Chapter 2068 – Two Mighty Heaven Daos

In an instant, Chen Xi and Ming’s entire bodies felt cold as if they’d fallen into an icy pit.

Obviously, King Gu Yuan had noticed their existence a long time ago!

Moreover, after they witnessed King Gu Yuan slaughter both King Mo Luo and King Jiu Ling by himself, it allowed Chen Xi and Ming to fully realize how terrifying King Gu Yuan was.

Now, King Gu Yuan had actually suddenly turned his attention to them after he completed such a slaughter, and it was shocking.

What does he intend to do? Chen Xi didn’t know the answer to that, but he’d practically instinctively become vigilant. Every single inch of skin throughout his body tensed up like a completely drawn bow that was accumulating strength and waiting to be fired.


Ming was even more direct. She withdrew the dark golden pike that Chen Xi had crafted for her. She held it tightly in her hand while her clear pitch black eyes were filled with a murderous and cold expression.

The rain of blood from King Jiu Ling’s corpse was still drifting down from the sky, and it was gorgeous yet horrifying and bloody while beneath the illumination of the dark blue moonlight.

The myriad of living beings on the ground were lying flat on the ground while shivering with terror and uneasiness.

However, they’d possessed intelligence for a very long time, so how could they be unable to discern that King Gu Yuan was speaking to Chen Xi and Ming?

When they thought about how the Origin Creation Technique that had spread throughout the Origin World and was publicly acknowledge by all of them as a supreme divine scripture had been disseminated by Chen Xi, yet Chen Xi was being targeted by King Gu Yuan right now. All of the living beings in the Origin World couldn’t help but feel quite worried.

They admired and idolized him, and they were filled with extreme gratitude towards Chen Xi’s actions of spreading the Origin Creation Technique. So, if it were any other time, they would definitely stand by Chen Xi’s side without the slightest hesitation to help him and support him.

Yet now, they were unable to act in that way.

Because Chen Xi’s opponent was King Gu Yuan! The most mysterious and formidable supreme expert throughout the entire Origin World!

Just moments ago, even existences like King Mo Luo and King Jiu Ling had been successively killed by King Gu Yuan in a short moment. Under such circumstances, would anyone dare to step forward?

This was what being compelled by circumstances meant.

King Gu Yuan’s thick and towering figure stood in the sky while his myriad of verdant and luxuriant branches were suffused with a divine aura of Origin Energy. When looked at from afar, he actually gave others a dignified and oppressive feeling of having transformed into the heavens and looking down upon all living beings in the Origin World.

“Since you’ve finished watching, then it’s time to put an end to the matter between us as well.” King Gu Yuan spoke once more with a voice that was still cold and indifferent, and it shook the hearts of all the living beings within the Origin World.

Could King Gu Yuan really be intending to kill Chen Xi?

Just a little while ago, King Gu Yuan had said that he intended to put an end to this change for the sake of the Origin World, and he’d killed King Mo Luo and King Jiu Ling without the slightest hesitation.

At this moment, he’d spoken once more with the intention of putting an end to something between him and Chen Xi’s group. So, wasn’t that equivalent to announcing that he intended to kill them?

Chen Xi and Ming had naturally heard King Gu Yuan, and their hearts couldn’t help but sink. Moreover, their eyes narrowed successively while they prepared themselves to fight desperately to the death!

The atmosphere became murderous and tense once more, and it seemed like a battle would erupt at any moment.


Right at this moment, a myriad of strands of emerald green divine radiance suddenly surged out explosively from within King Gu Yuan, and it was extremely dazzling.

When all the living beings in the world felt that King Gu Yuan intended to kill Chen Xi and Ming, they noticed to their astonishment that it wasn’t an attack….

They saw a mighty and tall green haired old man with a beard tied into three locks walking out from that expanse of dazzling and blazing emerald green divine radiance.

His eyes were clear like gems and suffused with an aura of experience, and every single move he made was filled with a supreme dignified aura.

Obviously, this green haired old man was King Gu Yuan!

However, to the surprise of all the living beings within the Origin World, King Gu Yuan, the supreme king of the Origin World had suddenly transformed into a similar appearance as those two outsiders!

Chen Xi and Ming couldn’t help but feel stunned, and they were unable to figure out his exact intentions.


In next to no time, King Gu Yuan’s figure vanished from the sky, and not a trace of him could be found. It made all the living beings in Origin World feel dazed. What exactly is going on?

Only Chen Xi and Ming’s heart had fallen cold. Because right at this moment, the green haired old man who King Gu Yuan had transformed into had appeared not too far away from them!

“Go ahead and sit. I intend to have a chat with the two of you before we put an end to the matter between us.” King Gu Yuan’s expression was calm as he sat casually at the side, and then he gazed at Chen Xi and Ming with his deep and clear green eyes.

Ming’s pitch black and beautiful brows became knitted tightly together, and she seemed to intend to attack but was restrained by a glance from Chen Xi.

After that, Chen Xi sat on the ground and said, “What do you want to talk about?”

His expression was indifferent while his actions were composure. He didn’t reveal even a trace of nervousness. Moreover, even his voice was calm as water.

King Gu Yuan noticed all of this, but it didn’t cause any change in his expression.

At the same time, Ming hesitated briefly before she puckered her lips and sat by Chen Xi’s side, and then she gazed vigilantly at King Gu Yuan with her clear eyes.

Even though this fellow had taken the appearance of a human cultivator, it hadn’t eliminated the feeling of danger that Ming had. After all, the combat strength King Gu Yuan revealed earlier was truly too formidable.

“I want to know how the two of you entered the Origin World. According to my knowledge, even the Daolords of the outside world aren’t able to break through the barriers of the Origin World.” King Gu Yuan spoke casually. If one wasn’t aware of the situation, that person would probably think that they were really chatting with each other.

“I wouldn’t have been willing to come to such a place if I wasn’t forced to.” Chen Xi shrugged.

“Oh, the two of you were forced in here?” King Gu Yuan seemed to be lost in thought.

“To be more precise, we came here by accident while being pursued,” said Chen Xi in a serious tone.

“Pursued?” King Gu Yuan seemed to be surprised, and quite some time passed before he said, “So, both of you don’t know how you got in here?”

Chen Xi nodded. He was slightly curious about why the old fellow insisted on asking such questions. Could it be that there’s some sort of secret behind all of this?

“Young Man, I’ve already discerned that you’re unlike the other cultivators of the outside world. You’re very unique, and I’m unable to see through you as well.” King Gu Yuan raised his head while his clear green eyes stared at Chen Xi, and his voice was low and aged. “Can you tell me your identity?”

Chen Xi suddenly smiled, and he seemed to grow even more relaxed as he said, “I’m Chen Xi, and I’m from Oracle Mountain in the Ancient God Domain.”

He’d discerned that King Gu Yuan seemed to have no intention to act against them now, so he’d unconsciously heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

The pressure King Gu Yuan gave him was no different than when he faced the Dao Institute’s Dean, Liu Shenji! So, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel curious about exactly how terrifying this old fellow’s strength was.

King Gu Yuan shook his head. “I’m not asking about that identity but who exactly are you!?”

When he spoke up to here, strands of horrifying green lightly suffused his eyes. “After all, it’s the first time that I’ve seen such a destiny like yours which can’t be seen through. Moreover, you have the aura of a unique energy, and it’s practically exactly similar to a precious treasure that I saw when my consciousness was awakened.”

As he finished speaking, his voice couldn’t help but carry a wisp of curiosity.

These words caused Chen Xi’s heart to shake. This old fellow’s gaze is truly discerning. Could it be that he has noticed that I possess the River Diagram?

Chen Xi maintained silence when facing this question. He was unable to answer it, and he wasn’t able to provide an answer as well.

A wisp of curiosity suffused King Gu Yuan’s eyes when he saw this, and he seemed as if he was sighing with emotion in a daze, yet also seemed like he’d recalled scenes from far into the past.

“You know, the moment my consciousness awakened was the moment that the Origin World was born. At that time, there were numerous Heaven Daos throughout the world, and every single one of them was completely different. They collided with each other with the intention of fusing with the other. In the end, after experiencing an absolutely shocking incident, only two Heaven Daos remained in the world.” King Gu Yuan’s voice carried a wisp of emotion, and it caused both Chen Xi and Ming to be stunned. They hadn’t imagined that he would speak of such secrets.

Before Chen Xi and Ming could figure it out, King Gu Yuan had continued. “Amongst these two Heaven Daos, one took control of the three dimensions and the Ancient God Domain, and it was called Godsbane Heaven. Practically all the Heaven Daos born from within the Chaos had been defeated by Godsbane Heave, and they were devoured and fused into it.

“The other Heaven Dao took control of this Origin World, and it was called Origin Heaven. All those years ago, it was defeated by Godsbane Heaven as well, but it hadn’t been devoured and fused into it. It fell into a sealed off state instead and existed eternally until now.”

When he heard up to this point, Chen Xi revealed a surprised, bewildered, and solemn expression. Moreover, tempestuous waves had surged through his heart.

A battle between Heaven Daos!

It was the first time he’d heard of such shocking secrets!

All those years when the Chaos of the three dimensions had just split open, it wasn’t just Natural Spirit Treasures and various treasures that had been born from within it, there had even been numerous completely different Heaven Daos as well!

Those Heaven Daos were like completely conflicted enemies that fought each other, devoured each other, and fused each other into themselves….

In the end, the three dimensions and the Ancient God Domain were enveloped by the Order of Godsbane Heaven, and the defeated Origin Heaven had taken the Origin World as its resting place while in a completely sealed off state.

If what King Gu Yuan said is true, then doesn’t it mean that the passage of the 8 eras, the changes in the three dimensions, the situation in the Ancient God Domain…. Everything is progressing while beneath the energy of Godsbane Heaven?

It’s even to the extent that while the Divine Dao Protector Clans are protecting the Godrank Mountain, they are actually protecting the Godsbane Heaven?

All of these secrets were related to the secrets of the Heaven Dao, and it was the first time Chen Xi had head of it. So, he was shocked to the point he found it difficult to digest.

He was truly unable to imagine how the evolution of the Heaven Dao hadn’t been reflected in the passage of the eras and alternation in the world, it was even reflected in the battle between Heaven Daos that had occurred all those years ago!

It wasn’t just Chen Xi, even Ming had fallen into a long period of shock, and she was unable to recover from it because it was simply too shocking.

“Why did you tell us all of this?” Chen Xi took a deep breath after quite some time passed, and then he gazed at King Gu Yuan. At this moment, he was sure that King Gu Yuan was clearly an Innate God who’d been born from within the Chaos of the three dimensions, and he possessed an extraordinary background as well!

Otherwise, it would be utterly impossible for King Gu Yuan to be aware of such secrets.

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