Chapter 2077 – Kill Our Way Out!

Chen Xi suddenly felt a sense of urgency when he found out that such an unexpected change had occurred in the Ancient God Domain.

Especially when he heard that even Oracle Mountain had been unable to avoid being swept into it and had been swept into this chaos. Chen Xi even started to unconsciously worry for his Eldest Senior Brother and the others.

“Lead the way. Let’s go.” Chen Xi took a deep breath while a firm expression arose in his eyes.

“How?” Yea Ze was stunned. After all, it was the Grand Heaven Mine that was heavily guarded by the Sovereign Sect, and no one had been able to escape since the ancient times.

Under such circumstances, shouldn’t we make some proper plans and strategize before we act?

Or perhaps this Senior has already perfected a way out?


He doesn’t even know the Grand Heaven Mine nor does he know exactly how many experts the Sovereign Sect has stationed here, so how could he have possibly thought of a perfect plan?

Yea Ze was dazed.

The cultivators in the vicinity were stunned as well. They hadn’t expected that Chen Xi would actually be so decisive and intended to leave just like that. Does he not know how severe the consequences would be if he’s noticed by those experts from the Sovereign Sect?

Chen Xi didn’t waste his breath at all.


He withdrew the Talisman Armament that he hadn’t utilized for a very long time, and his gaze was like a bolt of lightning as he said frankly, “How will we leave? We’ll naturally kill our way out!”

His voice was flat yet carried a resolute and decisive tone.

Kill his way out!?

At this moment, even Yea Ze couldn’t help but arouse a trace of regret in his heart. Why did I rashly agree to this madman’s request just now?

If only I knew that this would happen! I should have been more cautious!

Yes, Yea Ze had instinctively taken Chen Xi to be a madman when he heard Chen Xi. Otherwise, would a normal person speak such absurd and practically stupid words in such a situation?

Kill his way out?

Does he think those experts of the Sovereign Sect are just decoration? There’s even a Ninth Star Region Lord amongst them!

Unless it’s a Daolord, would anyone dare to brag about killing their way out?

Could this fellow be a Daolord?

He clearly isn’t!

Then why does he dare to boast like that?

He’s clearly mad!

These were Yea Ze’s thoughts right now, and he felt extremely regretful and upset.

However, he’d already agreed, so it was clearly impossible to go back on his word now. Thus, he could only forcefully suppress the emotions in his heart and speak after careful consideration. “Senior, do you want to give it a little more consideration? If we do that….”


He hadn’t even been able to finish speaking when he saw Chen Xi suddenly raise his hand. Chen Xi grabbed his clothes, and then tore through space and teleported towards the distance.

From the beginning until the end, he hadn’t given Yea Ze any room to struggle.

“Senior! Senior! Acting in this way will only kill both of us! No!!! I regret my decision! Please put me down….” Yea Ze’s howls and wail resounded from afar as he begged Chen Xi, and the other cultivators couldn’t help but be visibly moved by this.

“Kill his way out? I never expected that fellow to actually be a madman!”

“Exactly. That’s no different than walking into a trap and courting death. Poor Yea Ze, he urgently desired to escape this place, yet never had he imagined that he would cause himself to lose his life in advance.”

“But that fellow’s combat strength was truly shocking. He annihilated a Third Star Imperial Monarch like Kui Sen with a flick of his sleeve. That isn’t something an ordinary figure can accomplish.”

Those cultivators discussed animatedly. Practically all of them didn’t look favorably upon Chen Xi, and they even felt pity towards Yea Ze who’d been ‘taken’ away by Chen Xi.

“No, I’m going to have a look. If that fellow is able to kill his way out successfully, then perhaps he’ll be able to provide us with a chance at escape as well.” Suddenly, a cultivator stepped forward and then teleported towards the direction which Chen Xi had left towards.

This scene instantly astounded the others, and then they started contemplating in their hearts as well.

Right, if that fellow were to succeed, then it would be an absolutely rare chance for us to escape!

What should I do?Should I follow him and have a look?

Even if that fellow really fails, I presume I wouldn’t be killed if I don’t head over to lend him a hand.

When they thought up to here, some of them couldn’t help but say. “Alas, I’ve had the best relationship with Yea Ze in the last few years. Now that he’s in a dangerous situation, how can I possible stand by idly? Nevermind, I’ll head over to take a look and await an opportunity to act. It was be great if I’m able to rescue him.”

As he spoke, divine radiance flowed throughout his body, and he’d transformed into a wisp of light that whistled towards the distance.

“Ptooey! What a stupid excuse! That fellow really is shameless.” One of the others had spat on the ground.

However, to his surprise, his voice hadn’t even finished resounding through the air when a few more cultivators had flashed towards the distance in pursuit.

That cultivator couldn’t help but gaze at the others who remained here. “All of you… intend to go have a look as well?”

However, they couldn’t even be bothered to pay any attention to him, and they shot off in pursuit while seeming to be in a hurry.

“What….” Only that cultivator remained on the spot. His expression changed indeterminately for a long time before he gritted his teeth in the end, and then he teleported through space while he muttered angrily. “Fine, I’ll fucking risk everything as well. Dammit! I would have gone after him a long time ago if I knew all of you would act like this….”


Space fluctuated as the scenery in the surroundings flashed by.

As he teleported forward, Chen Xi noticed to his surprise that the Grand Heaven Mine was extremely wide, and it seemed boundless.

He raised his head to glance at the sky yet noticed that it was completely grey and dim without any stellar bodies within it. The entire sky was covered by a layer of extremely thick, dignified, and dense energy of the Laws and Order of the Heaven Dao.

It was the aura of Godsbane Heaven!

This caused Chen Xi’s heart to tremble, and he started to make the energy of the Daoseal Mark which was already covering his entire body to circulate to the extreme. He was deeply afraid that a trace of his aura would be exposed and noticed by the Order and Laws of the Heaven Dao, causing it to send down lightning to kill him again.

Even though he’d fully merged the Origin Energy within his body, the crux of the matter was that the Core of the Origin World still resided in the region within his body. It was the Laws and Order of the Origin Heaven, so it was obvious how terrifying the consequences would be if it were to be noticed by Godsbane Heaven.

“Senior! Senior! You can’t do this! You’re my cousin brother’s friend, so how can you drag me to hell with you? That’s very unjust and not something a friend would do….” Yea Ze muttered while being carried like a little chick by Chen Xi. His expression was dim and dejected, and he seemed to be filled with despair and sorrow as if he were at a funeral.

“It’s exactly because I take your cousin brother to be a friend that I’m rescuing you, but you’re ungrateful instead. It truly makes me quite disappointed.” Chen Xi searched the path ahead as he spoke.

Yea Ze almost started crying when he heard this, and he begged. “Please let me go. I don’t want to die earlier. I still have my parents, wife, child….”

“Shush!” Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving.

Yea Ze was stunned. When he saw the situation ahead clearly, he instantly opened his eyes wide while a chill ran down his spin.

Numerous figures had appeared in the distant horizon, and they were like numerous dazzling, blazing, and scorching suns that moved through the sky.

All of them wore dark robes. Surprisingly, they were the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm experts of the Sovereign Sect who were stationed in the Grand Heaven Mine!

Especially the figure in the lead. He wore a red robe, had a mighty figure, and a monstrous aura. Obviously, he was a red robed Grand Priest of the Sovereign Sect who was at the Imperial Monarch Realm!

Yea Ze had witnessed Chen Xi’s combat strength, so he was very clearly aware that this group of experts from the Sovereign Sect were no match for Chen Xi.

The true source of his worry was that along with this scene, it meant that they’d been completely noticed by the Sovereign Sect!

The most damnable part of this was that he was still being carried by that madman! So, if the madman were to die, then he, Yea Ze, would definitely be dragged down by the madman!

Yea Ze’s heart was filled with sorrow when he thought up to this point.

“Yea Ze! Who’s he? What happened earlier? Why did Kui Sen’s aura suddenly vanish?” That group from the Sovereign Sect had noticed Chen Xi and Yea Ze, and they whistled over while the red robed Grand Priest’s dignified, cold, and indifferent voice sounded out before they could even arrive.

“Lord Yun Qi, I….” Yea Ze opened his mouth and intended to say something, but a wisp of extremely dazzling and thick sword qi had soared through space. It pierced his eyes to the point they hurt, and he wasn’t able to see anything any longer.


A monstrous wave of air rumbled towards the surroundings like scorching flames surged through a plain or snow covering the sky. From the beginning until the end, there was no sound of battle or collision, and there were no shrill cries as well.

In merely the time of a single breath, everything had returned to calm.

When Yea Ze opened his eyes once more, he was unable to notice any traces of those experts from the Sovereign Sect, and the only thing within his field of vision was a chaotic expanse of space that had collapsed into rifts!

Yea Ze immediately gasped with his mouth wide open. As a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, how could he be unaware that those experts from the Sovereign Sect had been annihilated by that strike?

Moreover, they didn’t even have any room to struggle! Otherwise, it was absolutely impossible for not even the slightest shrill cry to have resounded!

This fellow… is simply ruthless! Yea Ze was shocked.

Before he could even recover from his shock, Chen Xi had continued flashing ahead as if nothing had happened.

That calm, composed, and relaxed expression caused Yea Ze to be dazed. Who exactly is this fellow?

How formidable is his cultivation?

It wasn’t Yea Ze’s fault, nor was he ignorant. It was because the energy of the Daoseal Mark had suffused Chen Xi’s entire body. So, not to mention him, even a Daolord would probably be unable to detect Chen Xi’s true strength.

No matter what, even if he was shocked in his heart, Yea Ze couldn’t help but feel worried and anxious when he thought about how a Ninth Star Region Lord was in charge of the Grand Heaven Mine.

Yea Ze took a deep breath and spoke seriously. “Senior, these fellows are merely trash to you, and they are nothing worth mention. If you stop now, then perhaps there’ll be a slight chance to turn the situation around. Because we can discuss it from the start and create a reliable and detailed plan of escape. Otherwise, if we are to encounter some formidable figures….”


Before he could even finish speaking, his body was lifted up into the air by Chen Xi who’d suddenly sped up, and then the violent streams of air that flew against him had shot into his mouth, causing him to cough incessantly to the point even tears had started to flow from his eyes. He wasn’t even able to speak a single word….

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