Chapter 2063 – Sharing It With The World

The emerald green bird was a living being from the Origin World called a Thunderbird. It was swift like a bolt of lightning, and it was adept at being a messenger yet didn’t possess a great combat strength.

The emerald green bird couldn’t help but be stunned when it heard Chen Xi’s suggestion. A cultivation technique that can double my speed of cultivation? What does that mean?

Because it had never heard of anything like that since it was born. A cultivation technique can even be passed down?

“Err….” The bird hesitated for a moment and said, “My Lord, I’m slow-witted. Can you please explain a little?”

Chen Xi spoke casually. “Don’t think too much about it. All I ask is if you agree or not. This is an opportunity that can change your fate.”

The bird clearly felt that Chen Xi was threatening it, and it gritted its teeth and seemed to be shouldering a heavy burden as it said in a low voice, “How could I dare to refuse your good intentions, My Lord?”

As soon as it finished speaking these words, it couldn’t help but become overcome with sorrow and feel an indescribable sense of loss. It was like it had seen a cage trapping it completely, and it had lost its freedom….

Chen Xi hadn’t imagined that this suggestion of his would actually cause the emerald green bird to have so many strange thoughts.

When he heard it agree, he immediately transformed the cultivation technique for the 1st level of the Chrysalis Realm into a thought and passed it to the bird.

In an instant, the bird seemed as if it had been struck by lightning, and it shrieked after a long time passed. “This is really a cultivation technique? It’s too miraculous!”

It impatiently started to look through the cultivation technique, and it wasn’t long before its attention was completely drawn by the cultivation technique to the point of being utterly immersed.

“Aren’t you curious about why I’ve done this?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask Ming who’d been constantly standing silently at the side.

“You definitely have an objective behind it, right?” Ming replied with a question instead.

Chen Xi smiled while he praised in his heart. She really is wise.

He was trying out a method, and if he succeeded, then it would be sufficient to change the situation that they were in right now.

“Shriek! Shriek! How miraculous! It’s truly indescribably miraculous!” After a long time passed, the emerald green bird shrieked as if it was laughing and crying at the same time, and it seemed as if it had gone mad. Obviously, it was truly too shocked by the cultivation technique Chen Xi had passed to it.

Chen Xi knew that the time was right upon witnessing this scene, and he said frankly, “Listen, the only request I have is… that you spread this cultivation technique throughout the world and allow even more living beings to be able to cultivate!”

The bird was stunned again. After quite some time passed, it actually gazed at Chen Xi with respect and said, “My Lord, you really intend to spread such a technique?”

Chen Xi nodded.

The bird suddenly cried out once more. “Amazing! Truly too amazing! My Lord, such an action is simply like an eternal merit that brings blessings to the entire world and its future generations. All the living beings of the Origin World will forever remember your greatness!”

Even Chen Xi was slightly unable to endure it when a bird praised him like that, and he coughed dryly and said, “I’m just doing what I can to help my Fellow Daoists in the Origin World.”

The bird was moved to the point it started crying, and it wailed. “My Lord, you’re too humble….”

Chen Xi really couldn’t endure this any longer, and he interrupted it. “Enough! Your current mission is to spread this technique. Right, I’ll pass the 2nd level of the cultivation technique to you once you’ve accomplished this task.”

The emerald green bird’s eyes suddenly lit up, and it spoke with excitement. “There’s an even higher level of this cultivation technique? Don’t worry, My Lord. I’ll gather all my friends to help you spread this cultivation technique, and we’ll definitely spread your reputation throughout the Origin World!”

As it spoke, it impatiently transformed into a wisp of light blue lightning and intended to act.

“Wait.” Chen Xi stopped it and said, “What’s your name?”

“Oh, My Lord, just call this lowly one Emerald.” The emerald green bird answered without turning back, and then it tore through the air and vanished.

Emerald? Chen Xi was stunned. This name… really does suit it!

“Now can you tell me the reason?” Ming couldn’t help but ask this question once Emerald had left.

“Be patient. It won’t be long before you’ll understand. Of course, it would be pointless to speak about it if it fails.” Chen Xi smiled mysteriously.

Ming couldn’t help but glare at him when she heard this. “Then I’ll have to wait and see.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckle, and then he started to deal with the Sevenlight Turtlefish’s corpse because he intended to seize this opportunity to craft a suitable pike for Ming.

At an ancient forest within Brink Region.

This was where the Thunderbird Clan resided, and over 10,000 Thunderbirds resided here. This place was also called the Scout Camp of Brink Region.

The reason for that was very simple. The Thunderbirds’ natural talent had determined that they were most suited to play the role of scouts. Because they were invaluable when it came to conveying information or spying on the enemy.

“Patriarch Aba, Emerald has given you the chance, and it all depends on your own choice. This is an opportunity that can change the fate of our entire clan!”

They were in an extremely strong and ancient tree that was over 300m thick, and the insides of the tree had been emptied and transformed into an enormous bird nest hall.

It was the Ancestral Grounds of the Thunderbird Clan, and it had an ancient history.

At this moment, Emerald was standing at the center of the hall and seemed to have an impatient expression on its face.

After it obtained that cultivation technique from Chen Xi, Emerald had directly returned to its clan and told its Patriarch, Aba, about it.

After all, it naturally intended to share such a good thing with the members of its clan first. Emerald was very selfless in this aspect, and it hadn’t hidden anything.

However, Emerald was infuriated because it’s clan’s Patriarch Aba was suspicious and doubtful, and this caused Emerald’s fervor to transform into irritation.

“Emerald, you said that person was the enemy who King Mo Luo is looking for? Supposedly, his origins are mysterious, and he doesn’t belong to our Origin World. Perhaps these actions of his carry ill intent behind them.” Aba spoke slowly. Aba was an extremely divine Thunderbird that was completely emerald green like jade, and its eyes were suffused with a hue of experience.

“In my opinion, you should report this matter to King Mo Luo as soon as possible. Otherwise, it’s very likely that it’ll arouse displeasure in King Mo Luo and bring death to you. At that time, it wouldn’t just be you who suffers, our entire Thunderbird Clan will suffer along with you!”

These words caused extreme feelings of grievance and anger to surge in Emerald’s heart, and it suddenly shrieked. “Forget it! Forget it! Since all of you aren’t willing to change, then I’ll give this opportunity to other beings.”

As it spoke, it transformed into a wisp of lightning and left in anger.

“What a hot blooded and simple little fellow.” Aba sighed. He’d lived for a long time and had witnessed many storms. So, how could he not understand that there was no free lunch in this world?

“Looks like I have no choice but to pay a visit to King Mo Luo myself and make amends….” Aba stood up and was about to stride out of the hall. However, he inadvertently recalled what Emerald said just now.

An opportunity to change the fate of the clan?

No matter if it’s true or not, perhaps I can take a look at that cultivation technique first?

Aba was hesitant. After a long period of silence, he wasn’t able to restrain the curiosity he felt, and he started to look through the mysterious cultivation technique that Emerald had left behind.

“My god!” After a short moment, his entire body trembled as he exclaimed with surprise.

“My god!” A long time later, this Patriarch of the Thunderbird clan who’d lived for a very long time had actually been unable to restrain his shock and cried out involuntarily.

“My god!” In the end, an exclaim of would resound intermittently from Patriarch Aba, and it seemed extremely amusing and laughable.

The two Thunderbird retainers standing on guard outside the hall were dazed. What’s wrong with the Patriarch? He’s actually shouting like a stupid kid that hasn’t experienced the world. How inconceivable!

While the two of them were surprised and bewildered, they suddenly heard Patriarch Aba’s impatient howl. “Quickly gather all the warriors of the entire clan! I’m holding a meeting! I’m going to announce an important matter that can change the fate of our entire clan! Oh! My god! Hurry up! Hurry up!”

In an instant, both of them almost thought their patriarch had gone mad. However, they’d still acted unconsciously out of respect to their patriarch.

On this day, all the members of the Thunderbird Clan obtained a unique and mysterious cultivation technique. The entire clan was excited, and it was like they’d laid eyes upon hope to change their fate.

It was also on this day that Patriarch Aba had ordered the entire clan to dispatch numerous secret agents of the clan to spread this cultivation technique throughout the world….

As for whether his actions would offend King Mo Luo, Patriarch Aba didn’t care anymore because it was an opportunity to change the fate of his clan after all. How could he possibly allow it to slip by?

A few days later.

“The Origin Creation Technique? Have all of you cultivated it as well?”

“Yes. This cultivation technique is truly miraculous. I’ve clearly sensed a change in my strength upon cultivating it. It’s simply miraculous.”

“Exactly. I heard that this cultivation technique was bestowed upon us by a great figure from the outside world, and he’s extremely formidable.”

“How could any clan within the entire Brink Region be unaware of that Lord right now? I heard that there are even higher levels of this cultivation technique.”

“That’s why we can’t offend him in the future, and we even have to repay him properly if we have the chance. We can’t allow that Lord to think that we’re ungrateful.”

“Oh, I had such intentions. But we absolutely can’t allow King Mo Luo to find out about it.”

After Emerald and its fellow Thunderbirds had set out, the 1st level of the Chrysalis Realm in the Origin Creation Technique had spread continuously at an extremely shocking speed throughout Brink Region, and it was obtained by countless living beings who resided in Brink Region.

It was like sparks of a flame that appeared on a grassland. It was impossible to stop, and it was probably impossible to turn this situation around even if King Mo Luo himself took action.

“My King! My King!” The pitch black flying snake charged impatiently into the pitch black hall that King Mo Luo resided in, and it cried out, “It’s bad! It’s bad! Presently….”

It was interrupted by an indifferent and dignified voice before it could even finish speaking. “There’s no need to speak further. I understand everything.”

King Mo Luo had transformed into a handsome man in a black cloak, and he had an emotionless expression on his face.

“My King, since you know about everything, then do you have any instructions?” The flying snake spoke in an anxious tone.

“You can leave.” King Mo Luo waved his hand.

“My King….” The flying snake was stunned.

“Leave!” King Mo Luo spoke in a stern voice.

The flying snake’s figure shook, and then it hurriedly withdrew from the hall while carrying a bellyful of surprise and bewilderment.

Right when it was about to leave completely from within the hall, a wave of roaring laughter suddenly resounded from the hall behind it….

“A change! Hahaha! This is a change! You’ve really given this King an enormous pleasant surprise!”

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