Chapter 2079 – Confronted By A Formidable Enemy


Sword qi shot towards the surroundings like bolts of lightning, and they crushed everything standing before them!~

As Chen Xi travelled forward all along the way, expanse after expanse of space was crushed into powder and transformed into an area of desolation; group after group of experts of the Sovereign Sect were slaughtered. From the beginning until the end, they didn’t even have the chance to struggle against him.

His green clothes fluttered along with his jet back hair while his expression was calm and indifferent, and his eyes that seemed like two deep abysses didn’t reveal even a trace of emotion.

He was like a god of death who had emerged from the boundless pits of purgatory, and everywhere he passed was bound to be covered in a storm of blood and annihilation!

The Talisman Armament’s clear howls resounded through the heavens and the earth, and it sounded like bloodthirsty howls.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

There was no surging hot blood or shouts that were filled with passion. From the beginning until the end, Chen Xi had remained silent, and he was cold like a blade made from ice as he slaughtered his way forward.

Just one man and a sword had caused a merciless slaughter!

Exactly how strong was Chen Xi right now?

Even he didn’t know the answer to that.

Because his strength had clearly been transforming incessantly throughout these few dozen years, and it had transformed at a speed that was much faster than before.

He’d advanced into the Sixth Star Region Lord Realm while at the Chen Clan within the Primal Chaos Origin. Now, he was an Eighth Star Region Lord, and this string of changed had occurred in just a few dozen years!

Being able to accomplish this in such a short period of time was unimaginable to any Region Lord!

It was even to the extent that a peerless monstrous genius like Chen Xi who advanced so quickly in the Region Lord Realm couldn’t be found throughout the annals of history.

Or perhaps, Chen Xi’s speed of advancement could be described as unprecedented!

After all, every single advancement in the Region Lord Realm was extraordinarily difficult. If it was any other ordinary cultivator, then it could be described as astounding if one were able to advance a single level within 1,000 years. It was even to the extent that those who advanced every 10,000 years were still considered as outstanding.

But… Chen Xi had merely utilized a few dozen years, and he’d even advanced by two levels in succession!

How could this not be shocking?

The fuel for all of this was none other than the Era Brands and Origin Energy.

Comprehending, refining, and absorbing the inheritances of the civilization within every single Era Brand could make Chen Xi’s cultivation undergo a transformation without facing any obstructions.

Such an exceptional and unprecedented fortune was something that other cultivators were utterly unable to possess.

For example, Chen Xi had comprehended, refined, and absorbed the Seal of the Shaman, the Seal of the Martial, and the Seal of the Illusion, and there were another five Era Brands within the River Diagram fragments that he hadn’t utilized yet.

Besides that, the 3 years he experienced in the Origin World had allowed him to obtain an enormous amount of Origin Energy essence. After he merged this Origin Energy essence with the energies within his body, it had caused his cultivation to break through once more and attain the Eighth Star Region Lord Realm.

Of course, the merge with Origin Energy wasn't that simple. It had provided immeasurable benefits to Chen Xi’s cultivation in the Dao Heart, body refinement, soul, and so on and so forth. It caused Chen Xi to undergo a comprehensive and shocking transformation.

So, when he faced a change in strength that transformed so swiftly and rose steadily, even he didn’t know exactly how strong he was!

Just think about it, while he was still at the Sixth Star Region Lord Realm all those years ago, Chen Xi had relied on the Godslaughter Burst to defeat Chen Qiushui and Chen Xiaoyun who were Eighth Star Region Lords, and then he’d even fought a Ninth Star Region Lord like Chen Daoyuan equally.

Yet now, he possessed a cultivation at the Eighth Star Region Lord Realm, so how formidable would his combat strength be?

Yea Ze’s mind was blank.

Chen Xi had been carrying him by his clothes all along the way, and it was very aggrieving to him, yet he wasn’t able to struggle free. However, when he saw Chen Xi break through all obstacles with all-powerful and invincible might, he was shocked to the point he couldn’t be bothered about the aggrievance he felt.

He was unable to image how those experts of the Sovereign Sect who were usually so awe-inspiring would seem so weak right now. They were simply like crops that were being reaped in bunches, and it was simply inconceivable.

However, as a descendant of the Eternal Yea Clan and a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God who possessed extraordinary accomplishments in battle, Yea Ze was able to clearly realize that it wasn’t those experts of the Sovereign Sect who’d become weak, and it was Chen Xi’s combat strength that was truly too formidable.

They weren’t existences on the same level at all!

Of course, all of that wasn’t enough to make Yea Ze shocked to the point his mind became blank. The true source of his shock was that over 2 hours had passed now, but the forces of the Sovereign Sect had actually been unable to crush Chen Xi until now, and they weren’t even able to stop his footsteps.

That was simply inconceivable!

According to Yea Ze’s knowledge, amongst all the cultivators who’d intended to escape the Grand Heaven Mine like Chen Xi, the cultivator who’d persisted for the longest had merely persisted for 45 minutes before being crushed.

That person was reputed to be the cultivator who had the best chance of escaping the Grand Heaven Mine throughout history. Unfortunately, he’d still perished.

Yet now, Chen Xi had actually persisted for over 2 hours and even swept through all obstacles that laid before him. So, how could anyone not be shocked?

Yea Ze thought in his heart. Could it be that this fellow really has a chance to kill his way out of here and escape?

However, when Yea Ze thought about how a Ninth Star Region Lord, Lin Dong, resided at the core area of the mine, the trace of hope that had arisen within his heart had been instantly extinguished while his face dimmed down.

What difference does it make even if he kills so many?

He can’t avoid failure in the end….

Yea Ze sighed in his heart.

Along with the passage of time, numerous cultivators were following Chen Xi from behind.

All of them were the laborers that had been captured and brought here. As Chen Xi continued fighting through the mine, their interests had been aroused, and they intended to watch the conclusion to all of this.

“How many has he killed?”

“86 Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods and 5 Imperial Monarchs.”

“My god! This fellow is simply too ferocious! Do all of you think he’ll be able to succeed in the end?”

“It’s difficult, very difficult. The true Region Lord Realm experts amongst the forces of the Sovereign Sect stationed here haven’t made a move yet.”

“Let’s not mention all of that. Just Lin Dong is sufficient to crush all hope!”

“Alas. No matter what, this fellow is much stronger than those fellows in the past. I really hope he’ll be able to kill his way out of here.”

“Shhh! That doesn’t look good! Quickly look over there! My god!”

Those cultivators were discussing animatedly when one of them suddenly seemed to have noticed something, and he quickly warned the others.

All of them raised their eyes to look over, and they saw a spacious area appear within their fields of vision. Moreover, numerous figures had gathered at this spacious area.

There were over 30 figures amongst them. All of them wore blood red robes, possessed monstrous imposing auras, and revealed an arrogant bearing of supremacy as they stood there casually.

Imperial Monarchs!

Over 30 of them!

The hearts of those cultivators who were following Chen Xi from behind shook, and they felt a chill run down their spines. After all, every single existence who could don red robes in the Sovereign Sect was at least at the Imperial Monarch Realm!

It was even to the extent that there might be some Region Lords amongst them!

This scene had truly surprised those cultivators, and it was the first time they realized that there were actually so many red robed Grand Priests of the Sovereign Sect in the Grand Heaven Mine!

In the past, they’d been forcefully sent to various areas and lost their freedom. So, it was impossible for them to find out exactly how many red robed Grand Priests resided in the mine.

They were only able to obtain bits and pieces of information and various guesses of their own.

So, that was the reason why they’d lost their composure and felt so shocked when they saw a group of red robed Grand Priests appear here at this moment.

This allowed them to finally realize why no cultivator had ever escaped the Grand Heaven Mine since the ancient time!

At this moment, a single thought had simultaneously arisen in all their hearts while they gazed at Chen Xi’s figure in the distance — That fellow is probably finished!

On the spacious and boundless area were no mountains or streams, and there was only a dark, grey, and desolate scene.

This place could be considered to be the core area of the mine, and according to the information that Yea Ze provided Chen Xi, the palace Lin Dong resided in was within this area.

If Chen Xi wanted to leave the mine, then he had to kill his way into the palace, kill Lin Dong, and then take the safe exit that led towards the outside world.

Chen Xi’s footsteps paused for a moment when he arrived here. His black pupils swept like a bolt of lightning towards those red robed Grand Priests who’d clearly been waiting here for a long time.

At this moment, Yea Ze couldn’t help but raise his head to observe Chen Xi’s expression carefully. However, he noticed that Chen Xi was still calm and indifferent as before. It was like Chen Xi didn’t possess any emotions and was a machine of battle that felt nothing, and there was no change in his emotion from the beginning until the end.

Yea Ze couldn’t help but feel dazed in his heart. The true attack has arrived, but how could this fellow still maintain such calm and composure?

Could he be unafraid of death?


Yea Ze didn’t even have time to recover from his shock when Chen Xi’s figure started moving again and flashed forward.

He was all alone, and he was even holding someone that couldn’t be of any help in his left hand. However, he seemed as if he hadn’t noticed the danger ahead and was continuing forward.

This scene instantly stunned all the cultivators that were at the back. Isn’t this fellow a little too ferocious?


“Looks like it is this fellow.”

“He killed so many of ours. So, we can’t sentence him to death so quickly.”

“Yes. Perhaps we can pull out his tendons and skin, and then cage his soul amidst Skyspace Gales to suffer the pain of eternal damnation. Only in that way could we make an example of him and deter the others.”

The eyes of those red robed Grand Priests narrowed when they saw Chen Xi’s figure appear here, and they revealed a wisp of undisguised icy coldness and killing intent.

Especially when they saw Chen Xi flash towards them without saying a single word. It caused their expressions to grow even more icy cold.

This was like a silent form of provocation, and it was contempt towards them!

This fellow is really courting death!

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