Chapter 2074 – An Explosive Increase of Strength

The energy of the Daoseal Mark was like a stream that flowed soundlessly as it spread through his entire body….

After that, a scene that Chen Xi hadn’t expected occurred. As the energy of the Daoseal Mark started spreading through his body, the energies that were originally colliding within him had suddenly stopped clashing with each other before retreating madly. It was like they were extremely afraid of being touched by the Daoseal Mark’s energy.

This scene was very interesting. It was like mice that had encountered a cat. Regardless of whether it was the Origin Energy or the other energies that Chen Xi possessed before this, all of them seemed to have fallen into a state of panic.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned by this. Indeed, this scene he witnessed proved that the method he utilized was effective indeed. However, it was the first time he’d noticed that the energy of the Daoseal Mark was actually so miraculous and formidable because merely its aura was actually capable of completely suppressing the energy within his body!

What does this represent?

An extremely strong feeling of curiosity arose in Chen Xi’s heart. He didn’t stop all of this from occurring. Conversely, he converged all his will onto the energy of the Daoseal Mark.

Along with the passage of time, the energies within his body had been retreating incessantly, but it was impossible to continue retreating anymore. Unless they flowed out from Chen Xi’s body.

Obviously, it was impossible for that to happen.


In the end and along with a wave of rumbling, the Origin Energy that was raging throughout Chen Xi’s body was the first to come into contact with the energy of the Daoseal Mark, and then it was like a fish that had fallen into a net. It merely struggled for a moment before it was completely enveloped by the energy of the Daoseal Mark.

After that, the Origin Energy throughout his body fell into a deathly silent state. It was merely rendered motionless, but it hadn’t been refined, absorbed, or destroyed by the energy of the Daoseal Mark.

Since the Origin Energy within him had stopped rampaging, it was equivalent to instantly resolving the ‘great enemy’ that caused the danger Chen Xi faced. Under such circumstances, Chen Xi merely had to circulate his cultivation, and he could calm and control his divine energy, vital energy, soul energy, energy of the Dao Heart….

However, he didn’t do that. He was very curious about what sort of scene would appear if the energy of the Daoseal Mark were to envelop all the energy he possessed within him.


It wasn’t long before another wave of rumbling resounded. Just like his Origin Energy, the Divine Energy within him wasn’t able to struggle free at all once it came into contact with the energy of the Daoseal Mark, and it was completely enveloped by the energy of the Daoseal Mark and fell into a motionless and deathly silent state.

It’s as I expected! Chen Xi’s eyes lit up as he continued watching.

Along with the passage of time, the vital energy, soul energy, and energy of the Heaven Heart within him had suffered the same fate, and they came into contact with the energy of the Daoseal Mark, were enveloped, and fell into a motionless and deathly silent state.

At this instant, Chen Xi suddenly had a feeling of transcendence from taking complete control of himself and standing supreme above all the forms of energy he wielded.

It was like so long as he willed it, then he could instantly annihilate the Origin Energy, Divine Energy, vital energy, soul energy, and energy of the Dao Heart within his body….

Similarly, so long as he willed it, then he could completely merge them together and transform them into a form of energy that he wanted!

This was an extremely unique feeling of control. It was a feeling of absolute control as if he could control anything and everything, and nothing could escape his notice.

This was the feeling created when the energy of the Daoseal Mark had spread throughout his entire body and made all the energies he possessed fall into a motionless and silent state.

It was like a process of ‘removing energy’. All the energy he possessed had been ‘removed’ as they’d fallen into a motionless and silent state, and it presented itself before him in a completely different state.

When the characters ‘去力’ which represented the removal of energy were joint together, they formed the character ‘劫”’ for calamity!

At this moment, Chen Xi felt like he’d overcome all calamities that loomed around him and attained a state of enlightenment that revealed the truth of things. Unfortunately, this feeling had merely existed for an instant.

Because there was still a strand of energy being circulated throughout his body, and it was the energy of the Daoseal Mark.

If I’m one day able to utilize this process of ‘energy removal’ to destroy or merge the energy of the Daoseal Mark as well, then what sort of scene would be revealed before me?

Such a thought had suddenly arisen in Chen Xi’s heart, and then he couldn’t help but chuckle. The Daoseal Mark is from within the River Diagram. Unless I’m able to completely suppress and control the River Diagram in the future, I’ll probably never be able to accomplish that, right?

Chen Xi didn’t think further. He gathered his concentration, discarded all distracting thoughts, and then took a deep breath before a voice resounded like a thunderclap within his heart.


It was like a decree of the heavens. At this instant, all the energies within Chen Xi’s body awoke from their ‘slumber’.

They weren’t unruly anymore, nor did they seem like wild horses that were impossible to tame. Conversely, they’d become extremely gentle and tame under the watch of the Daoseal Mark’s energy.


The Origin Energy stretched out incessantly and started to gradually merge together with Chen Xi’s vital energy, soul energy, energy of the Dao Heart, and the Divine Energy in the region within his body.

They didn’t collide, clash, or fight each other. It was natural like snow melting into water.

After that, Chen Xi felt that the various forms of energy he possessed were becoming stronger, and they were improving steadily….

Chen Xi had cultivated for more than 3 years in the Origin World. He’d consumed countless precious treasures and had even absorbed an innumerable amount of Origin Energy essence.

Even if he didn’t possess cultivation that was based on divine energy, he could still display the combat strength of a Seventh Star Region Lord while he was in the Origin World.

Yet now, this extremely powerful Origin Energy had started to merge with the energy within Chen Xi’s entire body, so it was obvious how enormous the benefits Chen Xi received would be.

In just a short period of six hours, his cultivation had actually broken through to the Eighth Star Region Lord Realm, and another dazzling and resplendent Violet Gold Imperial Sovereign Star had risen above his Soul Divine Flame.

After that, his vital energy started to undergo a transformation. The vital energy was a reflection of his ability in body refinement, and it could also be called Shaman Energy. Chen Xi’s main body originally possessed a cultivation in body refinement that was merely comparable to the Nether Transformation Realm.

But in this short period of time, his body refinement cultivation had started to improve by leaps and bounds. It pushed ahead through realm after realm, and it finally stopped at a level comparable to the Immortal King Realm.

If this had happened in the outside world, it would definitely cause the jaws of countless cultivators to hit the floor in shock, and it could be considered as a world shocking miracle even if it was during the Shaman Era.

Next, the energy of Chen Xi’s Dao Heart started to transform. It started from the 4th forging of the True Heart Sutra, and it rose to the 6th forging in one go!

The improvement in his Dao Heart represented that Chen Xi’s ability to stay in combat grew stronger and stronger, and it also carried immeasurable benefits to comprehending the Sword Dao.

The final transformation was in the energy of his soul. Chen Xi’s soul was originally like a vortex, and an extremely dazzling Soul Divine Flame surged above the vortex.

Now, that Soul Divine Flame had transformed into a five colored ocean of flames. It was gorgeous, blazing, grand, and boundless, and it illuminated his entire sea of consciousness.

Such a change caused the strength of Chen Xi’s consciousness and his abilities of deduction to undergo a completely new transformation and improvement!

If Chen Xi’s consciousness was said to be capable of covering an expanse of the starry sky in the past, then it could cover a galaxy now. It could instantly reflect a myriad of scenes within his mind.

In short, after he merged his Origin Energy into the various energies that he possessed, every single one of those energies throughout his body had undergone a tremendous change.

Such changes could be considered to be unparalleled and unprecedented!

The Eighth Star Region Lord Realm.

The sixth forging in his cultivation of the Dao Heart.

A complete transformation and improvement in the energy of his soul.

A leap into the Immortal King Realm of body refinement.

All of these were like an inconceivable dream, and it caused Chen Xi to feel like he was experiencing one of those legends where a single moment of enlightenment allowed one to ascend into the heavens!

The completely new energy that surged through his entire body was that formidable and abundant, and it was even to the extent that Chen Xi felt it was slightly difficult to get accustomed to.

These were the changes that Chen Xi had experienced after he’d merged his Origin Energy completely with the energies within his body!

However, in next to no time, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to sense the changes within him because a grunt of pain had resounded by his ear, and it carried despair and unwillingness.

It was Ming!

Chen Xi’s heart shook while all his thoughts vanished from his mind. He swiftly opened his eyes, and he saw the Ming was actually showing horrifying signs of being on the verge of death.

Her clear and gorgeous face was ghastly pale while her slender and graceful figure was trembling violently, and her clothes were drenched in cold sweat.

She was gritting her teeth tightly while her glistening and curved cherry lips had even turned pale from her exertion of force. She seemed like she was enduring a form of indescribably intense pain. It caused her to emanate a dispirited and waning aura, and she seemed to be on the verge of death.

Shit! Chen Xi revealed a solemn expression while he placed his hand on her shoulder without the slightest hesitation. At the same time, he circulated the energy of the Daoseal Mark to surge along her shoulder and into her body.

Ming wasn’t like him. She didn’t possess the River Diagram fragments, so she naturally didn’t possess the Daoseal Mark. Under such circumstances, how could she possibly suppress the violent energies that were clashing and colliding within her?

If Chen Xi hadn’t noticed in time, then perhaps Ming might have really perished in a short while!


As the energy of the Daoseal Mark surged into her body, Chen Xi noticed that the situation within her body was even worse than he’d imagined.

Her blood vessel, veins, and even every single inch of her body showed horrifying signs of disorder and damage.

When he saw this, Chen Xi didn’t dare hope that Ming could benefit from this misfortune like he had and undergo a tremendous increase of strength as well. Because it would be very fortunate if she were able to fully recover from her injuries and stabilize her foundation.

Needless to say, the energy of the Daoseal Mark was mysterious and formidable indeed. In merely a short moment, the energies that were rampaging through Ming’s body had fallen into a motionless and silent state.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when he saw this, and he decided to fully merge her Origin Energy into her Shaman Energy.

However, right at this moment, a wave of clamorous fluctuations of consciousness suddenly arose from afar.

“It’s right over there. A bolt of the Lightning of Heavenly Tribulation destroyed that mountain last night. It was extremely terrifying.”

“So, a heaven defying divine artifact might have been born there?”

“Let’s go take a look quickly!”

Cultivators are actually coming here! Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then he glanced at Ming who was in a very weak state. In the end, he decided to resolve the danger she was facing first.

As for everything else, he didn’t have the mood to pay attention to it for now.

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