Chapter 2067 – Bloody Slaughter


It was a verdant branch from King Gu Yuan’s body, yet it seemed like a Divine Chain or Order that carried the terrifying might of the Heaven Dao as it tore the ink black sky apart, causing the entire world to turn green!

“You think you can kill me? Dream on!” King Mo Luo laughed coldly as he flapped his wings, and it was like a veil that dropped down from the sky and released a myriad of black gales that rumbled as they smashed over.


The collision between them was simply like a collision between the sun and moon. It shook the world and caused blazing divine radiance to spray throughout the surroundings. It was like numerous meteors were crashing to the ground.

These two supreme experts had actually entered into battle!

This was an unprecedented incident!

All the living beings within Origin World were shocked. They felt extraordinary terror as they fled madly while feeling deeply afraid of being struck by the aftershock of this battle.


Numerous verdant branches throughout King Gu Yuan’s body swayed before the collision could come to an end, and they were like a myriad of chains that extended madly and covered the heavens and the earth.

Every single branch was suffused with the divine radiance of Origin Energy, and they were filled with the supreme might of the Grand Dao and monstrous divine might.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but gasp when he witnessed this scene. He’d imagined that the mysterious King Gu Yuan was very formidable, but he hadn’t imagined that King Gu Yuan’s combat strength would actually be formidable to such an extent. It was at least comparable to a Daolord, and he was unable to determine how strong King Gu Yuan was exactly.

This made Chen Xi practically instinctively take Ming and Meng’meng along and swiftly hid themselves. He was deeply afraid of exposing their auras in the slightest, allowing King Gu Yuan to notice them, and then bring down a calamity upon them.

“King Jiu Ling! Are you still not going to lend me a hand? You won’t be able to live for long once I’m killed by this old bastard!” King Mo Luo’s howl that was filled with shock and rage resounded through the sky. He flapped his wings while he opened up his sharp pitch black beak that seemed capable of devouring everything before it.

But at this moment, he was clearly rather fearful of the myriad of branches that came from King Gu Yuan, and he was furious and fearful to the extreme.

“Hmph! Old Bastard! Since you intend to be so merciless, then don’t blame us for joining forces!”


An expanse of extremely blazing golden light erupted from King Jiu Ling and shot into the sky as he spoke these words. It made him seem like a divine being that possessed boundless divine might.

He raised his head up, and those nine heads of his respectively revealed an expression of happiness, anger, sorrow, resentment, greed, infatuation, grief, rage, and hatred.

After that, every single head of his actually emanated a strand of blazing light, and these dazzling and gorgeous multicolored lights swept through the sky!

This was King Jiu Ling’s Innate Ability — Nine Soul Heavenly Illumination!

These nine rays of light weren’t just capable of tearing through the heavens and the earth, they were extremely formidable and capable of causing a lethal blow to the soul.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Everywhere the nine rays of light passed as they swept through the sky, the sky exploded apart and collapsed into numerous black holes that seemed like deep abysses. It was an extremely shocking sight.

King Mo Luo heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw King Jiu Ling lend a hand, and his spirits were refreshed. Monstrous killing intent surged from him as he started to cooperate with King Jiu Ling to launch a full force pincer attack against King Gu Yuan.

For a time, gales flowed through the sky while rays of light swept through it. It caused mountains and rivers to be broken apart and space to fall into disorder. It simply seemed like the end of the world had arrived.

Everything was in chaos and disorder!

On the ground of Origin World, all the living beings were fleeing in terror while shivering, and their entire bodies were drowned in boundless fear.

They’d lived and cultivated here for countless years, but they’d never witnessed an actual battle between these three supreme kings of the Origin World!

Moreover, it was such an intense battle that raged with killing intent. It seemed like they refused to stop until one party to the battle died, and this made all the living beings here feel anxious and uneasy.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s group had moved far away from that expanse of the sky, and they similarly carried extremely solemn expressions because everything that happened tonight was unexpected to them as well.


The battle in the sky grew even more intense. Divine radiance whistled through the sky, and it was dangerous yet gorgeous.

This was a battle of the Origin World, and it was Origin Energy and the Laws of Origin World that were utilized in the battle. Even though the method of combat varied from the outside world, the destruction it created was still shocking.

In next to no time, Chen Xi noticed something interesting, and it further proved an inference he had.

Regardless of whether it was King Mo Luo, King Jiu Ling, or King Gu Yuan, practically all the abilities they utilized in battle had come from within their bloodlines!

It was like the innate divine ability that a divine beast of the outside world inherited. It was a unique technique that came from within the bloodline, and it allowed them to fully display their might.

However, it was precisely because of this that their methods of combat seemed to be too simple. So, gaining an advantage in the battle depended entirely on the strength they possessed and not the level of the combat techniques they possessed.

All of this allowed Chen Xi to fully understand that a cultivation system really hadn’t been born within the Origin World, and this meant that it was impossible for sects and inheritances to exist.

It was naturally impossible to possess any combat techniques and secret techniques without perfected inheritances.

In the outside world, one of the important conditions to judge a sect’s resources and reserves was usually the might of the techniques passed down within it.

Obviously, all of this hadn’t been born within the Origin World yet.

After all, King Mo Luo, King Jiu Ling, and King Gu Yuan were the three strongest beings in the Origin World, yet even they had been unable to comprehend and grasp various techniques, so it clearly showed how crude and practically bare the state of cultivation in the Origin World was.

“Do the two of you think that you can seize the Core of Origin World from me with just that bit of strength?” Right when Chen Xi seemed to have attained some understanding, King Gu Yuan’s indifferent and dignified voice had suddenly resounded in the sky.

After that, Chen Xi saw that King Gu Yuan had suddenly arrived at the center of the nine moons in the sky.

When looked at from afar, the nine dark blue moons seemed to have transformed into a backdrop that made King Gu Yuan seem even more lofty and unfathomable.


As soon as he finished speaking, the luxuriant branches on King Gu Yuan’s towering figure had suddenly spread out like an umbrella being unfolded, and they formed a completely round and verdant barrier of light.

As soon as that glistening, translucent, and flawless light covered the heavens and the earth, it actually fully drew over the Origin Energy essence that was emanated from the nine moons and caused them to surge into King Gu Yuan’s body.

For a time, his entire body was suffused by dark blue light, causing him to seem mysterious and divine while his imposing aura rose to its limits.

At this instant, even Chen Xi had the misconception that King Gu Yuan had transformed into the Heaven Dao of this world and reigned supreme over it!

Shit! King Mo Luo muttered in his heart while his expression changed, and coldness swept through his body.

“You… you have actually started to take control of the Order of the Heaven Dao?” King Jiu Ling seemed as if he’d seen the impossible and couldn’t help but cry out involuntarily.

“That damnable old bastard actually hid so much!” King Mo Luo roared. “King Jiu Ling, if we still don’t fight desperately, then both of us will perish at this old bastard’s hands!”

As he roared, his pitch black wings suddenly blazed with surging black flames, and they swept fiercely, creating an expanse of fiery gales.

“Kill!” King Jiu Ling roared loudly while nine rays of light shot from his nine heads. They actually fused together to form a thick and large grey ray of divine light, and it shot forward with the intention of stopping King Gu Yuan from utilizing the energy of the Heaven Dao.

Right at this moment, King Gu Yuan attacked!

A verdant branch that was over 30km long carried the dark blue and dreamlike energy from the Order of the Heaven Dao as it tore through space and swept forward lightly.


The black fiery gales that King Mo Luo created were blasted into pieces, and they transformed into a rain of light that scattered into the air.

After that, King Mo Luo didn’t even have the chance to react before the verdant branch had coiled around his neck.

The dark blue energy of Order moved along the verdant branch and extended into King Mo Luo’s enormous figure.

“No!” King Mo Luo was like a prisoner who couldn’t struggle free, and he was overwhelmed by terror, causing a heartrending shriek to erupt from his mouth.

The Order of the Heaven Dao extended incessantly, causing the energy within King Mo Luo’s entire body to be ceaselessly destroyed while the vitality within his body suffered irreparable damage.

“I admit defeat! I admit defeat! I sweat that I will never go against you again! Please spare me this time!” King Mo Luo roared loudly with a pleading tone.

However, King Gu Yuan seemed to be extremely cold and indifferent at this moment, and he shook the branch that had coiled around King Mo Luo. In an instant, the latter’s body seemed like a piece of paper that exploded into pieces, and it transformed into divine radiance that scattered through the surroundings.

A supreme expert of the Origin World had actually been killed just like that!

It was such a pity. He’d made countless plans and had intended to rely on this change in the Origin World to scheme for the Core of Origin World. But in the end, he hadn’t even had the chance to put his plan into practice before he perished. It was truly pitiable indeed.

As it was said, no matter how great a plan was, it couldn’t resist absolute strength!

Even if he was merely watching from afar, Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but turn cold because King Gu Yuan’s combat strength was simply too formidable and beyond imagination.


Along with the death of King Mo Luo, King Jiu Ling’s expression had changed completely, and he was horrified to the point his soul almost left his body.

He didn’t dare continue struggling at all, and he practically instinctively turned around and fled. He didn’t dare go against King Gu Yuan anymore.

It was too terrifying!

He’d known King Gu Yuan since a very long time ago, yet he’d never imagined that King Gu Yuan’s combat strength would actually be so formidable. Obviously, King Gu Yuan had concealed a huge amount of his strength during these years, and that was the reason this current situation had been created.

If he knew that King Gu Yuan was so formidable, then no matter how brave he was, King Jiu Ling wouldn’t dare to rashly promise King Mo Luo to join forces against King Gu Yuan.

Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret in the world, and King Gu Yuan was determined to kill them this time.


Right at the instant that King Jiu Ling had fled, numerous verdant branches carried glistening dark blue divine radiance as they coiled around King Jiu Ling’s nine heads.

After that, a wave of explosions resounded as King Jiu Ling’s nine heads had actually been crushed apart, causing a rain of blood to descend through the air!

Even until the moment of his death, King Jiu Ling didn’t even have the chance to let out a shrill cry.


This scene horrified the myriad of living beings throughout Origin World. Their figures froze on the spot while they couldn’t help but drop on their knees while shivering without end.

On the other hand, Chen Xi and Ming couldn’t help but gasp while a heavy expression crept onto their faces. In just a short moment, two supreme experts had been slaughtered, and this clearly showed how terrifying King Gu Yuan was!

They even suspected that they would probably be far from being a match for King Gu Yuan even if they recovered their previous combat strengths.

“So, have the two of you finished watching?” Right at this moment, a dignified voice suddenly rumbled like a thunderclap from King Gu Yuan who stood in midair, and it surged and rumbled by Chen Xi and Ming’s ears.

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