Chapter 2072 – Farewell Master Chen


The emerald green rings of lightning flew about while dark blue arcs of electricity flowed through it, and then a sharp strand of lightning suddenly struck out from within it and struck forcefully towards an elder of the Thunderbird Clan.

This old fellow had laughed the loudest just now and was the most indifferent towards Emerald’s suggestion. Now, this old fellow had been caught off guard, and had been instantly struck by the bolt of lightning.

A shrill cry resounded from him while his entire body was charred and smoking. He was thrown into an extremely embarrassing state.

All the higher-ups of the Thunderbird Clan including Patriarch Aba couldn’t help but gasp. What a terrifying attack! 

Could it be that Emerald has really created a formidable technique?

The atmosphere here suddenly fell deathly silent. Everyone’s gazes had shot over towards Emerald in unison, and their eyes were filled with shock.

Even Emerald couldn’t avoid being stunned by this scene, and it was still muttering. “No wonder… comprehension and sudden enlightenment can be obtained when forced into a corner!”

However, even Emerald was unable to determine how it had obtained this sudden enlightenment….

On this day, Emerald had shocked the entire Thunderbird Clan by creating a formidable combat technique called Emerald Lightning Rings, and on that very day, the Patriarch, Aba, announced that Emerald would be the next patriarch of the Thunderbird Clan.

After he saw Emerald comprehend and create a combat technique to win the respect of everyone, Chen Xi withdrew that strand of his consciousness and started to observe the situation in the other parts of Origin World.


The Origin World had undergone huge changes! As Chen Xi’s consciousness extended incessantly throughout the Origin World, he’d noticed for the very first time that his Origin Creation Technique had actually provided such a shocking and unprecedented transformation to the entire Origin World.

Practically all the living beings throughout Origin World had acknowledged the Origin Creation Technique to be a supreme divine scripture. They studied and cultivated it painstakingly, and some with shocking wisdom had even relied on it to create numerous techniques.

All of this allowed Chen Xi to clearly realize that as these techniques were created incessantly, it wouldn’t be long before sects would be born within the Origin World, and the formation of sects was one of the symbols of the initial formation of a system of cultivation.

He believed that if the Origin World continued developing at this rate, then the day would come when it formed its own unique and perfected cultivation system. At that time, the grand scene of a hundred school of thoughts competing against each other and a period of great prosperity would definitely appear in the Origin World.

However, Chen Xi didn’t know if he should laugh or cry when he found out that the living beings throughout Origin World had actually praised him as Master Chen. They respected him as their Master, and it truly surprised Chen Xi.

Master Chen!

It was a supreme honor to be respected as their Master by a myriad of living beings! At the very least, even King Gu Yuan had never possessed such a title.


As his consciousness extended incessantly, it wasn’t long before Chen Xi’s heart shook, and then his entire consciousness converged onto a single spot.

Because at this moment, he’d clearly sensed the barrier that covered the Origin World!

This barrier was like an eggshell that isolated the Origin World from the outside world, and it was formed from the supreme Laws and Order of the Heaven Dao in the Origin World, so it was impossible to even shake.

It was even to the extent that a Daolord would probably be unable to break through it and enter the Origin World!

However, Chen Xi believed that once he succeeded in taking control of the Core of Origin World, then he could utilize the Laws and Order of the Heaven Dao within it to leave the Origin World.


After an unknown period of time, Chen Xi felt his consciousness being peeled away successively while the scenes within his mind started to vanish as well.

Along with a strand of indescribable trembling, Chen Xi’s entire book shook while he woke up from that strange state.


He let out a long breath of air. Only now did he notice that a pure, translucent, dazzling, and blazing ball of dark blue light had suddenly appeared in the region within his body, and it was emanating a primitive, ancient, and grand aura.

Surprisingly, it was the Core of Origin World!

In other words, this ball of light represented the Heaven Dao of Origin World. It represented the Order and Laws of Origin Heaven, and it belonged to Chen Xi now.

But in next to no time, Chen Xi noticed that he merely possessed it yet was utterly unable to control it.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned by this, and he shot his gaze towards King Gu Yuan.

Since Chen Xi had started to take control of the Core of Origin World, King Gu Yuan had remained silent while thoughts surged though his heart.

When he noticed Chen Xi’s questioning gaze being shot towards him, he couldn’t help but smile as he said, “It’s very normal. After all, it’s the Law and Order of the Heaven Dao in the Origin World. Not to mention you, even I’ve never been able to truly take control of it, and I can only utilize its energy.”

Chen Xi thought for a moment, and he was able to come to an understanding. The Heaven Dao was an extremely obscure and supreme existence, so how could it fall into his control with the strength he possessed right now?

However, when your cultivation arrives at a state that can rival the Heaven Dao in the future, then perhaps you can try to truly take control of it.” King Gu Yuan had a slightly complicated expression on his face. He seemed to be sorrowful and emotional.

As he spoke, he suddenly thought of something, and his expression became solemn as he stared at Chen Xi. “Chen Xi, if you’re really able to accomplish that in the future, then what will you do to the Origin World?”

This question carried great implications and was related to the future of the Origin World, so even Chen Xi had no choice but to become cautious and serious.

He thought for a long time before he said, “It’ll definitely be different than the Godsbane Heaven!”

As for how it would be different, he was unable to say for sure. After all, it was impossible to deduce and determine the future.

But the only thing he dared to guarantee was that it wouldn’t follow the path that Godsbane Heaven took!

“Different?” King Gu Yuan was stunned. In the beginning, he seemed to be quite disappointed by this answer, but after he thought for a long time, he realized that this answer was exactly what he wanted!

Yes, Origin World had to become different! 

Grand yet different, and boundless like the Dao!

“I’ve never felt so relaxed in my life. Perhaps entrusting the Core of Origin World to you is the wisest decision I’ve made in my lifetime.” King Gu Yuan started smiling, and then he roared with laughter that shook the clouds and swept towards the surroundings. It was filled with happiness like a rock that was weighing down on his heart had been lifted.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh endlessly with emotion with he witnessed this scene. Who could have imagined that I would experience such a marvelous encounter after entering the Origin World by accident?

Origin Energy, Origin Heaven, the battle between the Heaven Daos, the reason the River Diagram had been shattered…. All of this made Chen Xi feel that this trip was really worth it.


A month later, Ming’s combat strength had recovered completely to its past state, and Chen Xi intended to leave at this point in time.

Almost 3 years had passed since they entered the Origin World, and if the period since he left the Primal Chaos Origin was included, then a few dozen years had passed by now.

If Chen Xi still didn’t return, then the outside world would definitely think that he’d suffered a mishap.

King Gu Yuan didn’t oppose Chen Xi’s decision because he knew that Chen Xi and Ming would leave, sooner or later.

“You know how to leave. You can utilize the energy within the Core of Origin World to create an exit.” King Gu Yuan instructed before Chen Xi left. “However, you must take precautions against one thing when you leave.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised. “What?”

King Gu Yuan said, “You possess Origin Energy and even carry the Core of Origin World now. So long as you arrive in the outside world and expose all of this by accident, then you will definitely suffer the attacks of the Godsbane Heaven! If you suffer calamity, then the entire Origin World would be affected as well. So, you must be careful.”

Chen Xi had considered this problem as well. However, he didn’t think that it would be that severe. After all, he’d gone against the Godsbane Heaven on more than one occasion since he started cultivating!

Coupled with the fact that he possessed the River Diagram, he’d already learned how to conceal his aura. So, even if he had Origin Energy and the Core of Origin World with him right now, it still couldn’t make Chen Xi feel very worried.

The true problem he found difficult to resolve was whether the Origin Energy within his body would undergo any unexpected changes once he returned to the outside world!

Would it act just like the Divine Energy I possess and fully lose its might once I arrive beneath the Laws and Order of a completely different Heaven Dao?

If it’s like that, then these few years of hard work cultivating in the Origin World would have been for nothing….

Of course, he would only be able to know the answer to all of this once he entered the outside world.

Ming and Meng’meng were reluctant to part with each other, and Ming had even mentioned her intentions to bring Meng’meng along on many occasions.

Chen Xi refused this request without the slightest hesitation. It wasn’t that he was acting cruelly, but he was very clearly aware that once a living being of the Origin World like Meng’meng were to enter the outside world which was covered by the Godsbane Heaven, then it would definitely be noticed by the Godsbane Heaven. The consequences of that were unimaginable!

After all, the outside world wasn’t like the Origin World that only possessed three supreme kings. The situation there was too complicated, so bringing Meng’meng along would undoubtedly put Meng’meng in harm’s way.

Ming understood that clearly, so she accepted Chen Xi’s decision in the end.

King Gu Yuan was quite generous, or perhaps it was for the sake of the Origin World’s future development, but he agreed to take good care of Meng’meng, and only then was Ming's mind set at ease.

Chen Xi was rather satisfied with this arrangement. King Gu Yuan was the most supreme existence in the entire Origin World, so there was utterly no need to worry about anyone offending Meng’meng when she was under King Gu Yuan’s care.



On this day, a wave of strange fluctuation suddenly arose throughout Origin World. It was right in the middle of daytime, yet the nine moons had actually appeared in the sky!

This scene instantly shocked all the residents of Origin World.

“You must take care of yourselves for the sake of Origin World….” King Gu Yuan had his hands placed behind his back as he stared up into the sky with a complicated expression.

On this day, all the residents of Origin World knew that the existence who’d created the supreme divine scripture, the Origin Creation Technique, and had been praised by them as Master Chen had left….

Many couldn’t help but feel sorrowful because of this, and some were even unable to stop themselves from shedding a few tears in secret.

They didn’t know if Master Chen would return, but no matter how long passed, Master Chen’s status in their heart would absolutely not change at all.

This day was engraved in the minds of all the residents of Origin World. It became their ‘day of prayer’, and it was created to pray for Master Chen who’d left.

In the years to come, all the beings within the Origin World would automatically pray for him when this day arrived, and they maintained this tradition eternally to display their never-ending gratitude towards Master Chen’s kindness.

Author’s Note: Allow me to provide a little hint. The Origin World will become a key factor in Chen Xi’s future journey of supremacy. Please do look forward to its arrival.

— End of Book Nineteen —

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