Chapter 2064 – Beyond Expectations

The veil of night was like ink in the air, yet the nine mysterious and divine dark blue moons illuminated the sky.

Chen Xi sat casually by the side of a secluded stream, and he chewed an emerald green blade of grass while he stared into the sky.

Ming sat cross-legged at the side in meditation while a dark golden pike that was around 4m long laid on her legs.

Meng’meng had squatted at the side instead. It had a rare serious expression on its face as it utilized the mental cultivation technique recorded within the 1st level of the Chrysalis Realm, and it absorbed the essence of Origin Energy that drifted down from the sky.

“Interesting. They still haven’t made an appearance tonight.” Chen Xi spoke abruptly.

It was already the 7th day since he’d spread the 1st level of the Chrysalis Realm within the Origin Creation Technique into the world, and King Mo Luo, King Jiu Ling, and King Gu Yuan hadn’t shown themselves throughout these seven nights. So, it seemed extremely unusual.

“Perhaps they are discussing a strategy in secret with the intention of stopping all of this?” Ming opened her clear eyes and spoke indifferently.

They hadn’t stopped moving throughout these 7 days of time, and they’d clearly sensed the change in atmosphere within the Origin World as they travelled.

All of this came from the dissemination of the Origin Creation Technique.

It was really too quick!

Even Chen Xi and Ming had never imagined that Emerald would actually act so quickly, and it allowed the Origin Creation Technique to rage through the Origin World like a storm and bloom throughout the world.

It was even to the extent that all the living beings Chen Xi’s group passed all along the way already possessed knowledge of the 1st level of the Chrysalis Realm.

Such a speed of dissemination was simply astounding, and this clearly showed how welcomed the Origin Creation Technique was within the Origin World.

At the same time, Chen Xi’s reputation had spread as well. Presently, practically every single living being in the Origin World was clearly aware that this portion of the Origin Creation Technique they obtained was from Chen Xi, and they admired and respected him to the extreme.

After all, there had never been any cultivation technique in the past which could be cultivated by all living beings like the Origin Creation Technique could. Moreover, the results from cultivating it were extremely shocking as well!

It was simply an unprecedented feat! It was a grand event that had never occurred since time immemorial!

Such change was exactly what Chen Xi looked forward to.

In other worlds, since the moment he’d taught the cultivation technique to Emerald, Chen Xi had expected that it was bound to change the situation within the Origin World once it was spread!

Because it wasn’t just a simple cultivation technique, it was an unprecedented cultivation system that was starting to sprout up throughout the Origin World!

This… was absolutely an unprecedented change in the Origin World.

After all, according to Chen Xi’s deduction, there was utterly no cultivation system, sects, or a huge variety of cultivation techniques and combat techniques here when he arrived at the Origin World!

Chen Xi’s actions was like planting a seed in a patch of soil that had never been used, so its influence to the entire Origin World was immeasurable.

The only thing Chen Xi hadn’t expected was that Emerald would actually disseminate it so quickly, and the reaction it got was too shocking.

Just like this very moment, Chen Xi was able to sense at least 30 plus living beings utilizing the Origin Creation Technique at the side of this stream right now, and they were ceaselessly swallowing the Origin Energy essence that was descending from the sky.

However, unlike when Chen Xi utilized it to cultivate that day, their cultivation hadn’t caused world shocking phenomena to appear.

This was very understandable. After all, Chen Xi had merely spread the 1st level of the Chrysalis Realm within the Origin Creation Technique.

“I believe that it won’t be long before all these living beings won’t be satisfied with just cultivating the 1st level of the Chrysalis Realm. At that time, Emerald will definitely come looking for me again.” Chen Xi smiled as he spoke these words.

“That’s your objective?” asked Ming.

“Yes.” Chen Xi said frankly, “We’re all alone in the Origin World right now, and we’re like outsiders that are rejected by all the myriad of living beings here. So, if we want to change the situation that we’re in, then we can only change their attitude towards us.

“If they accept us, thank us, and even respect us, then we’ll definitely be able to avoid a huge amount of unnecessary trouble while we move about the Origin World in the future.

“It’s even to the extent that even if we go against King Mo Luo, King Jiu Ling, and King Gu Yuan, a portion of them would come forward and support us. That would be more than enough.

“The general situation moved along with the heart. Once we win the trust of the living beings here and make a good impression to them, then would anyone besides King Mo Luo, King Jiu Ling, and King Gu Yuan go against us?

“Besides that, if we want to leave Origin World, then we absolutely can’t do without the assistance of the living beings here. For example, they can help us gather leads, investigate, obtain information, and so on and so forth.”

As Ming gazed at Chen Xi who was speaking confidently, a wisp of heartfelt admiration couldn’t help but suffuse her pure and pitch black eyes. Because she’d never imagined that this fellow before her would have actually given its effect and influence so much thought.

When he spoke up to this point, Chen Xi suddenly frowned and said, “Of course, our actions will definitely arouse vigilance in King Mo Luo, King Jiu Ling, and King Gu Yuan, and it’s even to the extent that they might become hostile towards us. So, we still have to rely on ourselves in order to survive in the Origin World.”

Ming deeply agreed. Because the help of another was just help, and they still had to rely on their own strength when facing the absolute strength of another.

Chen Xi raised his head to gaze at the nine dark blue moons in the sky, and he seemed to be lost in thought as he said, “Just like this very moment, those three supreme kings haven’t shown themselves for an entire seven days of time. I presume our actions took them by surprise, and perhaps our journey won’t be disturbed by them for the next few days. But once danger does arrive, it will definitely be extremely dangerous!”

Ming’s expression had become solemn and serious as well. “So, what do you intend to do?”

Chen Xi shrugged and said, “Continue heading to the Ancient Origin Region. However, I’ll strive to perfect the 2nd level of the Origin Creation Technique, the Apotheosis Realm, before that. In that way, we can rely on the energy from the nine moons to experience another tremendous improvement of our strengths!”

Ming couldn’t help but ask. “What about me? What should I do?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he smiled as he said, “Just cultivate and take care of Meng’meng.”

Ming said with a slightly helpless expression, “Since I’ve started cultivating until now, it’s the first time I’ve noticed that I’m like a useless fellow who is of no help.”

Chen Xi hurriedly said, “A key figure naturally has to make an appearance at the key moment. Don’t undervalue yourself. After all, if we enter Ancient Origin Region and are unable to avoid conflict with King Gu Yuan, then I would need your help.”

Ming glanced at him and said, “I never expected that you would be rather skilled at consoling others.”

As she finished speaking, even she couldn’t help but smile. Under the veil of night, the light blue moonlight made her clear, fair, and gorgeous face seem extraordinary pure and otherworldly.

Their group didn’t waste anymore time, and they continued on their journey during the night.

Presently, the situation was completely different. The three supreme kings of Origin World were acting unusually and hadn’t shown themselves again. Moreover, the living beings of Origin World had received Chen Xi’s kindness, and they’d already unconsciously changed their attitude towards Chen Xi.

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi’s group naturally didn’t have to continue going into hiding when night arrived.

In a pitch black, lofty, and grand hall.

King Mo Luo sat cross-legged on the ground in a black cloak, and he was holding a piece of beast skin in his hand as he read it carefully while occasionally praising in a voice that was almost impossible to hear.

He’d obtained the 1st level of the Chrysalis Realm’s cultivation technique as well, and for the sake of studying it carefully, he’d even gotten a piece of beast skin and copied the cultivation technique on it.

In these past few days, he hadn’t left his residence at all, and he’d been constantly studying the cultivation technique.

Of course, with the strength he possessed right now, this 1st level of the Chrysalis Realm wasn’t suitable for him since a very long time ago, but it didn’t stop King Mo Luo’s fervor to devote himself to study it.

After all, it was also his first time seeing such a cultivation technique that could be cultivated by any living being in the Origin World.

“Extraordinary! It’s clear and easy to understand yet compact and ingenious. It’s absolutely impossible to create such a technique without possessing extraordinary wisdom and supreme ability. I wonder how exactly that outsider accomplish this. He was actually able to study the cultivation of Origin Energy in such a comprehensive manner.” King Mo Luo couldn’t help but praise again. He’d studied it carefully no less than 100 times, but he noticed something new every single time he looked through it, and it constantly made him feel like it was completely fresh and inconceivable.

“Could it be that all the cultivators in the outside world have attained such an inconceivable state?” King Mo Luo sighed occasionally with emotion, and he was slightly unable to accept that this cultivation technique had been created by an outsider.

“Is this the change you were talking about?” Right at this moment, a heavy voice that resounded like a bell rumbled like a thunderclap from outside the hall.

However, King Mo Luo seemed as if he was completely aware of this, and his expression didn’t change at all. He casually folded the beast skin together and said, “Yes. How is it? Has it exceeded your expectations?”

His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when an expanse of dazzling golden light surged outside the hall and suddenly transformed into the form of a man that was around 6m tall, robust like a small hill, had completely blazing golden hair, and was extremely ferocious.

King Mo Luo couldn’t help but chuckle when he witnessed this scene. “King Jiu Ling, I never expected that a proud fellow like you would actually take the form of a human cultivator like I have!”

Obviously, the golden haired man was the nine headed lion, King Jiu Ling.

He strode into the hall with large strides while a golden glow suffused his eyes, and he revealed impressive divine might. He stared at King Mo Luo and said, “Do you know that King Gu Yuan hasn’t shown himself for 7 days now!?”

King Mo Luo stood up and placed his hands behind his back as he gazed out of the hall, and the outline of the nine moons could be faintly seen there.

“Of course I do. The change that old fellow was most worried about has occurred, and it’s impossible for him to stop it. I guess that he’s probably in an agitated state right now!” King Mo Luo suddenly turned around while a wisp of fervor arose in his eyes. “This means that our opportunity is almost here. King Jiu Ling, could it be that you aren’t looking forward to obtaining the Core of Origin World?”

King Jiu Ling remained silent for a short moment before he said in a low voice, “But what if King Gu Yuan kills those two human cultivators?”

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