Chapter 2062 – Spies

Ming finally awoke from her cultivation when a wisp of light arose in the horizon.

The first glimmer of dawn descended onto her gorgeous face, and it caused her already aloof and divine bearing to seem even more extraordinary.

“How is it?” Chen Xi had been constantly observing Ming, and he couldn’t help but ask this question when he saw her wake up. He was very curious about whether the Origin Creation Technique he created would be suitable for Ming.

“It’s fine.” A wisp of a beautiful arc had appeared on her angular and glistening lips.

Chen Xi immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

“However….” Suddenly, Ming’s ink black and beautiful brows had knit together slightly as if she’d encountered some sort of problem.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but become slightly anxious because of this, and he said, “What’s wrong?”

Ming thought for a moment before she said, “I’m probably the cause of it. In the past, I’ve been constantly focused on cultivating in the Shaman Dao, and I only tempered the might of my physical body and blood. Now, I’m suddenly cultivating a completely new path towards the Dao, so I’m finding it difficult to adapt.”

Chen Xi smiled and said, “Don’t be impatient. Just take it slow.”

Ming nodded and asked. “What about you? Where is your cultivation roughly at right now?”

Chen Xi said casually, “The 9th level of the Chrysalis Realm which is equivalent to the Immortal King Realm in strength. Unfortunately, this is only the 1st level of the Origin Creation Technique, and I haven’t completed the specifics of the 2nd level.”

Ming was stunned. “You’ve already attained the highest level of the Chrysalis Realm?”

Chen Xi replied with a question. “Could it be that you haven’t?”

Ming shook her head. “I’ve only been able to attain the 8th level of Chrysalis.”

Chen Xi was speechless. “It’s already really good that you were able to attain such a level overnight.”

Ming understood this reasoning as well. The key reason that made them able to attain such a level of cultivation in an extremely short period of time was that they’d attained a strength comparable to a Saint Immortal before they’d even cultivated the Origin Creation Technique.

So, to both Chen Xi and Ming, the cultivation of the Origin Creation Technique was merely a method to utilize Origin Energy and completely refine and absorb the Origin Energy that had been accumulated within their bodies.

Coupled with the fact that they were experts comparable to the Region Lord Realm in the outside world, it meant that they wouldn’t encounter any barriers while they cultivated, and they just had to accumulate sufficient Origin Energy before their strengths would rise incessantly.

“Right, how many levels will the Origin Creation Technique possess?” asked Ming.

“Three.” Chen Xi spoke swiftly. “The 1st level is the Chrysalis Realm, and it’s divided into nine levels. Cultivating it to perfection would be equivalent to possessing strength comparable to an Immortal King.

“The 2nd level is the Apotheosis Realm, and it’s called the 5 levels of Apotheosis, and its name was derived from the transformation into a god. Cultivating it to perfection would be equivalent to being at the Daolord Realm.”

When he spoke up to here, Chen Xi couldn’t help but shrug and say. “The 3rd level is called the Fate Realm, and it’s derived from the grasp of one’s own fate. However, this is merely a thought of mine, and I’m unable to realize it now. Unless I’m able to step foot into the Daolord Realm one day, then perhaps I’ll be able to complete the cultivation technique for the 3rd level.”

Ming raised her clear eyes and stared at Chen Xi as she spoke seriously. “I believe you’ll be able to accomplish it.”

Chen Xi smiled. “I hope so.”

After that, they didn’t converse anymore because they had to make the best use of their time to continue on their journey.

Because if they didn’t seize the moment when it was daytime to travel, then they would have no choice but to hide themselves once night arrived to avoid being noticed by those three supreme kings of the Origin World.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi still felt slightly worried even while they traveled during the day. Because he kept having the feeling that this escape of theirs seemed to be watched by an invisible eye!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Ripples arose in space as Chen Xi and Ming brought Meng’meng along as they flashed towards Ancient Origin Region.

Presently, they were merely aware that King Mo Luo had seen through their identities as ‘outsiders’, so they were fleeing desperately out of Brink Region.

“Have you noticed? It seems like every single action of ours has been noticed.” Ming spoke abruptly as they travelled. It was like this question had been hidden in her heart for a long time, and she couldn’t help but ask about it at this moment.

“You’ve felt it as well?” Chen Xi was stunned, and then his expression turned solemn. “Then have you felt that our change of direction towards the Ancient Origin Region had been intentionally encouraged by someone from the shadows?”

Ming’s eyes narrowed slightly. “You’re saying that someone has intentionally stopped us from heading to Nine Soul Region?”

Chen Xi nodded and said, “Yes, I’ve been constantly observing throughout our journey but have been unable to notice any traces. However, I’m sure that if all of this is a scheme, then it’s definitely King Mo Luo!”

“King Mo Luo….” Ming muttered while a wisp of coldness filled her clear eyes. “So, based on this, that fellow hasn’t just seen through our identity, he is even aware of everything we’ve done all along the way?”

After that, she couldn’t help but frown. “But why hasn’t he acted immediately against us and intends to draw us to the Ancient Origin Region?”

Chen Xi pondered deeply before he said, “Perhaps he’s trying to make us go against King Gu Yuan? Or perhaps he’ll benefit from our arrival at Ancient Origin Region?”

Ming was unable to figure it out as well, and she fell silent.

Chen Xi suddenly seemed to have thought of something, and he spoke with a burning gaze. “Ming, do you think that it’s the beings we encountered all along the way who have exposed our whereabouts and actions? After all, if those beings act as King Mo Luo’s spies, then King Mo Luo would be immediately aware no matter where we go.”

Ming suddenly raised her head and said, “Perhaps we can capture some of them and ask about it….”

10 minutes later.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Not long after Chen Xi and Ming’s figures flashed past a mountain stream, a living being shaped like a turtle which had a white shell that was over 10m wide and possessed a seven colored tail of a fish had stuck out its head from the mountain stream.

It was a being called a Sevenlight Turtlefish.

It opened its lively eyes and stared for a short moment at the direction Chen Xi and Ming had gone towards, and then it crawled up onto the banks of the stream and howled in a low voice.

After that, an emerald green bird that was only as large as a butterfly had appeared out of thin air.

The emerald green bird was completely covered in light blue arcs of lightning which were fine like hairs. Even though it was small in size, its imposing aura was extraordinary.

It muttered for a while with the turtle before it flapped its wings and swiftly transformed into a strand of light blue lightning which tore through the air and vanished into the distance.

The turtle seemed to have heaved a sigh of relief upon witnessing this, and then it moved its limbs slowly and walked towards the stream again.

But right after that, its figure stiffened, and it stood motionlessly on the spot.

Because a man and a woman had suddenly appeared at the side of the stream. Surprisingly, it was Chen Xi and Ming who’d just left!


The turtle roared furiously, and then it suddenly opened its mouth and actually attacked Chen Xi and Ming.


However, it hadn’t even been able to complete this attack when a sharp dark violet sword had appeared at its neck, and the sword was filled with killing intent.

“Tell me what you did just now, otherwise, I’ll kill you and eat you right now.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently.

Ming couldn’t help but chuckle. Kill it and eat it? This fellow still has the mood to joke even at a time like this.

The Sevenlight Turtlefish’s enormous eyes constricted, and then it revealed a terrified and bewildered expression. It was like it didn’t understand Chen Xi.

Chen Xi laughed coldly. After he cultivated the Origin Creation Technique and comprehended the Laws and Order of this world, he’d grasped the language utilized by the living beings here. So, how could he be unable to discern that this bastard was feigning ignorance?


Chen Xi didn’t hesitate at all. He stabbed with his sword and chopped its neck off, causing blood to spray like a fountain.

After that, the turtle crashed to the ground.

“You kill it just like that?” Ming was stunned.

“I’d given it a chance.” Chen Xi spoke casually. “Of course, that’s of no importance. I observed its shell earlier, and it’s completely sufficient to be utilized as a precious material for equipment refinement. Didn’t you need a suitable pike? If this shell is refined along with the front limbs of the Golden Armored Ant King, then it would be entirely possible to create an extremely formidable treasure.”

Only now did Ming understand Chen Xi’s intentions, and she couldn’t help but feel warmth in her heart while she said to herself. So, everything he did was actually for the sake of crafting a weapon for me….


Chen Xi didn’t start removing the turtle’s shell right away, and he flipped his palm instead before a ball of light blue lightning actually appeared there.


The ball of light blue lightning transformed into an emerald green bird, and it struggled incessantly in Chen Xi’s palm yet its struggling was in vain.

Surprisingly, it was the emerald green bird that had just left.

“Now that you’ve seen what happened to it, I’ll only ask….” Chen Xi spoke indifferently while killing intent flowed within his eyes.

However, he hadn’t finished speaking when the bird’s entire body trembled before it shrieked. “My Lord, spare my life! My Lord, spare my life! This lowly one will definitely tell you everything!”

This stunned Chen Xi instead. Never had he imagined that this bird would actually be so cowardly, and he couldn’t help but be seized with an impulse. He said, “Tell me truthfully about everything you’ve done, then not only would I let you live, I’ll even give you a cultivation technique.”

It was unknown whether the bird had actually understood Chen Xi, and it hurriedly nodded before Chen Xi’s voice had even finished resounding through the air. It said swiftly. “It was King Mo Luo. He instructed this lowly one to report all your movements to him.”

Chen Xi and Ming exchanged glances while they seemed to be telling each other that it was really as they’d expected.

Chen Xi asked another question. “How did you confirm our whereabouts?”

The bird didn’t hesitate to give King Mo Luo away. “My Lord, there’s something you’re not aware of. All the living beings within Brink Region have received King Mo Luo’s orders, and they have to report your whereabouts so long as you make an appearance.”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. Even though he’d guessed that it was the case, he still couldn’t avoid feeling shocked when he confirmed all of this. Why exactly did this fellow, King Mo Luo, mobilize such huge forces to track us?

When Chen Xi asked the bird that very same question, the bird shook its head to indicate it didn’t know, and Chen Xi was naturally able to determine that it wasn’t lying.

Chen Xi fell silent for a long time before he said, “So, unless I leave Brink Region, otherwise, King Mo Luo will be aware of my whereabouts at the 1st possible moment no matter where I go?”

The emerald green bird nodded forcefully. “My Lord, you are wise. It’s exactly like that.”

Chen Xi suddenly smiled, and his smile was very thought provoking. He said, “Then… do you want to obtain a technique that’ll be able to double the results of your cultivation?”

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