Chapter 2065 – Renowned

King Mo Luo suddenly started laughing. He withdrew the beast skin that had the 1st level of the Chrysalis Realm recorded on it and spoke slowly. “Do you think someone who created such a technique would be easily killed by King Gu Yuan?”

King Jiu Ling thought for a moment before he tacitly approved of King Mo Luo’s views.

“Even until now, I’m still curious about exactly how that fellow created such a cultivation technique. If I was able to possess such a technique when I started cultivating all those years ago, then I would have probably possessed the strength to kill King Gu Yuan and seize the Core of Origin World.” King Mo Luo sighed with emotion. “I’m sure that it hasn’t just been me. Both you and King Gu Yuan have tried to create some cultivation techniques for the residents of the Origin World. Unfortunately, we still haven’t been able to succeed.”

When he spoke up to here, he shook his head and said, “No, the cultivation techniques we created were only suitable for a single type of being to cultivate, and it couldn’t be cultivated by all living beings. Just like that cultivation technique I created for the Golden Armored Ant King.”

King Jiu Ling frowned and said, “You seem to place too much importance onto this Origin Creation Technique.”

King Mo Luo’s gaze was deep and carried a rare solemn expression. “No, you don’t understand. A single cultivation technique isn’t a big deal. However, its appearance represents a completely new path of cultivation, and it’s extremely likely to overturn the current situation in the Origin World and form a true cultivation system. That… is the most terrifying part about this cultivation technique.”

King Jiu Ling laughed with ridicule and said, “So what? Cultivation depends on our respective natural talent, physique, and comprehension ability. Isn’t it a little too absurd to say that a single cultivation technique can change the entire situation in the Origin World?”

King Mo Luo sighed. “Could it be that you really can’t figure it out? Perhaps the effects of this cultivation technique can’t be seen right now, but once these living beings have cultivated the Origin Creation Technique for a hundred years, a thousand years, or even 10,000 years, then do you think the situation within the Origin World would still remain the same?”

King Mo Luo spoke with a certain tone before King Jiu Ling could speak. “I guarantee that if the Origin Creation Technique continues to be spread and cultivated, then even more formidable existences would definitely appear within the Origin World, and it’s even very likely that existences who can rival us will appear!”

King Jiu Ling’s expression finally turned serious, and it was even slightly heavy. He frowned as he said, “This doesn’t seem to be a good thing to the two of us.”

King Mo Luo nodded and said, “Of course. Fortunately, that’s a matter of the future, and we don’t have to wait until then.”

King Jiu Ling said, “What do you mean?”

A wisp of a secretive smile arose on the corners of King Mo Luo’s mouth. “Don’t forget that this change has only just begun, and those two outsiders are still alive.”

King Jiu Ling’s gaze flickered for a long time before he said, “How so?”

King Mo Luo pointed at the beast skin in his hand. “This is merely a part of that cultivation technique. If I’m not wrong, then that human cultivator should possess even more parts of it that he hasn’t given out.”

In an instant, King Jiu Ling’s heart shook. “You’ve realized as well?”

King Mo Luo glanced at him and said indifferently, “King Jiu Ling, you’ve been feigning ignorance since you entered this hall of mine. We can’t continue discussing the matter if you continue acting in this way.”

King Jiu Ling chuckled while a wisp of slyness flashed through the depths of his eyes. “I did that because I wasn’t sure of your attitude towards the method.”

King Mo Luo grunted and said, “I want to hear your thoughts.”

King Jiu Ling hesitated for a moment before he said, “What do you think I would do?”

King Mo Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly. He stared at King Jiu Ling for a long time before he grinned and said, “I understand now. You don’t just want to kill King Gu Yuan, nor do you only want to share the Core of Origin World with me. Most importantly, you want to seize the cultivation….”

King Jiu Ling roared with laughter before King Mo Luo could finish speaking. “In the entire Origin World, only you, King Mo Luo, understand me!”

King Mo Luo spoke indifferently. “However, I have to remind you that it isn’t the right time to deal with them yet.”

King Jiu Ling deeply agreed. “Of course. We naturally have to be patient if we want to obtain the complete Origin Creation Technique.”

King Mo Luo grinned. “As long as you understand.”

As they spoke, these two supreme kings of the Origin World couldn’t help but exchange glances, and then they roared with laughter that surged through the hall.

At the same time, in the Ancient Origin Region.

An aged voice sighed with emotion within the verdant valley. “Master, the situation is out of control….”

It was King Gu Yuan’s voice. That dark blue, pure, brilliant, and dazzling ball of light was still floating in front of that towering ancient tree, and it emanated a gentle, clear, ancient, and primitive aura.

“The Origin Creation Technique actually possesses the momentum to make history in the entire Origin World. Such a change is truly something this old servant is unable to stop. Based on the current situation, I can only do everything possible to kill those outsiders and put a complete end to the source of these changes. Perhaps I’ll be able to turn the situation around a little once that’s done.” King Gu Yuan’s voice carried a wisp of sorrow and rage that couldn’t be concealed, and it even revealed a wisp of extreme resolution and killing intent.

“Master, once you awaken, this old servant….”

King Gu Yuan hadn’t been able to finish speaking because a trace of an almost imperceptible ripple had suddenly arisen from the ball of light that was dark blue and pure like a gem.

King Gu Yuan was an extraordinary figure, so even such a tiny change was unable to escape his eyes. So, his voice had stopped abruptly while indescribable excitement surged though his heart.

“Master! Have you heard this old servant?” King Gu Yuan’s voice trembled slightly. He was too shocked and surprised. He’d never imagined that his Master that had been deathly silent for countless years would actually reveal a trace of fluctuation at this moment!


His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the surroundings when numerous fluctuations ripples out from within the dark blue ball of light, and these fluctuations emanated an extremely ancient and primitive aura.

King Gu Yuan was utterly stunned. It’s real! It really happened!

It was utterly impossible to use words to describe King Gu Yuan’s current state of mind. He was excited, overjoyed, dazed, shocked…. All sorts of emotions exploded from him like a volcano that had been deathly silent for ages!

Because he hadn’t sensed the existence of his Master for too long…. It was so long ago that he’d even started to doubt whether his Master had completely ceased to exist.

Yet now, King Gu Yuan had finally confirmed that his Master hadn’t left, and his Master… had always been here!

Right when King Gu Yuan’s emotions surged and he was practically on the verge of losing control, a strand of will that was weak to the point of being almost imperceptible had surged into his heart.

After that, King Gu Yuan’s entire body suddenly stiffened when he understood the intentions of that strand of will. It was like he’d been struck by lightning, and he cried out involuntarily. “Master, why?”

A month later, a violent volcano appeared in the horizon.

The mountain range in their fields of vision rose and fell, and it was completely crimson red. Eternally surging flames blazed upon the entire mountain rage, and it even made the sky there completely red while the space there was burned to the point of warping and being thrown into disorder.

Just looking at it from afar made one feel hot. It was like an oppressive and blazing aura was being emanated by it, and it was suffocating.

“We’re finally almost there….” Chen Xi took a deep breath while his gaze blazed with anticipation. After travelling for over a month, he’d finally caught sight of this volcano, and they would enter the Ancient Origin Region upon traversing the volcano!

“I just never expected that King Mo Luo would actually not act against us until now. It’s truly quite unusual.” Ming pondered deeply before he spoke these words.

“It’s extremely normal. I’ve spoken about it in the past. Perhaps this is exactly what King Mo Luo wants.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently.

“Do you really intend to act according to his will and enter the Ancient Origin Region?” asked Ming.

“We can’t turn back anymore. Perhaps the moment we decide not to enter the Ancient Origin Region will be the moment that King Mo Luo himself takes action.” Chen Xi shrugged and said, “Even though it’s very uncomfortable to be forced by circumstances. But what can we do? We’re still unable to go against them, so this is our only choice.”

Ming asked. “Then do you think that King Gu Yuan will let us enter his territory?”

“We’ll know after we give it a try.” Chen Xi seemed to be very indifferent. However, only he knew that they had no other choice regardless of how dangerous it was.

It was truly aggrieving to be forced to make such decisions. The only thing which consoled Chen Xi was that he’d fully perfected the fifth level of the Apotheosis Realm which was the 2nd level of the Origin Creation Technique.

Moreover, he’d tried cultivating it himself and hadn’t encountered any danger, so in Chen Xi’s opinion, it was undoubtedly something worthy of celebrating.

Because with the Apotheosis Realm’s cultivation technique, he would be able to recover his combat strength at the Region Lord Realm in an extremely short period of time!

At that time, he would at least have no need to be fearful or be forced to flee like he was doing right now.

At this very moment, his combat strength had already recovered to the World Enlightened True God Realm!

Even Ming was standing proudly at the peak of the Immortal King Realm, and she was only a thread away from recovering her combat strength as an expert of the Godrank Realm.

All of this had occurred in this month. It seemed to be simple, but it was extremely difficult to accomplish for Chen Xi and Ming who were constantly travelling.

Besides that, the atmosphere in the entire Origin World had undergone a tremendous change during this month of time.

After the 1st level of the Chrysalis Realm had been disseminated into the world, Chen Xi had successively passed down the 2nd to the 9th level of the Chrysalis Realm to the Thunderbird, Emerald, and then Emerald disseminated it successively.

Just like that, one spread to ten, ten spread to a hundred. At this point in time, the living beings in every single area of the Origin World had obtained the complete cultivation technique of all 9 levels of the Chrysalis Realm!

Along with this, practically all the living beings in the entire Origin World had come to remember Chen Xi’s name. Moreover, their respect and reverence towards him had even arrived at an unprecedented height!

At this point in time, he’d even surpassed King Mo Luo, King Jiu Ling, and King Gu Yuan’s reputations!

The benefit from all of this was that no matter where Chen Xi went, there wasn’t a single living being that would notify King Mo Luo of his arrival or go against him.

It was even to the extent that for the sake of allowing Chen Xi’s group to enter the Ancient Origin Region as soon as possible, many living beings they passed on the way had even earnestly provided Chen Xi with guidance on the closest route, and they’d even given him all sorts of precious treasures to express their gratitude and respect to Chen Xi.

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