Chapter 2071 – A Secret From Time Immemorial


King Gu Yuan’s voice hadn’t finished resounding through the surroundings when an expanse of dazzling and blazing dark blue divine radiance from Origin Energy suddenly erupted from Chen Xi.

It was dreamlike, illusory, and peerlessly gorgeous!

When looked at from afar, Chen Xi seemed like a brilliant and blazing dark blue flame, and he whistled through the air as he shot towards the Core of Origin World that floated there.

It had been quite some time since King Gu Yuan had passed down the method to fuse with the Core of Origin World to Chen Xi, so that was the reason why Chen Xi had charged forward without the slightest hesitation right now.


At the instant Chen Xi’s figure came close to the Core of Origin World, he felt a boundlessly vast energy assault his face, and it caused him to feel as if he’d been blasted into pieces and had fallen into a boundless ocean of Origin Energy. His mind had instantly gone blank!

After an unknown period passed or perhaps it was just an instant, strange scenes started to appear within Chen Xi’s blank mind.

He saw an expanse of chaotic divine radiance surging. It formed countless strands of Order and Laws, and they were like mysterious divine chains that started to coil around and intersect with each other before they transformed into numerous completely different Heaven Daos!

As soon as these Heaven Daos were born, they started to ceaselessly collide, devour, and fuse others into themselves.

After that, the scene suddenly changed. Only two Heaven Daos were left. They were colliding and fighting each other like a battle between fire and water or light and darkness. It seemed to be extraordinarily intense.

Countless Laws and Order transformed into divine chains that struck against each other, causing rains of light to scatter towards the surroundings while all sorts of phenomena were created. Such a scene was extraordinarily mysterious, grand, and beyond imagination.

At this moment, a trace of comprehension had appeared in Chen Xi’s heart. Both those Heaven Daos were very familiar to him, and it was to the point he’d practically unconsciously determined that it was the battle between the Godsbane Heaven and Origin Heaven!

The Godsbane Heaven was a supreme existence that represented the Order and Laws of the Heaven Dao in the three dimensions and the Ancient God Domain. After experiencing a period of battle and conflict, it had devoured and fused the other Heaven Daos besides Origin Heaven into itself, and it seemed to have become the strongest Heaven Dao since the Chaos had been split apart.

The Origin Heaven represented the unique Order and Laws of the Heaven Dao in the Origin World. It seemed weaker in comparison to Godsbane Heaven, but even then, it was still unwilling to be devoured and fused into Godsbane Heaven just like that, and it had been fighting with all its strength during this battle with Godsbane Heaven.

But in the end, Origin Heaven had still been defeated. Its Laws and Order were damaged, and it fell into a state of absolute deathly silence.

When it seemed like Godsbane Heaven was about to seize this opportunity to completely devour and absorb Origin Heaven that had no ability to resist, a strange strand of an unprecedented fluctuation suddenly appeared, and it obstructed Godsbane Heaven’s attack.

At this instant, even Chen Xi’s breathing had almost stopped while his mind surged. Because he’d noticed to his astonishment that it was surprisingly the River Diagram’s aura that had obstructed Godsbane Heaven!

Yes, it was definitely the River Diagram!

However, no matter how he searched, Chen Xi was actually unable to locate its whereabouts.


Before he could even recover from his shock an unprecedented and world shocking collision had occurred in the scene within his mind.

The force of it was so vast and supreme, and it had enveloped the entire scene in a vast expanse of white. A long time later, Chen Xi finally saw nine obscure and mysterious rays of light taking different trajectories as they flashed through the expanse of white and vanished.

Could those nine obscure rays of light… be the River Diagram that had been blasted apart? A strong feeling couldn’t help but arise within Chen Xi’s heart. He suspected that when it stopped Godsbane Heaven from devouring Origin Heaven, the complete River Diagram had been damaged, and it had been transformed into 9 pieces!

Could it be that it is as I think? This is how the River Diagram was transformed into 9 pieces?

Chen Xi was unable to confirm his suspicions because those strange scenes from before had vanished at this moment, and it caused his consciousness to enter that empty state again.

However, this didn’t represent that Chen Xi couldn’t think. He faintly sensed that perhaps it was just as he’d guessed, and it had caused the Godsbane Heaven to be unable to devour the Origin Heaven in the end!

At that time when he was at the Chen Clan in the Primal Chaos Origin, his father, Chen Lingjun, had once told him the River Diagram had been broken into pieces by the Heaven Dao!

At that time, Chen Xi wondered why the Heaven Dao did that. But now, he had an answer, and it was for the sake of stopping Godsbane Heaven from devouring Origin Heaven!

But why did the River Diagram try to stop Godsbane Heaven from doing that?

Chen Xi was unable to figure it out, but he was very well aware that this incident had allowed him to gradually pull apart the mist before him, and he was on the verge of finding out the truth about the River Diagram.

At that time, Chen Lingjun had said that the River Diagram’s true name was impossible to trace, but there was no doubt that it had been born from within the quintessence of the three dimension’s Chaos, and it was more ancient than anything in this world. It had experienced and survived 8 eras just like the three dimensions.

According to rumor, the true Ultimate Path towards the Dao could be found from within the River Diagram.

Now, when he recalled all of this, thought of the scenes of the battle between the Heaven Daos that he’d just witnessed, and thought of how the River Diagram appeared at the last moment to save Origin Heaven and prevent it from suffering calamity, Chen Xi was slightly enlightened.

Why would the River Diagram constantly emanate fluctuations that carried rejection and detest towards the Heaven Dao? It was because it had been shattered by Godsbane Heaven!

But why did the River Diagram stop Godsbane Heaven from devouring Origin Heaven?

Chen Xi was unable to figure it out, but he was very clearly aware that when he could unravel this secret, then it would be the day he knew the full truth about the River Diagram!


Right when numerous thoughts were surging through Chen Xi’s mind, a change had suddenly occurred once more within his blank consciousness.

This time, he saw a complete ‘Origin World’. He saw the mountains, rivers, sun, moon, landscape, living beings, the shapeless and immaterial Origin Energy, fluctuations of light, the Order and Laws of the Heaven Dao….

It was like the entire Origin World was within his heart. Every being and the actions they took could be viewed by him down to the slightest detail.

It was really no different than being the supreme ‘Heavens’, and all things couldn’t escape his control!

For a time, Chen Xi couldn’t help but become immersed in this strange feeling. His thoughts extended along with the scene he witnessed, and it swept throughout the entire Origin World….

He saw Brink Region, he saw the path he’d fled on, and he saw the nest that the Greater Horned Rabbit, Meng’meng, used to reside in.

He saw that the ink black veil of night had silently descended, and the nine dark blue moons had appeared in the sky. Countless inhabitants of Origin World had awoken from their dormant states, and they’d started circulating the Origin Control Technique to cultivate with the energy from the nine moons….

He even saw the Thunderbird, Emerald, discussing the Dao with some other Thunderbirds, and it was having an intense debate on how to create a technique that was suitable for the Thunderbird Clan.

This caused Chen Xi to have a flash of inspiration. He listened carefully for a long time before he created a unique thought that he sent to Emerald.

“Our natural talent is in controlling electricity, and we’re most skilled in speed. But we aren’t skilled in battle. In the end, we’re still unable to unearth the true strength in our natural talent!

“Electricity! The Grand Dao of Slaughter! The Lightningray Beasts of Nine Soul Region wield lightning as well, but their technique, Heaven Thunder, emphasizes on destruction and possesses extraordinary might. Why can they accomplish it, yet our Thunderbird Clan can’t?

“Now that we possess the Origin Creation Technique that Master Chen passed down to us, it’s exactly the best opportunity for our clan to create a completely new combat technique. Once we miss this opportunity, then the development of our Thunderbird Clan will definitely fall behind the other clans. Just think about it, are all of you will to see that happen?

“Now, I, Emerald, have roughly formed some thoughts and comprehensions. I need to discuss it and spar with all of you to jointly create a combat technique….”

Emerald spit flew towards the surrounds as it spoke incessantly within the Thunderbird Clan, and it seemed very excited. A group of elders from the Thunderbird Clan were gathered around it, and that included the Patriarch Aba.

But it was very obvious that they didn’t really believe Emerald, and they didn’t seem as fervent and excited as Emerald.

“Emerald, it’s only a thought. But the reality is that it’s very difficult for our clan to perfect a method to create a suitable combat technique for our clan with the wisdom our entire clan possesses.” Aba hesitated for a moment and couldn’t help but say. “Such a matter relies on a fortuitous encounter in the end, and it can only be chanced upon by luck. You will probably suffer from energy deviation if you persist on this path.”

The other elders of the Thunderbird Clan nodded in succession. They felt that Emerald had changed completely after it obtained the Origin Creation Technique, it acted like a lunatic and kept talking about unrealistic nonsense.

Emerald’s face couldn’t help but stiffen when it witnessed this, and it felt a deep feeling of powerlessness. How long more do these old fellows intend to remain conservative as they always have?

“Fine, I’ll just tell all of you that I’ve name this technique Emerald Lightning Rings, and I have a rough idea….” Emerald sighed and wasn’t willing to continue discussing it with them.

However, Emerald hadn’t finished speaking when it was interrupted by a wave of roaring laughter. “Emerald Lightning Rings? Emerald, could it be that you intend to name that technique in your name? Then continue, exactly how formidable is this technique of yours that hasn’t been created?” This voice was filled with a ridiculing and mocking tone.

Emerald was stunned, and then its expression changed indeterminately. Emerald hesitated for a long time yet didn’t know how to start, and it couldn’t help but feel vexed in its heart.

Right at this moment, it felt its sea of consciousness tremble as if it had received sudden enlightenment, and it suddenly aroused all sorts of unique and excellent ideas related to the technique.

This instantly stunned Emerald on the spot.

“Hahaha! Emerald, you shouldn’t talk big like this in the future. Otherwise, you’ll make a huge fool of yourself. Of course, it’s a different story if you can really accomplish it.” An elder of the Thunderbird Clan couldn’t help but roar endlessly with laughter when it saw Emerald seeming to be speechless.

“Who told you that I can’t accomplish it?” But right at this moment, Emerald suddenly raised its head while a strange dark blue bolt of electricity arose in its eyes.

The others roared even more loudly with laughter when they saw this. What a truly stubborn fellow.


Right at this moment, Emerald flapped its wings, and then a completely round, brilliant, and translucent emerald ring of light had appeared out of thin air. Moreover, the surface of the ring of light was covered in strands of extremely dazzling dark blue electricity.

As soon as it appeared, this expanse of space had started to tremble while an extraordinarily terrifying and murderous aura of destruction effused out….

In an instant, the roaring laughter in the surroundings had stopped abruptly while all the old geezers from the Thunderbird Clan were flabbergasted on the spot as if they’d been struck by lightning.

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