Chapter 207 – Condemn Evil Brush’s ‘’ Character

Chapter 207 – Condemn Evil Brush’s ‘十’ Character

“Hahaha! I spent half my blood essence to execute this Blood River Dao Territory, and even a Rebirth Realm cultivator will be seriously injured, if not dead, after falling into it. How could it possibly be something your little lightning is able to go against? Chen Xi, I want to kill you, viciously torture you to death, and confine your soul to suffer the pain of being swallowed by a myriad of devils, then make you kneel all day and night before my Big Brother’s tomb in repentance!”  As he gazed a Chen Xi who was like a piece of straw struggling ceaselessly within the river of blood, Teng Huaxu stood proudly above the river of blood and couldn’t refrain from laughing savagely. “Moreover, I want to take back the Buddha’s Pagoda, the Nine Syllables of Truth Soul Suppression Talisman, and deprive you of your body refinement techniques. Oh, right! That little fellow as well. He’s actually able to merge into one with a Magic Treasure and cultivate like a human. I’m going to capture him and refine him into a supreme devil weapon for myself!”

“Bastard! You actually dare think of refining me into a devil weapon? You’re dead! The Bloodcrescent Devil Sect behind you will also suffer complete annihilation because of you!” Ling Bai gnashed his teeth in anger. He circulated his cultivation with his entire strength as the Nirvana Sword Insight combined with surging lightning rampaged about and roared like a dragon, and he wished for nothing more than to slash this arrogant and conceited survivor of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect to death.

Chen Xi instead had a calm expression and seemed as if he’d turned a deaf ear to Teng Huaxu, and he resisted the roiling blood river and vengeful spirits that gushed over as he swiftly thought of a way to annihilate Teng Huaxu in his heart.

Undeniably, Teng Huaxu’s Blood River Dao Territory was indeed formidable, and it was even to the extent that it was slightly more formidable that Han Guyue’s Slaughter Dao Territory. When one was within its territory, not only would one suffer the attacks of the boundless amounts of vengeful spirits, one would still have to resist the vast force of suppression that gushed out from the river of blood. A slight mistake would cause one to instantly be swallowed by the river of blood before having one’s soul seized and swallowed, and then perishing into nothingness.

Up until now, Chen Xi was only able to use the countering effect of the Sky Lightning sword and the Lightning Dao Insight towards evil to barely protect himself, and he was incapable of annihilating Teng Huaxu and escaping the Dao Territory right away.

Blood River Dao Territory. Why do I feel that it’s slightly similar to Luo Xiu’s Blood Corrosion Dao Territory? They’re both surging seas of blood that are overflowing with spirits, and they’re both evil and bloody to the extreme… Chen Xi felt a flash of inspiration and suddenly recalled that during the Hidden Dragon Rankings, he hadn’t made a move yet the Netherworld Register and the Condemn Evil Brush had automatically obliterated Luo Xiu.

Netherworld Register, Condemn Evil Brush… According to what Luo Xiu said, this pair of treasures contains the aura of the six paths of reincarnation and purgatory. Perhaps they innately counter all these evil spirits? Chen Xi recalled what Luo Xiu had said before and recalled the scene of the Condemn Evil Brush’s casual strike that annihilated Luo Xiu, and a plan instantly came to mind.

“Teng Huaxu, do you recognize this?” Chen Xi withdrew the Netherworld Register. As soon as it appeared, a lofty, vast, and righteous aura of the Netherworld gushed out with a bang.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

When they felt the pure and vast aura of the Netherworld, the countless vengeful spirits within the surging river of blood started emitting shrill cries. They had excited expressions as they emitted miserable shrill cries, and they seemed as if they’d encountered their savior and struggled with all their might to grab towards the Netherworld Register.

“The Netherworld Register? Isn’t this the supreme ancient book that my line of devil sects has passed down for generations? The legendary divine book of devils, the Infinite Book of Devils!?” Teng Huaxu’s body shook, and he tightly controlled the energy of the river of blood to cause those vengeful spirits to be unable to approach Chen Xi as he stared fixedly at the Netherworld Register in Chen Xi’s hand. His eyes gushed out with boundless burning greed, and his appearance was exactly similar to Luo Xiu from all those years ago, wishing for nothing more than to swallow the Netherworld Register.

“The Infinite Book of Devils? The devil sect’s supreme book of devils?” Chen Xi instantly understood much more about the Netherworld Register. Never had he imagined that the treasure he obtained from killing Su Leng in the sword tomb all those years ago actually had such a great background!

“Chen Xi, I don’t want all the things like the Buddha’s Pagoda and Nine Syllables of Truth in your possession. So long as you give me this Netherworld Register, I’ll let you go right now. How about it?” Teng Huaxu took a deep breath and forcefully restrained the agitation in his heart as he spoke slowly.

“That can be done. But you have to first tell me exactly what secret is concealed within this Netherworld Register.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently.

“Alright, this Netherworld Register is… Haha! Idiot! Want to acquire the secrets of the Netherworld Register from me? Do you think I’d tell you? Do you think I don’t know you’re intentionally delaying? After I kill you, I can obtain the Netherworld Register all the same!” Teng Huaxu hadn’t finished speaking when he’d already vanished on the spot. In the next moment, he’d already arrived before Chen Xi and raised his hand to grab the Netherworld Register in Chen Xi’s hand.

This fellow did indeed possess a character of one who trod on the path of the devil. He was cunning and everchanging, acted resolutely and ruthlessly, and he attacked without the slightest hesitation. If it was an ordinary person, the person would have probably been caught off guard and lost his life on the spot.

But this was useless to Chen Xi. Teng Huaxu’s attack seemed to have been within his expectations since long ago, and before Teng Huaxu could approach him, the corners of his mouth had already revealed a wisp of a cold smile.


A brush that was like iron yet not iron, like jade yet not jade, and completely pitch black to the extreme had suddenly appeared before him.

“Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!” As the Condemn Evil Brush appeared out of thin air, innumerable icy cold and clear shouts sounded out as baleful qi that was piercingly cold shot into the sky, and it intended to judge the world and annihilate all evil.

“Hmm? This is…” Teng Huaxu was horrified in his heart, and his entire soul felt was covered by a feeling of extreme danger, causing his figure to instantly stop moving.

He was a Golden Core Realm Core Disciple of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect that used vengeful spirits and ferocious spirits to offer sacrifice and cultivate his technique and temper his devilish qi since a young age. His hands were tainted with an uncountable amount of blood and had seized the lives of innumerable living creatures. He knew no bounds and acted wantonly, and he utterly didn’t know what fear was. However, at this moment, he felt terror that came from the bottom of his heart, and that feeling of terror, uneasiness, and panic charged at his soul, causing his entire body to shiver.

“This is… This is… Judgment…” Teng Huaxu seemed to have recognized the Condemn Evil Brush, yet he seemed as if he’d seen the most terrifying thing in the world as he cried out with a sharp and terrified voice. However, before he could finish speaking, the Condemn Evil Brush had already attacked ferociously!


An icy cold and clear howl sounded out, and the Condemn Evil Brush seemed as if it possessed intelligence. The appearance of Teng Huaxu seemed to have caused it to become excited, and it rose up into the sky before drawing out a ‘十’ character in the sky.

The horizontal stroke was like an iron cable across a great river, calm, heavy, and indestructible.

The vertical stroke was like the milky way descending from the nine heavens, raging, piercingly cold, and unstoppable.

A horizontal stroke and a vertical stroke crisscrossed together and revealed a strange energy that caused one’s heart to palpitate with fear. The flat and clear lines seemed as if they wanted to slash both this heaven and this earth into black and white, keeping order between good and evil, and distinguishing between pure and turbid.


Teng Huaxu’s pupils constricted abruptly as he gaped, and then his entire body split apart from the center, causing flesh mixed with blood to spray into the entire sky.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

After it annihilated Teng Huaxu, the might of the ‘十’ character didn’t reduce in the slightest as it shot out explosively. Chen Xi saw the surging river of blood being directly torn into pieces, then it passed through countless bodies of demon beasts and even directly assaulted the tempest surroundings the Five Element Ruins, shooting open a ‘十’ shaped hole!

A wisp of dazzling sunlight shone through the hole and brought a strand of long lost light into the Five Element Ruins.

Even though this wisp of light vanished in the blink of an eye as the tempest recovered to its original state, the might of this strike had instead caused Chen Xi to feel shock and even fear that came from the depths of his heart.

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