Chapter 2066 – Unexpected Event

The mountain range extended continuously into the distance while seething with flames that even turned the sky red.

Chen Xi didn’t have the time to indulge in his thoughts. He led Ming and Meng’meng through space as he flashed towards the volcano.


Suddenly, a 30km tall fiery red figure had suddenly appeared from the depths of the volcano, and it towered into the sky. It seemed to be completely formed from lava, and it emanated surging divine flames.

It was an enormous lava beast!

Based on its aura, its combat strength was at least on par with a Domain Enlightened Spirit God!


Chen Xi stopped moving, and he had a solemn expression yet didn’t reveal any panic.

As soon as they arrived here, he’d already noticed that an enormous lava beast which had cultivated for countless years was residing here.

The only thing he hadn’t expected was that this enormous lava beast would actually show itself before they even got close to the volcano.

“The Ancient Origin Region is a restricted area. I advise all of you to avoid heading there.” The enormous lava beast spoke with a heavy voice. Its enormous figure was like a brilliant ocean of fire as it stood before the volcano, and it revealed terrifying divine might.

However, Chen Xi and the others hadn’t expected that the enormous lava beast would actually warn them to not enter Ancient Origin Region after it showed itself.

“What if we insist?” asked Chen Xi in a calm voice.

The enormous lava beast remained silent for a long time before it suddenly sighed and said, “You’ve bestowed a great kindness upon the myriad of living beings in the Origin World, so I naturally won’t stop you.”

Just these words alone displayed that the enormous lava beast had been clearly aware of Chen Xi’s identity, and it had heard of all the changes that had occurred recently throughout the Origin World.

“Thank you.” Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

“Looks like your decision to spread the Origin Creation Technique was correct.” Ming spoke via voice transmission, and she seemed to be speaking with heartfelt admiration.

Chen Xi shrugged and said, “This can only prove that these residents of the Origin World know how to repay a favor, and they are much better than the cultivators of the outside world.”

As they spoke, Chen Xi’s group had set out and flashed towards the volcano.

Chen Xi was originally a little worried that the enormous lava beast would suddenly change its mind. However, the outcome proved that his worries were unnecessary.

Since they approach the volcano until they brushed past the enormous lava beast, it had been constantly silent and hadn’t made even the slightest movement.

However, right when Chen Xi and the others were about to traverse the volcano in one go, the lava beast’s heavy voice resounded from behind them.

“Outsider, I have some words to give you before we part ways.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he swiftly turned his head around and said, “Please go ahead.”

“Even though strength can subdue the world, only wisdom can change it! I hope you’ll be able to stay fine and well!” As soon as it finished speaking, the lava beast’s entire body transformed into a surging torrent of fire that vanished within the depths of the volcano.

“I will.” Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile when he saw this, and then he turned around and left with Ming and Meng’meng.

A few hours later.

An ancient and dense forest appeared in their fields of vision. The leaves on the towering tree rustled along with the wind, and they extended endlessly towards the distance.

“We’re finally here….” Chen Xi’s figure flashed and stopped at the edge of the luxuriant forest. Once he finished checking for danger in the surroundings, Chen Xi sat down at the bottom of a tree and stretched his body.

This was the Ancient Origin Region, and it meant that they’d completely escaped the scope of the Brink Region and didn’t have to worry about being pursued by King Mo Luo.

“The Ancient Origin Region belongs to King Gu Yuan, but it’s called the forbidden area of the Origin World so we still can’t relax completely.” Ming sat casually by Chen Xi’s side. Her jet black hair had been tied into a bun, causing her snow white, long, and slender neck to be completely revealed along with her cold, aloof, and gorgeous face. Every single move she made had a trace of an otherworldly aura, and she seemed exceptionally moving like she’d emerged from within a painting.

At this moment, her slender and fair arms were wrapped around her knees while her clear eyes gazed into the distance, and the sideways view of her seemingly carved face carried a practically flawless and picturesque feel to it.

“Indeed. According to rumor, King Gu Yuan is the most mysterious amongst the three supreme kings of the Origin World. At the same time, he’s the incomparable number one expert of the Origin World. Now that we’ve come to his territory to take shelter, we’ll probably be noticed by him, sooner or later.” Chen Xi spoke casually. “However, I’m not worried. So long as we make the best use of our time and recover our combat strengths, then the situation we’re in will only get more and more safer.”

The veil of night had silently descended as they spoke. Just as before, the nine dark blue moons had soared into the sky and emanated a divine glow while the living beings below left their nests and howled incessantly.

At this instant, Chen Xi and Ming were able to sense at least 10 types of living beings within the dense forest absorbing the Origin Energy essence emanated by the moon, and they were surprisingly cultivating the Origin Creation Technique that Chen Xi had created.

Chen Xi and Ming couldn’t help but exchange glances and smile at each other. They didn’t hesitate to flash over to the peak of an ancient tree, and then they casually sat down cross-legged on a larger verdant leaf before they circulated the Origin Creation Technique and started cultivating as well.

Throughout the nights of the past month, King Mo Luo, King Jiu Ling, and King Gu Yuan still hadn’t shown themselves again.

Their disappearance meant that the Origin Energy essence which descended from the nine moons would completely rain down into the world, and it nurtured all things and was absorbed by all the living beings that resided here.

On the other hand, the reason Chen Xi and Ming’s combat strengths had transformed so quickly was closely linked to this change as well.

If they weren’t worried about the dangers that might arise, the two of them would be only too anxious to charge into the sky and occupy a superb position to absorb the Origin Energy essence from the moon. In that way, their combat strengths would recover even more quickly.

However, this night seems to be unlike any other night before this….


Not long after Chen Xi and Ming had just started cultivating, an expanse of dazzling emerald green light surged into appearance beneath the night sky and covered the heavens and the earth.

After that, it transformed into a strong and towering ancient tree that was filled with an ancient and dignified aura.

Surprisingly, it was King Gu Yuan who’d vanished for over a month of time!

“Why… has he suddenly made an appearance?” Chen Xi and Ming were shocked. They immediately stopped cultivating while they felt quite surprised in their hearts. They didn’t know what King Gu Yuan’s sudden appearance this time represented.

It wasn’t just them, even the myriad of living beings throughout Origin World couldn’t help but become agitated, surprised, and anxious when they saw King Gu Yuan’s figure appear once more beneath the night sky.

The most inconceivable thing to them was that once King Gu Yuan appeared beneath the sky, he hadn’t cultivated as he’d done in the past. He just stood there in midair and remained silent for a long time before he suddenly spoke with an extremely indifferent voice. “Mo Luo, Jiu Ling, show yourselves. I’ve already figured it out, and it’s time to put an end to everything!”

His voice was like a thunderclap that resounded throughout Origin World. It was filled with a dignified tone that made the hearts of all the living beings throughout Origin World tremble, and it made them feel a suffocating pressure descend upon them.

Put an end to it?

Put an end to what?

Chen Xi and Ming’s expressions had become solemn as they faintly sensed that what King Gu Yuan intended to do upon showing himself this time was probably related to them.

The atmosphere throughout the heavens and the earth had become tense. It was like a storm was about to arrive, and it was filled with a confrontational aura.

“King Gu Yuan. What exactly are you saying?” After a short moment of silence, an expanse of dazzling golden light appeared in the horizon, and then it swiftly transformed into a nine headed lion whose entire body surged with golden light and emanated peerless divine might. It was exactly King Jiu Ling.

At practically the exact same moment, a completely pitch black flying beast that covered an area of around 10km shot into the sky, and then it appeared by King Jiu Ling’s side. It was naturally King Mo Luo.

On the 1st night when Chen’s group had arrived within Ancient Origin World, the three supreme kings who hadn’t shown themselves for over a month had actually appeared in succession!

This scene clearly seemed unusual!

It wasn’t just Chen Xi and Ming who experienced unprecedented pressure. Even the myriad of living beings that resided in the surroundings had unconsciously stopped cultivating and were slightly anxious and fearful.

What exactly is going on?

“King Gu Yuan, exactly what do you intend to put an end to by summoning us here?” King Mo Luo spoke in a low voice that carried a trace of vigilance. Obviously, he was unable to see through King Gu Yuan’s thoughts.

“The change.” King Gu Yuan’s voice was indifferent, determined, and carried a strand of resolution.

“What change?” King Jiu Ling’s expression changed slightly as he faintly sensed that the situation was bad.

“Don’t the two of you want the Core of Origin World. I’ll give both of you a chance to join forces and seize it from me right now.” King Gu Yuan’s voice remained indifferent and didn’t carry any fluctuations of emotion.

The Core of Origin World? What’s that?

Both Chen Xi and Ming frowned. They’d originally thought that King Gu Yuan’s appearance was related to them, but now it would seem like the matter was even more complicated.

“Haha! Yes, we are really attracted to the Core of Origin World, but I presume King Gu Yuan has misunderstood. We have no intention to try and seize it from you.” King Mo Luo roared with laughter.

“Exactly. Don’t think too much about it, King Gu Yuan. Even though some changes have occurred in the Origin World, it might not cause an actual change to the Origin World.” King Jiu Ling added.

Obviously, both King Mo Luo and King Jiu Ling weren’t willing to fight King Gu Yuan right now. Because according to their plans, this change had only just begun and hadn’t matured, so it wasn’t suitable to shed all pretenses with King Gu Yuan right now.

“There’s no need to put on an act. My consciousness awoke when the Origin World was just born, and I’ve experienced countless years along with it. So, how could anything that occurred within the Origin World possibly avoid my detection?” King Go Yuan’s voice was aged and indifferent. “In the beginning, I was thinking of giving the two of you a chance to live. After all, you’ve helped me maintain a good amount of order in the Origin World throughout the years. Unfortunately, this change allowed me to suddenly realize that keeping the two of you alive would only bring harm to the Origin World.”

In an instant, King Mo Luo and King Jiu Ling’s expressions changed. They seemed to dare not believe that King Gu Yuan had actually showed himself to kill them!

Even Chen Xi and Ming couldn’t help but feel slightly stunned when they heard this. Because it was they who had caused this change, so why did King Gu Yuan intend to kill King Mo Luo and King Jiu Ling instead?

“Why?” King Mo Luo spoke in a low voice. At this moment, he’d completely recovered his calm.

“For the sake of the Origin World.” King Gu Yuan replied in an indifferent tone.


His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when space surged, and then an emerald green branch seemed like a Chain of Order as it soared through the sky and struck forcefully towards King Mo Luo.

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