Chapter 2069 – For The Sake Of Origin World

Why would King Gu Yuan tell them all of this?

Ming was puzzled by it.

Could it be that he doesn’t intend to kill us?

King Gu Yuan stood up, placed his hands behind his back, and then gazed at the nine dark blue moons in the sky. He remained silent for a long time before he said in a light voice. “Everything is for the sake of Origin World.”

For the sake of Origin World?

Chen Xi and Ming were stunned. They clearly remembered that King Gu Yuan had spoken these exact words when he killed King Mo Luo and King Jiu Ling just now.

King Gu Yuan turned to glance at the two of them before he said, “Your arrival brought new change to the Origin World. In the past, I would have definitely killed the two of you at the first possible moment in order to stop such change from occurring. But now….”

When he spoke up to here, a wisp of sorrow and loneliness suddenly suffused his indifferent and dignified face. “It’s impossible to change all of that even if I kill both of you.”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while he felt slightly surprised and bewildered. Exactly what made an existence like him change his mind?

“Can you let me see the entire Origin Creation Technique that you’ve created?” Suddenly, King Gu Yuan gazed at Chen Xi, and he seemed to be asking yet it seemed even more like a command.

Ming’s heart constricted, and she indicated with her gaze that Chen Xi shouldn’t do as King Gu Yuan said.

However, Chen Xi smiled and indicated that she should relax, and then he transmitted the 5 levels of the Apotheosis Realm to King Gu Yuan.

In an instant, King Gu Yuan fell into deep thought while he looked through the secrets of the Origin Creation Technique.

“Why did you do that?” Ming sent a voice transmission to Chen Xi and seemed slightly puzzled.

“To protect our lives.” Chen Xi answered swiftly. “If this old fellow intended to kill us, then it would be as easy as crushing two ants. If we want to leave with our lives, then we can only utilize other methods.”

“But if he….” Ming was slightly worried.

“It has already come to this, so we can only risk it.” Chen Xi indicated that she should stay calm. His intuition faintly told him that King Gu Yuan would probably not act against them.

“Hmm?” Meanwhile, a wisp of shock had appeared on King Gu Yuan’s composed face, and then it transformed into a dazed expression. But in merely an instant, it transformed into an expression of joy instead.

In the end, he seemed as if he’d gained some sort of enlightenment, and a wisp of heartfelt admiration couldn’t help but arise in the space between his brows.

“No wonder…. I finally understand….” A long time later, a wisp of divine light suddenly surged into appearance from within King Gu Yuan’s eyes, and then he sighed with emotion as if numerous emotions were accumulated within it.

“Young man, what sort of effect do you think this cultivation technique will bring to the Origin World?” King Gu Yuan gazed at Chen Xi with a rare expression of seriousness.

“It’ll establish a completely new cultivation system and establish sects for the future generation. A hundred schools of thought would compete in the beginning. In the end, it will form a flourishing age of cultivation where sects are as numerous as trees in a forest and all sorts of techniques prosper!” Chen Xi spoke without giving it the slightest thought. After all, it was a technique that he’d created, so he was naturally clearly aware of the changes it would bring to the situation within the Origin World once it was spread through the Origin World.

“A hundred schools of thought compete, sects as numerous as trees in a forest, all sorts of techniques prosper….” King Gu Yuan muttered word by word while his gaze gradually lit up to a brilliant state, and it was like tempestuous waves were surging through his heart.

“Please come with me to a place, alright?” King Gu Yuan’s gaze blazed with anticipation as he gazed at Chen Xi and Ming.

“No.” Ming shook her head, and it caused King Gu Yuan to be unable to help but frown. However, Ming quickly continued. “We have to bring Meng’meng along.”

Meng’meng? King Gu Yuan was stunned.

Chen Xi pointed at Meng’meng who was hiding in the distance with her entire head buried in the ground while her body shivered with uneasiness. “She’s talking about it.”

“Err.” Even if it was an extraordinary figure like King Gu Yuan, he couldn’t help but be stunned and not know whether to laugh or cry when he noticed that this ‘Meng’meng’ was actually just a horned rabbit.

“Let’s go.” King Gu Yuan flicked his sleeve. He didn’t ask for their opinion again, and he brought the three of them along as he vanished on the spot.

At that emerald green valley within the Ancient Origin Region.

A wave of spatial fluctuation arose before King Gu Yuan, Chen Xi, and the others suddenly appeared here.

King Gu Yuan spoke casually. “This is where I cultivate.”

Chen Xi and the others couldn’t help but feel bewildered. Why would King Gu Yuan bring us here?

“I presume that all of you’ve realized that I hold no ill intent towards all of you, and it’s even to the extent that I’ve asked all of you here to bestow a supreme fortune to you!” King Gu Yuan seemed to have seen through the trace of worry in Chen Xi and Ming’s hearts, and he spoke indifferently.

A supreme fortune?

Hearing such words once more wasn’t able to make Chen Xi feel too much. He’d experienced too much during these years, and he’d obtained numerous supreme fortunes that others could only dream of, so he’d lost all desire towards all of this since a long time ago.

He was very clearly aware that since King Gu Yuan had spoken such words, then King Gu Yuan should have something to ask of them, otherwise, King Gu Yuan would definitely not give them a supreme fortune for no reason.

Of course, even if this fortune could be obtained with ease, Chen Xi wasn’t very interested in it because he merely wanted to leave the Origin World as soon as possible!

After all, since he left the Primal Chaos Origin, was pursued by Daolord Xu Tuo, and this journey in the Origin World… an entire 30 plus years had passed yet he still hadn’t returned. So, his Eldest Senior Brother and the others would have probably gotten worried by now.

On the other hand, in the eyes of Ming who’d drifted through the boundless starry sky for an era, there was only a single supreme fortune. It was to find the ultimate path towards the Dao, step into the eternal cycle of Samsara, and return to the last era.

Besides that, she was indifferent to everything else. So, when King Gu Yuan mentioned a supreme fortune, it wasn’t able to move her heart at all.

Only Meng’meng revealed a wisp of fervor in her eyes. However, it quickly vanished. It couldn’t be helped. As a comparatively ordinary being of the Origin World, it was truly too fearful of King Gu Yuan, and it didn’t dare act rashly in front of King Gu Yuan at all.

A wisp of surprise couldn’t help but flash through the depths of King Gu Yuan’s eyes when he saw both Chen Xi and Ming reveal such calm reactions.

He pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Since the Origin Heaven was defeated all those years ago, the entire Origin World was completely sealed off, and the Laws and Order of the Heaven Dao here fell into a state of absolute silence as well. Thus, up until now, the entire Origin World is like a barren place that has no system of cultivation, no sects, and hasn’t given birth to all sorts of techniques. It’s even to the extent that… it can’t be said to possess its own civilization of cultivation.”

He paused for a moment, and then said with a bleak expression, “I cultivated bitterly for many years and tried to change such a situation, yet I’ve been unable to succeed until now.”

His voice was low, and it carried pain and frustration.

Chen Xi and Ming were able to clearly sense that King Gu Yuan was speaking sincerely, and he wasn’t lying at all.

However, they hadn’t expected that such an extraordinary figure like King Gu Yuan would actually attach such importance to the entire Origin World.

“But when I saw the Origin Creation Technique you created, I finally realized that if I wanted to help the Origin Heaven recover, then it was utterly impossible to accomplish with my ability alone….” When he spoke up to here, he actually didn’t seem sorrowful anymore, and an emotion of happiness from obtaining release seemed to have surged onto his face.

At this point, Chen Xi finally faintly understood a little, and his heart couldn’t help but thump while his thoughts ran wild.

“Have you heard of the Core of Origin World?” King Gu Yuan suddenly asked this question and jolted Chen Xi awake from his thoughts.

The Core of Origin World? Chen Xi and Ming shook their heads in unison.


King Gu Yuan flicked his sleeve. A pure, translucent, blazing, and dazzling dark blue ball of light that seemed like a gem appeared in space, and it emanated an ancient, primitive, and pure aura. In an instant, the entire valley had been dyed dark blue, and it was dreamlike and gorgeous.

“This… seems to be a Heaven Dao?” Chen Xi was finally visibly moved. He sensed the supreme energy of the Laws and Order within the dark blue ball of light, and it was pure and thick to the extreme.

“Yes, this is the Core of Origin World.” A wisp of a glow of respect surged into King Gu Yuan’s eyes. “However, strictly speaking, it should be called Origin Heaven! It’s the Order of the Heaven Dao that covers the entire Origin World, and it’s the Master that I’ve pursued throughout my life!”

In the end, Origin Heaven was the name of the Origin World’s Heaven Dao while Godsbane Heaven was the name of the Heaven Dao that enveloped the three dimensions and the Ancient God Domain.

However, never had Chen Xi imagined that King Gu Yuan had actually taken the Heaven Dao of the Origin World as his master! No wonder he attached such importance to the Origin World, and he even didn’t hesitate to kill King Mo Luo and King Jiu Ling for the sake of the Origin World!

Ming was shocked as well, and she was unable to calm down for a long time.

“Unfortunately, my Master fell into deep slumber since it was defeated by Godsbane Heaven, and it hasn’t recovered until now.” A wisp of a complicated expression appeared on King Gu Yuan’s face, and then he gazed at Chen Xi while his expression instantly became solemn and dignified to the extreme.

“Young man, I’m willing to hand the Core of Origin World to you now. Are you willing to accept it?”

Just these words alone simply seemed like a thunderclap that shook Chen Xi’s heart to the point he couldn’t maintain his calm.

The Core of Origin World is the Origin Heaven, and the Origin Heaven is the Law and Order of the Heaven Dao in the Origin World. So, doesn’t his words mean that he intends to give the Laws and Order of the Heaven Dao to me?

Isn’t this a little too shocking?

If anyone outside the Origin World dared to speak about taking control of the Heaven Dao, then that person would definitely be annihilated by the Heaven Dao. Even the Sovereign Sect could merely utilize the energy of the Heaven Dao and speak about upholding justice for the Heaven Dao, yet it didn’t dare speak about taking control of it!

Even terrifying existences like the Divine Dao Protector Clans made it their responsibility to protect the majesty of the Heaven Dao, and they didn’t dare to arouse any intention to disrespect it.

This clearly showed how shocking King Gu Yuan’s suggestion was to Chen Xi.

As for Ming…. She was completely stunned and filled with disbelief. Take control of the Heaven Dao? This was simply inconceivable to her. It was like a taboo that she didn’t even dare think about!

“Why?” After a long time passed, Chen Xi finally recovered a trace of calm, and he asked this question in a low voice.

He was slightly dazed and couldn’t figure out why King Gu Yuan had raised such an inconceivable suggestion.

“For the sake of Origin World.” At this moment, King Gu Yuan had repeated the same reason. It was just a few words and seemed very vague, but how could anyone realize how much of his feelings were carried within it?

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