Chapter 2078 – Lin Dong

It wasn’t long before Chen Xi noticed something special about the Grand Heaven Mine.

It was like a boundless continent that was sealed off by dense and powerful energy of the Heaven Dao. This meant that he had to locate the exit if he wanted to leave.

But where’s the exit?

Chen Xi had asked Yea Ze about it on the way, and the latter told Chen Xi in a tone which was practically filled with despair that the Grand Heaven Mine probably had many exits. However, according to his knowledge, the only definitely safe exit was set up where the Ninth Star Region Lord of the Sovereign Sect, Ling Dong, cultivated!

When he heard of this, Chen Xi decided without the slightest hesitation that they would kill their way out from there!

On the other hand, Yea Ze almost collapsed when he found out about Chen Xi’s decision.

After all, it was the place of cultivation that belonged to a Ninth Star Region Lord, and it was even a core stronghold of the Sovereign Sect here with countless forces guarding it. So, wasn’t leaving from there no different than leaping into the mouth of a tiger?

However, Yea Ze was clearly unable to change Chen Xi’s decision, so he’d practically given up on struggling throughout the way, and he seemed to be filled with despair as if he’d fully accepted his fate. He stopped pleading and stopped feeling worried….

This made it much more peaceful for Chen Xi. He hadn’t expected that this fellow who seemed so steady would actually be so timid.

Actually, Chen Xi had misjudged Yea Ze. If it were any other ordinary person in Yea Ze’s place, that person would probably act in the same way.

After all, the forces of the Sovereign Sect were too formidable, and there was even a red robed Grand Priest at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm managing the Sovereign Sect’s forces here, so just that was sufficient to throw most into despair.

Under such circumstances, it was truly impossible for others to understand Chen Xi’s decision to kill his way through such forces.

It wasn’t long before a group of experts from the Sovereign Sect appeared once more.

This was clearly a mining area, and Chen Xi could see many cultivators in rags that were moving about like laborers.

Chen Xi and Yea Ze’s sudden arrival instantly drew the attention of those experts from the Sovereign Sect.


Unfortunately, Chen Xi didn’t even give them the chance to ask a single question, and he just raised his sword and swung it horizontally.

A storm of blood sprayed towards the surroundings while space shattered apart, and all of those experts in the group hadn’t had the chance to react before they’d been easily annihilated by Chen Xi.

After he finished doing all of that, Chen Xi didn’t slow down at all as he continued flashing forward, and he simply emanated a fierce and ferocious aura of advancing forward without any obstruction.

“My god!”

“Who’s that fellow? He actually slaughtered the experts of the Sovereign Sect. Is he looking for death?”

“How many years has it been? A madman that dares to resist the Sovereign Sect has finally appeared again. Come, let’s follow him and watch.”

“What’s the point of watching? Weren’t all those fellows who dared to resist the Sovereign Sect crushed in the end and perished with everlasting regret?”

“Alas, that’s true. Our fates were sealed once we were captured and taken to the Grand Heaven Mine, and all struggling is in vain.”

“But no matter what, this is a fresh incident that has occurred in the recent years. So even if there’s no hope, it doesn’t hurt to follow and watch the outcome.”

After that group of experts from the Sovereign Sect had been slaughtered, it instantly caused an uproar amongst the cultivators in this area.

Just like Yea Ze’s companions, they chased after Chen Xi as well because they wanted to see how great the commotion Chen Xi caused would be, and whether Chen Xi would be crushed just like those fellows in the past.

Two hours later.

Chen Xi couldn’t even remember how many members of the Sovereign Sect he’d annihilated all along the way. In any case, those he encountered were bound to suffer death.

At this moment, he was like a sharp awl that met no resistance and seemed utterly invincible, and he’d caused a bloody storm and countless uproars all along the way.

Chen Xi hated the Sovereign Sect to the bone, so he didn’t need any reasons to kill them, nor did he have to think about it. He was unable to forgive himself if he didn’t eliminate the entire Sovereign Sect.

After all, the Sovereign Sect had schemed against him on numerous occasions throughout the years, and it had repeatedly caused him harm!

So, he couldn’t rest at ease without washing them off with blood!

As Chen Xi moved forward incessantly, the calm throughout Grand Heaven Mine had been destroyed, and it started to become chaotic.

The experts of the Sovereign Sect that stood on guard at the mine were clearly aware that after numerous years had passed, someone intended to break his chains and resist them again.

However, unlike the years of the past, the commotion created by this person was extraordinarily huge. It had continued for an entire two hours of time, and that madman had actually not been stopped.

That was quite unusual.

“Quickly report this to Lord Lin Dong!”

“Besides that, gather all our forces throughout the mine and make them converge!”

“Warn those laborers that they’ll be immediately killed if they dare to add fuel to the flame and cause trouble right now!”

“Quickly! Hurry up! Act immediately!”

Orders like these had started to appear successively throughout every single area of the mine. All the experts of the Sovereign Sect who were scattered throughout the mine were like sharks that had sensed blood, and they set out and converged from numerous different areas.

At the same time, those cultivators throughout the Grand Heaven Mine who’d been captured and forced to serve as laborers here had successively obtained news about this. All of them exploded into uproars. Some sighed, some felt indifferent, and some clicked their tongues in admiration.

In the history of the mine, such an incident had occurred on more than one occasion, but it had always been swiftly suppressed and no one had ever been able to leave alive.

Would the outcome be different this time?

No one dared to be sure, and it was even to the extent that many didn’t hold much hope.

However, numerous cultivators had still been driven by their curiosity and intentions to watch they show, and they rushed over successively. They wanted to see exactly who was it that had caused such a commotion and if that fellow would suffer the same fate as those in the past.

If one looked down from the sky, one could clearly notice that numerous rays of light had arisen throughout the Grand Heaven Mine, and they were converging like streams towards a single point.

These rays of light belonged to the forces of the Sovereign Sect that were stationed here in the mine. They were originally scattered throughout it, but they’d converged together now because of this unexpected event.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was moving forward constantly in a straight line. He’d started killing his way forward from extremely far away, and he was ceaselessly charging towards the center of the mine!

If he was still not stopped, then it wouldn’t be long before this blood red straight line would charge into the central area of the mine. At that time, the situation would be much more severe.

At the core area of the Grand Heaven Mine.

The area here was empty, and there was only an extremely striking, grand, and ancient palace standing towering here.

This was the where the red robed Grand Priest of the Sovereign Sect, the Ninth Star Region Lord Lin Dong, cultivated at.

Since the Grand Heaven Mine had been discovered all those years ago, Lin Dong had been dispatched here to manage the entire mine.

Throughout the countless years of the past, none of the cultivators which the Sovereign Sect had captured and sent to Grand Heaven Mine had been able to escape while the mine was under Lin Dong’s control.


This fact undoubtedly and indirectly displayed how formidable Lin Dong’s ability and strength were.

At this moment, Lin Dong had one of his hands behind his back as he held a brush with his other hand, and he was writing something on a fine and white piece of paper within the palace.

The tip of the brush was soaked in ink which was scarlet red like blood. No, that was the actual blood of gods, and it was taken from the cultivators that had resisted his rule.

The blank paper was fine and smooth, and it was made from the skin of gods. Of course, it was removed from those cultivators as well!

The blood of gods as ink and the skin of gods as paper. It was a truly horrifying sight. However, Lin Dong remained composed as if he was accustomed to this and enjoyed it.

His face was fair and handsome, and he had slanted and sharp brows, starry eyes, red lips, white teeth, and dense jet black hair. Even though he was wearing a blood red robe, his entire body was covered in the aura of a refined scholar.

If one didn’t know him, one would think that Lin Dong was a refined and learned scholar who possessed an extensive knowledge in literature and scriptures.

However, those who truly knew him were aware that he was definitely a cold blooded and merciless demon that killed without batting an eyelid!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

As Lin Dong moved the tip of the brush, a row of scarlet red words appeared on the ‘skin paper’….

“Lightning of calamity descended from the sky last night, and it’s a truly rare occurrence. According to my subordinates, it should be the birth of a peerless treasure….”

Lin Dong’s brush suddenly stopped when he wrote up to this point, and then he frowned. It should be? Could they have still not found out exactly what it was?

Lin Dong didn’t like vague answers. Regardless of whether it was an important or trivial matter, he wanted an accurate and precise outcome and not a guess!

It was precisely such a meticulous attitude that allowed Lin Dong to feel a sense of absolute control, and he was unable to tolerate any uncertainties.

Even if it was a trivial matter!

“Looks like I’ve been lenient with my subordinates….” Lin Dong placed his brush down on the table as he sighed lightly, and then he turned around and walked to the side. There was a bookshelf there, and it was covered in numerous pieces of skin that he’d written on.

The content of those skin was extremely simple. It was a record of the changes in the Order and Laws of the Heaven Dao above the Grand Heaven Mine, and he recorded every single change in it.

This was a request of the Sovereign Sect’s Master, and he’d been constantly doing this since he was sent to the Grand Heaven Mine.

He didn’t know why the Sovereign Sect’s Master made such a request, but he didn’t dare go against the Sect Master’s will. So, he’d been constantly doing this throughout the countless years of the past, even if it were boring and dull.

“I have to send the latest changes in the Heaven Dao to the Sect Master tomorrow, so I must get to the bottom of this matter….” Lin Dong muttered as he withdrew his gaze from the bookshelf.

Right at this moment, a wave of rapid footsteps resounded from outside the palace, and then an anxious voice entered it….

“My Lord, another madman that has violated the rules and intends to flee has appeared in the mines again!”

Lin Dong frowned when he heard this, and then he said slowly, “Looks like I really have been too lenient to all of you. You even have to report such a trivial matter back to me? What a disappointment!”

His voice was warm and calm, but it carried coldness that struck directly at the heart!

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