Chapter 2075 – Grand Heaven Mine

As if she’d noticed something, Ming who had an extremely pale countenance and a weak appearance gasped for breath as she spoke in a low voice. “Watch out. It seems like someone is coming.”

Chen Xi spoke casually. “There’s no need to pay any attention to them. I’ll help you merge the energy within your body first.”

As he spoke, Chen Xi circulated the energy of the Daoseal Mark, and it started to flow ceaselessly through Ming’s body.

He was really unable to stop at this moment, because once he did, then the energies within Ming that had fallen into a silent and motionless state of slumber would awaken once more, and then they would collide violently with each other. If that were to happen, then Ming would suffer even more pain and torture, and it was even to the extent that it would cause irreparable harm to her foundation.

So, he could only completely calm and merge the energies within Ming in one go, and only then could he resolve everything once and for all.

At this moment, both Chen Xi and Ming were like clay statues that sat cross-legged on the ground. They seemed to be calm and tranquil from the outside, but a battle between energies was actually being carried out within her.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

A wave of rapid and ear piercing spatial fluctuations resounded, and then numerous figures appeared out of thin air in the distance.

There were over 10 figures in this group. All of them were clothed in rags yet their auras were extremely dangerous. They were at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm at least!

Especially the huge and robust bale man in the lead who was over 10m tall. He actually possessed the imposing aura of an Imperial Monarch!

The muscles on his bare upper body seemed like they were made of copper, his pupils were red as fire, and he had a prickly beard. His thick arms that seemed like stone pillars were covered in blood red chains that had a metallic gleam.

He seemed like a ferocious barbarian from the primitive times, and he had a violent, arrogant, and bloodthirsty aura.

As soon as they appeared here, their gazes had locked onto Chen Xi and Ming, and they were quite surprised when they noticed Chen Xi and Ming’s appearances.

“A pair of man and woman?” Some were stunned.

“Motherfucker! Who said that a heaven defying divine treasures appeared here? Where is it?” Others cursed.

“Wait! These two don’t seem to be from the Grand Heaven Mine. What are they doing here?”

“Could they have seized the treasure?”

“How terrifying was the Lightning of Heavenly Wrath from last night? All of us didn’t dare to approach this place for a very long time, yet these two people have arrived here before us. There’s definitely something strange about it.”

All of them discussed animatedly while their gazes towards Chen Xi and Ming carried slight surprise and bewilderment. They were unable to discern exactly where Chen Xi and Ming had come from.

Because Chen Xi had gathered all his strength to help Ming resolve the danger she faced within her body, his aura was completely restrained to the point these cultivators were unable to discern anything by solely sensing the imposing aura he displayed.

“Hehe. Interesting! How many years has it been? The Grand Heaven Mine has always been filled with laborers that were captured and brought here. I’ve never seen anyone who comes here on their own accord to suffer here.” Suddenly, the bald man who led the group spoke with a ghastly smile on his face, and he revealed a mouthful of snow white teeth.

“Lord Kui Sen, what should we do? Should we report this matter to….” A emaciated man with a hideous appearance spoke in a low voice while a sly expression flashed in his eyes. However, he hadn’t finished speaking when he was interrupted by the bald man.

“No. It’s just a pair of dogs that came out of nowhere. There’s no need to bother the Lord priests!” The bald man called Kui Sen spoke with a savage expression. “Most importantly, the two of them appeared here after the heavenly lightning descended last night. So, if there really had been some sort of heaven-defying divine treasure, then it was definitely taken by them!

As soon as these words were spoken, the gazes the others shot towards Chen Xi and Ming had changed. There was a little less surprise and bewilderment, and there was a little more greed and viciousness.

“Look, we’ve already arrived here for so long, but they actually remain indifferent. Perhaps they were injured by the heavenly lightning last night while seizing that divine treasure and are busy recuperating.” Kui Sen’s expression grew even more ferocious while his fiery red pupils were filled with a bloodthirsty and vicious aura.

Sure enough, the others noticed that the pair of man and woman had remained motionless after they arrived here, and it was like the two of them hadn’t noticed their arrival.

Are they feigning ignorance, and have they really suffered a heavy injury like Lord Kui Sen said?

“Ba Ming, go capture the two of them.” Kui Sen spoke in a low voice. His cautiousness made him forcefully restrain himself from acting himself.

Ba Ming, the hideous and emaciated man, hesitated for a moment before he chuckled with a savage smile on his face. “That’s exactly what I intended to do!”

As he spoke, his figure flashed through the air, and then he suddenly clawed with his fingers, causing an expanse of jet black divine radiance to sweep out like a large net that enveloped down towards Chen Xi and Ming.


Right at this moment, Chen Xi who was originally motionless like a status had suddenly opened his eyes, and then a strand of cold lightning surged out from within them. The lightning tore through the sky and blasted the jet black divine radiance into powder.

This scene immediately shocked Kui Sen and the others.

“Don’t tempt fate!” Chen Xi glanced coldly at them before he closed his eyes once more.

Just these words that were complimented by Chen Xi’s extremely indifferent gaze caused the expressions of many to change, and they felt fearful in their hearts.

“What an arrogant fellow!” Kui Sen’s face fell, and then he ordered once more. “Ba Ming, capture them!”

“My Lord….” Ba Ming was hesitant. Chen Xi had crushed his attack into powder with just a single gaze, and this made him arouse a feeling of danger while apprehension filled his heart.

“Hurry up!” Kui Sen glared while flames seemed to burn within his pupils, and it was like it was on the verge of incinerating the sky itself.

“Alright!” Ba Ming gritted his teeth while surging jet black light erupted from his entire body, and he withdrew a black streamer that flickered brilliantly as he waved it with force.


Numerous strands of baleful energy charged out like smoke from within the streamer, and it was accompanied by the ferocious and vicious wails and howls of ghosts as it corroded and melted that expanse of space.

However, this attack hadn’t even accomplished anything when Chen Xi and Ming’s figures had actually vanished from the ground ahead, and it was like they’d evaporated into thin air.

Ba Ming’s heart couldn’t help but twitch when he witnessed this. He realized that the situation was bad, and his soul almost left his body.

“Watch out!” A wave of exclaims of surprise sounded out by his ears. Ba Ming was just about to dodge when a strand of indescribably terrifying energy smashed forcefully against him from behind.

In the next moment, it was like he’d been tossed flying. The heavens and the earth spun in his vision while his mind droned, and then his vision darkened as he immediately lost consciousness.

In the eyes of everyone else, it was like Ba Ming had just attacked when the man who was like a statue had suddenly appeared behind Ba Ming. After that, the man flicked his sleeve lightly, and then Ba Ming was blasted flying like he’d flicked off a speck of dust and Ba Ming had vanished into the distance….

The most inconceivable part was that the man had actually constantly kept one of his hands on the woman’s shoulder without moving it at all.


All of them gasped. How formidable!

Ba Ming was a peak Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, yet he’d been instantly blasted away like a speck of dust and had vanished in the horizon. Is that a little too terrifying!

Who exactly is he?

How formidable is his cultivation?

At this instant, even Kui Sen’s pupils couldn’t help but constrict while his ferocious and savage expression changed indeterminately. He said in a low voice, “Who are you? Why have you come to the Grand Heaven Mine?”

Ba Ming’s miserable defeat allowed him to realize how extraordinary Chen Xi was, and he felt fortunate that he hadn’t been impatient and acted on his own.

The other cultivators shot their gazes over as well.

Ming and Chen Xi remained seated cross-legged in space, and they maintained the same completely motionless state from before. It was like they were completely unaware of everything that occurred around them.

But at this moment, no one dared to underestimate them.

No one spoke, so it was equivalent to directly disregarding Kui Sen’s question. This made his ferocious expression turn slightly gloomy, and he said coldly, “Friend, don’t blame us for being merciless if you still refuse to speak!”

He was still ignored.

Half of Ming’s Origin Energy had merged with the other energies within her body, and she was on the verge of success. So, how could Chen Xi have the mood to pay attention to anything else.

The bale man, Kui Sen, was merely a Third Star Imperial Monarch, and such a combat strength was nothing to Chen Xi.

As for the others, they were even more beneath his notice.

Under the gazes of everyone present, Chen Xi and Ming remained indifferent, and it made it seem like Kui Sen was talking to himself. The scene here was indescribably strange and embarrassing.

All of this infuriated Kui Sen even more. He was annoyed to the extreme, and he spoke in a ghastly and ferocious tone. “Friend, this is the Grand Heaven Mine. You’ve caused a lethal calamity to befall yourselves by rashly entering this place! If you continue refusing to realize your mistakes, then the consequences will be worse than death!”

The hearts of the others shook. All of them had discerned that Kui Sen was furious and had aroused killing intent.

But even then, they were surprised to see that Chen Xi and Ming still seemed indifferent and as if they hadn’t noticed at all.

Kui Sen’s gaze became extremely icy cold when he witnessed this scene, and he gestured to the others and shouted explosively. “Attack together and capture these bastards alive!”

His figure flashed and was the first to set out while his 10m tall figure that was robust like a small hill emanated dazzling golden light.


He made a clawing motion with both hands. A sun and a moon revolved respectively in each of his palms, and they emanated a myriad of Divine Dao Laws that formed into terrifying divine radiance before blasting down towards Chen Xi and Ming.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi who’d stayed motionless like a statue until now had finally moved.

He withdrew his palm from Ming’s shoulder and stood up, and then his dark and deep eyes opened up before they locked coldly onto Kui Sen.

This string of movements was completely smooth and natural, yet they were done at an extraordinary speed and had been completed in an instant.

“I gave you a chance, but you didn’t cherish it. Looks like I can only send you on your way.” Chen Xi flicked his sleeve once more amidst his calm and indifferent voice, and the movement of his hand was casual and otherworldly.

However, Kui Sen actually seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning. His eyeballs bulged from their socket, his face warped, and his entire body stiffened as if he’d encountered something extremely terrifying.


After that, his 10m tall figure exploded into pieces, and it transformed into a blood mist that dyed that expanse of space red. It was a gorgeous yet horrifying scene.

A monstrous and arrogant Third Star Imperial Monarch had actually been annihilated just like that!

When the other cultivators who were about to attack with Kui Sen witnessed this scene, it terrified them to the point they couldn’t help but shudder and feel like they’d fallen into an icy pit.

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