Chapter 2076 – Unexpected News

An expanse of deathly silence filled the surroundings, and only the whistling of the wind could be heard.

The figures of all the cultivators had stiffened while terror drowned their hearts.

If Ba Ming’s death just now might have been because he was taken by surprise, then Kui Sen’s death wasn’t a fluke at all!

He annihilated a Third Star Imperial Monarch with a flick of his sleeve!

Exactly how formidable is his cultivation to accomplish that?

At this moment, Chen Xi seemed to have transformed into an unfathomable and terrifying figure in their eyes, and he was filled with an aura of danger.

They didn’t dare act rashly nor did they dare to seize this moment to flee. Because they were clearly aware that fleeing before Chen Xi was no different than courting death!

Chen Xi’s reaction towards all of this was very calm and composed, and it was like he’d done something that couldn’t be any more ordinary.

“How do you feel?” When Chen Xi turned around and moved back to where he was just now, he saw that Ming had already woken up, and she was staring at him with her pair of pitch black and pure eyes.

“Thank you.” Ming spoke lightly. Her countenance still seemed pale while her ink black brows were filled with exhaustion and weakness that couldn’t be eliminated.

Even though Chen Xi had helped her deal with the danger she faced just now, she was still unable to fully recover for a while, and she needed some time to meditate and recuperate.

Fortunately, merging with the Origin Energy had allowed the injuries within her body to be completely healed, and she didn’t have to worry about any injury to her foundation.

“Is there any need for such words between the two of us?” Chen Xi smiled. In the end, Ming agreed to his suggestion to enter the region within his body to recuperate.

After he finished doing all of that, Chen Xi’s gaze shot once more towards those cultivators.

He noticed that while their cultivations weren’t bad and were at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, their clothes were tattered. Moreover, they didn’t seem like arrogant fellows and seemed like a group of bandits instead.

Chen Xi said, “Now, I have some questions to ask all of you. I’ll let all of you live if your answers satisfy me, otherwise….”

“Senior, please go ahead. Please go ahead.” Those cultivators had nodded and agreed in succession before Chen Xi could even finish speaking, and they seemed humble and fearful.

Chen Xi said frankly, “Where is this place?”

“The Grand Heaven Mine.”

“Where exactly is it located?”

“We don’t know. We’ve only heard that the Grand Heaven Mine is the place where the energy of the Heaven Dao is densest, so peerlessly rare treasures are frequently born here.”

“Oh, then how did all of you get here?”


At this point in the conversation, a complicated expression had appeared on all their faces, and there was resentment, anger, bitterness, and frustration on their faces.

Right when Chen Xi was quite curious in his heart, he heard one of them speak. “To tell Senior the truth, we’re laborers that were captured and forced to work here. So, it’s probably impossible for us to leave this place throughout our lifetime.”

“Laborers?” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. “Who’s behind all of this?”

“The Sovereign Sect.” Those cultivators had spoken at practically the exact same moment.

Chen Xi’s heart shook. Never had he imagined that this mysterious Grand Heaven Mine would be under the Sovereign Sect’s Control.

The most absurd part of it all was that he’d been pursued all the way by the Sovereign Sect while he was travelling to the Ancient God Domain from the Primal Chaos Origin, and he’d been forced into the Origin World in the end.

Yet now, both he and Ming had just left the Origin World yet had unexpectedly arrived within the territory of the Sovereign Sect. This clearly showed how unreal the matters of the world were.

However, Chen Xi didn’t think it was a coincidence!

For the sake of guaranteeing his safety during his journey, only a few existences within the entire Chen Clan knew of his departure from the Primal Chaos Origin.

However, it just so happened that the Sovereign Sect had been waiting for him on the way like it could predict the future, and this clearly showed that someone had exposed information about him in secret.

According to Chen Xi’s deduction, the greatest suspect for this was the Supreme Elder of the Chen Clan, Chen Lingkong!

In the same way, their arrival at the Grand Heaven Mine which was under the Sovereign Sect’s control right after they left the Origin World was absolutely not a coincidence.

After all, the descent of heavenly lightning from Godsbane Heaven right after they left the Origin World was very unusual.

Now, after he found out that the Grand Heaven Mine was under the Sovereign Sect’s control while the Sovereign Sect was like Godsbane Heaven’s guard dog, Chen Xi was able to roughly guess the reason when he thought about it carefully.

The Origin World’s existence had definitely been noticed by the Godsbane Heaven for a long time, and that was why a huge amount of the energy of Godsbane Heaven densely covered its surroundings.

The so-called Grand Heaven Mine was one of these places. As the Sovereign Sect which ‘upholds justice on behalf of the Heaven Dao’, perhaps it wasn’t aware of the Origin World’s existence, but it would definitely not hesitate to carry out the will of the Heaven Dao.

After that, all of these things before him had occurred.

As for the peerlessly rare treasures those cultivators spoke of, it was very understandable. Because such a huge amount of Godsbane Heaven’s energy covered this area, so it would definitely give birth to numerous divine treasures.

However, Chen Xi hadn’t imagined that the Sovereign Sect would actually capture these cultivators as laborers to help it unearth and discover divine treasures.

When they saw Chen Xi fall into silence for a long time, those cultivators couldn’t help but become slightly anxious and bewildered.

One of those cultivators wasn’t able to restrain himself and said, “Senior, you killed Kui Sen just now, so it probably won’t be long before those Priests of the Sovereign Sect will realize it and rush over here….”

“I understand.” Chen Xi directly interrupted that cultivator. “How huge are the Sovereign Sect’s forces here in the mine? Who’s the strongest amongst them?”

Those cultivators were stunned. If the combat strength Chen Xi revealed earlier wasn’t too formidable, they would have been doubting their ears.

This Senior before us was able to arrive here, yet he doesn’t know how many forces the Sovereign Sect has stationed around here?

However, when they thought about how Chen Xi wasn’t even aware of the Grand Heaven Mine’s name, those cultivators came to a slight understanding, and they instinctively taken Chen Xi to be an expert who’d arrived here by mistake.

“We don’t know exactly how many forces the Sovereign Sect has stationed here. However, according to our knowledge, the strongest is a red robed Grand Priest who’s a Ninth Star Region Lord! The other priests of the Sovereign Sect address him as Lord Lin Dong.” A middle aged man with a capable aura said, “Besides Lord Lin Dong, there are numerous other red robed Grand Priests at the Imperial Monarch Realm. They manage the various areas within the Grand Heaven Mine, and it’s precisely because of their presence that all of us who’ve been captured and brought here have never been able to escape.”

“A Ninth Star Region Lord and numerous Imperial Monarchs?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel slightly surprised because such a force could be considered to be extremely formidable. Why would the Sovereign Sect dispatch such massive forces to guard this place?

Could it be merely for the sake of unearthing even more divine treasures?

It’s definitely not so simple!

Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment before he asked another question. “Do any of you know the way back to the Imperial Region?”

The Imperial Region?

Those cultivators instantly determined that this Senior before them was definitely a great figure from the Imperial Region.

“Senior, so long as you can leave this place, then I should be able to determine the way back to the Imperial Region!” Meanwhile, a grey clothed man stepped forward, took a deep breath, and spoke slowly. Even though his clothes were tattered, his movements were steady, and he was clearly a rather impressive expert in the past.

The other cultivators instantly came to an understanding when they heard this. This fellow intends to seize this opportunity and allow this Senior to bring him along as this Senior escapes!

When they thought up to here, some felt envious, yet most felt indifferent. This was the Grand Heaven Mine, and it was the Sovereign Sect’s territory while no one had escaped since the ancient times until now. So they felt that no matter how formidable this Senior was, it was impossible for him to resist the Sovereign Sect by himself!

So, the grey clothed man was clearly desperate by acting in this way!

Chen Xi noticed the minute changes in the others’ expressions, yet he didn’t say anything and just gazed at the grey clothed man and said, “Oh, what’s your name?”

“I’m Yea Ze,” said the grey clothed man.

“Yea Zhe? Are you a descendant of the Eternal Yea Clan?” Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought.

“Yes.” Ye Ze seemed to be very calm. This surname of his was very unique, and only the Eternal Yea Clan possessed it within the entire Imperial Region, so it was very easy for others to guess his identity.

“Then do you know Yea Chen?” asked Chen Xi.

“Yea Chen is my cousin brother,” said Yea Ze, and then he seemed to have realized something and raised his head. “Senior, you know my cousin brother?”

Chen Xi nodded. “We’re friends.”

The others couldn’t help but feel a wave of envy when they heard this. How could they have imagined that this Senior would actually be friends with Yea Ze’s cousin brother? Their relationship has gotten even closer now.

Even Yea Ze couldn’t help but be stunned. No matter how he wracked his brains, he was unable to figure out when his cousin brother had become friends with such a formidable and monstrous figure.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi’s brows raised as he said curiously, “The Sovereign Sect actually dares to act so fearlessly and even dared to capture a member of your Yea Clan?”

As soon as these words were spoken, all of them actually gazed at Chen Xi with a strange gaze, and it was like they felt this question was very immature.

“Senior, you’re probably unaware but the Ancient God Domain is covered in unrest and endless slaughter. The flames of war have raged throughout it, and it isn’t as calm as it used to be.” Yea Ze took a deep breath and explained. “This chaos can be said to be unprecedented, and even the Imperial Region has been affected. With the Sovereign Sect fanning the flames to the chaos, even Oracle Mountain, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, the Divine Institute, and the Dao Institute were unable to keep out of it and have been swept into the vortex of this storm.”

“Chaos has erupted throughout the Ancient God Domain?” Chen Xi’s heart shook fiercely, and he almost didn’t dare believe his ears. I’ve only left for a few years, yet such an incident has actually occurred in the Ancient God Domain?

Why has this happened?

Could it be because the Calamity of the Last Days is arriving?

For a time, all sorts of thoughts arose in Chen Xi’s mind, and he was slightly stunned. This piece of information was too sudden to him, and it had even caught him a little of guard.

Yea Ze seemed to have not noticed anything unusual about Chen Xi and continued. “All of us suffered sneak attacks from the Sovereign Sect during this chaos, and we were unfortunately captured by them.”

The other cultivators had sorrowful and resentful expression that revealed indescribably hatred. Lives were like grass amidst troubled times, so could anyone avoid this monstrous storm?

A long time later, Chen Xi took a deep breath and muttered. “If it’s really like that, then I must leave this place as soon as possible….”

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