Chapter 2060 – An Opportunity Created By A Variable

Origin Energy rained down from the nine moons beneath the veil of night.

King Mo Luo, King Jiu Ling, and King Gu Yuan, the three supreme kings of the Lost World were beneath the sky and respectively occupied the Origin Energy essence emanated from three moons.

Even though it was like that, there was still some Origin Energy essence that spilled out from the area, and they were unable to absorb it.

Those strands of Origin Energy essence became the targets that were seized by the living beings that resided all over the Lost World.

Such a scene had been constantly going on for countless years, and it had never been changed. But on this night, a change had occurred!

A portion of the extra Origin Energy essence which those three supreme kings had been unable to absorb had actually charged uncontrollably towards a direction, and it made countless beings in the surroundings feel displeased.

Moreover, as time passed by, more and more Origin Energy essence was charging incessantly towards that direction, and all the living beings that resided throughout the Lost World had started to feel shocked, terrified, and frustrated.

Even the three supreme kings beneath the sky had been alarmed, and they stopped cultivating.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In an instant, their gazes were like numerous scorching suns that shot over simultaneously towards the same area.

At practically the exact same moment, three terrifying and peerlessly formidable consciousnesses had swept over simultaneously.


However, they didn’t even have the chance to investigate when their hearts suddenly shook. They noticed to their shock that the nine moons in the sky were actually trembling at this moment. It was like they’d awakened from their deep sleep, and they emanated strands of indescribably supreme and dignified aura.


“What’s that?”

“This seems to be quite bad!”

The pupils of King Mo Luo, King Jiu Ling, and King Gu Yuan constricted in unison as they felt a form of indescribably terror creep into their hearts. They couldn’t be bothered about anything else as they practically instinctively flashed swiftly away from the area beneath the sky.



Wave after wave of howls and roars resounded throughout the Lost World as well, and all of them carried surprise, bewilderment, and terror.

Obviously, all the living beings throughout the Lost World had noticed the unexpected change in the nine moons.

This was something that had never occurred since time immemorial!

What exactly is going on?

Could it be that… a huge change is about to happen to the world?

Uneasiness and anxiety swept through every corner of the Lost World like a storm, and numerous living beings were even unable to help but lie down prostrate and shiver.

After an unknown period of time, everything had suddenly stopped. The nine moons in the sky had stopped trembling, and they’d returned to their eternally tranquil state.

A myriad of strands of dark blue Origin Energy descended like a rain of light from within the nine moons, and they were dreamlike, gorgeous, and divine.

Everything was so calm, and it was like that scene from before had never occurred.

All the living beings were dazed and perplexed. The incident that occurred tonight was too mysterious and unprecedented, and it caused them to be unable to calm down for a long time.

“An unexpected change in the state of the nine moons. That is an unprecedented incident. I wonder what such a change represents!” There was a towering mountain at the center of the Lost World. King Jiu Ling, King Mo Luo, and King Gu Yuan were surprisingly standing on the peak of that mountain.

This mountain was the place where the three regions of the Lost World intersected, and it didn’t belong to any one of them.

So, this mountain was called Lone Peak!

At this moment, when they heard this emotional sigh from King Mo Luo, King Jiu Ling, the dazzling nine headed lion who seemed to be made entirely out of gold couldn’t help but laugh coldly. “No matter if it’s good or bad, a change is coming, and that’s all that matters.”

King Mo Luo spoke slowly. “Yes. Change is necessary when all means are exhausted. The situation in the Origin World is restraining our footsteps. If there is still no change, then we can only stop here for our entire lifetimes.”

As he spoke, he suddenly gazed at King Gu Yuan who’d been silent until now and said, “King Gu Yuan, what do you think?”

“Isn’t this unexpected event… exactly what the two of you have been hoping for?” King Gu Yuan was a verdant divine tree. As he stood there, the branches and leaves throughout his body seemed old and strong. Moreover, he was suffused with glistening emerald green divine radiance, causing him to seem boundlessly divine.

Just these words alone made King Mo Luo and King Jiu Ling’s eyes narrow imperceptibly, and then they fell silent.

“Sometimes, change represents danger. Perhaps both of you won’t be able to obtain what you desire yet would draw calamity down upon yourselves instead?” King Gu Yuan’s voice was indifferent and aged, and it was filled with an extraordinarily dignified aura.

He spoke these words casually before he suddenly released his peerlessly formidable and terrifying consciousness, and it rumbled as it swept off into the distance.

“What’re you doing?” A wisp of vigilance flashed through King Mo Luo’s pupils. He’s noticed King Gu Yuan’s intentions, and King Gu Yuan actually intended to investigate the Brink Region which belonged to him.

“Before the nine moons acted unexpected, a strand of an extremely unique energy had appeared from there and seized a large amount of Origin Energy essence. Don’t the two of you think that it’s strange?” King Gu Yuan spoke while he locked onto that spot with his consciousness and started investigating carefully.

“Right, even though that strand of unique energy was weak, its aura was really extraordinary. It was precisely the appearance of that energy which caused the sudden movement in the nine moons. There’s probably a link between them!” King Jiu Ling spoke abruptly, and then he released his consciousness as well and swept it towards Brink Region.

“Hmph!” Even though he was quite displeased with their actions, King Mo Luo knew that they were absolutely not exaggerating. So, he merely grunted coldly before he swept his consciousness over as well.

For a time, these three kings who’d been standing at the peak of the Lost World for a very long time had acted in unison. Their terrifying consciousnesses had swept out and instantly locked onto a rocky area not too far away from the misty swamp.

“An underground cave?”

“A trace of that unique energy still remains within the cave.”

“Looks like the culprit noticed that the situation was bad and has fled. Who exactly was it?”

“Strange, even if the culprit has fled, how could he have possibly avoided being noticed by our consciousnesses? Could it be that it isn’t a real living being?”

After a short while, King Mo Luo, King Jiu Ling, and King Gu Yuan spoke successively, and all three of them were slightly surprised and bewildered. Because this being had actually been able to avoid their detection, and it made them wonder who in the entire world could accomplish that!

“Looks like a change is really coming….” King Mo Luo suddenly sighed with emotion.

King Jiu Ling glanced at King Mo Luo, and then he glanced at King Gu Yuan. He seemed to want to say something, but he restrained himself in the end.

“Haha! Then let’s wait and see.” Right at this moment, King Gu Yuan suddenly revealed a thought provoking smile, and then he turned around and transformed into an expanse of extremely dazzling green light that left swiftly.

This strange scene caused King Jiu Ling to be unable to help but say. “Looks like everything that occurred tonight was unusual indeed. Even that old fellow didn’t have the mood to stay for long.”

“It isn’t strange because he is one who hopes that nothing changes in our Origin World at all.” King Mo Luo spoke indifferently while his voice carried a faint trace of ridicule. “After all, allowing him alone to step foot into the peak of the Dao was the limits of the Origin World. Once a change occurs, it would threaten his unique position in the world. So, how could he possibly remain indifferent towards it? Unfortunately, this change is unavoidable.”

King Jiu Ling spoke in a low voice. “What exactly do you know about this?”

King Mo Luo grinned, and then his figure suddenly flashed. His enormous figure that covered an area of over 10km had suddenly transformed into a handsome man in a black cloak.

“Hmm?” King Jiu Ling’s pupils constricted. “How strange.”

King Mo Luo placed his hands behind his back as he spoke slowly. “See? This is the appearance of the human cultivators from the outside world. Such a physical structure is simply a work of art by the heavens!”

King Jiu Ling was shocked. “The humans of legend? Could it be that… the barriers of the Origin World have been broken?”

Since it was born, the Origin World had been a completely sealed off world, and it possessed a complete Heaven Dao of its own.

However, King Jiu Ling was very clearly aware that legends said the Origin World had once been connected to the outside world, but it had been sealed off completely after a world shocking event occurred.

It was also from then onward that some rumors of the outside world had been passed down through the Origin World, and there were rumors about human cultivators amongst them.

It was too long ago while the various legends were too unreal. It was so long ago that even King Jiu Ling had merely heard of it yet was unable to confirm it.

So, that was the reason why King Jiu Ling was so shocked when he saw King Mo Luo take human form at this moment.

“Yes, two human cultivators suddenly appeared within my Brink Region a few days ago. Unfortunately, I searched throughout the area where they appeared yet was unable to find the way they got into our Origin World. It was like they’d appeared out of thin air.” King Mo Luo spoke casually.

“Didn’t you capture them and interrogate them?” said King Jiu Ling in a deep voice.

“Capture them?” King Mo Luo shook his head. “No, they are variables. So, how could I possible stop the changes that would be brought about by these variables?”

He paused for a moment before a wisp of a meaningful smile suddenly arose on the corners of his mouth. “I’m even sure that the strand of unique energy from before had definitely been caused by those two human cultivators!”

“What?” King Jiu Ling’s eyes flickered, and he remained silent for a moment time before he asked. “Why did you conceal this from King Gu Yuan?”

King Mo Luo turned to look at King Jiu Ling before he spoke indifferently. “Do you still not understand? The change is already occurring, and this is our only chance to overthrow King Gu Yuan and step foot into the highest position within the Origin World. So, I… need your cooperation!”

King Jiu Ling seemed to be slightly surprised, and he said after quite some time passed, “You think just those two human cultivators can change the situation in the Origin World?”

“No, I’ve told you. They are merely variables. It’s enough so long as they are able to create changes that exceed King Gu Yuan’s expectations. We still have to join forces when the time comes to truly deal with King Gu Yuan.” King Mo Luo’s gaze was deep and icy cold while his voice was low.

“Then why should I help you?” King Jiu Ling pondered for a long time, and he seemed to be slightly tempted by this proposal.

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