an uncontrolled kite, and he was faintly visible within the sea of demon beasts. Everywhere he passed, numerous demon beasts would be obliterated and vanish. He was like a farmer that was swinging about his hoe to plow the fields, and the densely packed demon beast swarm had numerous empty cracks fiercely plowed open within them by this figure, and it caused one to be terrified by the sight of it.

Exactly how terrifying would his strength be to use such a crushing manner to wantonly move about within the swarm of demon beasts as if he was moving through an empty sky?

“Eh! It’s that Golden Hall Realm kid, he’s actually alive! Where’re the Teng Brothers? Could it be that they’ve been killed by him?” Huangfu Chongming’s eyes squinted as he faintly discerned that the faintly visible figure within the swarm of demon beasts was surprisingly Chen Xi.

“Impossible. He’s only at the Golden Hall Realm, whereas, those two Bloodcrescent Devil Sect survivors possess cultivations at the Golden Core Realm. Perhaps they were killed by those demon beasts.” Lin Moxuan shook his head. In his heart, Chen Xi was a dispensable tiny ant, so he wouldn’t believe no matter what that this ant was capable of surmounting a realm to kill the Teng Brothers.

“Then why have the Teng Brothers died, yet he’s still alive? Moreover, look, he seems to be utterly unafraid of those demon beasts, and those demon beasts are instead falling one after the other at his hands.” Xiao Linger spoke with a frown. She wasn’t willing to believe all of this was real either. After all, no one in this world was willing to see an insignificant nobody suddenly grow into an existence that was one’s equal. This type of difference was something Xiao Linger was unable to accept for a time.

“No! That isn’t his strength, but it’s instead the strength of the Magic Treasure he’s holding!” Huangfu Chongming seemed to have noticed something, and his body shook fiercely as his eyes revealed boundless burning greed. “What an intelligent Magic Treasure! It obviously hasn’t been subdued by this kid, this… Could it be an Immortal Artifact? Only an Immortal Artifact would seem to have a spirit of its own like this, right?”

“Immortal Artifact?” Lin Moxuan and the others had shocked expressions as well, and they looked over with all their might towards the swarm of demon beasts.

At the other side, Qing Xiuyi had already seen Chen Xi’s figure clearly, and she’d even seen his appearance clearly. Instantly, she recalled that she seemed to have once seen this person in the Treasure Heaven Pavilion’s Sword Pavilion.

“Xue Chen, is that the person that seized your Six-Winged Blood Dragonbat’s Inner Core?” Qing Xiuyi suddenly spoke out, her voice was clear like a spring in the forest, yet it didn’t contain a strand of emotion.

“Hmm?” The nearby Xue Chen sprung his eyes wide open and said with a frown, “It seems to be that kid.”

“It’s fine as long as it’s him. The might of the Magic Treasure in his hand is extremely great, and it hasn’t been subdued by him. I’ll go seize it later, and it can be considered to be an eye for an eye.” Qing Xiuyi nodded and spoke indifferently, and she seemed as if she was speaking of something that couldn’t be any more ordinary and trivial.

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