Chapter 2073 – Unforeseen

Book Twenty – The Ultimate Path

Lofty peaks towered throughout the surroundings.

These lofty peaks pieced into the sky while the foot of the mountains was murky grey. Some strange vines, brambles, and flowers grew on the ground, and they emanated a dense aura of divine energy.

Chen Xi stood in front of some brambles as he took a deep breath, and as he sensed the divine energy that filled the air, Chen Xi was finally sure that he’d really left the Origin World!

But where exactly was this place? Did it belong to the Ancient God Domain or the boundless expanse of stars around the Primal Chaos Origin? Even Chen Xi couldn’t determine the answer.

At this moment, he was even unable to determine if he was on a star or a continent right now.

After a short moment of feeling dazed, Chen Xi quickly recovered his calm and gazed towards the side, and he heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Ming’s graceful and aloof figure.

Yes, they really had left the Origin World!


Suddenly, a strand of an indescribably terrifying aura descended from the sky. It was supreme and filled with extraordinary majesty. In an instant, the lofty peak standing before Chen Xi had been instantly struck by lightning and transformed into powder!

It was a strand of grey lightning that seemed like a divine Chain of Order. It was sharp like a blade of the heavens, and it carried the terrifying might of heavenly wrath.

Just looking at it from afar caused a chill to run down one’s spine and horror to fill one’s body.

Shit! It’s the energy of Heavenly Wrath!

Chen Xi was horrified. How could he have imagined that they would suffer the merciless attacks of the Heaven Dao as soon as they left the Origin World?

What exactly is going on?

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate at all nor did he have the time to think about anything else. He’d grabbed Ming at practically the exact same moment that the mountain had been struck into powder, and he flashed swiftly to the side.

At practically the exact same moment, he circulated the Daoseal Mark within his soul with all his strength to completely conceal both Ming and his own aura.

However, to Chen Xi’s surprise, the River Diagram fragments that were slumbering within his sea of consciousness had awakened unexpectedly at this instant, and they emanated a strange and obscure force that enveloped Chen Xi’s entire body.


A strand of descending grey lightning was just about to smash down onto the area that Chen Xi and Ming resided at when it suddenly stopped in midair.

It seemed as if it had lost its target, and it surged endlessly in midair while emanating a merciless, indifferent, and supreme aura of Order.

A long time later, that grey strand of lightning finally dispersed without a trace, and it seemed as if it had never appeared here.


Chen Xi let out a long sigh of relief. His forehead was covered in cold sweat because that strand of grey lightning was merely 3 inches above his head, and it was extraordinarily shocking. If it had struck down, then the consequences would be simply unimaginable!

“I never expected that we would be noticed by the Order of Godsbane Heaven as soon as we left the Origin World….” Ming’s countenance was pale as well while fear still lingered in her heart because everything that occurred just now was truly terrifying.

“It probably noticed the aura of Origin Energy that doesn’t belong to this world within our bodies. Most importantly, the Core of Origin World is in my body, and it’s an old enemy of Godsbane Heaven.” Chen Xi quickly recovered his calm, and he carefully analyzed the incident from before. He was clearly aware that the River Diagram was the reason why they could survive the danger they’d just faced.

“I assume that should be the reason. All those years ago, the Godsbane Heaven wasn’t able to devour the Origin Heaven, so it’ll definitely not give up. I suspect that the energy of Godsbane Heaven had enveloped the surroundings of the Origin World since the beginning, and it just hadn’t made a move until now because the Origin Heaven in a completely sealed off state.”

Ming had found out about the battle between the Heaven Daos from Chen Xi while they were still in the Origin World, and that was the reason why she’d made such an analysis.

“I think that it should be as you said.” Chen Xi approved of Ming’s point of view because such a dangerous encounter would have definitely not occurred if it weren’t for that.

Hmm? Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s expression suddenly changed, and his figure started to tremble as if he was shivering with fear.

After that, a wisp of pain appeared on his face, while numerous veins started bulging on his forehead.

“What’s wrong?” Ming noticed Chen Xi’s unusual state and couldn’t help but be shocked.

“The Origin Energy and Divine Energy within my body have started to clash with each other….” Chen Xi gritted his teeth as he swiftly sat down cross-legged.

“Clash?” Ming was shocked, and then she suddenly noticed that the Shaman Energy within her body had started to awaken. On the other hand, the Origin Energy she absorbed in the Origin World seemed to have gone out of control, and it started to become restless as well….


How could Ming not understand that she was in the same state that Chen Xi was in?

She didn’t hesitate to sit down cross-legged as well, and then she started to gather her entire consciousness to guide the energies within her.

Origin Energy was an energy that belonged to the Origin World, its source was the Origin Heaven, and the cultivation technique utilized to circulate it, the Origin Creation Technique, was created according to the Order and Laws of the Origin World.

Now that they’d entered the world that was covered by the Godsbane Heaven, the Origin Creation Technique had instantly lost its original might, and it caused the Origin Energy within both Chen Xi and Ming’s bodies to be like wild horses that had struggled free of their reins and were impossible to control.

The worse part was that they’d left the Origin World now, so the cultivation they possessed before they entered the Origin World wasn’t in a still state anymore, and it had started to awaken….

All of this caused the two completely different energies within their bodies to start clashing, and the consequences of that were simply unimaginable. Because if they lost control of these two forms of energy then they would either suffer from qi deviation or even die!

While he was still in the Origin World, Chen Xi had once considered his options if the divine energy and origin energy within his body clashed upon returning to the outside world, and he wondered if these two completely different energies born from two completely different Heaven Daos could be merged together!

Unfortunately, Chen Xi could only think about it at that time. He hadn’t had the time to explore and put it into practice before he noticed that he was in such a dangerous situation.

Needless to say, their luck was truly quite horrible. They were attacked by the lightning of Heavenly Wrath as soon as they left the Origin World, and they almost lost their lives. Right after they avoided this calamity, the energies within their bodies started to collide, and it caused them to fall into an extremely dangerous situation once more.

If these successive unexpected events had occurred to anyone else, then it would have probably caused them to panic and be thrown into a state of confusion.

However, Chen Xi had experienced a huge amount of danger throughout his lifetime, and he’d lingered at deaths door on countless occasions, so it had tempered his mental strength to an extraordinary degree.

At this moment, he didn’t panic or fall into confusion, and he started to fully concentrate on the disorder within his body with an extremely calm state of mind.


Chen Xi’s vital blood seethed, the apertures and meridians throughout his body trembled, the region within his body spun in a frenzy, and even his soul had started to surge violently.

Everything was caused by Origin Energy!

The reason Origin Energy was unique was because it could cover a cultivator’s entire body, both inside and out. Moreover, it was beneficial towards all sorts of aspect like body refinement, qi refinement, the soul, the Dao Heart, and so on and so forth.

But now, this energy had lost control, and it instantly caused an adverse effect in all the forms of energy throughout Chen Xi’s body.

They were ceaselessly clashing within Chen Xi’s body. Every single inch of his skin and every single corner of his body was covered in terrifying clashes of energy.

It was simply like a horrifying scene of chaos and disorder, and even Chen Xi didn’t know what to do.

He’d tried to take control of the Origin Energy within him, but the Origin Creation Technique seemed to have lost its ability, so he tried to circulate his Divine Energy to suppress the raging Origin Energy within him instead. However, he noticed that the Origin Energy he possessed was too enormous and suffused his entire body, so it was utterly impossible to suppress.

What should I do?

Boundless pain swept throughout Chen Xi’s body, yet he couldn’t be bothered about it as he was madly deducing all sorts of methods to deal with the situation.

He was clearly aware that the method to overcome such danger was to fully merge the Origin Energy with the Divine Energy within his body.

But… how should I accomplish that?

One was energy form the Godsbane Heaven while the other was from the Origin Heaven. Could two completely different forms of energy merge together?

Suddenly, Chen Xi thought of the battle between the Heaven Daos that he’d witnessed. Godsbane Heaven had once defeated numerous Heaven Daos before it devoured and fused them into itself….

Since even completely different Heaven Daos could be merged, then why can’t energies from two completely different Heaven Daos be merged?

It’s definitely possible!

Chen Xi was sure that there was definitely a way to accomplish it. But how exactly should I accomplish it?

Chen Xi deduced incessantly….

He was completely indifferent to the torture of the pain he experienced and was completely oblivious to the passage of time. The state within his body was growing increasingly worse while the clashes within his body were intense to the limit, and it was on the verge of damaging his foundation.

Ming’s current state was roughly similar to Chen Xi, and the strong feeling of danger she experienced similarly compelled her to deduce a method to resolve this dangerous situation.

Three days later, Chen Xi’s body shook while two words appeared in Chen Xi’s mind, Daoseal Mark!

While in the world covered by Godsbane Heaven, Chen Xi had relied on the Daoseal Mark to avoid the pursuits of his enemies on more than one occasion, and he’d utilized it on numerous occasions to avoid the detection of the Heaven Dao.

When Chen Xi was in the Origin World covered by the Origin Heaven, Chen Xi had once caused phenomena of the heavens and the earth to arise when he cultivated the Origin Creation Technique for the first time, and the phenomena it created was noticed and even shocked the inhabitants of Origin World.

At that time, Chen Xi had relied on the Daoseal Mark as well to avoid being detected by King Mo Luo, King Jiu Ling, and King Gu Yuan.

In other words, Chen Xi could utilize the Daoseal Mark while he was in the Origin World as well.

Now, after deducing for a very long time, Chen Xi suddenly noticed that since the energy of the Daoseal Mark could be utilized between the worlds covered by the Godsbane Heaven and Origin Heaven, then couldn’t he rely on it to deal with the dangerous situation he was facing within his body?

The Daoseal Mark was from the River Diagram. It was obscure and mysterious, and it had been constantly residing within Chen Xi’s soul throughout these years.

Even right now, Chen Xi hadn’t been able to fully comprehend what sort of force it was because it was too obscure and mysterious.

But at this moment, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered about there. The collision between the energies within his body had arrived at a critical state, and it caused him to be on the verge of exploding apart.

So, how could Chen Xi care about everything else right now?

As soon as he thought of the Daoseal Mark, he’d immediately carefully circulated its energy out from within his soul, and it extended out like a stream towards his entire body….

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