Chapter 206 – River of Blood

Chapter 206 – River of Blood

The entire Five Element Ruins were filled with the sounds of slaughter, screaming, and True Essence exploding, and coupled with the cover of the cloud of Ice Bats, Chen Xi killing Teng Huaji didn’t draw the attention of the others.

However, when Teng Huaxu was completely infuriated and released the billowing devilish qi within his body without the slightest scruple, he’d instantly charged open a large expanse of empty ground within the cloud of Ice Bats that were dense like tidewater, whereas, his figure was revealed before the eyes of everyone as well.

This is… Devilish Qi?!

Not only did the expressions of Huangfu Chongming, Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, and Tantai Hong darken, even the cultivators at the other corners of the Five Element Ruins looked over toward Teng Huaxu who was in midair.

Roiling Devilish Qi!

The aura of blood shot into the sky!

As they looked at Teng Huaji who seemed as if he’d escaped from purgatory and the Bloodcrescent Devilish Qi that flowing around his body, a name had practically instantly arisen in the hearts of everyone — Bloodcrescent Devil Sect.

“This fellow really is a survivor of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect!”

“Looks like that kid at the Golden Hall Realm didn’t deceive us.”

“The Bloodcrescent Devil Sect. Why has that devil sect that practically tainted the world in blood and poisoned the lands 3,000 years ago have appeared here?”

Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, and Tantai Hong’s expressions were anxious and doubtful, and then they swept the nearby Huangfu Chongming with their gazes that were filled with doubt in unison.

Huangfu Chongming’s expression was gloomy to the extreme. Just moments ago, he’d sworn and guaranteed with his identity as Young Prince of the Wise King’s Estate that the Teng Brothers weren’t members of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect. Who would have expected that not long after that, Teng Huaxu had exposed his identity as a disciple of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect. Wasn’t this a slap in the face?

Most importantly, Huangfu Chongming knew that if he didn’t clearly explain his relationship with the Teng Brothers, then this incident could even implicate the Wise King’s Estate that stood behind him. Consequences like this were something that even him, a Young Prince and a member of the Imperial Family, was unable to bear.

The Bloodcrescent Devil Sect was the enemy of the entire cultivation world of the Darchu Dynasty, an existence that everyone had a duty to kill. As a member of the Imperial Family’s bloodline, if he were to be found out to be related with the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect, then he would have completely become a criminal of the Darchu Dynasty, and even a hundred deaths couldn’t atone for his crimes.

“Everyone, please don’t misunderstand, I was deceived by these two people as well. Don’t worry everyone, I’ll annihilate these Bloodcrescent Devil Sect survivors with my own two hands later!” Huangfu Chongming spoke with a murderous gaze, and he’d practically instantly decided to annihilate Teng Huaxu and separate himself from the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect.

“Young Prince, what are we waiting for? Let’s go kill him now!” Tantai Hong was seething with rage as he spoke fiercely. Actually, he was even more unfairly implicated. These Teng Brothers were the disciples of his benefactor, and it was precisely because of this that he would bring these two people along to search for the treasure vault in the Oceanic Desert. How could he have imagined that these two people were actually survivors of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect?

Most terrifying to Tantai Hong was the Teng Brothers were introduced to him by Huangfu Chongming, so he wouldn’t believe that Huangfu Chongming wasn’t the slightest bit related to the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect. But at this moment, he and Huangfu Chongming both had to wash their hands and cut off any connection they had with the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect, so killing Teng Huaxu had become the pressing matter at this moment.Huangfu Chongming swept Tantai Hong with his gaze and said coldly, “Patriarch Tantai, calm down. Once Teng Huaxu and that Golden Hall Realm kid struggle for their lives and fight to the point that both of them are injured, it wouldn’t be too late to make a move then. At that time, not only will we be able to destroy a survivor of the devil sect, we’ll also be able to obtain that kid’s body refinement technique, and it can be considered to be killing two birds with one stone.”

Tantai Hong was shocked in his heart, and he couldn’t help but sigh inwardly. This fellow is too crazy. It has already come to a time like this, yet he’s still thinking about Chen Ke’s body refinement technique…

When they heard the conversation between Tantai Hong and Huangfu Chongming, Lin Moxuan and Xiao Linger’s expressions eased up, and they remained silent. Actually, the two of them were intelligent people as well, yet although they were doubtful, they wouldn’t reveal it at this moment.





Right at this moment, a wave of fierce and vicious beast roars sounded out at practically the exact same time in the entire Five Element Ruins, and then everyone noticed to their shock that all the demon beasts in an area of 500 kilometers moved in groups and waves as they surged towards the location of Chen Xi and Teng Huaxu.

Flaming snake demons.

Golden Vultures.

Azure vine monsters.

Titan Rockbulls.

It seemed as if all the demon beasts within the Five Element Ruins had moved out, covering the heavens and the sun in a formidable array, and they were like a swarm of locusts that roared and howled as they surged over from every direction.

In just the time of a few breaths, Chen Xi and Teng Huaji’s figures were already drowned within the boundless tide of beasts, and even the slightest shadow of them couldn’t be seen.

“So many!” As he gazed at the swarm of demon beasts that covered the heavens like a dark cloud, Tantai Hong felt his scalp go numb. Fortunately, these demon beasts didn’t attack them, and this caused him to feel greatly relieved.

“The demon beasts in the Five Element Ruins are crazy for blood, and the aura of blood is surging around Teng Huaxu. He’s simply like a lantern in the dark that’s attracting the demon beasts like blood that had encountered flies. We’re in trouble now. Even a Rebirth Realm cultivator is unable to escape when surrounded by this infinite amount of demon beasts.” Huangfu Chongming frowned and spoke with slight regret. “What a waste of the body refinement technique in that kid’s possession. If I knew earlier, I ought to have forced him to hand it over long ago…”

Lin Moxuan nodded in deep agreement, yet Xiao Linger only smiled but neither agreed nor disagreed.At this moment, the demon beasts within the entire Five Element Ruins were attracted over by Teng Huaxu, causing the cultivators in every corner of the Five Element Ruins to heave a sigh of relief, as they didn’t have to waste True Essence to persist bitterly. As they replenished their True Essence, they shot their gazes of towards the sky and looked at the place that the boundless demon beasts converged towards.


The unexpected event in the Five Element Ruins had similarly attracted the attention of Teng Huaxu, yet he already didn’t care as he’d fallen into an extreme rage, and there was only a single thought within his mind — Kill Chen Xi and take revenge for Big Brother!

“Chen Xi, look! Infinite amounts of demon beasts have already surrounded us, and even the heavens don’t want to let you continue living!” Teng Huaxu laughed madly with a warped and savage expression, and his eyes were filled with boundless hatred and killing intent.

“How can a surviving trash from a devil sect like you be able to fathom the intent of the heavens? Truly laughable.” Chen Xi shook his head as he spoke in disdain, yet he was secretly vigilant in his heart.

A devil sect disciple at the advanced-stage of the Golden Core Realm fighting with his life on the line wasn’t someone that Chen Xi dared face carelessly. Fortunately, he’d already killed Teng Huaji earlier. If these two brothers had joined forces to deal with him since the beginning, then he would really not know if it was better to flee or fight.

“Die! Die!” Teng Huaxu shouted out explosively as the bloody glow around him shot into the sky, causing his clothes and long hair to flutter in the wind, and a fist sized blood colored golden core slowly rose from the top of his head. Bloody Spirits, Nether Devil, Perverse Flames, Ghost Flames, and many other Dao Insights surged atop this golden core, and the most striking of them all was a river of blood that indistinctively contained devils and floating bones as it roared savagely with a bloody aura that shot into the sky.

“The blood in the Netherworld is boundless, as the six desires of men multiplies and inner demons remain eternal, and it’s capable of developing anything. With my blood essence, I summon the Netherworld’s river of blood to swallow and seize souls and give birth to a myriad of demons! Condense, supreme Blood River Dao Territory!” As he chanted, Teng Huaxu’s distorted and savage face actually revealed a wisp of devotion and reverence, and it was like he was praying or offering a sacrifice, causing the scene to seem extremely peculiar.


As he chanted, a roiling and surging river of blood swept out of thin air, and the river was filled with ghastly bones and vengeful spirits. They seemed as if they wanted to struggle free from the river of blood, their hands ceaselessly stretching out from the surface of the river and stretched to the sky as they howled for help, cursed, and wailed, and it was a terrifying scene that was tragic beyond compare.

According to legend, during the absolute beginning of the world, there was a river of blood that was innately formed in the Netherworld, and it converged the foul qi of the heaven and earth while suppressing vengeful spirits, ferocious ghosts, malevolent spirits, and devils. It flowed for eternity without end, and it was the place of convergence of all evil in the heavens and earth, the final destination of all evil in the world.

Obviously, the Blood River Dao Territory that Teng Huaxu had condensed at this moment was comprehended by comprehending the blood river in the Netherworld.

“Blood River Dao Territory! It’s actually one of the Supreme Grand Dao’s passed down by the devil sects of the primordial era. Daoist, Buddhist, Devil, Taoist, Weapon, Formation, Sword… During the primordial era, the Dao Insights comprehended by the various sects were different, yet all of them were Dao Insights born naturally from the heavens and the earth. When they’re comprehended to the limit, they’re capable of pointing straight to the heart of the Grand Dao, and they arrive at the same goal by different routes. This Blood River Dao Territory is an ominous and infamous existence amongst the inheritance of the various devil sects.”

When he saw the Blood River Dao Territory utilized by Teng Huaxu, Ling Bai’s eyes squinted as he swiftly said via voice transmission, “Lightning destroys all evil! Chen Xi, quick! Use the Sky Lightning sword to execute the Lightning Dao Insight to deal with him, and my body similarly contains the energy of lightning as well. We’ll join forces and be able to counter him innately!”

However, before Ling Bai and Chen Xi could take action, Teng Huaxu’s attack had already arrived first.

“The blood river overflows and life is annihilated!” Teng Huaxu shouted loudly as he pointed to the sky while standing on the ground like a Devil Emperor. The blood river roiled and roared as it swept out like a blood colored whip that covered an area of 300 meters, causing the nearby demon beasts to have not even approached it before being completely obliterated, and everything in the world was tainted with the dense color of blood.

The heaven and earth turned blood red, and Chen Xi felt innumerable ghosts were struggling before him as countless shrill cries exploded out within his ears. Terrifying and bloodthirsty desire seemed like a dreadful monster that charged at his heart, as a bloodthirsty, frenzied, and cruel feeling surged and raged within his mind.

“My heart is like a clear mirror, untainted by evil; my body is like the cloudless sky, with the scorching sun hanging high above. The force of lightning obliterates all evil!” Chen Xi’s Dao Heart was exceedingly firm. In an instant, he’d relied on his supreme will and perseverance to crush all the evil thoughts in his mind, causing his heart and mind to be cleared, and his thoughts were crystal clear. At the same time, he utilized the Sky Lightning Sword to execute the Zhen Sword of Lightning, and it transformed into a peerless glow of lightning that crackled as it annihilated the energy of the blood river that invaded his surroundings with extreme ease.

However, while within the Blood River Dao Territory, the surging and dense blood and the vengeful spirits in his surroundings were inexhaustible. After a wave was killed, another would appear, and it was impossible for Chen Xi to escape the entrapment of the Blood River Dao Territory in a short period of time.

“Nirvana covers the nine heavens, Divine Lightning Destruction!” Ling Bai shouted loudly as he transformed into the Seventhgold Sword Bamboo, and the boundless Nirvana Sword Insight was mixed with surging and warping arcs of lightning as he transformed into an extremely long sword light that swept through the surroundings!

Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof!

The sword was like a great rainbow with the glow of lightning blooming explosively from it, and everywhere it passed, the surging river of blood would be torn into over 100 pieces and an unknown amount of vengeful spirits would be annihilated. But to their shock, the river of blood recovered to its former state in the blink of an eye before once again gushing over madly as if it utterly didn’t receive the slightest harm!

Instantly, Chen Xi and Ling Bai had both fallen into a situation of being trapped!

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